Hit or Miss…

23 June 2022 | No Comments

Load 2022-3

I really need to up the number of loads I’m giving. Three in a month isn’t great at all… But part of it is my dick being unpredictable for some reason.

A couple of weeks ago I hooked up with this clean-cut muscled jock guy who I fucked last year. Back then he was a bug chaser, now his BBRT profile list him as “positive”, so his efforts were successful 😉. I got hard enough to fuck him and he was loose enough I could fuck him with my PA in, but I pretty quickly I could tell I wasn’t going to be able to maintain it and definitely wouldn’t be able to cum – so I gave up. Meanwhile he had been rock hard the entire time, so I asked if he wanted to jack off and put just the head of his dick in my hole as he came. He quickly said yes, and like 15-20 seconds later he was blowing his load in my ass. Even just taking the head was painful (he’s got a pretty big dick for a bottom), but it was hot. I was then rock hard and wanted to go back to fucking him, but he said he can’t get fucked after cumming 🙁. I need to do another session with him. He’s a great piggy fuck. I’ve since learned he gets into fisting – so that could be fun. I feel like I need to get back into the other forms of raunchy sex – BDSM, fisting, piss…

Then a week ago I went over to fuck this black guy who’s a few blocks from me. We hadn’t really talked about how it would go… I knocked on his door and then I think I heard him say “come in”, so I tried and the door was open. I go in and there’s this gorgeous black muscle guy, blindfolded, ass up, face down on the bed. Long story short I rimmed him for a LONG time, then fucked him for a LONG time (like 20-30 minutes) – occasionally pulling out to rim him some more. BUT I was never quite as hard as I wanted to be and I couldn’t cum. He was really into my PA. For part of the fuck I did keep my PA in, but then took it out. When it was all over I apologized for it not being my best fuck and not cumming, and that didn’t seem to bother him at all. He wants hookup again (hit me up yesterday saying he was available on Saturday – but I’m not available then unfortunately). Anyway – he’s another one I need to hookup with again…

Then a day or two after that fuck I came across a guy on Sniffies who was really close to me. I couldn’t tell much from his pic, but figured he was so close it was worth a shot. He turned out to be this cool, young, mixed-race, scruffy guy. But there wasn’t really a good place to fuck at his apartment and he was really oral and didn’t like being rimmed. Oral does nothing for me and my dick chose that moment to go to sleep so I couldn’t get hard enough to fuck him. And I would have had to be hard as a rock to get in his ass – he was super tight. So we gave up and chatted a bit instead…

After fucking the first guy I had jacked off the next morning, but then told myself I was going to try (once again) to not jack off and only cum when I was fucking some bottom. But after repeated failed attempts I gave up and jacked off the morning after hooking up with the oral guy.

Yesterday I FINALLY managed to breed someone. A couple of options didn’t work out, but there was a guy who was in the general neighborhood who said he was free and could come over. He used to be one of my regulars. I first fucked him 10 years ago, but haven’t fucked him in 6 years. In the past he was one of the guys who’d gotten into “race play” with me, but we didn’t “go there” this time. He used to have a really tight body – now he’s still lean, but not “tight” – which is no big deal. I was a bit wary of how clean he was so I figured I’d finger him before rimming him. When I fingered his hole the inside of his ass was felt rough / beat up. I’m guessing he’s got anal warts.

[70% of gay guys between the ages of 16 and 30 have HPV, and that number just goes up as they get older. Once you’ve got HPV you can’t get rid of it, but you also can’t get reinfected. So if you’ve gotten HPV it’s safe to play with other guys who have HPV. There is a vaccine available. If you don’t have HPV – get vaccinated!]

Anyway the condition of his ass put me off wanting to rim him. So I just used spit and a little lube and fucked him as soon as I was hard enough to fuck. I initially tried fucking him with my PA, but couldn’t get it in his ass easily, so took it off and went back to fucking. The guy’s a sweet guy, but in that moment he was just a piece of meat with a hole in it that I could use to cum. I couldn’t quite get into a position that felt great, and I was starting to think I might not be able to cum, but then I felt it building up and a few moments later I was blowing a load in his ass.

I think part of the reason why my dick isn’t completely cooperating is my choice of ED meds. A few years ago the meds were all branded but the clinic I go to had a great deal on Levitra – so I used that. But I had always liked Cialis better, so when they went generic I went back to Cialis. I thought 5mg would be enough – so that’s the size pill I asked for. I’m now thinking it’s not enough, or that Levitra is actually better for me. The last hookup I took 5mg of Cialis and then took part of a Levitra as well – and I had no problem cumming even when things were less than perfect. So I need to experiment a bit – see if a higher dose of Cialis will work or whether I should go back to Levitra (or do some blended approach like yesterday).

So while I only gave 3 loads this past month, I have fucked 6 guys which isn’t too bad. I’m hoping to fuck a couple/few guys this weekend since it’s Pride, but then I have a family trip with no chance to fuck. When I get back I hope to do a lot more fucking. I wouldn’t say the pandemic is over, but it’s time to get back to being a slut… 😈

Three Fucks A Couple Weeks Ago

9 June 2022 | 1 Comment

Loads 2022-1 & 2022-2

There’s a lot I could say about what’s been going on with me, but not quite ready to share all the gory details quite yet. One thing I will say is that I really miss the risk there used to be with barebacking – back before there was PrEP. I used to really get off on a neg bottom just trusting/hoping I was neg. It always amazed me that a bottom’s desire to be bred was stronger than their desire to stay neg. I mean I came out in 1989 – so for the first 7 years of my gay life sex was synonymous with risk – and bareback fucking was extremely high risk – it could literally kill you. So for me sex has always been a game of calculated risk.

Now with PrEP there’s basically no risk – other than with run-of-the-mill STIs that can be cured it’s all pretty much safe sex these days – which isn’t nearly as fun. 😈 Mind you, the “safe sex” feels 100x better these days than it did back in the day with condoms, but it’s lacking the edge. Among other things, I’m wondering if I should get back into BDSM and find a pain pig…

Suffice it to say COVID didn’t help my sex life. After having gone through the whole AIDS epidemic I’m wary of deadly infectious diseases that aren’t well understood. Plus, being 50-something with hypertension puts me at a bit of risk. So I just stepped back for a while. I did do some hookups last year, but not nearly as many as I would have liked. And this year Omicron made the infection rate shoot up really high. Just when it was getting low enough for me to feel comfortable it went up again.

That said, this isn’t two years ago, or even a year ago. They do understand the basics of COVID now and I’m probably really low risk since I’m 4x vaxxed. So can’t say I’ll be going to crowded bars or sex clubs any time soon, but I’m gonna start trying to do more one-on-ones, and maybe mix it up with quiet nights at the Eagle on the off chance it’s cruisy.

A couple weeks ago I fucked a few guys…

First guy was a gangbang at “that hotel” everyone’s using these days for gangbangs. There was another top in there fucking the guy when I got there. Both the top and the bottom were really verbal in a way that seemed forced and weird. The top was good about letting me step in and fuck. It seemed like he had been there for a while and was in no hurry to leave. I started fucking the guy with my PA in. But the room was really really hot and it was clear I couldn’t cum. So I took a break, took my PA out, and jacked a bit while trying to cool down. Then I went at it again, but I was overheating and could tell I’d never cum. So I gave up, went into the bathroom and tried to dry myself off with paper towels and then I left.

The next day I still needed to cum so I had this black guy over who I’ve fucked before (9! years ago). He’s aged, but he still had a great body – short, muscular – just how I like my bottoms 😉 I needed to cum so badly I didn’t last long. I felt a little bad about it. But I continued to pump his ass until I went soft, then we laid kinda spooning while I felt him up – which he seemed to like. For family reasons he’s in my neighborhood pretty regularly, so I’m hoping he’ll become a regular fuck buddy.

Then a few days later I was out in the Pines for Memorial Day weekend. I was supposed to hookup in the Meat Rack with this bottom off Twitter (who’s neg and not on PrEP 😈), but the Meat Rack is basically a huge maze and I wasn’t specific enough about where to meet, so about when I needed to get back I came across this bottom (fairly lean, probably 40-something with really short salt-n-pepper hair) bent over taking dick with one or two other guys waiting to fuck him. I joined the cue, the top who was fucking him came in his ass, and an older top started fucking him. But the bottom wasn’t really into the older guy (even though he had a nice dick), so he turned and planted his ass on my dick. Given the scene it was no big deal that I came pretty quickly. Problem was when I pulled out there was shit on my dick. Luckily I had brought some paper towels to clean up with. When I said “Shit, he’s dirty” all the tops except the older guy left. Either the older guy didn’t hear me or he didn’t mind fucking a dirty hole.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll fuck the hot bug chaser I fucked last year. Thing is with bug chasers I’m often not sure if they’re actually bug chasers or just pretending to be a bug chaser. His profile now says “positive” (not “undetectable”) – not sure if that means he’s actually tested poz or that he hasn’t tested and he’s just assuming he’s poz. I’ll ask after I breed him. I like the idea of fucking a toxic ass – especially on a hot guy – it give me the element of risk I’ve been missing… 😈

7 Min Pump-N-Dump In The ‘Hood…

18 August 2015 | No Comments

Load 2015-22

Since I didn’t cum the last two nights in Montréal, and was too tired to go out last night after driving back, (and I still had Cialis in my system), I figured I’d look online for hole to dump in. Within minutes of logging into BarebackRT I had a cumhole in the neighborhood hitting me up saying he wanted to get fucked.

So I headed over. Took me about 10 minutes to walk there. When I got there I rang the bell but there was answer. I started to pull out my phone to login and see if he had left a message when this black guy answered the door and told me to come through. When we got to the apartment he told me it was his apartment, but it was his buddy who hit me up. Which was good, ’cause the black guy wasn’t anything like the bottom I was expecting on fucking. I was actually a bit confused when he let me in. I was thinking to myself, “I didn’t think the guy was black…”

Anyway, two of them there with huge dildos on the floor and porn playing on the TV – I figured it was a PNP scene, but the guys didn’t seem high and there was plenty of light in the apartment (meth heads usually have really dark apartments). So it seemed PNP-like, but more sane than most PNP scenes I’ve encountered.

The bottom was an average Latino with a nice skinny(ish) body. He sucked me until I got hard and then bent over for me. I fucked him a little bent over and then had him get on his belly on the couch. The black guy was on the floor jacking his dick, but both of them had soft dicks, which makes me think maybe it was a PNP scene. If it was I didn’t want to know. I just wanted to fuck, cum and leave.

I fucked him for a little while. The black guy felt up my ass while I was fucking the bottom, but not so much that it was distracting. Finally I felt my orgasm coming and I blew a huge load. I could feel several fairly big squirts come out. I mean I’d fucked 10 guys a few nights before without cumming and generally been horny since then, so all that edging had built up a nice big load.

I then washed off my dick in the bathroom sink and pulled on my shorts (the only thing I’d taken off) and I left. The black guy said something like “you’re leaving already” – which was understandable since I had only gotten there 7 minutes earlier. Maybe he wanted to play with me – I’m not sure. But I just wanted to cum and go. I felt a little bad for him since he was hosting, but now he had a cummy hole to play with… I did give him that much… 😉

I got back to my place just 31 minutes after I had left and that included a stop at the Post Office on the way home to pick up mail. I wish sex every day could be that easy. It took almost no time to find the bottom, and the actual hookup went about as quick as humanly possible, and I even managed to pick up the mail in the process. Not bad!

Despite the silence, I have been having sex…

24 April 2015 | No Comments

I apologize for not being better at blogging. The last loads I wrote up were loads 3 & 4 this year, but I’m actually up to load 14 so far in real life. A lot of the fucks have been at sex parties, so I’ve actually fucked more than I’ve cum – the number of times I’ve fucked stands at 57 so far this year. To put that in perspective, if I keep that same rate up I’ll give 45 loads this year and fuck 183 times. I know that load count is pretty low, but it is what it is. I’m just not always in the mood to fuck.

Let me do a quick rundown of the loads…

Load 5 – was at the CumUnion After Party. A guy was bent over in a dark corner and I just went up and fucked him and blew a load in his ass. I think he was Latino, but it was too dark to get a good look.

Load 6 – was given to the skinny black dude with the big dick from my neighborhood.

Load 7 – was with another black fuckbuddy of mine. I’ve been fucking him for years. He’s got this big muscley ass that always feels good on my dick.

Load 8 – was another black guy. This one was young and super skinny with a big fat cock.

Load 9 – was an anonymous pump-n-dump with a white cumdump in my neighborhood. A few weeks later I figured out it wasn’t the first time I’d fucked him 😉

Load 10 – was given to this Middle Eastern guy who’s usually a top and almost never takes loads.

Load 11 – was at a sex party. It was sorta a slow party and finally I just went up to this black kid with a big ass and shoved my dick into him while he was on a bed sucking another guy. He complimented me on my dick and how I fucked when I was done, which was nice.

Load 12 – was at a hotel sex party/orgy. A guy was there who I’ve seen top at gangbangs and online, but he’s totally my type (short, Latino with a tight body) and he’s vers, so I fucked him and gave him a load.

Load 13 – was at a bathhouse. The bottom (Latino) had posted on BBRT that he was there looking for loads. His ass was shaved and stubbly, but regardless he was still the hottest bottom there, so he got my load.

Load 14 – was at a different bathhouse. That experience was frustrating. Bottoms were telling me “no thanks” despite the fact that they were on their stomachs and not getting any action. Finally I found one who was cute (short, smooth, Latino) and wanted to fuck so I fucked him and dumped a load in him.

So that makes 4 black guys, 4 Latinos, one Middle Eastern guy, and only 1 white guy. That’s sorta normal for me though – Latinos are my all-time favorite ethnicity to fuck, and I live in Harlem, so plenty of black guys to choose from. White guys just don’t turn me on as much – or their fatter, or something.

Tonight I’m going to another sex party, and this weekend I’m going out to Fire Island. We’ll see what trouble I can get into though it’ll be on the cold side while I’m there. I’ll try to post stuff on the blog in a more timely manner, but we’ll see…

Lots Of Holes, But Just Two Loads…

15 January 2015 | 2 Comments

Loads 2015-1 & 2015-2

One of my goals this year is to go to more sex parties, bathhouses, etc. Basically more “public sex”.  To that end I’ve been to three sex parties so far. I already wrote up the first sex party – a Friday night CumUnion where I fucked 17 guys. It was a lot of fun, but I didn’t cum.  A week ago now I went to another sex party where I fucked 6 guys, but I still couldn’t cum. Or, if I did cum, I didn’t feel it (that happens more often than I’d like).

Then last weekend I went to another party and this time I just needed to cum. The first bottom I fucked was this lean guy with a beard. He had a nice body on him and a sweet ass. I think he already had some loads in him when I fucked him. Part of the problem at the other parties was the venue doesn’t have beds, so I can get bottoms down on their bellies like I like. But this place did have a bed, so I got him on his belly and once I figured out his hole was feeling good on my dick, I just concentrated on giving him my load and I came a couple minutes later. There were several strong spurts so I think he got a pretty nice big load. Of course, once I had cum my dick wasn’t super cooperative, but I still managed to fuck 4 other guys.

This week I’ve concentrated on getting work done, not sex, but once I had a 4 day load in my balls I needed to fuck someone. The black guy in the neighborhood hit me up. I warned him I hadn’t taken a Cialis, so wasn’t sure how hard I’d be, but I needed to cum and I was getting hard looking at porn – it just wasn’t the instant and thick boner I sometimes get with pills.

He came over and I stroked my dick while he did something in the bathroom. When he came out I was pretty much ready. I rimmed him briefly and got completely hard. Then I lubed him up with spit and tried to shove in. He was surprisingly tight. Took a couple tries to get in, but I finally managed. Then I put him on his belly and just concentrated on giving him a load.  His hole feels different ways depending on how much sex he’s had recently. This time it was pretty tight and was gripping my shaft really nicely. It only took a few min before I blew a nice big load in him.

After I came we had a bit of a quiet moment sorta cuddling. Then I asked if he wanted to cum. He said yeah – apparently he hadn’t cum in a week… His dick was HUGE and rock hard. He jacked off and then put the head of his cock in me as he blew his load. Then he kept jacking ’cause his dick was staying hard and he thought he could beat out another load, but he never did manage to cum again. Still it was nice to go back to work with a load in me without having to really get fucked. The Bareback Brotherhood is about sharing DNA with each other, right?

So we’re two weeks into the year and I’ve only given two loads. I’m a little disappointed. Sorta wish I were at double that number, but I’m having fun. I mean I’ve fucked 30 holes this year many of which were nice and cummy… So my dick is seeing a fair amount of action. Now I just have to try to cum more often.

A 1-On-1 Hookup & A Sex Party…

4 August 2014 | 2 Comments

Loads 2014-18 & 19

I’ve been bad about keeping up with my blogging. Nearly two weeks ago now I hooked up with this hot black guy. He didn’t love very close, but he was willing to travel, seemed serious about hooking up, and he said he already had a load in him and was looking for more.

I had seen some pics but wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to be like. I was pleasantly surprised – he was cute and short and had a nice body. We stripped down and I had him get on the bed so I could rim his ass. It seemed a bit “musky”, but it wasn’t like I tasted shit or anything, so after I knew it was good to go I did a bit of sucking on his hole, but never did even a hint of cum. Whatever loads he had in there were pretty deep.

Anyway, I was pretty horny that day and got hard pretty quickly, so when I figured out the rimming wasn’t going to turn into felching, I got up and started fucking him. He had one of those perky, muscular asses that rubs against your hip bones – you feel like you’re literally riding his ass. Oh, and when I got in all the way in the best word that I can think of that describes the sensation is “squish”. Whoever came inside him had dumped a BIG load in there. It felt great.

Needless to say between his perky ass, his cummy hole, and me being particularly horny, I came pretty quickly. I had taken a Cialis earlier that day, so I stayed nice and hard after cumming. So I put him on his side and slowly pumped in and out of his cummy hole for probably another 10-15 min before I finally got too soft to fuck.

The whole time I had him on his side he was slowly jacking his dick. About the only thing that sort kinda went wrong was that he came without warning. Not that I wanted him to fuck me (I liked the vibe of me as top and him as bottom), but it woulda been cool to have him stick the head of his dick in my ass as he came. There’s something about taking a load from a dedicated cumdump that’s a pretty hot.

Then a few days later I went to this sex party. The first 30-45 min were dead. There was almost no one there and the one or two other guys clearly weren’t interested in me. It was too bad, ’cause most of that time I had a raging hardon – I really wanted to fuck a hole. Then this gaggle of black guys showed up, but they only seemed interested in each other.

There was this one hot black muscle bottom who was pretty incredible and very hungry for cock. Eventually I did get to fuck him, but his M.O. was to pull off guys pretty quickly unless he was 110% into them. He seemed like he wanted to get fucked by as many guys as possible, but only wanted to take loads from guys he was really into.

I hate to say it, but I’ve forgotten who the second guy was that I fucked. But the third guy was this older piggy bottom with a decent body. I fucked him for a while. He had a good hole and liked taking dick. After fucking him my dick sorta lost all its energy, which makes me think I came in his ass and didn’t realize it.

Since my dick stopped cooperating, I finally just left and joined up with my boyfriend who had gone out drinking with friends. Wish I had fucked more guys though – that’s the problem with paying $20 for a sex party – it’s sort of a waste of money if you just stay an hour or two.




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