Bottom Wasn’t What I Was Expecting…

9 November 2015 | 2 Comments

Load 2015-25

A few of you have been making notice that I haven’t been blogging much. Well, I haven’t given many loads lately. There was just one with a bottom at Steamworks Toronto when I was up there over Columbus Day / Canadian Thanksgiving. It was a quick pump-n-dump, so not to much to write about.

It’s not like I haven’t been fucking. I just haven’t been giving loads. I’ve fucked at bars a couple times. But it’s not like that’s a very conducive place to blow a load. Especially when I’m drinking and not at 100% as a top. And I’ve gone to sex clubs a few times but I usually go to Paddles and 1) they don’t have a bed, so I can’t really get bottoms in the position I want, and 2) I might be able to cum early on, but if I do then that sorta stops me from topping later.

So bottom line, I’ve fucked 26 holes since my last blog post, but only given 2 loads.

The bottom today was a bit unfortunate. For some strange reason there were a million bottoms online looking for loads. At least not ones that wanted to travel to Harlem. (In one case it was just 1 stop on the subway for a guy who lived in Columbus Circle, but he didn’t want to bother). So when this guy hit me up that lived nearby I said yes. His pics were decent, but not incredible. I expected a guy with an average body and sort of a working class vibe to him. That’s usually a recipe for good sex.

BUT his pics were old. He’d gained weight and just wasn’t as attractive as his pics. I just wanted to blow my load and get on with my day, so I went through with it.

At first he wasn’t dropping to his knees or anything, but finally he got the hint and started sucking my cock. It took a little while to get hard, but when I was I had him go over to the bed. He laid on his belly and given that he had “a rather full” ass I was worried how that would go. It’s usually my favorite position, but I wasn’t sure if I could get in deep enough. But I managed, and just took shorter strokes and focused on blowing my load, which I did after just a couple minutes.

Then I got up, put on some clothes, washed my dick in the sink and showed him out.  It was sort of a slam, bam, thank you ma’am sorta hookup.

It got me off, so that part was good, but not sure I’ll hookup with him again.

Gave First Oral Load In 20+ Years…

24 January 2015 | No Comments

Unfortunately this story is about a failure on my part. Monday was a holiday so when a hot little mid-20-something hit me up wanting a dark room pump-n-dump I sorta had to say yes.

I got there and his apartment was so dark I didn’t know where to go. I finally found the bedroom and he was ass up in a jockstrap. Totally my type – short, thin, young, and looked a bit Hispanic, though his profile said “White”. He said he already had 2 loads in him.

Part of me wonders how my life would be different if I had had the sexual freedom when I was young that that cumdump has now. To be honest, I’m a bit jealous of kids of his generation. But I digress…

Anyway, I didn’t intend to stay long, so I kept my clothes on – even my jacket. His hole was really nice, his body was just like I like it but (long story short), my dick just never quite responded. I tried a few times to fuck him when I was semi-hard, but he was tight and I couldn’t get in. I was thinking once I was in him I’d get harder, but I couldn’t get in him.

I gotta say he was an incredible bottom. He was completely patient. Most bottoms would have gotten frustrated, but not only was he not frustrated, he was rock hard the entire time.

Who knows why I didn’t get hard enough to fuck. I hadn’t taken a Cialis in quite a few days, but I was getting rock hard looking at porn just an hour or two earlier. Maybe it was my blood sugar or some other factor. Who knows.

Anyway, I finally laid down on the bed and rimmed his hole while we alternated between me jacking my cock and him sucking me. Then I felt my orgasm coming. I still wasn’t rock hard, but he got a pretty big load in his mouth.

I can literally count the number of times I’ve given an oral load on one hand, and probably have fingers left over. It’s probably been around 25 years since I last came in someone’s mouth. So there’s a chance I haven’t given an oral load since before the he was born. Sorta funny to think about it that way…

So I was (and am) frustrated. The whole thing feels like a huge failure. But at least the bottom got my load one way or another. Hopefully I can make it up to him at some point with a good and proper fuck. He deserves at least that much.

Ugh! Bad Bottoms…

17 September 2014 | 6 Comments

Well, the last few days my attempts to give loads have run up against bad bottoms that sorta defeat my best intentions.

Sunday I was at the Eagle and was out in the backyard with a few friends. This skinny tattooed guy came out and hung out like he knew us – listening to our rather frank/personal discussion. Finally I just introduced myself. Then we continued on our conversation – but he still just stood there and listened. Finally he started getting frisky with one of my friends – grinding his ass into my friend’s crotch. Next thing I knew the back of his shorts were down and my friend was fucking him. It was sorta hot and I repositioned myself next to them so I could watch a bit more closely.

Then, right when things were getting hot and heavy, one of the barbacks comes out with a bunch of trash and castigates the guys saying “You can’t do that here! You’re on camera” – and he points to the camera right above them. My friend pulls out and my other friends start chatting with the barback – seems they knew him pretty well.

As soon as the barback was gone my friend didn’t seem interested in fucking anymore and he wandered away and the bottom started paying attention to me – he wanted to suck my dick which he did briefly but I told him I wanted to fuck. We got into a corner, away from the cameras (with friends watching the door), and the guy bent over and I spit on my dick ans shoved in.

Pretty soon I started smelling shit. I was hoping it wasn’t too bad. I kept fucking to see if I could cum quickly, but it wasn’t happening and the smell of shit was getting stronger. So I pulled out and my dick was covered in it. I had my 2 gauge PA in (the curved barbell, not th ring), and that only made things messier. I told him about the problem and he kept apologizing profusely. I told him I needed something to clean up with – preferably something moist. He disappeared and then one of my friends said he’d go get something. (The mark of a true friend is when they fetch clean up stuff when you’re in a situation like that). Meanwhile I was pissing – hoping that would clean things a little. But there was no way I was shoving a shit-covered dick back into my pants where it would mess up my pants.

My friend came back with a bunch of napkins. They helped a lot. I used the bottom’s beer for moisture. And generally got things more or less clean. Then the bottom came back with a little towel that was moist. It would never have been adequate on its own, but I was impressed he’d show his face again in order to make things better.

So that attempt to give a load ended rather disastrously. Unfortunately, tonight didn’t go any better.

Today I was in the mood to fuck and there were two gangbangs listed on BBRT. I did a request for both since what’s motivating me as a top lately is cummy holes and the best way to fuck a cummy hole is at a gangbang. I was a little surprised when the one guy who had 60+ attendees didn’t approve me. Maybe he was feeling overwhelmed with responses or something – who knows? But I was happy when, ‘TigerBeat’ a hot, late-20-something bottom approved me for his gangbang. I replied letting him know when I would try to get there, and he replied back something like “sounds good”.

I headed down a few minutes earlier than I had originally planned. He lived in the Lower East Side, so it was a bit of a hike – but the idea of a hot guy with a cummy hole made the trip worth it. I get there and ring the buzzer and heard a crackle on the intercom, but the door didn’t open. Then a guy came out of the building with his laundry and he let me in. I went up to the apartment (a 5th floor walk-up) and before I could ring the doorbell the door opened. The guy was in his underwear (nice tight body), there was music in the background, and he said something like “Sorry, I sent you an email asking you not to come”. Ugh! Seriously? He went on to say he knew about my blog and he “respected me, but [he] needed to be discreet”. All I could think to say was “Are you sure?” He was, so I turned around and left.

But in hindsight that’s total bullshit. I mean I look better in person than I do in my pics. If he wasn’t me, then he shouldn’t have approved me, given me his address, AND responded positively to my confirmation. There were plenty of chances to say “don’t come” prior to when I logged off. And the whole discretion thing… Please, discreet bottoms don’t post gangbang ads. Discreet bottoms don’t have public profiles with pics.

I protect the identities of the guys I fuck. The only time I mention a guy’s profile name / stage name is when he’s a porn star or he wants me to, and then I make a point to only say good things about him. A few times guys have told their friends that I fucked them and then the friends have figured out which write-up was about their friend. But that wasn’t me telling making the ID – that was the bottom giving out too many details. But when the guy makes me travel over an hour (round trip) for absolutely nothing – then I don’t really feel the need to (completely) protect his identity. So if discretion and anonymity was TigerBeat’s objective – then his plan backfired. You all now know who stood me up, and now that I’ve linked to it, Google will index his profile.

Ugh! I really hate bad bottoms. Seriously guys – if you’re grinding you ass on guys’ crotches at a bar – make sure you’re clean, and if you invite someone to a gangbang – don’t turn them away when they get there… Where is Miss Manners when we need her?

If you invite 120 guys to gangbang you…

3 June 2014 | 4 Comments

Load 2014-14

I’m WAY behind on my loads this year, I know, I know… And the story I’m going to tell just drives that home in a big way…

So late last week I went to a gangbang. The bottom had been weird with me in the past. Online he seemed completely disinterested in me. When he organized his last “take all loads” gangbang he didn’t approve my request to go. I still wanted to fuck him – mostly ’cause nothing feels better than a really cummy hole. And this time BBRT was showing him with about 120 approved tops, which if 1/3rd showed up meant he’d be getting about 40 loads. And if he posted on Craigslist, etc. the number could be even higher.

He started taking loads at 3:30 in the afternoon. I got there around 7:30. He seemed a bit scattered and out of it. There were about 6 other guys there. And the guy who was fucking him had to get in some weird positions because the bottom wasn’t taking the needs of his tops into consideration.

I still don’t know why I didn’t get an invite to the last gangbang. There were two guys sitting on the bed jacking their dicks (plus the one fucking him), and I was in at least as good shape as one of the guys and better than the other guy. So clearly he’s OK with bears, etc.

Anyway, the top who was fucking him came (load #20), and no one else stepped up to fuck him and the one big bear on the bed motioned to me to start fucking him. He was sort of interacting with the other top on the bed (a black guy), but the guy didn’t seem like he wanted to fuck him – at least not right then, so I put some spit on my dick and pushed in.

The position was really weird, but I did what I could. But then he started complaining – that it hurt, that I was going in too deep, that my dick was huge, etc. Seriously? My dick’s just not that big. I mean it’s “above average” but that’s about all. There are plenty of tops who have bigger dicks than mine.

But I have to say a hole with 20 loads in it feels INCREDIBLE! My dick was loving every minute of it. In fact rather quickly I started feeling like I was going to get my nut, but then the bottom decides he wants to take a “5 minute break”. Seriously? Right then? Ugh… The big bear top told him he was “a high maintenance bottom” – that there were a line of tops who wanted to fuck him – he should stay and get fucked. But he ran off to the bathroom instead.

Given how he was acting I started thinking he might be high and maybe the drugs were wearing off after 4 hours. This lean Asian jock went into the bathroom with him and they stayed in there for what seemed like forever. Then they two of them came out and they were all over each other. I started noticing a bit of a pattern – the bottom was highly interactive with some tops and practically ignored other tops. I’m not saying that bottoms don’t have the right to be picky, but when you just invited 120 tops to gangbang you pump-n-dump style, it’s not the time to be playing favorites. Just saying…

Anyway, when the Asian guy blew his load (#21), the bottom decided he needed to go to the bathroom again. He spent all sorts of time talking to guys he knew as he went to the bathroom, then he stayed in there for a long time (again), and then came out and talked to his friends some more. It was at this point that the light hit his face and I got a clear view of him. He looked really familiar – either he’s been in porn, or he’s someone I’ve seen forever online. I’m thinking porn, but I can’t quite place who he is.

FINALLY he got on the bed and put his ass up, but by that time I’d completely lost my erection. This one skinny black guy had come in during all that and he wasn’t very happy about it – he was talking all sorts of shit about how gangbang bottoms need to be ass up taking loads if there are tops around who want to fuck them. He was next up fucking the bottom.

Meanwhile I started looking at this really cute little Latino next to me. He was barely over 5′ tall with a really compact body – totally my type. And he kept looking at me. I’m not sure what he was thinking, but I got the sense that he was into me. Jumping forward a little in story he hit me up a couple days later, but when I responded “nice to see you the other day” he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Anyway, his profile said vers, so hopefully I can fuck him in the near future.

The skinny black top finally came (load #22), and by now I wanted to get off and leave, and since no other tops were pushing their way to the front, I took another turn. I wasn’t completely hard, but I was hard enough to fuck. Once again he was in a position where it wasn’t all that easy to fuck him. Then I realized that during one of those runs to the bathroom he had cleaned out his ass! WTF? Why would a gangbang bottom clean out a perfectly wonderful cummy ass in the middle of a gangbang when the reason why the tops were there was to fuck a cummy hole? He did have a load or two in him and I have to say his butt was really silky smooth and the sensation of that felt really good.

Problem was I just wasn’t completely hard. With everything that had gone on I had lost my edge. Oddly though, I started feeling my orgasm coming, and sure enough I felt myself blow a decent sized load in him. But I wasn’t even fully hard when I came. Whatever. It was one of the most anti-climatic orgasms ever. I didn’t even give an indication that I’d cum. He didn’t really deserve it – nor did he seem to care.

After cumming I got dressed and then went into the bathroom, tried to piss a bit, then put my Prince Albert back in my dick and left.

When I looked at the time – I’d been there over an hour. I’m guessing I spent most of that time just waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. Whatever. I blew my load – I guess that’s all that matters.

Pump-N-Dump With Zero Chemistry

7 May 2014 | No Comments

Load 2014-12

Yesterday I just wanted to get my rocks off, so I went online looking. There was one guy nearby who was looking. I chatted a bit with him, but I’d fucked him previously and the hookup was “just OK”. When another guy hit me up who I hadn’t fucked before, I decided to fuck him instead. His pics were OK, but not great. Still, he was Latino, shorter, and in decent shape – that usually works fine for me, so I headed over to his place. He had mentioned that he liked leather, so I put on my Wescos and my t-shirt from MAL.

On the way over I was wondering if I hadn’t fucked him before – his address was roughly the address of a guy I fucked a while back, but that guy had really long hair and my recollection was that he was white, not Latino. The walk over was longer than I remembered. By the time I got there I was thinking “he’s coming to my place next time – this walk is just way too long”. The building I thought he was in (the one the other guy was in), wasn’t his building – so not the same guy.

When he answers the door he’s “in leather” – sorta – but not the kind of leather I’d wear. He had a leather belt with bullets on it, plus a Borat-style “mankini”, and I harnass (if I remember correctly). The mankini made me think “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” To which I told myself “Whatever. He’s a hole and I need to cum.”

I started taking off my clothes, when I got naked I was a little surprised – he made no move to suck my dick. He just got on all fours on his futon couch and presented his ass. Actually the couch was a bit of an issue. I like to fuck laying down, so I didn’t know if this was going to go all that well.

While I was sorta in the mood for a blowjob to get me hard, I rimmed his hole instead. He had some sort of grease down there, but not so much that it was gross. It actually took a while for me to get over my initial reaction and get into it enough to get hard, but I did eventually get hard enough to fuck.

When I first pushed it he pulled off really fast (hate that). But after a few tries I got in and he stopped trying to get off my dick. We fucked briefly with him on all fours, but his hole felt pretty unremarkable in that position and I started going soft, so I told him I wanted him on his belly. That was a bit tricky – there wasn’t much room on the futon for that. At first he did it with one leg on and one leg off the futon, but when I got in him the position just felt all wrong. So I got him to put both legs on the futon and that position felt much better. My dick started getting really hard, and while he couldn’t take my dick initially by this time he had opened up and was able to take a pretty hard pounding.

About the time I could feel my orgasm building he started babbling in Spanish. It was sort of cute, but when he could tell I was cumming he switched to English and my opinion changed – I started thinking “would you please just shut up?” I mean there’s hot sex talk and then there’s over-the-top sex talk. In this case what he said sorta matched the whole mankini thing.

Needless to say, as soon as I came I just wanted out of there. While I was getting dressed he was saying things like “any time… you know where I am…” and making references to organizing a gangbang. I just smiled and tried to look agreeable.

I’m not saying I’ll never fuck the guy again, but it would probably take him telling me he’s got 10+ loads in his ass before I’d really want to make the trek over to fuck him.

Oh well, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. I’m sure the guy is someone’s type – he just wasn’t mine. And if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed, but sometimes you fail when you try.

The worst part was that my phone buzzed with a text message while I was fucking the guy. As I walked home I looked at it and it was probably my all-time favorite fuck buddy wanting to hookup. I could have had a V8…

Group Sex In NYC Sorta Sucks

20 January 2014 | 6 Comments

Load 2014-2

I went to a couple sex parties this week and I gotta say I was pretty disappointed. I know some guys may have been at MAL, but it’s not like all the piggy guys in NYC went to DC for the weekend.

The first one I went to was on Wednesday. Of the two it was the better one. There was a decent turnout, but not a great turnout. The problem was most of the action was oral or guys used condoms. There were maybe three guys there really taking loads and they weren’t getting all that much action. There were also a few guys who’d get fucked here and there, but I couldn’t really tell if they were getting fucked bareback. Case and point was this one really hot guy who came in, got fucked by this black top with a HUGE dick, and then I didn’t see the hot bottom the rest of the night. I know the top was fucking other bottoms raw, but not sure if the hot muscle boy took him raw – probably – I can’t see a standard condom fitting on that guy’s dick.

I fucked two of the bottoms. Would have fucked more but there were two issues… First, when I’d get hard and was ready to fuck the two bottoms I fucked were usually the only bareback bottoms available. And second, watching oral sex and sex with condoms just doesn’t make me hard. In a group setting I need visual stimulation – it’s not like it’s normal to stay hard for 3 to 5 hours straight. And what I was seeing wasn’t all that much of a turn on.

I didn’t cum that night, but that isn’t unusual for that venue – they don’t have beds so I can’t get bottoms on their bellies where things feel good enough to cum. Since the last time I was there they did add a long bench sort of thing, but it sagged in the middle, so when I got a bottom on it the position still wasn’t right. I gave it my all, but the orgasm just never came.

One thing I noticed about that party was that they put condoms in the play area. When CumUnion uses the same space they put condoms out in a place that’s more a hallway. Having condoms so easy available meant people were constantly grabbing for condoms. If they had been out in the hallway fewer people would have used them and the action would have been hotter. I’m guessing NYC requires the few commercial sex venues to have condoms available. I just wish the party promoters would be less enthusiastic in the way they comply with that rule. They should put them in a place where no one will notice them and make the lube packets readily available in the play areas.

But that party was good compared to the other one I went to. With the other one almost no one showed up. I was one of the first people to show up and stayed for three hours and right before I left they were handing out coat check number 19 to someone who had just arrived. The party was in a fairly big duplex apartment, but they held the party in the coat check closet. That’s just lame. The problem was that the apartment was cold and the coat check room was the only small space that was easy to warm up. If they have electric heat, given the prices for electricity here in NYC (25¢ per kWh), I sorta understand the problem, but the problem is that when you hold a party in a closet people just don’t come back. I know I wanted to go there the next night for another party and when I saw the problems with the space I just thought “forget it”.

That party had a lot of guys I’d call “inhibited”. They’d play around with raw sex – rubbing their cocks up and down other guy’s asses and maybe poking in briefly, but they’d generally rubber up to fuck. It was really frustrating. There was some barebacking going on. One hot guy was taking a good pounding and I felt his ass afterwards and it was totally cummy. But he had gotten fucked so hard he wasn’t up for another fuck.

I only fucked one guy at that party and I did manage to give him a load. It was a pretty huge load too – I felt cum dribbling out for a few seconds and than all of a sudden there was this huge tidal wave of cum that came out of my balls. It was sorta cool. The funny part was the guy had told me a few minutes before that he was thinking of leaving. I bet he was glad he stayed.

On top of inhibitions, that party was also very cliquey. Guys only wanted to play with certain types of guys and if you didn’t match what they were looking for they’d pretend you didn’t exist. That might be fine in a party with 150 guys, but it just doesn’t work in a party with 15 guys (or less).

And for the honor of going to that party I paid $25. Which is the other problem with group sex in NYC – it’s expensive which makes people think it’s just not worth it.

So I have no clue why the group sex scene in NYC is so lame. There are very few bareback (only) sex parties. The few I know about are in out-of-the way locations or are for “in shape guys only”. I don’t consider myself to be “in shape” so I don’t go to those, though I’m probably borderline and could get into some of those parties. The NYC bathhouses are just as bad. I was talking to one bottom who goes to one of the ones in Manhattan pretty regularly. I think he’s doing it behind his boyfriend’s back, so he only stays for about an hour and a half, but it sounds like a good night is 2 loads. I can’t see paying the outrageous entry fee to just get a load or two.

One thing I did notice that was encouraging is that the “Poz4Poz” party isn’t just for poz guys. They bill it as “for poz guys and guys who like a poz environment”. But the problem is that it’s held in that unheated duplex apartment. Maybe when the weather warms up I’ll give it a try. The question is are poz guys just as inhibited when they’re at a poz party?




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