Lazy Hookup

6 November 2008 | 1 Comment

Monday night I was feeling horny, but wasn’t sure whethe I could cum or not. It had been a really hard few days (work is kicking my ass the last few weeks). I wanted to release some sexual tension and preferred to do it by fucking. But since I wasn’t sure how things would go I figured I’d fuck the sub daddy bottom I fuck from time to time. So I sent him and e-mail and he said he’d come right over. I had had seen him advertising on Craigslist and told him if he had gotten any loads in him he should leave them there unless it would mean he wouldn’t be clean. He said he’d gotten three so far during the day from three different married guys and that he’d leave them up there.

When he got here I just sat back on the couch and let him service me orally. He wasn’t all that careful with his teeth so I told him to be careful. All in all he was trying a little too hard – going too fast. But whatever… It got me hard, so I put him on his belly on a towel on the floor and fucked him.

He felt fine, but I was wiped and it was catching up to me. I gave him a decent fuck, but just couldn’t cum. So we took a break and he sucked my dick some more. It felt better when I was squatting on the floor ’cause it changed the angle he was sucking me from, but being on the floor wasn’t comfortable.

We changed it up, I sat on the couch, then fucked him a little more, but it just wasn’t happening. So after a while I said I wasn’t going to be able to cum, and we wrapped things up and he left…