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My sex blog gives you a lot of info about me and my sex life over the years. Some things are kept private though – I have a life, so to speak… But here’s a bit of a history so you know where I’m coming from…

I’ve always barebacked a bit. My first boyfriend (in 1990) used to do (and have me do) the first few strokes raw, and then when he or I were fully hard we’d put on the condom. I continued doing that with boyfriends, tricks (and Johns) over the years…

Ironically, I started really barebacking in 1995 – a few months after I had a lover die of AIDS. I had stayed with my lover to the end and it wasn’t pretty. [For all the critics who went through that horrible time (before ARVs) – I get it, I really do. But things are different now.] Anyway, I started barebacking because I was in a monogamous relationship with a bottom who had a ravenous hole.  We were both tested, and then we started fucking raw. Our weekends were spent seeing how many times I could cum in him. [I think 13 loads in 24 hours was my record.] Thing was, when that relationship was over a year and a half later I had a seriously hard time going back to using condoms – it just didn’t feel as good – not even close.

1997 I spent going to bathhouses a lot – often 2 or 3 times a week. Each time I’d go to the baths I’d fuck 4 to 6 guys. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun. Over that year my condom use went down considerably. By the end of the year (when I met my boyfriend I was only using condoms maybe half the time – and that’s with sleazy guys who were typically ass up taking anonymous cock and loads.

What people didn’t realize at the time was that ARVs (or protease inhibitors, as they were called at the time) changed everything about a year earlier in 1996. HIV wasn’t a death sentence  anymore.

My new boyfriend wanted me to use condoms when I fucked other guys (after a year or so we figured we were both tops and hooking up with other guys made sense). He had lost someone close to him to AIDS and the prospect of me being poz scared him. I tried to use condoms when I hooked up, but often I just couldn’t get into it and I’d take off the condom. Or I’d start raw intending to put on a condom but never get around to it. Back in those days I’d often pull out and cum on the bottom’s back, just above his ass, but sometimes I’d cum in them or dump half the load in them and then pull out and put the rest on their back. It always amused me when they thanked me for pulling out when half the load was in their ass.

In 2001 (or was it sooner?) I started calling myself rawTOP and looking for bareback-only fucks. In January 2002 I registered the domain name rawtop.com. I didn’t do much with the domain, but I had it.

One of the guys I fucked in early 2001 was Max Sohl – who became a producer for Treasure Island. It was an anonymous pump-n-dump that took all of 13 minutes start to finish – it was memorable for both of us. In early 2004 I saw he was recruiting tops for his first TIM video – Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend. He had a bit of a hardon for me, so he let me be one of the tops and wear a hood so  no one saw my face. When I shot the video my boyfriend and I were having major problems and I was just waiting for the right time to tell him I wanted to break up with him. Later that year we made up. Max had done a draft of 20 Load Weekend that had my full email address in it rather than just rawTOP. I had told my boyfriend about the video and he didn’t want my email in it. As chance would have it, Max needed to edit something, so when he edited that he took out the email address in the final cut.

Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend got me a fair amount of name recognition. It was the first video that featured a “hot guy” (by mainstream standards) getting gangbanged bareback and taking loads. Before that it was only clearly poz guys who’d venture into that territory.

I think it was in 2005 I started a personal blog where I wrote down my feelings about fucking different guys. I did it for personal reasons and figured it would just get lost in the vastness that is the web. I was surprised when I checked analytics in late 2006 and there were 200 people reading it every day. Soon after that I started taking blogging more seriously and now 5+ years later the site is well-established.

And for the record, my boyfriend and I are still together. After the rocky time in 2004, we worked things out and got married in 2005. We’re nearly 15 years into our relationship now and it’s stronger than ever.

My Other Sites

Not all my sites are bareback, but I do try to live by a “no visible condom” rule when I promote non-bareback videos simply ’cause condoms aren’t sexy.

  • Wily Willy – a general gay porn blog featuring condom & solo scenes
  • Twisted Pig – a hardcore gay fetish blog featuring BDSM, piss, fisting, etc.
  • Hot Naked Muscle – a gay porn blog featuring muscular guys – jocks, bodybuilders, muscle bears, etc.




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