Bred A Big Muscle Bear Daddy

15 June 2010 | 5 Comments

Load 2010-14

It’s always weird to do a write up knowing the guy I fucked is going to read it, but here we go… It’s also weird to feel like a tourist attraction. “Yeah, I went to see the statue of Liberty, went to the stop of the Empire State Building, got fucked by rawTOP, and saw Central Park”, but that was sorta the case with this hookup as well. Usually things don’t work out with tourists. They’re just not in town long enough, and to put it bluntly, I have a life and my schedule just doesn’t work with theirs. But yesterday things did work out.

Between medical tests yesterday, I spent the afternoon downtown with Jayson Park – curiously not having sex. We were talking business instead. But talking business while sitting in a public place (Whole Foods TriBeCa) does take a little delicacy when the business is porn (most of the sites I wanted to go to were blocked by Whole Foods proxy server). Luckily Jayson had managed to snag the corner table so we had some privacy. I was sorta hoping I’d have time to fuck someone while I was downtown after meeting up with Jayson. There was this neg, “safe sex only”, vers top I really wanted to fuck, but he wigged out on me when I got serious and gave him my number.

As I was killing the last hour before my 2nd test I logged onto Adam4Adam and BBRT. My iPhone battery was dying, so I didn’t have  much time. Luckily there was this hot tourist muscle daddy who got to the point and gave me the address for his hotel and room number pretty quickly. Mobile interfaces leave a lot to be desired and I could tell he was hot, but couldn’t tell much more about him. I could also tell from how he worded things that he connected me with this blog.

I switch to texting ’cause it takes less battery, and I’m running a little late. He asks me if I like a cummy hole and I say yes. When I show up he’s as hot as I thought he’d be – this big muscular, solid guy with a sexy foreign accent. He had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel around his waist. He was a little shy, which surprised me a little. It was a bit warm, so I stripped down to just my socks (in hindsight that’s sorta a tribute to Jayson since he’s got a white sock fetish, but I didn’t think of that at the time)… He asks me if I like using a hole with another top and I answer ‘no’ mostly ’cause I needed to get home and really only had time for a pump-and-dump.

We start playing, but he’s a little bit tentative. I start playing with his nipples, stuff like that… All the while jacking my dick. I had taken a pill that morning, but didn’t bring a cock ring, so I was hoping I wouldn’t have problems – especially since I’m hit or miss with big, beefy guys, but my dick was getting pretty hard, pretty quick. It helped that it had been 2 or 3 days since I had cum and I hadn’t had sex for over a week since there were a few days there where I was pretty fatigued for some reason.

Finally he sucks my dick. In hindsight I’d been running around in fairly hot weather. I hope I wasn’t too rank down there. Guess I should have asked. He didn’t suck me for very long. When he was done I got him on all fours on the bed and started eating out his ass. He was nice and clean and his hole actually felt good on my tongue. He seemed a bit loose, but not too loose. I remembered what he said about a cummy hole so sucked on him a bit, but wasn’t tasting any cum. I asked if he had loads in him and he said he’d taken 2, but then had to clean out, so didn’t have any in him right then. Too bad.

I stood up, grabbed his lube, lubed up, and started fucking him. His hole really did feel good. I was sorta standing behind him with him on the edge of the bed. I can actually fuck for a long time that way ’cause it doesn’t take nearly as much exertion as when I’ve got the bottom on his belly and I’m lifting my whole body up and down. But I didn’t have a lot of time so I pushed him forward onto his belly since that’s usually the way that makes me cum fastest.

I was a little worried ’cause he was such a big guy and I usually don’t do well with big guys, but things worked really well with him. Looking back I wonder if part of it isn’t the lube. He had Wet Platinum, which is silicone based. I sorta think that might’ve really helped. One way or the other his hole felt perfect, the pressure on my dick was perfect and it wasn’t long before I was blowing a nice big load up his muscle butt.

In hindsight I should have gone down and felched his cummy ass, but I didn’t. I cuddled with him for a few minutes. He was surprised I was “so cuddly”. Actually, I didn’t cuddle with him as long as I usually do.

Then there was a knock on the door. Turns out he had tried to get another guy to come over to give him a quick load so he’d have a cummy ass for me. (Such a good bottom!) That’s what he was asking about when he asked if I liked working over a bottom with another top. Given that things were sorta done, it would have been fine if the guy had come in. I would have gotten into seeing him get fucked by the next top as I was getting dressed to leave. But he seemed to want a little more 1-on-1 time with me, so he told the guy to wait. I figured the guy was going to come back in 15 or 20 minutes, ’cause he was completely unrushed and we continued talking for a little bit longer. I felt like I was the one rushing out of there to get home. Turns out the other top was waiting patiently in the hallway for me to leave. He was a bit younger and pretty cute/hot…

This morning I started thinking… The guy was from South Africa (hence the sexy accent), and I realized we don’t really think about the fact that African guys can get reinfected with HIV when they have sex with American guys. In Africa the dominant type of HIV is HIV-2. In Europe and North America the dominant type of HIV is HIV-1. While it’s almost unheard of to get two strains of HIV-1 or two strains of HIV-2, you can get both HIV-1 and HIV-2. I don’t know what the guy’s status was. His profile just said “Ask Me”. Given that he was about to get load 4, and probably got more loads later that night, and presumably had gotten equal numbers on other days, I’m assuming he’s poz. If he’s not on meds, then I’d think getting HIV-1 would be a bit of an issue for him. If he was on meds (more likely) then the question is will the meds for HIV-2 protect him by acting as a form of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) for HIV-1? What if the US top had a really high viral load – would his meds still be able to protect him? These aren’t things we really think about much ’cause we rarely ever fuck with guys from Africa, but I can see where they’d be issues for African guys who go on sex holidays like he was doing (he started his trip by going to IML).

Gave A Load, Took Two

12 July 2009 | 8 Comments

Load 2009-13

Well, the photoshoot yesterday didn’t happen. It’s been a bit of a learning experience trying to coordinate a shoot. Solos are a lot easier – you just need one guy to come. But with sex scenes it’s the worst of trying to hookup online multiplied many times over. First you have to get guys who are more or less into each other. Then you have to coordinate their schedules. Few guys want to commit to anything. Some don’t want to show their face, some only want to work with neg guys, etc. My take away is to treat it like a sex party where I set the date and time and see who can show up at that time. But I didn’t learn that lesson in time for yesterday’s shoot.

I had actually put a lot of work into trying to find models, etc. so I was in a pretty bad mood and that got my bf and I to fighting. Bottom line – he saw the trip as a vacation, I saw it as work with some down time mixed in. We finally patched things up and went out for a nice dinner then came back rested and headed out a bit later on (had to wait for the torrential rains to subside).

We went to Campus, one of the stripper bars, and a black guy who had been all over me the night before was on stage doing his non-nude dance. Now, the guys are generally pretty aggressive at the stripper bars, but most of them are straight. I had seen this guy hanging all over a bear, so when he came up to me and started doing the same thing I knew it was more than the regular aggressiveness. His type was hairy white bears with facial hair. He must of spent 30 minutes with me and it was really pretty intense. I wasn’t in the mood that night to go have a dance (plus they’re a complete rip off, so I just tipped him a bit).

Anyway, when he was done with his dance he came up to me and asked if I’d be his fluffer. I wasn’t sure if he was serious, so I said ‘sure’, but didn’t know what would come of it. But a couple songs later he came back around and said the management wouldn’t mind ’cause they keep telling him he needs to get completely hard and it’s hard for him to get hard when it’s not with someone else. And I should mention he didn’t ask for any money. So the song before his dance started and we found a booth and I gave him a blowjob and he got nice and hard. He really was into bears – ’cause he’d stop me and make out, etc. It didn’t last long ’cause his song started and he had to rush on stage. Even though his dick is pretty big it doesn’t show as well as some ’cause it’s pretty bent – downwards – so it doesn’t stick out from his body.

So that was an interesting start to the evening. My bf was a bit jealous, but later in the evening he had plenty of attention from other guys, though none as intense and sincere.

I stayed there for a while and then went out to GI Joe – one of Montréal’s raunchier bathhouses. Just went by myself – my bf went out dancing with a guy he met who lived in NY. I should back up a bit and say I had forgotten to bring my pills on the trip and my libido was pretty low given all the stress I was feeling from things falling apart with the models, so I asked how much for the stuff they were selling and was told one type was $20 and another was $25. The guy said the $25 ones (“Forta”) were much better according to the customers who bought both. There were only two in the package and you were supposed to take the 2nd 3 hours after the first. Well, I’ll just say now, what they sold me sucked – my pills are WAY better than those (at least for me).

So I got undressed, and look around to see what’s up. There were a few bottoms on their bellies (what I look for), but not that many. I went to the basement where they have a big room with some glory holes. This attractive hairy bear came onto me. Long story short we got into a corner and I got down and gave him a blowjob. He was pretty horny and it wasn’t long before he was about to blow his load. He pulled out and turned away and I just grabbed his dick and went back to sucking it. He liked that and blew a big load in my mouth. So that was load #1.

After that I walked around a bit more and there was a guy on the top floor who was on all fours. I  went in and he barely looked at me – just kept his head down and his greasy ass up. I rimmed him a bit, got hard, and fucked him for a while. As I fucked him his ass went from greasy to wet – and in particular wet with loads he had taken earlier (it just feels different than lube). He seemed to have a lot of loads in there, so a couple times I got down and felched cum out of his ass – it was literally running out of his hole he had so much in there. Tasted good 🙂

I didn’t want to cum so early in the evening. It was at that point I thought I’d see how many holes I could get my dick in. I said that and believed it for a while, but also didn’t take it too seriously – there were willing holes I didn’t fuck.

Anyway, I went back down to the basement and in one of the pitch black glory holes there was a bald (or shaved head) cocksucker. I was feeling him up and felt his ass an it was dripping with cum. The glory holes there are big enough that they’re good for fucking. So apparently he’d been there a while and had spent plenty of time with his ass pushed up against the glory hole letting complete strangers he couldn’t see fuck him and dump their loads in him.

Needless to say I wanted to fuck his cummy ass. I had to get on my tippy toes to do it, but I fucked him for a while. Oddly he didn’t seem to want it to go on for long and he stopped after a few minutes. So I kept walking around.

When I was in my room I saw one of the models who contacted me about porn walk past. He’s a hot, ripped muscle daddy type who had wanted to do a leather scene. I stopped him, told him who I was and apologized things didn’t work out. It was then I realized he was up for doing more than I realized and it might have worked out with him (another lesson learned). Anyway, it was good meeting him and we kept seeing each other all night… [As a bit of an update – once again I misread him and today he tells me I should have fucked him at the bathhouse…]

Up on the top floor again a few doors down from my room and in the room next to the first guy I fucked there was this hot, lean, upper 20s guy laying on his belly. He looked a bit like a Euro boy type. I went in and started rimming him but my dick wasn’t cooperating, so I stopped and told him I’d be back. I don’t think he believed me, but I went to my room and jacked my dick until I was hard and then went back to his room and went straight to fucking him. I knew he was the guy who was going to get my load and I didn’t hold back fucking him. And yes, he did get my load and he wanted me to come back for more…

I knew I needed a little downtime and I was hoping I’d have a second wind, so I laid in my room and tried to recharge. I was playing with my iPhone (I’ve gotten addicted to playing solitaire on it), and I snapped a few pics of myself in the mirror over the bed… [And yeah, I’m heavy – I’m a bear – if it bothers you just get over it…]

rawTOP laying in a bed at a bathhouse

The stuff I had taken was making me sweat like crazy, but after a while I figured I was as ready as I’d ever be. (They really did suck – I should have been rock hard after a 20 minute rest – oh well). So I looked around again and wound up in the basement again.

For some strange reason guys were really into me. Problem was some of the guys who were all over me I wasn’t into at all. Finally I found myself in a dark corner (by the 2nd guy I had fucked) and there were two reasonably hot guys competing to service me. One kept feeling up my butt wanting to fuck me, and the other spent a lot of time on his knees sucking me. Oh, I should mention there was this other guy who was back there who was a hot little hairy muscle guy with a pierced uncut cock – very hot, but he left.

Long story short I figured I might as well suck some dick since it didn’t look like either of them wanted to get fucked. So I got on my knees and the top who had been feeling up my ass had this cock that was thin and curved up and to the left. (Weird that it was the 2nd seriously curved cock I had sucked that night). He was trying to face fuck me pretty hard – forcing my head down on his dick – that never sets well with me and I resisted and sucked the other guy’s cock as well. The other guy had a uncut dick with really long foreskin that was leaking like crazy.

Long story short the guy with the uncut cock blew his load in my mouth and before I could even swallow I went back to sucking the other guy. Given how rough he was and the fact that I was squatting and my legs were going to sleep I stopped it after a bit and stood up. At that point he got down and sucked me until he blew his load. So I didn’t get that load, but did make a guy cum…

After that I knew it was time to go, so I got dressed and caught a cab…

Gave A Tattooed Bear My Load

26 July 2008 | No Comments

Load 2008-47

A few days ago I saw an orgy listed on BarebackRT and one of the guys who was going was a mid-20s guy I’ve been wanting to get my load in for a while now, so I signed up. It was at a hotel, but the host was a guy I’d chatted with last year when he lived in NYC – a stocky, hairy bear with major tattoos. While I liked the tattoos he host wasn’t really my type, I was really hoping to fuck the 20-something bottom. I’d seen him and said a quick hello one time at the Eagle, and he had seen me at Gym (a bar) one time – so I know he wants to get fucked…

The young bottom and I were chatting about the orgy and it sounds like he’s going so even though I was getting offers from some really hot guys (one in the neighborhood even), I was turning them down ’cause I wanted to fuck this one guy and maybe see him get bred by the host who was a versatile top. Then all of a sudden at the last minute he says he’s waiting for a call from friends and doesn’t know if he can go out and then he logs off. FUCK!

Well, I wasn’t going to have no sex that night so I headed out. I get to the hotel and even though it’s pretty nice hotel, there’s no security. I go up, find his room and see the door is ajar. I head in and get confused which way I should go – he had a huge corner suite on a high floor with views of the East River – very nice…

I finally find the bedroom and there’s the host and this other older skinny guy. Not unattractive, but not my type either. It’s been like a week since I last fucked someone and with all the work stuff that’s been keeping me busy, I really didn’t care what they looked like – I was horny and they were just fine…

I had my PA in and was wondering if I should take it out or not. It’s one thing if I get hard easily, but it is a distraction when I’m not 100% in the moment. When the host saw the ring he asked me to take it out – which in hindsight was a very good thing…

I wasn’t all that hard, but suddenly I became the center of attention, which was sorta weird. Then the other guy started fucking the host. I’d occasionally have the host suck my dick, but while I was getting a chubby, I wasn’t getting all that hard.

It didn’t take the other guy long to cum. When he came there was no clue he had cum – he just stopped fucking and when he pulled out his dick wasn’t all that hard anymore. The host had to ask if he had gotten a load.

The host then wanted me to fuck him – he put a bunch of lube on my dick (he liked his his hole really well lubed). He got on the edge of the bed and I fucked him for a while, but I just couldn’t stay all that hard…

We paused for a while and I wondered if maybe I could fuck the other guy. He sorta hinted at it by laying belly up on the bed and he was hanging around for a while, but he didn’t really respond when I reached for his ass..

Eventually I got hard and went back to fucking the host, and the other guy left. I sorta stopped and started since I couldn’t stay hard.

Finally I figured I’d try something different and pushed him down on his belly. This has never worked for me with stocky guys before – I don’t know why I even tried it, but I’m glad I did. His hole was positioned just perfectly and it was like I was fucking this warm wet hole. It felt really good.

Given the position the head of my dick kept going in and out of the entrance to his ass – I wasn’t getting in very deep. But that stimulated the head of my dick really well (which is what needs to get stimulated for me to cum). And it was really sensitive for him. Here was this big masculine scruffy bear and he would squeal like a girl every now and then – with ‘oh’ and ‘ah’… I could tell he was usually a top and not completely accustomed to taking dick.

As you can tell, my orgasm came and I flooded his hole with a nice big load. It had been a lot of work and the hotel room was warm. I just rolled over and laid on the bed completely exhausted, but content…

He got up, got a towel and wiped the lube off my dick, but I needed more, so I went into the bathroom and toweled the sweat off my body.

All in all, a surprisingly good fuck… My batting average with bears is pretty low – but every now and then it works…




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