New Blogger – An 18 y.o. Teen Cumhole

22 February 2010 | 15 Comments

This teen contacted me a few weeks ago…

hi, sir. i dont know if you got my message on xtube. im the 18 yo bottom from san diego who sees himself as a total cumhole but doesnt really know where to begin. your blog is so fucking hot to me and i would be honored to take your load. if you want some pics for your own viewing pleasure just email me. i’m very slim and very cute and i know what kind of boys you like. i think im a good match for you 🙂

I got back to him with a few pointers on how to get loads – things like looking for sex parties, going to a bathhouses (and laying face down), and how to be assertive about getting dick but not aggressive. He then got back to me and (among other things) told me a little more about himself…

a little about me. hmm. well i’m a senior in hs, 18 years old, into some sports, movies, just having fun i guess. but i also have this other side of me which seems to be an insatiable cum whore haha. which is why i respect you so much and love your blog. i feel the need to be used in every sense of the word and have my hole stuffed and filled with sperm. the sheer idea of having a man’s sperm inside me drives me crazy because, in a way, it makes him a part of me and it makes me his subordinate because i’m taking his load. it’s like an act of submission. i’m saying all this because i think you understand…

At this point I wasn’t sure if he was actually taking loads or not. It sorta sounded like he was just fantasizing about it. So I sent him a message and asked how he was thinking about getting started…

well i’m already on adam4adam but i’m getting dozens of messages every 20 minutes. it’s kind of difficult for me to figure out how to go about setting things up with tops because i can’t possibly take all of their loads…not enough hours in the day haha. the thing is, i don’t want to be picky. i just want to be a cumdump. and i feel like part of being a sub cumhole is to not tell guys “no” because one looks better than the other. am i right or is that just a misconception?

I STILL wasn’t sure if he was taking loads so I asked directly and suggested that he try hosting so he could schedule a bunch of tops and get one load after another.

yeah, i have been taking loads from this guy who lives one freeway exit away from me. it’s convenient so i havent branched out yet really. that’s why i wanted to talk on IM. i’ve got some questions that you might be able to answer. is there such thing as a sub bottom who loves taking loads but just prefers the neg ones? i’m not looking to be pozzed by any means so i feel like i’m sort of a walking paradox.

At this point I figured he needed me to be pretty direct, so I told him…

basically, cumdump bottom = poz bottom… you’ll be really conflicted until you accept that… you can try serosorting, but it will fail eventually. serosorting sounds like a nice idea, but it just doesn’t work long term unless you’re the relationship type who really gets to know his tops and even then i can say from personal experience that you don’t really know what risks your tops are taking…

He got back to me and told me that “made sense” and that was sorta the last thing we discussed on the poz issue other than the fact that he mentioned he’s never been tested for HIV and doesn’t plan to get tested for a while.

A few days had gone past and I had been busy and hadn’t gotten back to him. So then he tell me how “his top” took him to a bathhouse that had a lot of older guys and took him into the sauna and fucked him raw in front of the guys who were there. He pulled out and let two anonymous tops fuck him no questions asked one after the other. They both unloaded in his ass and then “his top” gave him a 3rd load. So he got 3 loads in 20 minutes and two of those loads were from complete strangers. Pretty hot, eh?

At this point I knew the guy was pretty serious so I asked him if he’d be interested in doing a blog to record his journey. He’s at this critical stage where he’s making major decisions and experimenting. Luckily he was up for it. I checked and was available so I bought it for him and set it up a few days later. One of the things I was thinking as I bought the domain for him was that when you give someone a label, they usually live up to it. Call someone smart or stupid or “hot” or ugly and that’s how they see themselves and they tend to live up to the labels other people give them. In this case I was giving him a label – Teen Cumhole – and I fully expect he’ll adopt it and become a full-fledged cumhole.

In the past week he’s branching out, going to the bathhouse on his own, finding other tops to hookup with. I get the sense that this is the beginning of his sex life and he’s not doing it timidly – he’s learning to swim by jumping in the deep end. Not bad for a guy who only turned 18 a few months ago…

Needless to say, make sure you check out his blog – Give him encouragement and if you’re in the San Diego area and want to give him a load, contact him and make it happen. Or better yet, organize a gangbang for him…

LOL, Michael Musto’s Stalking Me…

8 August 2009 | 3 Comments

Not really, but why in the hell do I keep running into him after not seeing him for years? First I saw Michael at the Eagle a couple weeks ago (he even blogged about my blog post), then today my bf and I sit down for lunch on Pearl Street (near Wall St.) – the place is almost empty and what few people are around are straight people. But who sits down on the public benches a few feet away? Michael Musto… Go figure. I swear if I see him again soon I really will think he’s stalking me.

Michael Musto on a park bench in lower Manhattan

We were scouting for apartments. I gotta say the rental prices for what we want are a little depressing. We just want to rent for a year before we buy something else, but it just bothers me to spend that much on housing! So many places are $3,500+ for a 2 bedroom – and that’s with 2 free months calculated in – so they’re closer to $4,000/month when all is said and done. Then again, the value of our place is dropping at nearly $10,000/month, so anything is cheaper than holding onto the place we have now.

New Buds Blog Doing Well…

17 February 2009 | 2 Comments

OK, I know it seems like it’s all I’m talking about lately, but it’s new and fresh… Anyway, here’s the last bit I’ll say for a while…

The new Bareback Buds Blog had it’s first full day yesterday. According to Google Analytics there were 1,065 page views on the blog (946 unique).

Stats for first full day of Bareback Buds Blog

Plus it went out via my combined RSS feed to 172 more people so there were about 1,100+ eyeballs seeing the posts. Over time that will grow as it gets a following and as it starts to get traffic from search engines. Still, not bad stats for day 1… 😉

I’ve seen the stats for a number of different bareback blogs and most average in the 100-200 visits/day range and it goes without saying that they start with even less, so this beats that hands down… There are some like BikeGuy13 and Matt & Dan who’ve built up bigger followings (Bike Guy says he gets about 700-800/day), but the vast majority of sex blogs get less than he gets. Bottom line, if you want to start blogging your sex life, the buds blog is a great place to do it.

So far 8 guys have signed up for the blog, and 4 have written stories. If you’ve got a story to tell, sign up, and tell it… And you guys who just like to read – post comments and let the guys know how they’re doing! Or at least contact them via e-mail… It really will encourage them to write more.

The Bareback Buds Blog Is Up!

15 February 2009 | No Comments

I had a really good response to the post yesterday asking if anyone was interested in having a blog here on So I spent the day today getting it up – so you’ll notice a BB Buds link in the main nav above.

Here are the basic details (I’ve put up a more detailed explanation elsewhere)… Anyone can register and submit a post. Stories have to be about you. If you want to work on fiction, just let me know and I can set that up too… Initially your posts will have to be approved. In part this is to make sure no one abuses the system, but it’s also to make sure you understand the basics about blogging. After a few posts, once you get the hang of things your status will be upgraded and you’ll be allowed to post immediately and upload pictures.

So what do you get if you post? For starters, you get recognition for what you write. Under each blog post will be your user name, e-mail address, website URL, Yahoo! Messenger ID and AIM ID (if you provide them). That way people can contact you if they like your story and want to hookup with you. On top of that you get a page that’s just your blog posts (see the one for AskeMeIMight – the first guy to do a post) that has all your contact info at the top as well as a general blurb about you (if you provide it).  Remember, your website URL can be a link to your public profile page on your favorite hookup site, it doesn’t have to be another blog…

You can also put links to sponsors in your posts provided your post doesn’t come off looking too commercial. It take a fair amount of traffic to make money, but eventually you will make some money. If you want to know what sponsors do well on this site check out the webmasters blog I started up the other day (just one post so far, and still rough around the edges, but more to come)…

So there you have it… Wanna share stories about your sex life in a place where lot of people will read what you write? Now you can…

Wanna Be A Sex Blogger?

14 February 2009 | 2 Comments

I just had a thought and I’m curious to find out if anyone would be interested… There are a growing number of guys who are starting their own sex blogs. If they do it right and are dedicated to it, that’s great – they’ll do well in the long run. Thing is, a lot of them start out, do a few blog posts, and lose interest. Since it’s never considered a major blog, hardly anyone sees it. On top of that a lot of them are putting their blogs on which is one of the worst places to put a sex blog these days thanks to the content warning that fucks up the search engine spiders from indexing the content which means it’s harder for people to find them. I started on blogspot, but it was different back then – no content warnings…

So, I’m thinking of starting up a blog for “friends” (haven’t figured out the exact name yet) where people could post their own blog posts. Contributors would have direct access to the blogging interface to enter their stories. Each of their posts would prominently say who they were and link their home page, which can be here or somewhere else. They’d also get a category or tag URL which would be just their blog posts. Initially I’d have to approve their posts, but as they got the hang of it they’d get full access to publish their posts immediately.

The advantage of this over having your own blog is you’d get a lot more exposure. Typically an average sex blog gets 100-200 visits a day – the more successful ones get maybe 500 visits a day. I’m getting about 3,500 visits a day and that number is growing every month. For the average person who does it a little and stops, their blog posts will get more attention, but it’s also a good thing even for guys who have their own blog – post some of your hookups here instead of on your blog and it’s like a full page ad for your blog.

If you have a blog somewhere else (even one you’ve sorta abandoned), I’ll even work with you to move your content over if you want. All I ask is that the content be removed or redirected from the other location so there aren’t duplicate content penalties.

For guys who really get into it and have quality contributions I’m willing to compensate them. I’ll have to figure out what makes sense – one option is to have them put an affiliate ad or two in their posts and on their home page, another option is to compensate them on a pay-per-post basis (not a lot of money, but a little).

For guys who are more into fiction I could do the same type of thing by reviving the bareback stories blog which I had planned to migrate to a new forum (which I still plan on getting up one of these days).

If any of you are interested, contact me @ and tell me which your interested in – personal sex blogging or writing fiction for the stories blog.


3 or 4 of you have expressed an interest in about 12 hours, so this is going to happen. I’m setting something up now. But I wanted to mention that the same thing can be done on two of my other domains: 1) is more for condom and solo porn, so if you use condoms and want to be able to mention them, then that’s the site for you or 2) is a site I haven’t mentioned yet ’cause I just set it up last week and there isn’t much content on it. If you’re more into hardcore kink (like Leather Skin Biker is), that’s a good site for you…

Two Hours At Steamworks Toronto

27 December 2008 | 8 Comments

I’m in Toronto for Christmas. I suggested to my bf that we go to a bathhouse (or “the tubs” as Canadians call them). I’d heard of a few guys going to Steamworks, so suggested we go there. He checked it out online and was good with it.

We had plans to have drinks with a couple guys who know I do porn, so we had just under 2 hours to spend at Steamworks. I wasn’t sure how I was going to perform so I took a pill just before getting there. Don’t usually take a full pill and was a little worried about it.

We get there, decent place and a fair number of people for the middle of the afternoon (which is always good). They’ve got a couple of dark mazes, a sling room, whirlpools, and dry and wet saunas – and a gym – so pretty much everything…

The first guy I hooked up with was in the sling room. He started feeling me up and he seemed to have a nice body (it was dark), but he wasn’t getting on his knees to blow me, so I left and he wound up following me. He was Asian and we wound up back at my room. There was some sucking and whatnot, but I really wanted to fuck. He finally put his ass up and I tried to push in, but I didn’t have any lube, and was sorta parched and couldn’t come up with enough spit. He wasn’t making it easy for me and seemed a bit reluctant. Then I saw him looking on the shelf by the bed for some condoms and when he didn’t find any he finally figured out I intended to bareback him and he ended things and left.

Next up was a black guy who came into my room while I was jacking my dick. He seemed to expect me to worship his “big black dick”, but I don’t do dick worship. When he said “tell me you love my big black dick” and I said nothing it was sorta clear things weren’t going to work. When I played with his ass he was into it. He let me rim him, but didn’t seem interested in getting fucked. He was into me and didn’t seem to be getting the fact that I wasn’t into him, so I said I wanted to take a break and walk around.

Next I saw this Latin (Mexican?) guy in one of the mazes, but I wasn’t all that hard so he moved on. Then I went into the dry sauna and there was this guy in there who was hungry to get fucked. Problem was there was a bit of a crowd and he jumped on someone else’s dick before I got a chance. But he wasn’t exactly a sub bottom ’cause as soon as he came it was over. The guy who was fucking him didn’t get to cum. But it was sorta funny that as he left he said “Happy Boxing Day guys!”

That got me boned so I went back to my room and jacked my dick. The Mexican guy I saw earlier came in and we played a bit, but once again he wasn’t really a bottom and things sorta fizzled.

I was starting to get frustrated ’cause I just wanted to fuck. I headed back to the dry sauna but saw my bf going in, so I figured I’d give him some space. This other guy was about to go in and he saw me and when I didn’t go in he came out and asked if I wanted to go to his room. This guy was a real bottom (finally), though a bit on the assertive side. I’m guessing he was Italian (he had a bit of an accent). He was probably upper 30s, and had a thick, but solid build.

Needless to say, after a short blowjob I had my raw dick up his ass. He was trying to direct things a bit too much but I still got my way more often than not. The weirdest part was that he was so into me he told me he loved me a couple of times. We fucked for a while, but as I mentioned I was a bit parched and couldn’t cum. It might have also been how non-submissive he was – not sure. But at least I got a good fuck in.

I had to run ’cause it was close to 5. As I went back to my room I saw a really hot young guy laying on his belly in a black jockstrap. Damn! While I might have gotten rejected if I had tried, I really wanted to fuck him, but I didn’t have time. The place seemed to be picking up and it was too bad I had to leave.

My bf didn’t have such a great time. One guy he was really into completely ignored him and then the cute guy went after a 65 year old guy. My bf knows the age ’cause he talked to the 65 year old guy later. It’s too bad my bf didn’t have fun ’cause it means when I travel with him he’s not going to want to go to the baths. Like I’d sorta like to go back today, but don’t think it’s going to happen.

Then we went and had drinks. Got to meet the guy behind Gay Porn Pig (who also does some other sites) as well as a reader of this blog who’s a flight attendant and has a couple of non-sexual blogs. The Gay Porn Pig guy gave me some great pointers about what I should do in the next year. The other guy was sorta funny – he reads this blog way too closely. There were little references I had dropped that he remembered with a bit too much clarity.

The Gay Porn Pig guy had to go so then we hung out with the other guy. We changed bars and went to the Black Eagle and managed to get kicked out of the backroom because we were talking too much and not having sex. That was sorta funny and a bit ironic. At one point my bf and the guy wanted to go for a cigarette and I wanted to stick around in the backroom (was hoping for a blowjob), but my bf wanted me to go with them. Guess I shouldn’t have gone. Having someone suck my dick would have changed the dynamics and made things more sexual. Oh well.

So all in all a good day yesterday, though I wish I had been able to give someone my load.




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