My 32 Hole Weekend In Montréal

18 August 2015 | 2 Comments

Load 2015-21

There was one other load since I last wrote up a blog post. It was a Middle Eastern guy who ‘s mostly top who seems really ambivalent about getting fucked. He wants it, but then as soon as I’ve cum in him he runs to the bathroom to shit it out. Hopefully he’ll start enjoying having a load in him and just let it stay in there…

But what I really want to discuss was this past weekend in Montréal. I needed to use up some Hyatt points and one of the few weekends when I could book with points in Montréal was this past weekend. Then, after booking, my husband realized that it was Gay Pride weekend. So it looked like we were up for a lot of fun.

I had chatted with a bunch of guys in Montréal before going and realized that (for some reason) they don’t fuck in the corners of bars and clubs – they pretty much only fuck in bathhouses. And all the guys I talked to said that GI Joe was the place to bareback, though they said Oasis wasn’t as twinky as it used to be.

We got into town and had two porn biz-related meetings. First was with Buddy Profits / Next Door Studios where Jett Black (a former Cocky Boys model) showed us around. Their offices were huge – an entire floor of a fairly big building in an office park. Lots of employees and lots of workstations. You could tell they were trying to mimic Google – there were game rooms, lounges, etc. Their business isn’t just gay porn though. There’s straight porn and some mainstream stuff in the mix. Bareback-wise their offerings are pretty slim – just Scary Fuckers and Active Duty at this point, though apparently that may change in the next year.

Next meeting was with Media Mania, who run a whole bunch of bareback sites you guys know well – Bareback That Hole, Breed Me Raw, Hairy & Raw, and a bunch of others. Their operation was the complete opposite of Buddy Profits – small and tightly run. Just the owner and his assistant work at their office. All his other guys work remotely, off-site. And with them you walked right into a porn set since they own Bear Films and shoot some of the stuff in their offices.

Anyway, I’m diverging from the sex I had this past weekend… So we finally got to the hotel and checked in. We were exhausted so we took a short “disco nap” and then went out. We stopped at three bars – Aigle Noir (Black Eagle), a hustler/stripper bar, and Le Stud and had a beer in each one. The Eagle and Stud were packed. You could tell everyone was in town for Pride. What’s curious was that the Eagle had had a renovation and wasn’t really a leather bar anymore (much like The Eagle here in NYC). All the leather guys were over at Stud. (What in the hell is going on with the Leather Community? But that’s the topic for another blog post…)

My bf wanted to dance and possibly meet someone and fuck. He was going to go to the dance party at Code but ran into someone on the street and got diverted from his goal. I wasn’t up for dancing, so just went straight to GI Joe. I had to wait about 20 minutes for a room, but finally got in.

I should back up and say that I took a whole 20mg Cialis before going out. It was complete overkill, but I wanted a good weekend and I knew that would do the trick. Needless to say my dick was rock hard most of the time I was at GI Joe. And bottoms where everywhere. My goal for the evening was to fuck as many guys as I could. I basically walked the halls and fucked every bottom who was ass up in his room.

But the weird thing was that while all the rooms were taken, not that many guys were in their rooms. (Which begs the question, why get a room? Why not just get a locker?) There were a number of public play spaces at GI Joe – a couple slings on the top floor, a “resting area” and sling on the 2nd floor, and a backroom sorta thing with a sling and some booths in the basement. Needless to say I fucked every bottom I saw that got into the slings or who’d bend over for my cock. Which amounted to all types of guys – young jocks, bears, cubs, Latinos, Asians, older guys, you name it and I fucked it that night.

I only lasted about 2 hours before I sorta hit the wall energy-wise. I mean it had been a long day and it all caught up to me. Thing was the place seemed even busier than when I got there, but I just wasn’t up for more sex. I had fucked around 21 guys at that point. I fucked one other guy making it 22 holes for the night, and then put a young cub on his belly in the TV/sling room in the cellar and fucked him until I came.

Still, 22 holes in 2 to 2 1/2 hours is pretty good. So that was an excellent night.

The next day (Saturday) wasn’t quite so good. I hadn’t gotten much sleep because the bed was uncomfortable and I got in late. So I was dragging most of the day. I had wanted to go to the afternoon bear party at Oasis, but just didn’t have the energy. We finally went out at 9pm which was an hour before we’d gone out on Friday. The bars weren’t quite as crowded – but they got crowded – we were just there a little too early.

Then I headed to GI Joe again and my bf went to Oasis. My bf had a pretty miserable time at Oasis. Everyone was looking and no one was fucking. There was a long line for rooms at GI Joe so I just got a locker. It was pretty much a repeat of the night before – I even fucked some of the same guys. But I hadn’t taken a “refresher” Cialis, so my dick wasn’t hard quite as much of the time and I missed a few fucks here and there. But I still managed to fuck 10 guys before hitting a wall about an hour and a half or two hours after getting there. Since I didn’t have a room to go lay down in, I just left. I didn’t even cum that night.

We had to leave early on Monday morning, so we didn’t stay out late Sunday night. And didn’t go out to the baths/tubs at all. We had a quieter, more “normal” day that day. We went to Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) after bunch (the David Altmejd exhibit is pretty incredible), and then watched the parade. Then a little later we went out for a couple drinks and dinner and then headed back to the hotel.

So yeah, in my dreams/fantasies I would have gone to the tubs a lot more and fucked a lot more guys. But I’m 47 so don’t have unlimited energy, and there are other things in life to do than have sex. Still, 32 holes in a weekend ain’t bad. Hell the 22 holes in one night was a record for me – and that was just over about 2 hours or so, so really pretty excellent.

Despite the silence, I have been having sex…

24 April 2015 | No Comments

I apologize for not being better at blogging. The last loads I wrote up were loads 3 & 4 this year, but I’m actually up to load 14 so far in real life. A lot of the fucks have been at sex parties, so I’ve actually fucked more than I’ve cum – the number of times I’ve fucked stands at 57 so far this year. To put that in perspective, if I keep that same rate up I’ll give 45 loads this year and fuck 183 times. I know that load count is pretty low, but it is what it is. I’m just not always in the mood to fuck.

Let me do a quick rundown of the loads…

Load 5 – was at the CumUnion After Party. A guy was bent over in a dark corner and I just went up and fucked him and blew a load in his ass. I think he was Latino, but it was too dark to get a good look.

Load 6 – was given to the skinny black dude with the big dick from my neighborhood.

Load 7 – was with another black fuckbuddy of mine. I’ve been fucking him for years. He’s got this big muscley ass that always feels good on my dick.

Load 8 – was another black guy. This one was young and super skinny with a big fat cock.

Load 9 – was an anonymous pump-n-dump with a white cumdump in my neighborhood. A few weeks later I figured out it wasn’t the first time I’d fucked him 😉

Load 10 – was given to this Middle Eastern guy who’s usually a top and almost never takes loads.

Load 11 – was at a sex party. It was sorta a slow party and finally I just went up to this black kid with a big ass and shoved my dick into him while he was on a bed sucking another guy. He complimented me on my dick and how I fucked when I was done, which was nice.

Load 12 – was at a hotel sex party/orgy. A guy was there who I’ve seen top at gangbangs and online, but he’s totally my type (short, Latino with a tight body) and he’s vers, so I fucked him and gave him a load.

Load 13 – was at a bathhouse. The bottom (Latino) had posted on BBRT that he was there looking for loads. His ass was shaved and stubbly, but regardless he was still the hottest bottom there, so he got my load.

Load 14 – was at a different bathhouse. That experience was frustrating. Bottoms were telling me “no thanks” despite the fact that they were on their stomachs and not getting any action. Finally I found one who was cute (short, smooth, Latino) and wanted to fuck so I fucked him and dumped a load in him.

So that makes 4 black guys, 4 Latinos, one Middle Eastern guy, and only 1 white guy. That’s sorta normal for me though – Latinos are my all-time favorite ethnicity to fuck, and I live in Harlem, so plenty of black guys to choose from. White guys just don’t turn me on as much – or their fatter, or something.

Tonight I’m going to another sex party, and this weekend I’m going out to Fire Island. We’ll see what trouble I can get into though it’ll be on the cold side while I’m there. I’ll try to post stuff on the blog in a more timely manner, but we’ll see…

Disappointing Night @ GI Joe Montreal

20 August 2011 | 11 Comments

GI Joe bathhouse Montréal

My bf and I are in Montréal this weekend. The weather is perfect, and we’re staying at a great B&B that’s in the middle of everything gay. So last night I wanted to go to a bathhouse, while my bf wanted to go dancing – so after dinner and some stripper bar bar hopping we split up.

GI Joe has been great in the past so I went there again. I had heard that there was new management, they had upped the prices, and it wasn’t as good as it was, but I didn’t want to go to the twinky one or the old troll one down the street, so I went and hoped for the best.

Even though I was there pretty much at prime time (Friday night between 11:45 and 1:30) the place was dead compared to how it used to be. There were guys there, but not as many and the guys who were there were more inhibited than I remember from before. I only saw three bottoms laying on their bellies and one of those just wanted to suck.

So starting from the beginning… I got there, took a shower, and checked the place out. They had pretty much gutted the fun playroom in the basement that had fuck-sized glory holes where guys used to back up their asses and take dick from guys they never saw. Also none of the rooms down in the basement had anyone in them. On the upper floors there was a little going on – in fact the guys there did seem to be into public sex – but it was mostly oral or after a while you realized the guys who were fucking were couples  who wanted to fuck with an audience. So there was a lot of voyeurs, but not many people engaging in anonymous fucking.

At one point a guy was sucking dick near the sling on the top floor. I was standing by jacking my dick and he finally noticed my dick (and said “nice dick”). When I felt up his ass it was well lubed. He was actually carrying a bottle of lube with him. He backed onto my dick, but it was crowded and he was standing up so it wasn’t a good position for fucking and my dick kept slipping out of his hole. Then he backed onto this other guy’s dick and they fucked a while. Then I fucked him again – this time with him bent over. It was a better fuck, but not one where I’d be able to cum, so I pulled out after a while and walked around some more.

Then I tried this beefy Asian guy who way laying on his belly (head facing the door), but he only wanted to suck dick.

Time went by and one time this BIG muscle boy came into my room, but he “had issues” and wasn’t really comfortable being there – very fidgety and finally he just left. All he was up for was a little cock sucking.

I was getting a little bored. FINALLY I saw a bottom on his belly in one of the big rooms. He wasn’t exactly “hot” but he wasn’t unattractive either. He looked like the type who spend 3 or 4 nights at the bathhouse getting fucked. I went in and positioned him so I could rim him. He was pleasantly surprised at that. Then I just pushed him forward and used him as a hole – I just needed to cum – and I did.

He cleaned off my dick when I was done and I felt the urge to piss. I asked him if he drank piss and being French I don’t think he quite understood what I meant, but he did seem to understand piss and he turned around and presented his ass to me. Wasn’t what I was expecting, but OK… So I shoved my dick in and tried to pee. It’s not easy pissing in a guy’s ass ’cause the ass can be tight and cut off the flow of piss, but I did manage to get some piss in there.

I went to the bathroom to finish pissing and there was a cup sitting in the urinal. Not sure who the piss pig was, but put a little piss in the cup and then cleaned the lube off my beard.

I laid around trying to get my second wind, but it just wasn’t happening. I walked around a bit and did see one more bottom on his belly but he was much older than me and wasn’t someone who could get me hard when my dick wasn’t totally cooperating.

So I called it a night and went back to the B&B.

Fucked Six Guys, Gave One Load

3 July 2011 | 4 Comments

Load 2011-11

I’ve been in Toronto the past week. The bottoms here are HUNGRY! My profile on BBRT says “Not Looking” but I’ll login and there will be 10 – 20 messages waiting for me. “Not Looking” = busy with friends and family, but I did manage to get to Steamworks yesterday for their afternoon bear event. It’s Pride Weekend here, so it was fairly busy. Steamworks Toronto isn’t all that big of a bathhouse. I was actually surprised at how few rooms there were, but it was big enough and there were a decent number of guys milling around. [BTW, if you go, you don’t absolutely need a room if you’re a bit of an exhibitionist – there are playrooms and one even has a couple bunk beds.]

The first hole was this mixed race (?) Asian guy with a little tattoo at the base of his neck. Generally seemed pretty clean cut and professional. He sucked me, got me hard, and I fucked him for a while. He felt good (very smooth), but I was determined not to cum on the first fuck, so after fucking him 10 or 15 minutes I told him I’d be back and left. He must have left after I fucked him – I didn’t see him after that.

Hole #2 was a guy I’d term a “thuggy” Asian guy – sorta muscular with a short mohawk that had grown out a bit so it was more like a faux hawk, a tattoo (of a rose?) at the bottom of his back, etc. I went in and he seemed uninterested, but still I got the sense that my dick was better than no dick. I jacked a little to get hard, sorta got a bit hard and wanted him to suck me the rest of the way. He sucked a little but then didn’t seem interested in that either. I jacked a little more, got just hard enough to get in him. His hole was a lot tighter than the first guy’s – felt pretty good. The entire time he just laid there and seemed pretty bored, but he didn’t seem hostile, so I kept fucking him. It was sort of a turn on to have so disinterested but willing. My dick decided he was the one who’d get my load, and I didn’t resist the urge and unloaded in his ass and left. I’m not sure if he knew I came in him. I saw him around later and he was much more attentive – seemed very willing to have me come back into his room – guess he figured out he got the load.

Then I needed some down time.  I left the door open and jacked my dick a little and this older guy came in. It was like a bear-worship session… He just wanted human contact with someone he thought was hot. I pretty much just sat/laid there and let him do his thing. He sucked me a little, but mostly just admired my body (to each his own). The only down side was that he liked to smother me – literally. I didn’t like that, but the rest was OK – better than just laying there by myself. Towards the end he started telling me about how he bought an apartment for $1.2M that had a lake view and then they built another condo in front of his that blocked his view and now he can’t sell the apartment. I sorta felt like he was trying to impress me with the price…

Hole #3 was this nervous, tweaking Latino… He kept changing positions and checking my balls. When he pulled up his mattress to get his poppers there must have been a dozen condoms under there. He asked if I was going to cum in his ass and seemed to relax when I told him it was hard for me to cum. Then he mostly just spread his hole and wanted me to fuck him, though he did keep checking my balls (to see if they were drawing up in preparation for blowing a load). When I wanted to leave I’d start to pull out and he’d push back wanting me to keep fucking him. All in all he just seemed messy and high. Eventually I left.

Hole #4 was this guy on a bench in one of the public play rooms. Had his cummy ass up taking cock without looking back to see who it was. I know this guy from NYC was in town and had something on Craigslist saying he’d be there that afternoon. I suspect it was him. I fucked him at MAL a year and a half ago. Problem was his hole was totally loose – didn’t grip my dick at all. So I didn’t spend too long fucking him.

As I was standing around after hole #4 this little meathead body builder came up and asked if I had a room. He became hole #5. He was short but HUGE with a nice uncut dick. The best way to describe him is that you’d take all the attributes of a pit bull and put them in a human and you’d have this guy. He had this really wide head (like a pit bull) that matched his ‘roided body. Had almost zero body fat. He was VERY hot – sorta my trophy fuck of the day – too bad I wasn’t up for another load.  Anyway, he wanted to sit on my dick – first with his back to me, then face to face. He was really affectionate. At one point he asked if I liked to smoke. A good friend of mine is a bodybuilder and says a lot of bodybuilders get into chem sex – so that sorta fit. Then he got on all fours and I pounded him and gave him a good fuck. At one point I thought he said “Dios Mio” and I thought ‘oh, he’s Latino’ – before that I would have guessed his ethnicity to be Eastern European or something. Anyway, I think I wore him out and eventually he left.

Then I walked around a bit more and came across this hot guy in a sling (hole #6) being worked over by two guys – one on each side, but neither one was paying attention to his ass. He was sucking one guy’s dick. I tentatively approached and played with his ass a bit. I lubed his hole with spit and slowly shoved in. No protests – so I kept fucking him and gradually picked up the pace. It was sorta dark and I never could see his face clearly. Seemed to have a hot body though. Didn’t fuck him for too long. When I left another guy took my place.

My boyfriend had gone along and wasn’t having much of any luck. The car needed a new muni meter ticket, I had sorta had my fill, and he was fine with leaving, so I did one more round… I saw hole #4 on the bench again. This heavily tattooed Asian guy was standing near him. The Asian guy got down on his knees and gave me a nice blowjob. I felt a little bad for the hole – I think we were slightly blocking tops from getting to him. Finally I had enough of a blow job and wanted to fuck the hole again (wasn’t 100% sure it was the same guy). I had to lose the Asian guy and swing around again. It was the same hole (loose), so I only fucked him for maybe 30 seconds.

Then I got dressed, took a piss and we left…

I just wish NYC had a good bathhouse…

New Blogger – An 18 y.o. Teen Cumhole

22 February 2010 | 15 Comments

This teen contacted me a few weeks ago…

hi, sir. i dont know if you got my message on xtube. im the 18 yo bottom from san diego who sees himself as a total cumhole but doesnt really know where to begin. your blog is so fucking hot to me and i would be honored to take your load. if you want some pics for your own viewing pleasure just email me. i’m very slim and very cute and i know what kind of boys you like. i think im a good match for you 🙂

I got back to him with a few pointers on how to get loads – things like looking for sex parties, going to a bathhouses (and laying face down), and how to be assertive about getting dick but not aggressive. He then got back to me and (among other things) told me a little more about himself…

a little about me. hmm. well i’m a senior in hs, 18 years old, into some sports, movies, just having fun i guess. but i also have this other side of me which seems to be an insatiable cum whore haha. which is why i respect you so much and love your blog. i feel the need to be used in every sense of the word and have my hole stuffed and filled with sperm. the sheer idea of having a man’s sperm inside me drives me crazy because, in a way, it makes him a part of me and it makes me his subordinate because i’m taking his load. it’s like an act of submission. i’m saying all this because i think you understand…

At this point I wasn’t sure if he was actually taking loads or not. It sorta sounded like he was just fantasizing about it. So I sent him a message and asked how he was thinking about getting started…

well i’m already on adam4adam but i’m getting dozens of messages every 20 minutes. it’s kind of difficult for me to figure out how to go about setting things up with tops because i can’t possibly take all of their loads…not enough hours in the day haha. the thing is, i don’t want to be picky. i just want to be a cumdump. and i feel like part of being a sub cumhole is to not tell guys “no” because one looks better than the other. am i right or is that just a misconception?

I STILL wasn’t sure if he was taking loads so I asked directly and suggested that he try hosting so he could schedule a bunch of tops and get one load after another.

yeah, i have been taking loads from this guy who lives one freeway exit away from me. it’s convenient so i havent branched out yet really. that’s why i wanted to talk on IM. i’ve got some questions that you might be able to answer. is there such thing as a sub bottom who loves taking loads but just prefers the neg ones? i’m not looking to be pozzed by any means so i feel like i’m sort of a walking paradox.

At this point I figured he needed me to be pretty direct, so I told him…

basically, cumdump bottom = poz bottom… you’ll be really conflicted until you accept that… you can try serosorting, but it will fail eventually. serosorting sounds like a nice idea, but it just doesn’t work long term unless you’re the relationship type who really gets to know his tops and even then i can say from personal experience that you don’t really know what risks your tops are taking…

He got back to me and told me that “made sense” and that was sorta the last thing we discussed on the poz issue other than the fact that he mentioned he’s never been tested for HIV and doesn’t plan to get tested for a while.

A few days had gone past and I had been busy and hadn’t gotten back to him. So then he tell me how “his top” took him to a bathhouse that had a lot of older guys and took him into the sauna and fucked him raw in front of the guys who were there. He pulled out and let two anonymous tops fuck him no questions asked one after the other. They both unloaded in his ass and then “his top” gave him a 3rd load. So he got 3 loads in 20 minutes and two of those loads were from complete strangers. Pretty hot, eh?

At this point I knew the guy was pretty serious so I asked him if he’d be interested in doing a blog to record his journey. He’s at this critical stage where he’s making major decisions and experimenting. Luckily he was up for it. I checked and was available so I bought it for him and set it up a few days later. One of the things I was thinking as I bought the domain for him was that when you give someone a label, they usually live up to it. Call someone smart or stupid or “hot” or ugly and that’s how they see themselves and they tend to live up to the labels other people give them. In this case I was giving him a label – Teen Cumhole – and I fully expect he’ll adopt it and become a full-fledged cumhole.

In the past week he’s branching out, going to the bathhouse on his own, finding other tops to hookup with. I get the sense that this is the beginning of his sex life and he’s not doing it timidly – he’s learning to swim by jumping in the deep end. Not bad for a guy who only turned 18 a few months ago…

Needless to say, make sure you check out his blog – Give him encouragement and if you’re in the San Diego area and want to give him a load, contact him and make it happen. Or better yet, organize a gangbang for him…

Gave A Load, Took Two

12 July 2009 | 8 Comments

Load 2009-13

Well, the photoshoot yesterday didn’t happen. It’s been a bit of a learning experience trying to coordinate a shoot. Solos are a lot easier – you just need one guy to come. But with sex scenes it’s the worst of trying to hookup online multiplied many times over. First you have to get guys who are more or less into each other. Then you have to coordinate their schedules. Few guys want to commit to anything. Some don’t want to show their face, some only want to work with neg guys, etc. My take away is to treat it like a sex party where I set the date and time and see who can show up at that time. But I didn’t learn that lesson in time for yesterday’s shoot.

I had actually put a lot of work into trying to find models, etc. so I was in a pretty bad mood and that got my bf and I to fighting. Bottom line – he saw the trip as a vacation, I saw it as work with some down time mixed in. We finally patched things up and went out for a nice dinner then came back rested and headed out a bit later on (had to wait for the torrential rains to subside).

We went to Campus, one of the stripper bars, and a black guy who had been all over me the night before was on stage doing his non-nude dance. Now, the guys are generally pretty aggressive at the stripper bars, but most of them are straight. I had seen this guy hanging all over a bear, so when he came up to me and started doing the same thing I knew it was more than the regular aggressiveness. His type was hairy white bears with facial hair. He must of spent 30 minutes with me and it was really pretty intense. I wasn’t in the mood that night to go have a dance (plus they’re a complete rip off, so I just tipped him a bit).

Anyway, when he was done with his dance he came up to me and asked if I’d be his fluffer. I wasn’t sure if he was serious, so I said ‘sure’, but didn’t know what would come of it. But a couple songs later he came back around and said the management wouldn’t mind ’cause they keep telling him he needs to get completely hard and it’s hard for him to get hard when it’s not with someone else. And I should mention he didn’t ask for any money. So the song before his dance started and we found a booth and I gave him a blowjob and he got nice and hard. He really was into bears – ’cause he’d stop me and make out, etc. It didn’t last long ’cause his song started and he had to rush on stage. Even though his dick is pretty big it doesn’t show as well as some ’cause it’s pretty bent – downwards – so it doesn’t stick out from his body.

So that was an interesting start to the evening. My bf was a bit jealous, but later in the evening he had plenty of attention from other guys, though none as intense and sincere.

I stayed there for a while and then went out to GI Joe – one of Montréal’s raunchier bathhouses. Just went by myself – my bf went out dancing with a guy he met who lived in NY. I should back up a bit and say I had forgotten to bring my pills on the trip and my libido was pretty low given all the stress I was feeling from things falling apart with the models, so I asked how much for the stuff they were selling and was told one type was $20 and another was $25. The guy said the $25 ones (“Forta”) were much better according to the customers who bought both. There were only two in the package and you were supposed to take the 2nd 3 hours after the first. Well, I’ll just say now, what they sold me sucked – my pills are WAY better than those (at least for me).

So I got undressed, and look around to see what’s up. There were a few bottoms on their bellies (what I look for), but not that many. I went to the basement where they have a big room with some glory holes. This attractive hairy bear came onto me. Long story short we got into a corner and I got down and gave him a blowjob. He was pretty horny and it wasn’t long before he was about to blow his load. He pulled out and turned away and I just grabbed his dick and went back to sucking it. He liked that and blew a big load in my mouth. So that was load #1.

After that I walked around a bit more and there was a guy on the top floor who was on all fours. I  went in and he barely looked at me – just kept his head down and his greasy ass up. I rimmed him a bit, got hard, and fucked him for a while. As I fucked him his ass went from greasy to wet – and in particular wet with loads he had taken earlier (it just feels different than lube). He seemed to have a lot of loads in there, so a couple times I got down and felched cum out of his ass – it was literally running out of his hole he had so much in there. Tasted good 🙂

I didn’t want to cum so early in the evening. It was at that point I thought I’d see how many holes I could get my dick in. I said that and believed it for a while, but also didn’t take it too seriously – there were willing holes I didn’t fuck.

Anyway, I went back down to the basement and in one of the pitch black glory holes there was a bald (or shaved head) cocksucker. I was feeling him up and felt his ass an it was dripping with cum. The glory holes there are big enough that they’re good for fucking. So apparently he’d been there a while and had spent plenty of time with his ass pushed up against the glory hole letting complete strangers he couldn’t see fuck him and dump their loads in him.

Needless to say I wanted to fuck his cummy ass. I had to get on my tippy toes to do it, but I fucked him for a while. Oddly he didn’t seem to want it to go on for long and he stopped after a few minutes. So I kept walking around.

When I was in my room I saw one of the models who contacted me about porn walk past. He’s a hot, ripped muscle daddy type who had wanted to do a leather scene. I stopped him, told him who I was and apologized things didn’t work out. It was then I realized he was up for doing more than I realized and it might have worked out with him (another lesson learned). Anyway, it was good meeting him and we kept seeing each other all night… [As a bit of an update – once again I misread him and today he tells me I should have fucked him at the bathhouse…]

Up on the top floor again a few doors down from my room and in the room next to the first guy I fucked there was this hot, lean, upper 20s guy laying on his belly. He looked a bit like a Euro boy type. I went in and started rimming him but my dick wasn’t cooperating, so I stopped and told him I’d be back. I don’t think he believed me, but I went to my room and jacked my dick until I was hard and then went back to his room and went straight to fucking him. I knew he was the guy who was going to get my load and I didn’t hold back fucking him. And yes, he did get my load and he wanted me to come back for more…

I knew I needed a little downtime and I was hoping I’d have a second wind, so I laid in my room and tried to recharge. I was playing with my iPhone (I’ve gotten addicted to playing solitaire on it), and I snapped a few pics of myself in the mirror over the bed… [And yeah, I’m heavy – I’m a bear – if it bothers you just get over it…]

rawTOP laying in a bed at a bathhouse

The stuff I had taken was making me sweat like crazy, but after a while I figured I was as ready as I’d ever be. (They really did suck – I should have been rock hard after a 20 minute rest – oh well). So I looked around again and wound up in the basement again.

For some strange reason guys were really into me. Problem was some of the guys who were all over me I wasn’t into at all. Finally I found myself in a dark corner (by the 2nd guy I had fucked) and there were two reasonably hot guys competing to service me. One kept feeling up my butt wanting to fuck me, and the other spent a lot of time on his knees sucking me. Oh, I should mention there was this other guy who was back there who was a hot little hairy muscle guy with a pierced uncut cock – very hot, but he left.

Long story short I figured I might as well suck some dick since it didn’t look like either of them wanted to get fucked. So I got on my knees and the top who had been feeling up my ass had this cock that was thin and curved up and to the left. (Weird that it was the 2nd seriously curved cock I had sucked that night). He was trying to face fuck me pretty hard – forcing my head down on his dick – that never sets well with me and I resisted and sucked the other guy’s cock as well. The other guy had a uncut dick with really long foreskin that was leaking like crazy.

Long story short the guy with the uncut cock blew his load in my mouth and before I could even swallow I went back to sucking the other guy. Given how rough he was and the fact that I was squatting and my legs were going to sleep I stopped it after a bit and stood up. At that point he got down and sucked me until he blew his load. So I didn’t get that load, but did make a guy cum…

After that I knew it was time to go, so I got dressed and caught a cab…




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