Twink Asked Me To Pull Out…

16 April 2013 | 3 Comments

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I know – it’s practically sad that I’ve only given 15 loads so far this year… At this rate I’ll only give 52 loads this year – half what I wanted to give. But I’ve been sick a lot this winter. So if I can just get over all that I should get back in the swing of things and the numbers should go up.

I’m just getting over a head and chest cold. I’m still coughing up phlegm every now and then and wasn’t really all that sure I was up for hooking up, but figured I’d give it a shot anyway. I was supposed to go to a gangbang tonight, but then I remembered I needed to go to a community meeting instead – but then that got scrapped when I had site problems with a new site and needed to stay home waiting for my host’s tech support to fix a couple things. So I’m sitting here writing this post while I wait for them…

Anyway, late this afternoon I looked around a little online for someone to fuck knowing I couldn’t make the gangbang tonight. There were a few options but then this early 20’s twink hit me up. The location in his profile was sorta far away, so I told him I didn’t want to travel that far. He came back saying he was actually close – that he’d moved and didn’t know how to update his location on his profile. That meant he was close enough that I didn’t mind going to him.

We started exchanging texts he he was telling me to be really rough. That was fine with me. So I get there and he’s actually incredibly cute – very much my type. But part of my “rough top” persona is not letting on that I actually like the bottom. A rough fuck should have a mental component – it’s not all about being physically rough. The bottom needs to feel like a hole / a piece of meat.

When I get to his (incredibly small) room he started pulling off my clothes. I got naked and he sucked my dick for a bit. I got semi-hard – but what I really wanted was his ass. So I got him to put his ass in in the air and I started a rough rimming of his hole. I’d bite his hole and sorta chew on it – not enough to make marks or break skin, but enough to rough him up a little bit.

When I was fully hard he got the lube and lubed up his hole and my dick. And I shoved in and pushed him onto his belly. I didn’t ease into it – he wanted rough after all. He tried to twist around and for a bit I fucked him on his back, but then I turned him over and went back to fucking him on his belly.

Problem was I started to smell shit. I didn’t see any, but I knew he wasn’t clean. But I just figured – what the hell – and kept fucking him – it wasn’t too bad… That’s sorta the problem with rough fucks – you gotta be really clean. I’m gonna get in deep and not be gentle about it. If you’re dirty I’ll find the dirt. After a while he stopped things and thought for a second about sucking my cock, but then realized he really wasn’t all that clean and neither was my dick. He used paper towels to clean up a bit and then excused himself and went to the bathroom. I cleaned up a bit more. It wasn’t as bad as it smelled. Everything seemed semi-clean to me (I’ve seen a lot worse).

In a weird way it was good that it he had to go clean out. I had started overheating from the physicality of the fuck and needed some down time. I laid on a part of the sheet I knew was clean and just jacked my dick – keeping it hard until he got back.

When he returned he went back to sucking my cock. Then he had me position myself more in the middle of the mattress and he started riding my cock. He was really going at it. I was sorta ignoring him – letting him do all the work and giving him no feedback. At one point he said he could cum without touching himself, but in the end he had to jack off a bit before he came all over my belly.

When he came I was thinking to myself “I hope you can still get fucked after cumming, ’cause I’m not done yet”. I pushed him down on his belly, spread his legs and went back to fucking him. This time it wasn’t overly rough – though I think he thought it was pretty rough. This time I was focused on having it work for me so things would feel just right and I’d cum.

Well, things did feel good and just as I was starting to cum he said “Don’t cum in me”. I don’t pull out. If you want me to pull out just don’t bother inviting me over. My profile used to be incredibly clear about it – now it’s not quite as clear, but still… By the time I had processed all that in my head he already had some of my cum in him, so I pushed in deeper and blew the rest of my load. I hadn’t cum in quite a few days so he got a nice big thick load up his hot little skinny twink ass.

He looked back at me when he realized I hadn’t pulled out and said “You came in me?” and I said “I don’t pull out. I’m really clear about that…” He seemed sorta pissed and I didn’t really know how things were going to go at that point, so I just got up and started putting on my clothes. I was sorta standing in front of the door, so he couldn’t run to the bathroom and shit out my load…  I did mention “I was tested literally yesterday and I’m neg…” I think that made him feel a little better.

I got out of there as quickly as I could. On the way home he was texting me telling me how he liked how rough I fucked him, that he was sorry he wasn’t clean, and that he hopes we can hookup again. I told him, sure – but I’m not going to pull out…

Looks like I’ve got a hot little twink in the neighborhood that I can make into a cumhole… I bet in a few months he’ll stop asking guys to pull out… 😉

A New FB In The Neighborhood

22 January 2010 | 10 Comments

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I had the apartment to myself a fair amount today, so this morning I was on BarebackRT wondering if I could find something quick and easy (preferably in the neighborhood). This cute guy unlocked his pics and it showed he was 0 miles away… A couple e-mails later we had made plans for him to come over an hour later after I got some stuff done.

He shows up and he’s not quite as cute or ‘fresh’ as his face pic but it wasn’t in a bad way – it was just different – he looked older than his pic, but sexy tends to stay sexy as it gets older, so that wasn’t a big deal…

We went to the bedroom and started taking off our clothes. He said something like “I’m not really all that submissive, but I want to learn to be”. I asked him what submissive meant to him and he said something about following orders or something… That’s not really what submissive means to be, but whatever I had my license to treat him as a sub bottom… That’s all I needed or wanted. I’d show him what it meant to be a sub bottom by treating him like one.

He got on his knees and sucked my dick for a bit. I had taken a pill, ’cause I wasn’t sure how I was going to perform. That meant I was thick and hard. He totally seemed to fall in love with my dick – kept saying how it was beautiful, a perfect dick, etc. I was thinking “Yeah, whatever, just suck my dick…”

After a couple minutes of him blowing me I had him get on the bed on all fours and I pulled his hole toward me and started eating out his ass. He had this really excellent hole. I don’t know how to describe it other than it looked accommodating and experienced. His hole would open up as I tonged it. It was actually really fun to rim him and he was loving it…

I should mention that the view of his body from the back was incredible. From the front he’s got a nice, but generally unremarkable body. From the back he’s got this perky ass (but not too big), and a muscled back and shoulders that looks more natural than worked out. It was a really hot, natural body (with a great hole)…

As I rimmed him he shoved his hard dick back at me as if I was supposed to do something with it. I just ignored it. He was hard and enjoying himself – that’s all it meant to me. Bottom’s dicks are sorta irrelevant to me – it’a all about their hole, not their dick. They could have a 2″ dick and I’d be fine with it…

I rimmed him for a while. Actually “ate him out” would be a better description. His hole was clean and I was feasting on it. Usually rimming is when I jack my dick and make sure I’m hard. Didn’t even need to touch my dick with him – he made me rock hard…

Then I stood up, put some Gun Oil on my dick and just shoved in. I think he was expecting me to go a little slower, but this is where I show him how sub bottoms take dick – they just deal with whatever the top dishes out… I then pushed him down on his belly and he had his hand under him jacking his dick. I thought that might be a problem, but jut ignored it and went about my business.

His hole felt awesome… VERY sweet. I was able to get in pretty deep and hit his second sphincter at which point he’d sorta jump in pain. He wanted to be a submissive bottom, so I figured I wasn’t going to do much to change my fuck – I’d make him adjust how he was bottoming. But the other thing was when it was painful for him was when it felt most incredible to me. His second sphincter was tight and it was grabbing the head of my dick.

But he figured out pretty quickly that he had to adjust to my pounding, so he relaxed. It didn’t feel quite as good as when he was in pain, but still felt pretty incredible. The guy had a great ass. As I was fucking him I was pushing him off the bed. I could tell he wanted to get back in a more comfortable position, but once again I wasn’t uncomfortable, so he just needed to deal with the situation…

I could feel my orgasm building for a while and when I came I could tell it was a big load. There was also something about his reaction that told me he doesn’t take a lot of loads. His status on BBRT is “Ask Me” – I always assume that means poz, but I guess I should ask if he’s neg – he just might be…

My dick stayed hard so I just rolled him on his side and kept slowly fucking him. His cummy hole felt great. At one point I went down to felch him, but it didn’t seem as squeaky clean as it did before – probably ’cause I got my dick past his second sphincter…

As we laid there with my dick in his ass I could tell he was in love – with my dick, with the way I rimmed, and even how I fucked. He kept complimenting my dick, and said he’d never been fucked like that, which sorta surprised me. I don’t think he’s used to being used as a hole – there’s an energy about it where the bottom just becomes a piece of meat… And then he asked me where I learned to rim like that. It’s true – I don’t just politely lick down there. If a guy has a good clean hole I’ll literally eat him out. I told him I learned from a guy who took me home from the Spike years ago to his apartment on 15th Street in Chelsea. It was the roughest rimming I’ve ever had. He literally chewed on my hole. It opened me up to realize there’s so much more you can do down there when you rim…

We talked a bit and he asked a lot of questions, then I had to get him out so I could get on a conference call…

He was an awesome hole and he’s walking distance from me and available during the day some days – couldn’t ask for more. Hopefully he’ll become a regular…

Fucked A Hot “No Limits” Bottom

3 February 2009 | 8 Comments

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I know I haven’t been very good with fucking bottoms this year. That is what it is, but I’ve been really horny lately and feeling the need to fuck. Yesterday I was on BarebackRT and I was wondering whether or not I was actually going to get to hookup. But it always seems like it goes from drought to too many offers and I had a couple offers, but this one guy was super cute, hot body, 20-something Latino. His pics were pretty kinky so I knew hooking up with him could be pretty fun…

I was sorta wondering whether he was actually going to come over, but then he confirmed he was on his way. When he showed up he really was adorable. He seemed a little hesitant at first, but then he seemed to just go for it – put down his bag and started getting undressed.

Some of his pics showed him in leather gear so I asked if he was up for it. He said “whatever” (in a good way, not in a sulky way). So I dug around and got out a hood, some restraints and a few paddles. When I was ready he had stripped down to his underwear which was a stripperish bikini with studded leatherette in the front, and fabric in the back.

I put some puppy mitts on him, since he hadn’t worn them before I made sure he knew to keep moving his fingers around. Then I hooded him, and locked his hands together with a heavy padlock. I wasn’t really sure what his him limits were and didn’t want him to have a negative experience and not come back. I played with his body a bit and then had him take a few steps forward and bend over the bed.

I pulled down his underwear and went to rim him when I noticed it – a HUGE uncut cock swinging between his legs. But he was here to bottom, so I mostly paid attention to his hole. Every now and then I’d pull back his dick and give it some attention, and I did feel it up a bit. His hole looked like it had seen some serious action/abuse. I was getting the feeling I could do pretty much anything with him, but still didn’t know where his limits were.

When I got his hole wet with spit, I stood up and shoved my mostly dry cock up his ass. I figured if it hurt he wouldn’t mind much, and given what I saw of his hole I knew he’d adjust quickly enough. It felt good being inside him – it had been way too long since I had fucked.

To make a long story short(er)… Fucked him with his legs in the air a bit then rotated him around and got him on his belly. Hoods on cute guys are a weird thing – it makes the guy into this piece of meat – a total hole, not a person. I hadn’t cum in days and knew I wasn’t going to last all that long. Since he was just a piece of meat I fucked him however I felt like fucking him – I knew he wanted something pretty intense, but right then I just needed to fuck and blow my load up a hole. Eventually I came and gave him a nice load.

I had taken part of a pill and had no problem staying hard, so I just kept pumping his ass. Then I pulled out and felched my cum from his hole – didn’t go too deep – there was plenty of cum on his ass since I kept fucking him after blowing my load. Then I fucked him a little more and then felched a little more…

My cock was sorta getting “done”, so I put this small butt plug like thing in his ass and I figured I’d switch things up a bit. I started with something light – a cock and ball whip on his ass. The way he had been put down on the bed his dick was pointing down between his legs, so I started using the cock and ball whip on the head of his dick – lightly (didn’t know his limits), but I could see him getting harder as I did it… Then I switched to normal paddles and paddled his ass.

At one point I laid next to him and mentioned that I didn’t really know his limits. He said “I don’t have limits – you can do whatever you want”. My mind immediately jumped to the whip I picked up at IML (the one I have a video of me using). So I asked if he liked pain. He said something indicating that he did in fact have limits when it came to pain, but was game to try. I went over to my “toy chest” and rumaged around and found the whip.

That whip hurts like hell – I know, I’ve tried it on myself. It’s homemade – just wires with knots in them. The wire is thin enough that it really burns when it hits, and then the knots make it even more painful. I started a little light on him, but pretty quickly moved to full pretty painful strokes. I couldn’t tell how far I could go so I asked him and he said the pain was about a 5 out of 10 which gave me license to really go full out and whip him pretty hard.

As I whipped him I could see the red marks forming. I wasn’t hitting as hard as I could but still pretty hard. When I’d feel his ass between rounds I could feel the whelts forming – they were raised and his ass was starting to look like tenderized meat. My goal wasn’t to take him too far, just give him a good ride.

Eventually I stopped. We laid next to each other and I took off the leather hood. He really was so adorable and you can’t tell that when he’s got the hood on. We kissed and talked a little. I forget what we talked about but I remember his lips were really full and it was cool kissing him. Eventually I got hard again and went back to fucking him. While we were intimate a moment before I could tell when he’s getting fucked he just likes being a hole. He never really looked back – he just took the dick.

Things gradually wound down and we started talking. He had graduated recently from a really good school and has a killer internship coming up that will really jumpstart his career. The kid is going to go places. It’s sorta funny – he’s not the first no limits bottom who’s is (or will be) really successful. There’s something about people who enjoy being abused – in the right combination with other attributes they can be incredibly successful.

I hope we can meet up again. I’m wondering if he doesn’t prefer PNPing. He was telling me about a top who “got him fucked up and then fucked him and used him in a sling”. It was rough enough that he went home with a cut on his face. I’m not going to do the PNP thing, and wonder if he enjoys it as much when he’s sober. Great guy though. I really am hoping we hookup soon.

After the hookup I was SO relaxed. Felt really wonderful. I had wanted to get a little more work done, but just relaxed and watched action movies on FX instead.

Bottom Didn’t Want My Load In His Ass, But Got It Anyway

2 December 2008 | 8 Comments

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I was debating whether to hookup last night when this bottom contacted me on BarebackRT. Early 40s, Latino, and just a few blocks from me. His profile said he was neg, which I thought was odd for a bareback bottom in his 40s. He says he’s up for coming over and I tell him to come over in an hour. Then he’s late and I ask if he’s going to come over. He says he was vacuuming his place and wanted to finish then he’d be over. Weird response, but he does finally arrive.

When he comes in I recognize him from pics I’ve seen before (which were more accurate than the pic in his profile). He had wanted me to be in leather when I fucked him, so I was in leather chaps, leather vest and boots… We get things started and he sucks my dick briefly and then asks me how I want him and proceeds to lay face down on the bed. It was obvious he wanted to just get fucked. I tried rimming him, but the position was weird, so I just lubed up my dick and climbed on him.

As I’m shoving in he says he’s tight and he was right. Then he asked me if I liked to talk dirty. I can get into it a bit, so I tried to get into it and asked him things like “you like to get bred boy”? And he said “no, but can you pull out and cum on my face?” I just flatly said I like to cum in a guy’s ass. Then he asked me if I had my hood handy and I told him it was too much trouble to get and asked him if he liked anonymous fucks where he can’t see the guy’s face. Again, he wasn’t playing along with my attempts to talk dirty and said “no”. (Then why did he ask me to wear my hood?)

Then he started changing positions and generally disrupting things. In the course of things my dick started going soft (I don’t like bottoms trying to control the scene), but I did learn one important thing. He really liked feeling my full weight on him.

At one point I told him I didn’t think it was going to work and he asked if he had ruined the mood. I just said “whatever” and tried to pass it off. He didn’t seem to want to leave, so we laid there a bit and I jacked my dick. I asked him to suck my dick and he did a half hearted suck for 30 seconds and stopped. Finally I got hard again and climbed on top of him and continued to fuck him. He asked if I just wanted him to be quiet and I said yes…

So I’m fucking him on his belly putting all my weight on him. When I don’t have all my weight on him (supporting my upper body on the bed) he tries to get me to change things up and put my weight on his arms. It’s really clear what he wants – he wants to feel trapped and sorta helpless as he’s getting fucked. He suggests I pull out and cum on his back. And every time my breathing changes a bit or I slow down he asks if I’ve cum in him. While he never says not to cum in him, I can tell he doesn’t want it, but I can tell he also likes tops to overpower him…

So I just use all my weight and pin him to the bed and fuck him. He couldn’t have moved if he wanted to, and it was sorta like he was just a hole in the mattress. When I feel like I’m about to cum I keep my breathing and strokes steady until he’s got most of my load then I slow down. He asks if I came and I say yes. I keep him pinned to the bed for a while and slowly fuck his cummy ass (which he really seems to like).

As I expected, shortly after I get off him he starts wrapping it up and wants to go use the bathroom. I knew he was in there shitting my cum out of his ass, but he still got plenty of cum up there since he got a 4 day load up his butt.

He didn’t seem mad or anything for me not pulling out. Hopefully he’ll come back for more… The moral of the story is that if you get fucked bareback, you will get cum in your ass… Some of us just don’t pull out.

Maybe I’m Not A Total Top After All…

26 May 2008 | No Comments

Coming back from breakfast this guy comes onto me in the elevator. He’s flagging whipping top. He asks if I want to hang out and i say sure… He’s a hot, lean, older guy who looks “complicated”…

Walking down the hall he asks me what I like and I say I’m a top. He’s a top as well (obviously), so I wasn’t quite sure how it would go. The maid was cleaning my room when we got there, so after making out a little he splits and says he’ll be back in 5 or 10 when the maid is done. I lay down on the bed thinking he probably won’t be back, but then there’s a knock at the door and he’s back.

It was weird hooking up with him… He was really forceful and physical. When I put puppy mitts on him it was like I was wrestling him to put them on, but he was perfectly willing to have them on. Then I locked the puppy mitts together with a heavy lock. Shortly after I did that I realized it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to do. He put a puppy mitt on each side of my throat and it was clear he could have choked me if he wanted to, and given how forceful and strong he was it wouldn’t have gone well for me if he had had his mind set on hurting me.

But he didn’t. I could tell he liked dominating me, he liked the power and control aspect of what was going on. He was hard the entire time. It wasn’t really my style of sex at all, and I definitely wasn’t in control of the scene, but then again it’s not like he was in complete control either.

At certain points I tried to make it about his hole – fingering it, rimming it a little, but he didn’t really want that (not that his dick got soft or anything)… I knew he was into spanking (at least as a top) since he had asked me early on if I liked to get spanked. When I spanked him he had a strong reaction – he was totally turned on, but also didn’t like it. He liked to kiss, but almost never on the lips. The whole scene was a weird combination of tenderness and force. Which is what S/M is all about anyway, right?

When I had his pants down he wanted me to lick his balls. I did, but then I brought out my cock and ball whip and he was in heaven. He really got off on that. He asked what else I had, and I showed him a few paddles and used those on him briefly.

Then he wanted to use them on me. By this point I was pretty comfortable with him. I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me – he just liked things a little rough, so I took the puppy mitts off and told him he could do what he wanted if he was gentle. He was actually too gentle – I had to tell him he could go harder…

Then he wanted to ride me like a pony. He got on my back and I took him around the room, then got on all fours on the bed and he rode me there.

It then sorta wound down. I think part of it was he liked it better when I fought back and towards the end there I was more submissive than he liked.

So after yesterday’s experience, I guess I have to revise what I said. I can be a bottom. Never for anything anal, but there’s a lot of other things in the S/M experience and if I trust the top, I’m good… It’s not like I’m going to want it constantly (I never got hard in the scene with this guy), but I gotta say it’s an interesting change from the ordinary.

As he was leaving he asked where I was from and what I did. I found out he’s a married “straight” lawyer who likes hooking up with guys behind his wife’s back. He had to leave to get back to work, where his wife thought he was. As he left he rolled his pants over his big shiny boots, to blend in more on the street… Curious guy…

Oh yeah, he left me the home-made whip he had been carrying around. It’s made out of plastic coated wire and has knots in it. I tried it out on myself after he left and it’s actually a pretty good whip. Stings a little, but is still pretty “soft”...

UPDATE: Later that evening I noticed the message light was flashing on my phone in the hotel room. Turned out the guy wants to hook up again when he’s in New York. Gave me his number so I could call him. I texted him instead, and he took a while to get back to me, but he did. I think it could be interesting… If nothing else, it’s different and by playing with him, it’ll expand how I use sub bottoms…




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