Is Bareback Porn Socially Irresponsible?

19 November 2013 | 20 Comments

The blogger over at Manhunt Daily is saying that, with this picture of Mike Dozer and Charlie Harding, bareback porn has stepped over the line and is now socially irresponsible…

Condoms are for pussies

He thinks it’s inappropriate for barebackers to call people names for using condoms.

I find it rather funny that someone at Manhunt is using the term “socially irresponsible”. Dude – your boss gives money to Republicans who fight against gay rights. That’s way more irresponsible than a porn star’s tank top could ever be. But lets move past that point and think about what he’s saying…

The denialist approach (just for laughs)

Problem? What problem?

Mike’s t-shirt simply says that condoms are for vaginas – it’s an affirmation that straight people should be using condoms for pregnancy prevention. He’s standing with AHF, CalOSHA and others and speaking out against the rampant levels of barebacking in straight porn.

[Update: Actually, it seems a version of this is actually the truth – Joe Spunk apparently talked to Charlie Harding and they saw a commercial promoting safe sex that said “condoms are for pussies”. They laughed and concluded that since neither of them had a pussy then they didn’t need a condom. In other words the whole thing is a joke.]


It looks to me like the image has clearly been photoshopped. Mike would never wear a t-shirt like that.

My view…

The first question that comes to my mind is “do we even want porn to be socially responsible?” Personally I feel like that’s too heavy a burden to put on something like porn. I guess if you come from the perspective of condom porn you may think that porn is just entertainment. But bareback porn has its (post-AIDS crisis) roots in free speech. The bareback porn stars of the late ’90s were vilified for what they did on camera, but they did it because they believed that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they wanted with their own bodies.

The other thing is – the t-shirt is a bit of a joke. I mean calling someone a pussy is hardly a first class put-down. It’s very 3rd grade school yard, or Mrs. Slocombe. If you don’t have thick enough skin to deal with that t-shirt, then you have issues. After all the punches barebackers have taken over the years from “condom nazis” that t-shirt is barely a playful slap in the face in retaliation. So, sorry Manhunt – I’m not feeling your pain. I’ve been called FAR worse names than ‘pussy’ for my choice to bareback. Just deal with it.

So bottom line – IMHO, Mike Dozer’s t-shirt is just playful free speech.

The other side…

On the other hand, if bareback porn is allowed to be socially irresponsible we need to make sure that there is adequate information available for people to make informed choices about using condoms vs. barebacking. I do that via things like the HIV/AIDS & Sexual Health Forum on Breeding Zone, while Manhunt does sexual health advocacy via Manhunt Cares. I give them a big thumbs up for that initiative, though where they seem to be failing is in driving traffic to the site. If no one sees it, what’s the point? It seems like it’s just a CYA sort of initiative. They have a crazy amount of traffic – they need to do better integration of into, etc.

At the end of the day it was just a t-shirt. If you’re doing a good job of giving sexual health information to your audience then it’s really not a big deal. Get over it.

Check out some of the scenes with Mike Dozer. His body keeps changing, but he always looks hot!

MAL Sunday – A Smaller Gangbang

31 January 2011 | 6 Comments

Sorry for getting this out so late – I’ve been pretty sick the past few days. (No, not what you’re thinking… Just a wiked sinus cold.) And before that I was swamped with work.

So the  “Canadian Sub” (the “winner” of the 32 load gangbang) spent the night Saturday night after the gangbang. I had to talk him into it. He seems to have “boundary” issues and was falling for me just hours after meeting me (lol). I just wanted someone to sleep with so when I woke up in the middle of the night I’d have a good cummy hole to fuck. (And I liked him). He was pretty wired and I was pretty tired. We stayed up talking, but about 3am or so I drifted off to sleep. Not sure how much sleep he got. It was nice having him around though. He was nice to cuddle up with and fuck. I think I woke up at one point and we fucked then drifted off to sleep again. Finally we got up around 8. He said good bye and went back to his room.

I don’t do particularly well on 5 hours of sleep. PortaUrinal and I went to breakfast at Union Station, but it was clear it was going to be a slow relaxed day – I just wasn’t up for much of anything else. And taking it easy was one of my goals for the weekend anyway.

Organizing for the gangbang was a bit of an issue… I had moved one of the bottoms to the Saturday gangbang, so I asked Canadian Sub whether he would be the other bottom for the Sunday gangbang – he said ‘sure’. Then the main bottom dropped out saying he wasn’t feeling well, so I needed to come up with another bottom. I knew it wasn’t going to be as big of a gangbang, but I preferred having two bottoms.

Then this 22 year old hit me up on BBRT. I asked if he wanted to bottom for the gangbang and he said he’d be into it. He was the wild card – I was just hoping he’d show up. His status said “Don’t Care” – I was sorta wondering what his story was…

That afternoon I flogged this guy (interesting story – he used to be involved with IML before they went anti-bareback). After flogging him we were laying in bed cuddling and talking and the 22 y.o. texted me and said he wanted to come over. It was more than an hour before the gangbang, but I figured it was better to get him in the room early than not have him show up.

He arrived and the flogging bottom left. He was this sweet, slightly awkward kid. He liked to talk and told me all sorts of stuff. Turns out he was sharing a room with two guys – one poz and the other a pretty serious bug chaser. He hadn’t been tested since the previous summer and didn’t really know his status. After talking to him I wondered how much he really got fucked. He said he had gotten fucked earlier that day, but before that the last time was a month ago. He was clearly was not the typical cumdump who you find bottoming at a bareback gang bang.

I had him check that he was cleaned out properly and we talked some more… He talked about how his parents had opted him out of sex ed in school and I wondered if that was one of the reasons why he had no fear about being a gangbang bottom… He lived in a relatively small town and I think mostly he just got fucked by straight and bisexual guys who needed a hole to cream. He seemed to see sex as a purely physical act (not emotional). Still, he was more than old enough to know what he was doing…

Canadian Sub and PortaUrinal showed up just before the start time. It was a different mix of guys and the vibe was different. Being Sunday it was also just a slower, more relaxed day in general. The blindfolds had worked really well the day before and both the bottoms wanted to be blindfolded, so that was good thing… It helps them concentrate on the dick.

The first top came in and started with Canadian Sub. I figured I would give the kid some dick so he didn’t feel left out. It was good I did – he was TIGHT. I started thinking he may not have gotten fucked earlier in the day – it may have just been a story (you never really know). It took me a while to get in and he was in a bit of pain, but I just held my dick in there till he got adjusted. He needed to be able to take my dick or else he wouldn’t be able to take all the other cock he was going to get. I’d be (sorta) gentle with him. Other tops not so much…

I swapped places with the other top and kept going back and forth between the bottoms for a good 30 or 40 minutes, maybe more… It was sorta fun, but I never did cum.

Then SFVersCumBoy and his boyfriend showed up. SFVersCumBoy is usually a bottom, but as his name implies, there are times he tops. He fucked the kid and his boyfriend fucked Canadian Sub. He gave the kid the BIGGEST load – he hadn’t cum in a week! That was a very good way to get the kid started – his hole was now completely filled with poz (undetectable) cum.

In general the tops were a lot more attractive than they were for the Saturday gangbang – especially early on. Attractiveness of tops is something I struggle with when I organize gangbangs. Sometimes not-so-hot guys can be great tops, and sometimes the bottoms don’t care – they just want the load, but where do you draw the line? At Saturday’s gangbang I wasn’t really comfortable with some of the guys and I didn’t know what the point was that I should ask them to leave. That wasn’t really much of an issue until the end of the Sunday gang bang.

After the kid had 5 or 6 loads in him, my buddy Brad Ramsey showed up. He’s got a THICK cock. After fucking Canadian Sub for a bit he tried fucking the kid. But the kid just couldn’t take Brad’s dick. Brad was patient and kept trying, but the kid was just in excruciating pain, so Brad finally gave up and went back to Canadian Sub and gave him the load.

A fuck or two later I was sitting across the room in a chair watching this hot guy pound away at the kid’s ass. He had the kid flat on his belly and it was a very hot scene. But after he got done the kid sorta curled up in a ball. I’m not sure what happened, but it was over for the kid after that. He said his hole really hurt and he couldn’t take any more. He was literally trembling. I just held him and didn’t push it. I was hoping it was temporary and that he’d get over it, but I realized after a few minutes for whatever reason that was it for him. So I showed him to the bathroom and gave him his clothes.

All in all the kid got 7 loads from 6 guys plus one oral load. Of course the one from SFVersCumBoy was huge and probably counted for several loads. He was counting dicks and thought he had taken 14 or 15 loads. Thing was people like me fucked him multiple times and others were going between the bottoms and then only one would get the load.

The gangbang continued with just Canadian Sub. In the end he racked up 11 loads. So he got 29 between the two gangbangs. Plus he had 8 other loads (4 Friday, 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday), so that means he had a 37 load weekend with 20 on Saturday alone – not bad.

PortaUrinal did pretty well – 10 loads of piss… He totalled 41 loads of piss for the weekend (24 of which were at my gangbangs). He wrote up a post on Breeding Zone raving about the weekend. Glad I could help him have fun – he’s a good guy.

Afterwards the Canadian Sub and I went down to the lobby to have dinner and a beer at the bar. I introduced him to some of the guys who fucked him. “This is Brad, he’s the one with the really thick dick…” It was sorta funny – people knew who he was, but he didn’t know who they were even though their loads were in his ass.  lol

We called it an early night and went back up to my room and he slept over again. I got more sleep this time, but I was still almost dangerously tired driving back to New York the next day (just the last half hour or so of the drive). Canadian Sub is a “grower”, not a “shower” and he had been soft (and really small) the entire time he was with me. I like a bottom with a little dick, but at one point Monday morning I collared him told him I wanted to own him and have him be my boy. He instantly popped a pretty respectable boner. After two gangbangs and 37 loads – that’s what he really wanted – a master to own him… Unfortunately, I can only fulfill that role one or two weekends a year. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want more from him if the circumstances were different.

I texted with the kid a few days later – he was apologetic for not lasting longer. Said his hole was sore the next day but he wants to do another gangbang. I think he’s caught the bareback gangbang bug, so to speak.

MAL Friday – Too much drinking… :)

20 January 2011 | No Comments

Sorry I’m just now getting to the write up of Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL)… Over the weekend I was either incredibly busy or really tired, then when I came back I had to spend a day dealing with some legal shit. Then I had a busy/frustrating day, etc… You get the idea.

So I drove down to DC with @rjinny and @nycivyfreak this past Friday and we got in at 1:30. First thing I learned is that the diehard guys get in on Thursday… Note to self – go down on Thursday next year… I had actually made plans to fuck and film two guys in the afternoon, but I got busy with other stuff and let the plans fell through (my fault).

I should backup and say it had been almost a month and a half (43 days) since I’d last fucked anyone. I just hadn’t really been in the mood. Life was busy and stressful, and then just before I went to MAL I came down with a small cold that only cleared a day or so before I left. One of my goals for the weekend was to just relax and take it easy. It wasn’t really bothering me all that much that I wasn’t busy fucking guys. I just needed down time. Friday turned out to be the mellow day…

@PortaUrinal stopped by with a CASE of beer for me… I had invited him to be the urinal at the gangbangs I had planned and he wanted to be well stocked. The thing with piss bottoms is they may buy you beer, but they want it back when you’re done with it 🙂

The two of us went downstairs to the leather mart where I looked for a few things… First blindfolds for the gangbangs, and second a better flogger. I knew Janette Heartwood would be there. Her floggers are incredible and I wanted to pick one out while she still had the best selection. I have a soft, thuddy moose flogger I got from here a while back as well as a cowhide one from Master André in Montréal. I’ve always liked Janette’s slightly better and a friend had told me many years ago that hers were the best you could buy. Anyway, bottoms had been complaining that my floggers weren’t painful enough, so my goal was to buy a more painful one so I bought a oil tanned flogger from her (she only had one – it’s good I got there early). It’s a nice addition to my collection and it’s a bit longer, which adds even more punch when it hits the bottom…

While we were standing there a guy saw me getting flogged by Janette and started talking to PortaUrinal. The guy was this skinny guy and he was hoping I was a bottom and could take his 10+ inch dick. lol

We also looked at puppy tails but I wasn’t up for spending $90 for a puppy tail when I didn’t have a puppy to use it on…  🙁

I then went back to my room and Jayson Park came over. By this point I was really mellow and relaxed. I wasn’t really up for a proper fuck, but having Jayson in the room, it was impossible not to fuck him. So we did a little fucking but nothing too serious (and I didn’t cum).

PortaUrinal then came over to drain my bladder (my piss was pretty bad that day, but he managed). Then he talked me into going downstairs to the bar to have more beer. I was trying to hurry to get ready to go downstairs and in the process managed to catch my dick in my zipper (ouch!) and I actually drew blood in the process. So that meant I wasn’t going to be fucking anyone for the rest of the night (not that I was in the mood to do it anyway).

While we were down there we ran into SFVersCumBoy. I sorta recognized his beard and stopped him and asked if he was from San Francisco. When he was, I introduced myself. We spent the rest of the night talking. PortaUrinal was plying us with beer and getting our piss loads in return.

When the bar closed up at 2am we went up to the room with SFVersCumBoy, his boyfriend and some of his friends. They left the door open and at one point this guy wandered in and after a bit pulled out his cock. He was uncut with a lot of foreskin. SFVersCumBoy said he preferred less foreskin. I was drunk so I pulled out my dick and showed him my sloppy circumcision that sometimes looks like it’s uncut. Of course he started sucking my dick (in front of everyone). Thing was, I was wasted so I didn’t even get hard.

I had had 5 cans of beer and 3 pints… I blame the excess on PortaUrinal, he blames it on me… Truth was that we both enabled each other. My mellow mood meant my guard was down and I wasn’t policing myself like I should have (and I paid for it the next day).

Eventually enough was enough so PortaUrinal and I stumbled back to our rooms and tried to sleep it off…

Mason Wyler Reconsidered…

25 August 2010 | 23 Comments

I had a long IM chat yesterday with Mason Wyler (a bit over an hour). As a result of the chat my opinion of him has changed for the better…

The last week or so he’s had a lot of shit thrown at him. Someone outed him as poz before he was really ready to make it public, and then, given his history, people started saying all sorts of things about him. Some people even started openly wondering whether this was a bit of a publicity stunt. The skepticism comes from the fact that previously he said he had been raped but then then didn’t follow through with the police investigation. People then wondered whether there was merit to the rape allegations – thinking it had all been a publicity stunt. So this time some people wondered whether this too was a publicity stunt.

Well, after talking with him, I tend to believe 1) he really was raped, and 2) he really is poz.

For me the thing that really made me not particularly like him (as a person) was his blog post back in October 2008. Even to this day I think it’s pretty hostile to poz guys and guys who bareback. He swears I misread it and he his intention was to make fun of the stupidity of people who do fear-based anti-bareback campaigns. I’ll let you decide what you think of it. At a minimum I think you’ll be able to see where it can be interpreted as hostile, even if that wasn’t his intention. The real issue was the he didn’t communicate his thoughts clearly enough in that blog post. He looks at it and sees his original intention, but others of us fail to see that intention. But he’s a porn star, not a copy editor – so I’ll excuse that now that I’ve heard his side of things.

After chatting with him for an hour the worst thing I can say about him is that prior to testing poz he didn’t have any poz friends – so he may not have really understand what it’s like to be poz. That’s hardly a crime. Apparently his day-to-day life is pretty solitary – it’s just him and his boyfriend. I have a similarly codependent relationship and if we weren’t in Manhattan and if my bf weren’t a “people person” I’m sure I’d be in a similar situation. Now he’s starting to chat with some poz guys, but they don’t live near him – but at least he gets to interact with them one way or the other. I really think that will help him.

I still think that the ‘milieu’ he was in was not all that great. For example, his production company refuses to work with poz guys – they won’t even pair poz guys up with each other and have them do condom porn. To his production company, if you’re poz you’re an undesirable leper. As a result when he became poz he assumed his porn career was over because that’s what he was told by his production company – the anti-poz crowd was the only reality he really knew. I think he’s just now realizing that’s not the case – that he’s totally welcome in bareback porn, and there are other condom porn companies that don’t have a problem with him either.

It won’t surprise me if the world of condom porn continues to shun poz guys – there’s a reason why we call them “Condom Nazis”. In fact I sorta dare any (major) condom company to break the conventions and use Mason as a regular performer (more than a few scenes). It’s a statement that really needs to be made – that you can be poz and sexy and there’s a (sex) life after testing poz.

Strangely, the poz-hostile condom producers (who are supposed to be pro-condom) are basically saying condoms are only for neg guys, which means condom usage tends to continue to based in fear – it’s all about neg guys protecting themselves from dirty/evil poz guys. To me that’s just incredibly divisive…

Anyway, back to Mason… After an hour talking with him I really got the sense that he’s a sweet, somewhat submissive guy… He kept calling me ‘Sir’ which was pretty endearing. I don’t know if he just knows the buttons to push with guys like me or if he’s genuinely that way, but I liked our chat a lot… I kept getting the sense that he was sorta vulnerable and that he needed a protector. My daddy instincts kept getting triggered with him… 😉  He would make an incredible boy for some top daddy…

The other side of him is the persona of Mason Wyler. He’s sorta built up this persona that he’s a total slut, and while there does seem to be a side of him that enjoys being a slut (he’s been in 200+ porn videos in about 5 year – averaging one every 9 days for 5 years), his day-to-day life is way more boring and average than that. It seems the persona he created works against him at time like this (and probably back when the whole rape thing was going on). People see the image of a slut and trivialize what he goes through when it comes to things like rape and HIV.

So what’s Mason’s future look like? Well, his porn career will change somewhat… Unfortunately, while there are poz guys in condom porn many of them don’t like to discuss their status, which means all of them have to sorta stay in the closet about their HIV status. As soon as one of them is known to be poz (like Mason) the assumption is that the guys he does scenes with are poz. I hate closets and lies… The whole idea that poz guys can’t be open about things just bugs me.

That means I’d guess Mason will mostly be doing bareback porn (where being poz is no big deal) even though he’s open to both condom and bareback. But he really prefers bareback – so much so that he wishes could start his own bareback porn production company (though he doesn’t have the capital to do it). Frankly, I’m really glad he’ll be doing bareback porn. I’m totally looking forward to featuring it here on the site. It’ll be hot seeing him take loads 😉

In terms of Mason’s personal future – I get the sense he still has a few things to figure out about being poz, but that’s to be expected. Hopefully he’ll get some poz friends and compare notes. If you’re in Houston and poz (and don’t want to just get in his pants) you might try hitting him up – I got the sense he’d really like a local poz buddy…

But all in all, he’ll be fine… I’m guessing he’ll be better than ever a year from now…

Bareback Blogger Thinks He Has Nothing In Common With Me

3 August 2010 | 14 Comments

Over on Breeding Zone I archive the world of bareback blogging just because I’ve seen so many blogs fall by the wayside over the years and it’s a shame to see all their stories just disappear. Hell, a blogger named Geek Slut is the blogger who inspired me to start my blog and all his stories are gone now. I really wish I could go back and read his old stories, but I can’t.

Anyway, I pulled the feed for one blogger who took serious offense at the fact that I pulled and used his RSS feed. Umm, it’s public, he didn’t use snippets, and the last S in RSS stands for ‘syndication’ – which is exactly what I was doing. There’s long-standing precedents for archiving web content – take a look at and you can see what web sites looked like going back over 10 years. I don’t think he understands the web well enough to understand all that – whatever…

However, his biggest issue seemed to be that he hated being associated with me… On his blog he the following of me…

[rawTOP] repulses me physically, morally and character-wise; he’s sincerely damaged

I love how he throws in not liking my body with the other things – as if there’s a connection between the two. lol

Then he described our brief conversation as follows…

I then explained how I found his views, opinions and more importantly, actions morally repugnant to me and did not want to associate myself with him or his blog. He then went into a diatribe of how he’s a regular Mother Teresa and essentially providing a service to all young kids who (misguidedly!) want to become HIV +.

Actually, I never said any of that. I said more or less what I said above – that I’m trying to preserve the the written legacy of barebackers. In the brief conversation we did have he said the following…

The reality is, I hold NO opinions that coincide with yours (I don’t even respect them) and you do and write things on your blog that make me cringe, specifically intentionally trying to “convert” people to HIV to please an audience. That is so fucking twisted and abusive that it’s devoid of any morality. Meaning, and this is VERY important, I wouldn’t WANT any followers from your blog. I understand you’re only trying to make money. Just don’t do it off me as I don’t want to be in any way associated with you or your blog

Ummm… As far as I know, I’m neg. How exactly am I trying to convert people to HIV? (Sounds like a religion, the way he’s talking about it). If he’s talking about the fact that I find bug chasing sorta fascinating, I allow it to be discussed on my forum, and I think it’s a lot more honest than burying your head in the sand and pretending that being a bareback bottom won’t make you poz – well, yeah, but that’s not anywhere close to what he’s saying try to “convert” people.

Bottom line – my point of view is consistent and honest. His is just fucked up. He has a blog dedicated to his bareback exploits – that’s what you’d call promoting barebacking. Barebacking is risky – especially for bottoms. Yet he doesn’t want to discuss that risk apparently. In the same blog post where he criticizes me he talks about how he convinced to some tops to take raw dick. So he talks about how it’s fun to get guys to take risks, but then wants to pretend he lives in a world where there are no risks. Yeah, that’s way more responsible than what I do…

There are three mentions of ‘risk’ on his blog – one was the risk of getting caught having public sex, another was in a comment submitted by a user, and the third was he didn’t want to “risk” cumming too quickly, so he put on a condom to reduce the sensation and last longer.

There are also three mentions of HIV on his blog – one is in reference to me, the other two are complaining that he realized two of the bottoms he fucked were poz after he fucked them. [Dude, assume all bareback bottoms are poz and you’ll be a hell of a lot closer to the truth.] The words ‘poz’ and ‘pos’ never show up on his blog (only HIV).

Apparently his is a world where “neg” bareback bottoms are really neg and risk never needs to be discussed or explored. Problem is, that world doesn’t really exist. I know, I tried living in it and found things just didn’t work that way.

My approach is to acknowledge the risk, discuss the risk, figure out if it’s right for the particular person, and then have them take responsibility for their sex life and accept the potential consequences ideally before they take the risk. Yes, in some cases “accepting the consequences” means the person embraces the consequences and actually seeks out getting pozzed. It’s their sex life and it’s an informed decision – who is he to say that’s wrong? I have WAY more respect for bug chasers than I do for guys who think they can get fucked raw all the time and stay neg.

I know some guys just don’t want to think about HIV and risk. I get that. But if you’ve never thought about it and you’re kidding yourself by thinking you can have high risk sex and stay neg – then you’re doing a disservice to  yourself and others. While there’s no need to constantly think about the risk – think about it long enough to figure out what’s right for you – so deep down you understand and accept the risks.

So what do you think? Does he have a point?

[And no, I’m not going to tell you who he is and I’ll delete any comments that say who he is… He doesn’t need the free publicity.]

An Experiment That Didn’t Go As Planned

19 April 2010 | 7 Comments

A couple months ago an 18 y.o. contacted me here on the blog. “hi, sir. i dont know if you got my message on xtube. im the 18 yo bottom from san diego who sees himself as a total cumhole but doesnt really know where to begin.” We started chatting and I thought it would be cool to sorta document his development from thinking of himself as a cumhole to actually being a full-fledged cumhole, so I set up for him – bought the domain, set up the blogging software, etc.

Well, after about a month it became clear he’s not really a cumhole, at least not to the degree I was hoping he would be. There are cumholes and there are cumholes… The kid is a cumhole to a point – after about a month of experimenting he decided he wants to be the exclusive cumhole for someone he now sees as his boyfriend. That might work if they weren’t quite so lovey dovey… It started out well with the top taking him to a bathhouse and having random guys fuck him and breed him in the steamroom and every now and then the top does something similar – recently he advertised on Craigslist and had basically whored out the bottom boy to other tops. But it’s not all that regular an occurrence. It would be one thing if it were a weekly event, but it’s not like that.

There are other ways in which the relationship with his top doesn’t quite make sense. The top told him he was neg, but never seems to check or discuss the status of the guys he has fuck him. In one of the sessions he was telling the other tops “yeah, knock him up” and then recently he wanted to flip and have the bottom fuck him. Personally I wonder whether the top is everything the bottom thinks he is. I mean seriously – do the math – IMHO something just doesn’t add up.

Meanwhile he’s going off to college at the end of summer – 3 1/2 hours away, and wants to have an exclusive, long-distance relationship with the top where he doesn’t fuck anyone else (unless the top organizes it). I remember one of my first roommates in college tried to have a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend. It ended in disaster as have most of the long-distance relationships I’ve seen.

As far as I’m concerned, when you’re young you should experiment. Then you settle down in your late 20s, early 30s… You just need to get certain things out of your system before settling down. But he doesn’t want to hear any of that. And honestly he needs to make his own mistakes – I get that…

But the bottom line is I’ve set up for someone who it turns out isn’t all that much of a cumhole. That leaves me in a bit of a quandry as to what I should do with the blog. It’s not like he’s going to update it very often and our last IM sorta ended badly – so he really has zero incentive to update it.

I really want to be written by one or more true cumholes – the type of guys who have gotten addicted to taking loads and just can’t get enough. I remember years ago on one of the bareback discussion boards there was a twink who loved taking loads so much he’d let dirty, unwashed homeless guys fuck him. He’d literally take any load – no questions asked. That’s sorta extreme, but it would also be cool if there were a bottom who loved to hang out at bathhouses, ass in the air, taking loads for hours on end… The point being there are guys who figure out the joys of being a slut at an early age and can be an inspiration to other guys their age… Now I just need to find one or more of them who want to write up posts for a blog… If you’re a teen who fits what I’m looking for (or you know of one), contact me and we’ll work something out

Too bad the first cumhole didn’t work out. When his relationship ends I wonder what will come next for him…




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