Another Quickie, This Time With A CUTE Bottom

19 August 2015 | 3 Comments

Load 2015-23

Guess I’ve just been in the mood to fuck the past week or so. I did another quickie pump-n-dump in the neighborhood this morning. It would have been a long walk, but it was a quick straight shot on the bus, so I took the bus instead.

The pics I saw on BBRT were good, and he didn’t disappoint when I got there. Totally my type. Short, thin, and dark. I’m not quite sure about his ethnicity. It’s not listed in his profile. If I had to guess I’d say East Indian, but I’d also guess he’s mixed with something else as well. Or he could be some other mix that results in that skin color.

So as soon as I got there, I took off my shorts and he got on all fours. (Interesting he didn’t want to suck cock). I was totally happy eating out his hole. But I wonder how bottoms get clean that early in the morning on short notice. I mean at that time of the day I’m “full of shit” (literally). How do bottoms do early morning hookups? Actually, with a lot of morning hookups I wonder if the guy hasn’t been parTying all night, but I didn’t get that sense with him. He seemed completely lucid and cogent.

Anyway, his hole and his ass were pretty much perfect. He had a TINY waist (which I love), his ass was slightly hairy, and his hole was nice and clean. If you read this blog much you’ll know that’s a mix that gets me hard pretty quickly.

As soon as I was hard enough to fuck I stood up and lubed up my dick, but his lube bottle seemed pretty empty, so I added some spit to the mix as well. He had no problem taking me which I was a little surprised about since he was little and his hole didn’t seem like it was “well used” or anything like that.

After a few strokes I repositioned him on his belly. His hole felt good. Actually, I wondered if he already had some loads in there. But I didn’t taste any when I was rimming him. But he seemed really moist, which meant it felt pretty good. I was little worried that I wouldn’t be able to cum since I’d cum the day before, but soon enough I felt my orgasm building. He didn’t get as big of a load as the bottom yesterday, but I felt a couple decent spurts go in him.

I collapsed on him for a minute or so to catch my breath (but was careful not to crush him). Then I pulled out, put my shorts on and left. He seemed to want to talk, but understood that I was looking for a pump-n-dump.

I was in and out (so to speak) in a total of 8 minutes. 😉 Then I went to my gym which was an easy walk from his place. So a good start to the day – sex followed by a workout at the gym… Guess I can count the sex as cardio, right?

I’m starting to think poz bottoms are better bottoms…

22 November 2010 | 25 Comments

Load 2010-36

Fantasy-wise it’s hot to breed neg bottoms, but honestly I’m starting to think poz bottoms are just better bottoms. A little over 2 weeks ago the neg bottom who last time asked my status after I fucked him said he wanted me to come over and fuck him again. Needless to say I wanted to complete my mission and actually get a load up his ass, so I said yes…

I show up at his place, we chat a little. I was a little earlier than he was expecting so he jumped into the shower after I got there. He seemed a little hesitant to just walk around in a towel after showering (he’s seriously inhibited), but I convinced him it was no big deal. After chatting a little more we moved into the bedroom. He sucked my dick and did a horrible job of it. He was going a million miles an hour on my dick when a nice slow, relaxed blowjob would have been so much more erotic.

I really wasn’t interested in his dick so went straight for his ass… He seemed a little shocked by my getting right to the point – I think he wanted it to be slower and more romantic or something… But he still liked being rimmed… 🙂

Eventually (after doing some kissing to get him “ready”) I lubed up and got into him. He kept wanting to change positions and when I’d start getting in a groove he’d start squirming. It was really frustrating and at one point I had to tell him to stop squirming. Not squirming seemed like a revelation to him… Later he said he wasn’t a very good bottom because in the past he’d mostly topped. But honestly if he’d topped enough he’d know what turns a top on – and he’d know that squirming is counter productive. And for god’s sake I even wonder how many blowjobs he’s gotten in the past – I mean he doesn’t even understand the basics of sucking dick.

There was one time when I felt like I was about to cum but then didn’t feel the squirt. Thing is, all of a sudden his ass felt all wet and some fluid spurted out of his hole. Then I realized that I had cum and he had finally gotten my load – but I wasn’t quite sure. I was also disappointed that I didn’t actually feel the ejaculation. Still, it made me wonder how many other bottoms I’ve cum in where I thought I hadn’t cum… Maybe my batting average is better than I think. After “cumming” I kept fucking him. But eventually my dick sorta just ran out of steam (like it would if I had cum – which reinforced the fact that I had cum).

So we laid there and chatted a little and he’d suck on my dick a little every now and then, etc. I asked him what he meant last time by “that was a first for me in many ways”. He said it was the first time he got barebacked, but he sorta alluded to the fact that it might have been the first time he got fucked. He tried to pass it off that he had been a top in the past, but I just don’t believe him. I think the guy is pretty new to gay sex. Maybe he’s sucked a few dicks or something, but that’s about all… He once again asked if I was negative, etc. I told him the truth (again) but went into as little detail as possible.

I wasn’t 100% sure I had cum, so I went back to fucking him when I got my second wind. He did better (didn’t squirm too much), but I still wouldn’t call him a good bottom. Once again I didn’t feel an ejaculation, but who knows… Maybe I gave him another load… Eventually I was done so I wrapped things up an left.

A day later I get a text message from him…

I freaked out today and got myself tested… Thank God it’s Negative.

My Dr is asking me to do this 28 day medical program which has a lot of side effects… Can I speak with U?

I responded…

It’s called PEP. Personally I don’t recommend it. But it’s up to you. I haven’t used a condom in 6 years and only used them occasionally before that. It would be crazy for me to run to the doctor in a panic every time I have sex. I’m OK with the risk I take. Only you can say what’s right for you.

Then he responded…

I appreciate your response… I was at emergency for 3 hrs… I really like you and thought that I can have this conv with you.. Hope u understand.

OMG… That is just totally fucked up… I mean he knew what I was about and he invited me back to get fucked raw and take a load, then he can’t deal with it and spends 3 hours in an emergency room?That’s just too much drama. A poz bottom would just take the load and want you to come back and give him another load.

I never got back to him so I don’t know how it all turned out. Hopefully he’ll get over his inhibitions and just enjoy sex. But I have a feeling that’s not going to happen any time soon – he’s going to have this tortured sex life until he becomes poz… Maybe then he’ll relax and enjoy getting fucked.

Thank god for poz bottoms!

Neg Bottom Asks My Status AFTER I Fuck Him…

19 September 2010 | 33 Comments

Last Thursday I was supposed to hookup with this hot bottom who was in from out of town. He was staying at a hotel in midtown, so the plan was to go fuck him and then head over to the poz party at Vlada a few blocks away. But I didn’t know (or forgot) that he could only hookup early in the evening. When I pushed the hookup to 8pm so it would be easy to just go over to Vlada for the party, he didn’t get back to me until 7 and by then I just couldn’t get down there before he had to leave to go see his play.

So then I was scrambling to find another bottom to fuck. This guy hit me up on A4A and my notes on him just said that when we talked before he had reiterated that he was neg. This time there were zero questions about status. The emails were short, sweet and to the point. By his 3rd email to me he had given me his address and said come over.

The issue was that he wasn’t anywhere near Hell’s Kitchen and the poz party… I had to do a transfer to get to him. I headed out, and tried to transfer at Times Square to another train to get to him. I waited and waited and noticed there were a lot of people on the platform waiting. When one of the trains on the other tracks turned around and went back the way it was coming from I knew something was up. I was already late, so I figured I’d take a cab the rest of the way. Problem was it was raining lightly and there were no cabs available. So I wound up walking 20+ blocks in light rain to get to him.

By the time I got there I was hot, sweaty and wet. I’m sure I looked like a complete mess. He lived in a VERY nice building and had a great apartment. When he offered a drink I took it ’cause I sorta just needed a short break to get in a different frame of mind. We chatted briefly and then headed to the bedroom.

I should stop and say the guy wasn’t completely my type, but there was something about him I really liked. He seemed a bit awkward and innocent and it was appealing… When we stripped down and kissed a little he liked what he saw and he got very compliant basically telling me he’d do whatever I wanted. I told him to suck my dick and he gave me a great blowjob – felt really good. But what I really wanted was his neg ass…

After the blowjob I told him to get on the bed and give me his ass. He got on his back and threw his legs up.  This is when I saw what I really liked… He had this wonderfully smooth ass. There was just something incredibly fuckable about it. I rimmed him for a while and got it all wet, then I spit on my dick and tried to get in him.

He needed lube and handed me some. I noticed there were condoms next to the lube. I didn’t take one, he didn’t ask me to use one. I lubed up, and pushed in. I had to take it slow and couldn’t go very deep at first. After a while I wanted to change positions so I started rolling him over trying to ease him into being on his belly (thought it might be a bit too anonymous for him).

When I got him on his belly he started bucking around and then wanted to do doggy. It was a little frustrating. I came close to cumming, but never could. He was squirming around too much and I was getting overheated (it was warm and humid in the apartment and I was sweating like a pig).

There came this point where he asked if I liked him well enough to cum. I said ‘yes’ (since that was my intention). We fucked a bit more and when I slowed down (’cause I was wearing out), he thought I’d cum in his ass and pulled off my dick. Then I saw that he wasn’t all that clean and headed off to the bathroom to clean up. I knew that was sorta the end of it for me – I don’t do well when bottoms’ aren’t clean.

When I went back to the bedroom he seemed nervous. He said something like “Wow, that was the longest and most intense sex I’ve ever had. It was a first for me on many levels.” I was a little surprised. For starters we had only been having sex for 20 minutes at most. I figured it may have been the first time he was barebacked and possibly the first time (he thought) he took a load. Then he paused a second and hesitantly asked something like “So the question is… Well, you’re neg, right?” I told him what he wanted to hear and didn’t give details (like my last test was over 8 months ago).

After that he was surprised I wasn’t getting dressed and leaving, so I took the hint, dressed and left…

My goal now is to give him what he thought he got – a load deep in his ass… Hopefully I’ll hook up with him again this week. I really want to get him addicted to taking loads… 😉

Barebacked An East Indian, But Weird Chemistry

24 May 2008 | No Comments

Load 2008-35

After the 2+ hour gangbang with the sub bottom last night I was really tired and didn’t feel like going out. My primary goal being here is to rest and relax, and all these nights of minimal sleep aren’t helping. So I figured I’d just go back to my room and “order in” and then turn in relatively early. It’s not like it would be hard to find someone.

And it wasn’t… There were a number of options, but the one who stood out was this early 30s guy who had a hot lean body like I get into… He was staying at another hotel close by, so he he said he’s be over in 15 minutes…

Brazilian guy the East Asian guy looked likeHe arrives and he turns out to be East Asian. And again, I’m fucking a guy who’s not in leather. He did have a studded leather arm band on, but otherwise he wasn’t a “leatherman” at all… He reminded me a lot of “Jonathan” from Latin Studs Mania and Naughty Hard Cocks (see pic on the right or follow the links), only he didn’t have tattoos. The other thing which was really apparent was how nervous he was. Actually I couldn’t tell if he was nervous, anxious, uncertain, skeptical or what. It didn’t really add up. He flew in for the event, but didn’t seem 100% comfortable…

He takes off his clothes (I keep mine on – I’m wearing chaps over jean, motorcycle boots, and a black t-shirt) and he’s got a great body… A little hairy, but tight and lean… He sucks my dick very briefly, then I rim his ass…

When he had walked in he mentioned, “all the cameras are off, right?” While I wanted to film it, I was also OK with just dumping a load and going to bed. I had shown him the two drawers full of toys (that, unfortunately, I’m not making much use of) just after he came in, but he wasn’t really interested in using them. Then when I’m rimming him he decides he wants to wear a hood and get filmed. We look through the hoods and settle on a black spandex one (double thickness with just a mouth opening). When we put it on him he was surprised there were no eye openings and took it off, then he put it back on and things went forward…

I set up the camera, positioned him on the bed, put on my hood, and went back to rimming him. He did have a really nice hole – just the type I like… He wanted lube for his dick, so I put some on my dick as well and start fucking him. He felt really good and I could tell there would be zero problems with me cumming. In fact I felt like I was going to cum pretty quick. He sensed it though and told me to hold off…

When I slowed down I noticed his hole wasn’t completely clean. It’s not like he was exactly dirty, but he was “wet” and the color was slightly browish. It’s the smell of shit that bothers me most and there was no smell with him, so I continued on… I was just glad I had put a towel under him…

We fucked for a bit with his legs up, then I flipped him over. The camera was a distraction and looking at the video I did a really horrible job videotaping it, but whatever…

Finally with him on his stomach I just unloaded in his hole. It felt good… Then I rolled him on his side and we cuddled for a moment.

Afterwards he was still acting a bit weird. Didn’t really want to share much of anything, but I did get an interesting story out of him. Turns out he came to IML last year, didn’t have a lot of sex ’cause he was neg and trying to be somewhat safe. He’d tell tops not to cum in him, stuff like that… But he did take one load at Steamworks and 10 days later came down with the fuck flu. Looking back on it he thinks it’s ironic that he had a bit of a lame time while he was here ’cause he was sorta trying to stay “safe”, but he still wound up getting pozzed. Since then he’s been taking loads whenever he can, and now he’s back at IML and wants to have the fun he missed last time.

I still don’t understand the weird chemistry between us. He was obviously here to do exactly what we were doing. I also don’t understand why he keeps coming to IML, but didn’t seem to wear leather… He’s a curious guy, but a decent fuck…

I’m not sure the video will get posted publicly. We’ll see. If so, I’ll update this post…

Not the right sort of "hot & steamy"

6 November 2006 | No Comments

A guy had contacted me and when we were going back and forth in e-mail he said he might be available mornings. When I asked him if he could hookup this morning he said he had a regular guy who came on Monday mornings. I said – no problem – sloppy seconds are fine with me… When I didn’t hear back from him, I called him as I was leaving and he gave me the address.

I didn’t realize he was just off a highway, and took surface streets to get there, which took forever. I was thinking it would be a one time deal, but then realized he was just a couple blocks off a highway I could easily take to work.

He buzzed me in and was almost exactly like his pic – a really skinny (5’8″, 125) East Indian / Carribbean guy (so skinny I could almost put my fingers completely around his thighs) – but I like that. He said the other guy had just left – that he had waited a little hoping for a threeway. There was straight pussy porn on the TV – apparently for the guy who had just left.

We got busy pretty quickly. I wanted to rim him, but he put this gob of lube on his hole and then tried to wipe it off when he realized I wanted to eat him out, but there was still a lot of it there and it tasted AWEFUL. So that lasted about 2 seconds.

It was sort of fun fucking a guy who was so incredibly thin. He said to take it easy ’cause he had just been fucked by three guys and his hole was sore, but I just fucked him how I felt and wasn’t any more gentle than if he hadn’t told me… Assuming what he said was true I’m guessing two of the guys had fucked him the previous night.

We tried a couple of positions, but things weren’t going as smoothly as they should have. On his belly he kept shoving his ass up, either that or his bed was really bouncy – couldn’t figure out which it was but it meant the two of us were going up and down in unison and my dick wasn’t moving all that much in his hole. That and the copius lube meant there wasn’t much friction (which wasn’t good).

When we did missionary position he looked into my eyes, which I actually found distracting, so I closed mine. But his hole did feel good and I was turned on by the fact that he was a good slut who would take dick and cum so easily.

Another problem was that his apartment was really warm (a typical over-heated NY apartment), so I started sweating, which made me worry about smelling like sweat and/or sex when I got to work.

All in all I could just tell that it was going to be difficult to cum with him. I could sort of feel myself losing the edge I need to cum. True, it could come back at any minute, but the clock was ticking (needed to get to work) and I was sweating more and more… So I told him I couldn’t cum and I really needed to go, got dressed and left.

I do want to fuck him again though. Maybe next Monday we can make it work. I know how to get there more quickly next time, and now that I know the potential problems I can try to work around them…




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