Sorta A Forgettable Hookup…

18 July 2010 | 4 Comments

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Had sorta a weird hookup the other day… This guy hit me up on BBRT and despite my effort to get to the point and hookup, he was asking all these other questions. Finally I had to ask – did he want to fuck or not? If he wasn’t really into it I’d move onto someone else. He said yes. We agreed on a time and he came over.

I should backup and mention that my doc gave me a prescription for Viagra this past week and this was the first time trying it out. I cut the pill in two and took the small half – probably about a 40% dose. I was curious to see how it would work. An hour went by and nothing. Then at about and hour and 20 minutes it started kicking in. I felt really hot and flushed – uncomfortably so. I remember feeling the same way the first time I used the herbal stuff I normally use.

When I answered the door I had this raging, rock hard hardon in my pants. I’ll give Viagra definite points for hardness.

When we got to the bedroom he was pretty submissive. Didn’t do anything without being told. I was sorta expecting that since he had said he wanted to be tied up and used. I told him to get on his knees and he started sucking my dick. I put a collar on him as he was sucking my cock and then when he stood up and I took off his clothes, I put on wrist restraints which I locked together with a nice heavy lock.

I then told him to get on all fours on the bed. He was bit beefier than I usually hookup with, but I wanted to rim his ass. When he got on all fours I noticed his ass crack was darker than the rest of his ass (why are some guys like that?) and he smelled a bit funky. Not horrible, but a bit too far from squeaky clean for me to really get into rimming him. Needless to say I didn’t rim very enthusiastically and ended it pretty quickly.

I then pulled out the Wet Platinum, lubed up my dick and went to fuck him. He was 3 or 4 inches taller than me and bent overĀ  on the bed his hole was 6 to 8 inches above my dick. There was no way I was going to be able to fuck him like that. I pushed him forward onto his belly and shoved my dick in. He was beefier than the guys I usually hookup with, but I found that if I was at a bit of an angle his hole felt pretty good on my dick.

This whole time he never really gave any positive feedback. It was like he really didn’t care who I was, and probably didn’t care if he even got fucked. It was like he was getting fucked to pass the time. He seemed sorta bored or like his his head was off somewhere else thinking about something. All in all he was sorta ‘vacant’ and ‘absent’. Add to that bad breath that I could smell when I was on top of him fucking him (I gotta remember to get guys with bad breath to go gargle with Listerine so I don’t have to smell that).

Then, on top of everything else, he asks for more lube, and when I pause for a second I realize I’m actually about to cum. If I pull out to get more lube I’ll cum while I’m out of his ass. I hadn’t even been fucking him for very long, but I had a 6 day load built up and could have cum in any decent hole that day – and his hole was doing the trick. So I paused, tried not to cum, spit on his hole a couple times and resumed my fucking. I knew it wasn’t going to go on for much longer.

As I was about to blow I was thinking about the fact that his profile said he was neg, yet he had asked no questions and here he was laying there like a piece of meat about to get my load – and totally disconnected from what he was doing. I would have loved to know what he was thinking at that moment. It was like he didn’t care, but there was more to it and I couldn’t tell what that more was…

I blew a decent load up his ass and kept fucking him for a little while – told him I wanted to keep going and give him a second load, but then the Viagra started to fail me and so I pulled out.

It had only been a few minutes at this point. What was I going to do with him? I had him clean off my dick, which given that his ass was a bit musky coulda been a bit disgusting, but he cleaned it right off like it was perfectly clean. I had him suck me some more, but I wasn’t really all that hard, so I stopped.

I asked him if he was into flogging. No. (Forget about asking about whipping if they’re not into flogging). I asked about padding. No. I was staring to run out of options. I played with his nipples and when I sucked on one of them he reacted positively (a first). I could tell he liked that. So then I searched for the suction cups I have for nipples, but couldn’t find them. I got out my nipple clamps and he indicated that he didn’t know if he could take them. I tried to use them gently, but you can’t really use nipple clamps gently – they kept slipping off. I was out of s/m tricks.

The whole time he was jacking his dick, which was a bit distracting. But it wasn’t like he was jacking it ’cause he was turned on – he was jacking it ’cause he seemed embarrassed about having a soft dick. Finally he got hard and stopped jacking. It was like a dog presenting a hard bone to his master – it was sorta cute. Thing was, he was a bottom – I didn’t really care about his cock.

I felt up his cummy ass and thought about fucking him some more, but my dick wasn’t really cooperating. Finally I just wrapped things up by taking off his collar and wrist restraints. He got the hint, got dressed and took off. We did talk a little as he was getting dressed. It wasn’t completely awkward, but I still have no clue where his mind was while we were having sex…

As a first time using Viagra it was a bit disappointing. It did get me rock hard, but it didn’t last very long. In some ways I like the herbal stuff I use better. I don’t get quite as hard with it, but I get thicker. I think I’ll use Viagra when I’m not completely horny (’cause that’s when the herbal stuff isn’t sufficient) and I’ll use the herbal stuff when I’m good and horny and just need a boost to make my cock bigger and more sensitive.