Knocked Up A Bug Chaser

16 December 2016 | 10 Comments


I’ve been really bad about blogging for while now. I’ve gone to a lot of sex parties this year, but haven’t actually bred that many holes. Sex parties are a good venue to fuck a lot of ass – I’ve fucked like 90 guys this year, BUT (for me) they’re horrible for actually cumming. I usually need the bottom on his belly to cum and most of the sex clubs around here don’t have proper beds.

Anyway… Last night I bred this bug chaser. God, I love bug chasers. There’s just something really hot about a guy begging you to give him a toxic load and convert him. This particular bug chaser was in town from the UK where (AFAIK) they’re still fighting about who’s gonna pay for PrEP. So many of the neg guys in NYC are on PrEP – I sorta miss the days when bottoms put their future health in the hands of the tops who fucked them raw. There were consequences to sex back then that made it edgier and more exciting than it is these days…

Anyway the bug chaser wanted me to fuck him with my big PA to rough up his hole. My PA has been a bit sensitive lately – especially when I wear my big ring for too long. But before I left the house I popped half a Levitra and put in the big ring. It’s not every day I get bottoms begging me to poz them, so didn’t mind giving him what he wanted – even if it was a bit painful for me.

I was sorta hoping I could watch him take other loads, but when I got to his hotel I was the only top.  He was on all fours on the bed with his face looking the other direction. The only light was the light from the bathroom with the bathroom door slightly ajar. I stripped down to just socks and my shirt and started rimming him. I asked how many loads he had in him and he said three. I wasn’t able to felch any of the loads. He just seemed “well lubed”.

Didn’t take me too long to get rock hard at which point I stood up and gently guided my PA into his hole and had him get on his belly. I could definitely feel the loads in him. His hole was nice and silky. But the problem was that my dick kept bottoming out in his ass, which meant my ring was twisting and causing me pain. I tried to see if I could just bear the pain, but finally I realized if I wanted to breed him the ring needed to come out. So I pulled out quickly, and used the pillowcase to get the ball off and the ring out of my dick.

Even before I took the ring out we started with the poz talk… “So you wanna get pozzed?” That started him begging me to poz him and asking if I was toxic, and begging for a toxic load up his ass. He wanted it pretty bad. I was telling him things like “All slutty bottoms should be poz. You know you want this…” It was really hot. Honestly it’s the sorta stuff that goes through my head most of the time when I’m fucking guys – I was just verbalizing it this time.

Needless to say it didn’t take all that long to blow a load, and the load felt really big. All that poz talk got me going.

As I washed up and got dressed he never looked back. I love the fact that he has no clue what I look like, yet he was begging me to give him a toxic load and convert him.

Of course, I have no clue if he’s actually neg. And he has no clue what my HIV status really is. It could have been all fantasy. Or it could have been real. No one really knows. But it was real in that each of our desires were out there and both of us were getting off on the risk. I feel like ARVs are like training wheels for sex these days. At least for a moment we pretended there were no training wheels…

If you’re a bug chaser (real or fantasy) and in NYC, definitely hit me up. I wanna breed you while you beg me to poz you. But offer is off the table if you’re PNPing… Real pigs don’t need drugs to have good sex.

Year-End Wrap Up & New Year Resolutions

3 January 2015 | No Comments

I knew going into last year that it would be a slow year sexually, and it was. I only gave 29 loads. 21 of those loads were given to guys I’d never fucked before (or don’t remember fucking – lol). I fucked holes 41 times, so that’s a failure rate of 29%, but realize those failures include things like fucking guys at bars when I’m a little drunk, and times when I encountered a dirty ass (which tends to end things rather abruptly).

But that’s not the worst year. In 2011 I only gave 23 loads and in 2006 & 2007 I was lower as well – 21 and 24 loads, respectively. I mean a really good year for me is 50-70 loads. So I hit half that mark.

Even though the circumstances of this year will be a lot like last year, my resolution is to improve things substantially over last year. I want to go to at least one sex party or bathhouse every week. I know there will be weeks when that’s impossible, so if I miss a week, then I need to catch up over the next week or two.

But the biggest resolution is to only cum when I’m fucking someone. I’ve tried that one before and failed pretty quickly, but gonna try it again. One way I’m modifying it is that if I’m unable to have sex (sick, recovering from an STD, etc.) then I’m going to allow myself to jack off into a condom and freeze it. (Never say rawTOP is against condoms – they’re great for storing cum, and are even decent cock rings if you break out the end. I just don’t see the point of fucking with one.) That’s going to be the hardest resolution to keep since I’ve been jacking off a lot this past year.

So far this year has started off really well and really poorly. I went out of town and visited bathhouses and bars with backrooms. Then I continued that when I got back to NY and went to CumUnion last night. It was a raw top’s wet dream. I fucked 17 guys, and could easily have fucked twice that many if my dick had been up to the task. I saw only one top rubber up the entire time, and another one ask a bottom if it was OK (and got refused). EVERYONE was taking raw dick – at least it seemed that way. You could just pull out and stick it in the next waiting hole. BUT I didn’t cum. I might have been able to early on, but if I had done that I would have lost my sexual mojo and not been able to fuck as many guys. As it was I only lasted 3 1/2 hours and I skipped the last 2 hours of the party. I think I could have fucked 50 guys if I had injected trimix at the beginning of the night (but I hate needles).

Then I went to the Eagle and this bottom bent over to suck the dick of a guy near me and had his ass up in the air. So I spit on my dick and shoved in making that the 18th hole of the night. I was actually surprised I could fuck when I was drinking, but I did pretty well at it. Security was light last night, so I was able to fuck for a while right out in the open (across from the 2nd floor bar – if you know the space).

The problem is, I had been wondering since Thursday if I had an STD. There were moments where my dick didn’t feel quite right, and there were times when it would burn when I pissed. But not all the time. Since there was no discharge I was hoping it wasn’t an STD, so this morning I went to the Saturday drop-in STD clinic at Callen-Lorde to get it checked out. There was no discharge when I woke up in the morning, but when I pulled down my pants for the doctor my PA hole was filled with a thick yellowy-green puss. The doctor didn’t quite understand Prince Alberts and was confused why there was puss there (lol), but that clearly indicated I have gonorrhea. So, I was treated on the spot.

So, if you were one of the 18 guys I fucked last night, or even one of the guys who sucked my dick – go get checked out. (Sorry).

This means I’m now in the capture-the-load phase since I can’t fuck for a little while. I assume freezing the cum kills the gonorrhea. But honestly I haven’t been all that horny today, and I’ll try not to jack off too much this week, but it’s already a 4 day load, so I’m gonna have to jack off at some point.

I LOVE Cumdumps

1 July 2014 | 5 Comments

Load 2014-15

Yes, I know – half way through the year and I’ve only given 15 loads. That’s really bad, but I sorta knew going into this year that it would be a bad year. Hopefully I can get the hookup sites that I’m working on completed by the end of the year and then spend 2015 promoting them with sex parties and the like.

But one of the issues is that my sexual tastes are changing and when it comes to topping I’m finding nothing motivates me like a cummy hole. The last two guys I bred – both had cummy asses. It just feels really incredible to fuck a cummy ass – gets me really hard and makes me cum quickly.

So one day last week I was looking for a hole to fuck and there were a couple options. The two leading options were both in hotels. One guy was playing a bit coy and after some back and forth told me the name of his hotel but didn’t tell me the room number, while another guy got to the point quickly and told me “Manhattan Hotel, room XXX”. Problem was, I had no clue where Manhattan Hotel was and if you try to put that into Google you get every hotel in Manhattan. He then told me the cross streets and so I picked him – just because he seemed like a good pig who gets right to the point. I confirmed that I was going to come over and asked how many loads he had in him already – the said “5”. When I heard that I couldn’t wait to get there and fuck his cummy ass.

I get to the hotel and it was pretty run down. The lobby looked like the started a renovation and just stopped. When I got up to his floor the walls were all scuffed, the carpet was dirty and old. In other words it seemed like the perfect hotel for a sleazy cumdump 😉

The door was closed so I knocked. It took a while for him to answer and then I saw why – there was another top there. The bottom was what I’d call “slim, average, white guy” – but I wasn’t there to fuck Adonis – I was there to fuck a cummy hole. The top was actually pretty hot. I’d guess the low side of mid-30s, had a few tattoos, a nice lean(ish), slightly muscular body. I actually thought the top was considerably hotter than the bottom, but I was there to fuck, so that wasn’t really a factor.

While I was undressing the other top tried to get the bottom to push the cum out of his ass, but all that the bottom managed was to push some of the air out of his ass – in other words while a little cum may have come out, it was more like a fart. Then the other top had the bottom turn around and suck his dick. Once my clothes were off I wanted to felch the bottom’s ass, but he wasn’t in the best position for that, but I did just a little bit of it in this awkward position, then when I got up the other top indicated that he wanted me to fuck the guy. I thought that was a little weird since he had just worked up a hardon, but who was I to say ‘no’ to a fucking a cummy hole?

I started fucking him on all fours. His hole felt good, but I needed to reposition him. So I got him down on his belly – had to pull him back to position him. Once he was on his belly my orgasm came pretty quickly. It felt like I kept hitting bottom in his ass – or maybe it was just the “second sphincter”. Anyway, that plus the slickness of all those loads felt incredible.

As soon as I had cum I wanted to just slowly fuck his cummy ass and savor the feeling, but the other top was all horned up and wanted in, so I pulled out and he took over. I had only fucked the guy for maybe 3 or 4 min, but the other top didn’t last even that long. I kid you not when I say he fucked the bottom for maybe 30 seconds or a minute before cumming. It was almost funny how quickly the bottom got those two loads.

I confirmed with the bottom that we were loads 6 & 7, but he said no, we were loads 7 & 8. In other words, in the 30 minutes it took me to get to the hotel, the guy had taken another load as well. He was on a roll!

Once I dressed I tried to take a piss in the bathroom, but nothing came out. Then I left. These three really hot young Brazilian guys were walking in front of me. One had his arm around the other. As we waited for the elevator (which takes a while in a crappy hotel), I couldn’t tell if they were gay or straight. But they were definitely hot.

After I got home the bottom sent me a note apologizing. He said he initially thought the other top was me, but then figured out it was a guy who was supposed to come an hour earlier. The chemistry with the other top was actually pretty good, so I didn’t mind. I mean I sorta like gangbang scenes – so definitely wasn’t a problem for me.

Bottom Reading My Blog While Getting Gangbanged…

5 May 2014 | 2 Comments

A sponsor sent me this video today – watch it and you’ll see that the bottom is on all fours reading my blog while he’s literally got a line of guys fucking him…

[rfvideo video=”5243″ ratio=”0.5625″]

That’s just a snippet from a video was shot recently. The full video will come out at some point on Sketchy Sex. I love the whole premise around that site – it’s a house full of guys who just cruise hookup sites all day getting guys to come over and fuck them (or get fucked by them). You usually see guys in the background hunting for dick online, but it’s sorta funny to see the bottom who’s getting gangbanged surfing the web – reading a sex blog.

Personally, if I had been one of the tops I would have been a little pissed. It’s one thing for a bottom to take 15 seconds to reply to a text from a top who’s on his way over, but another one to lay there and read a blog. As a top I want the bottom to concentrate on my dick. I don’t even like the bottom to suck dick while I’m fucking them. But as a blogger I love the fact that getting gangbanged made the bottom think about my blog.

Oh, and for the record – the bottom got about 15 loads. You definitely should check out Sketchy Sex! It sorta captures the #BBBH lifestyle perfectly. You’ll like it 😉

Sex With Friends Just Doesn’t Work For Me

9 December 2013 | 1 Comment

Load 2013-48

Not sure why I didn’t figure this out sooner, but I’ve come to the conclusion that sex with friends just doesn’t work for me. I like things anonymous. When I get to know someone my dick just doesn’t respond. I mean my boyfriend and I don’t have sex anymore – we’re joined at the hip in many ways, but it’s not really a sexual relationship. I tried fucking a good friend a few years ago and that didn’t go so well – just couldn’t cum with him. I have a really bad track record with Jayson Park even though I think he’s incredibly hot – but we’re friends and hang out socially sometimes. There was the anonymous Latin bottom I used to fuck, but I got pretty unpredictable with him as I got to know him. There was the hot black athlete a few months ago who hung out with me and my bf a few times after we’ve hooked up – only came the first time with him despite the fact that he’s really hot. The list goes on and on…

But most recently is the black fuck bud from the neighborhood. I used to cum every time with him. Now I’m hit or miss. Fucked him again on Saturday morning. While we were stripping down he started asking me about how my Thanksgiving was and I just shut down the conversation with a “it was fine”. I knew if we started into personal chit chat that it wouldn’t go well. We fucked and I did give him a load, but I almost didn’t. Things weren’t working quite right in part because he kept bucking back but I finally got into this one position where the head of my dick was getting massaged just right and I finally did cum – but it almost didn’t happen.

Compare that to the muscular little Latino who I fuck. Been fucking him for years now and still don’t know his name. We never have substantive conversations. And I cum every time with him. And I love sex parties and bathhouses. I don’t always cum but they’re tons of fun and my dick has plenty of energy. And dark room pump-n-dumps are some of my favorite fucks. The more anonymous, the harder my dick and the bigger my load.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to be my fuck buddy, just stick to sex – be a hole for me and nothing more. Or, if you really want to get to know me, that’s fine – just realize the sexual part will probably die.

How To Get A Condom To Slip Off While Fucking

15 November 2013 | 13 Comments

I was thinking of posting this over on the porn blog, but it’s not really bareback porn…

Back when I used to use condoms I often had a problem with them slipping down my dick. I remember one time back in the early 90s this guy picked me up in a bar one night and we went back to his place on the Lower East Side. Anyway, when I pulled out the condom was just barely hanging onto the head of my dick. Back then I was all about safe sex, so I was rather mortified, but the guy I was fucking didn’t seem to care.

As time went on and I started experimenting with bareback and I sorta liked the fact that the condom would nearly slide off my dick – much like these pics where Tim Kruger (from Tim Tales) fucks Esteban del Toro. Tim starts with the condom rolled most of the way down his dick. Remember – if your goal is to have the condom slip off, there’s no point in rolling it all the way down your dick – you just need it on well enough that the bottom is happy with what he sees.

Hot jock getting fucked by a top with a condom on

Then has he’s fucking the condom starts slipping off his dick…

Condom starting to slide down top's dick as he fucks Esteban del Toro

And then by the time he’s done, the bottom is in a zone and oblivious to the fact that the condom is nearly completely off the top’s cock…

Condom almost completely off top's dick as he fucks a hot jock bottom

So how do you make it so the condom will slip off your dick? It’s really simple actually… Lube your dick really well before putting on the condom. If your dick is slick the condom will have a hard time staying put – it’ll start moving around and down your dick. Putting a little lube in the tip of the condom before you put it on your dick helps in this regard – the more lube you have between the condom and your dick the easier it will slip off.

If the condom doesn’t slip off fast enough you can always reach down and jack your dick a little and help it move down your dick.

And when you pull out after cumming, remember to act surprised that the condom slipped off. Hey, accidents happen…

If you’re a bottom who’s top wants to wear a condom – just take charge of putting the condom. Lube up your top’s dick and put a little lube in the condom “to make it feel better” before putting on the condom. Putting a magnum sized condom on a guy with a regular dick can be a compliment to him and help the situation as well. Then you can always reach around to “check the status of the condom” – to make sure it works it’s way down the top’s dick.




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