Too Good To Be True, The Sequel

1 September 2010 | 16 Comments

I wrote  a while back about the hot young jock who was coming to NYC and wanted to be my live-in boy (after a trial period where he had his own place). Then a couple weeks before he was supposed to be here, he dropped off the face of the earth – never heard from him again.

Fake JockWell, the latest installment of “too good to be true” was a rich, young plastic surgeon who was coming to town for a conference and wanted to hookup with me… From the beginning things just didn’t add up… For starters he said he was interested in videotaping the fuck and didn’t mind having his face show. That raised serious question marks. What successful doctor would want the reputation of being in a bareback gay porn video (taking loads)?

Then he started asking if I wanted to do 3ways and groups with some of his friends. Generally I’m OK with that, but I wondered what sorta scenario he was looking for. Then he asked “do you like to party with other Tops or just Bottoms?” And I thought, “oh god – this is the PNP crowd” – too much money and lots of drugs. I quizzed him on it and he swore he didn’t do drugs. But there was just this overtone to what he said that was totally party boy / playboyish – I didn’t believe him a bit when he said he didn’t PNP. I was starting to see that he fit a certain type – and I’m not really all that into that type. The A-type personality rich boys and me never get along all that well – I’m way more mellow and “real”

He was supposed to be here a couple days ago, but I didn’t hear from him. Then he said he was delayed because there was some big accident and a bunch of people needed plastic surgery. Then I got these IMs and one of them had his full name and title. I googled him and looked on the hospital’s website and couldn’t find any trace of a doctor by that name (or a variation of that name). Add to that, he said his last name was Vanderbilt. I was now really suspicious – things just weren’t adding up.

He kept pushing his persona – saying he could have his driver pick me up, that he was staying at the Ritz Carlton on Park Avenue South (after telling me earlier he was staying at the Mandarin). But that didn’t make sense either… What doctor (attending a conference) needs a driver in NY? Use cabs for god’s sake. You only need a driver if you’re going from place to place and have packages.  I know enough doctors to know they just don’t live like that. One of the doctors I know is a brain surgeon at a world-renown hospital with at least 10 more years experience than this guy (who’s in his early 30s). The brain surgeon is LOADED and spends his money, but he’d never spend it like this guy… Even with the Nip/Tuck stereotype lifestyle built in, it didn’t add up…

Then when we were actually supposed to hookup he starts asking about whether I’d be into particular other guys… He sent me a bunch of pics and asked which one I wanted to hookup with…

Fake Jock 2Fake Jock 3Fake Jock 4

Of course all those guys are hot. When he asked me “Which guy do you like better”? My response was “whichever one is most into bears”. I then mentioned groups are a bit of a chemistry thing. He didn’t get it. I was sitting there thinking the last thing I wanted was to be a 3rd wheel in group of jocks who were only into other jocks.

We chatted a bit more, while he said he read the blog, he seemed to think I looked like I did when I was in Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend. I told him that was 6 years ago – I didn’t look like that any more. I sent him a pic showing I now have a belly. He was still pressing on who I wanted to hookup with and not understanding when I said I wanted to hookup with guys who were into bears.

Then he started asking me weird questions like do I fuck with my clothes on all the time (no), would I take out my PA (of course), and was I planning on wearing a hood (not unless we’re doing video)? Then he told me the hood was scary. I told him that was sorta the point of it – it’s an executioner’s hood. Then he got all defensive and said “I know what it is, I have 3 doctorate degrees”. I just laughed at that comment – exactly what doctoral program had a class on executioner’s hoods? Plus, who gets 3 doctoral degrees?  I know a lot of people who are academic overachievers – he didn’t strike me as the type. And none of the academic overachievers I know have 3 Ph.D.’s (and Ph.D’s are pretty common in my family).

At that point I knew the guy was total bullshit. I mean things just didn’t add up –  1) flawless jock, 2) party boy, 3) crazy rich, 4) total playboy, 5) sexually obsessed, 6) lots of hot jock friends, 7) 3 doctoral degrees by his early 30s, and 8) a great job. I’m sorry, but too many of those things are contradictory. I didn’t know what he was, but I was convinced by that point 1) he wasn’t into guys like me, and 2) he was a huge liar.

Then he kept going on…

I can’t help we are all into the way our bodies look
It is not because we are Plastic and Recon Surgeons either, I for one only treat tauma patients
We are all very educated with great personalities, none of us are superficial
Maybe you are more into twink looking guys? I don;t know, if that is true, that is ok, no offense will be taken

I kinda think you are placing me into a category just because I have a great body

(Oh yeah, all his hot jock friends were also rich plastic surgeons… right…)

Then as I was responding he logged off (nice). My response was…

no, i’m placing you in a category because all the other guys you’re into have great bodies…
if there was more diversity in who you were into i’d be a hell of a lot more comfortable.
if i were a muscle bear, i’d fit in pretty well…
but i’ve been around the block enough to know what situations work and what don’t. this one feels all wrong.

He connected long enough to see my response, then disconnected. A little while later he sent me an e-mail…

I am sorry I e-mailed you, I should have known you were going to be scared to meet someone that looked like me.

I just shook my head and wrote the following response…

You’re not understanding me… I am not scared – at all… I’ve had great 1-on-1 sex with guys just as hot as you. There are guys like you who are into “real men” and bears, but you don’t seem to be one of them – all your fuck buddies are body beautiful types. This isn’t about what you look like. It’s about who you (and your friends) are attracted to.

I had a full week of work last week, worked all weekend, ran around the city with a relative yesterday, and worked hard today. I’m exhausted. Dealing with a group of body conscious pretty boys is the last think I feel like doing tonight. My idea of the perfect fuck right now is a sub who gives up his hole, gets me to blow my load, and then slowly pampers me and gets me to relax. You guys are too high maintenance.

I understand the whole muscle worship thing and know some guys will do anything to get with someone like you. I’m not one of them. In my experience average guys are often better fucks. When everything else is equal I prefer a lean to muscular bottom, but there are a lot of factors that are more important to me than the guy’s body. It’s those other factors that make me not want to hookup with you.

The e-mail was returned saying the e-mail address didn’t exist. I tried his other e-mail address – same thing. He had deleted both of his e-mail addresses. Only total fakers use throw-away e-mail addresses – I’m sure he never intended to hookup with me…

So, after having out of town pretty boys fuck with me twice lately, next time I’m requiring a video chat. I’m also thinking I’ll verify their location by making them hit a page that tells me their IP address and then I’ll look it up on the services that say where IP addresses are located. Otherwise they can contact me when they get in town and give me a hotel address and get a quick anonymous fuck like everyone else…

Going To Mid-Atlantic Leather 2010

3 January 2010 | 3 Comments

So as I mentioned last year IML instituted a no bareback policy for 2010 so many of us are boycotting them. If you have plans to go to IML cancel them now and go to some other event. I’ve always heard MAL (in DC) was more sexually charged anyway, so this was a great year to give it a shot, so in 2 weeks, that’s where I’ll be – January 15-18.

I’m trying to figure out how I want the weekend to go. One of the guys who bottomed for the gangbang I hosted at IML last year wants me to do another gangbang at MAL. Thing is, organizing a gangbang isn’t really what I feel like doing. I’ll go to them, but don’t feel like organizing one.

There are a few options. First, if I could find a guy who wanted to be my boy/cumhole for the weekend I’d sorta organize the weekend around him. I would plan a gangbang (or two) and generally see how many loads I can get tops to blow up his hole. But he needs to inspire me – young, thin(ish), short(er) and generally attractive would do the trick and these days “young” is 30ish or less. Anyone want to volunteer?

I give finding a suitable boy about a 10-15% chance of happening, so there needs to be an alternate plan. I’ve got a few priorities… 1) I want to videotape fucks – so anyone who’d be up for being videotaped would go instantly to the front of the line and get more time and attention (hint, hint), 2) I want a few good bdsm sessions with bottoms, but 3) I also just want to see how many holes I can get my dick in. At IML ’08 I fucked 12 guys I hadn’t fucked before (including ones at Flex Cleveland where I stopped on the way out and back). At IML ’09 it went up to 18 (half of which were at the blackout party). I can probably only cum 5-6 times over the 3 day period, but it would be great if I could get my dick in 30+ holes. It’ll really be about quantity more than quality (though I have my limits), so that means I’m looking for bb sex parties, backrooms at bars, sex clubs, bathhouses, etc. Does anyone have suggestions along those lines?

Let me know what you think, and if you’ll be at MAL and want to fuck then hit me up on BarebackRT (‘rawtop’) or on Recon (‘rawFUCKER’).


Well, it looks like I may have found a boy for the weekend. I know he’s a good slut – I’ve seen him whoring his ass taking as many loads as possible, weekend after weekend after weekend on Craigslist. Still trying to figure out how submissive he’ll be, but chances are he’ll be my boy… 29, 5’8″, 145 and cute…

On top of that Jake Wetmore hit me up on Recon and wants my load – even wants me to whore him out. So one way or the other, it looks like I’ll be hosting a gangbang…

Gangbang Tomorrow (Saturday 9/13)…

12 September 2008 | 1 Comment

Here’s what I’m doing tomorrow (from Craigslist)…

Raw Bareback BB Anonymous Cum Dump Saturday – 23 (Midtown)

We will be whoring out a very hot 24 year old Raw Bareback Cum Dump for anonymous pump and dump scenes this Saturday afternoon/evening at a midtown hotel. Poz friendly.

Bottom will be waiting on all 4’s or spread eagle on the bed for you to stop by, drop your pants, use his hole, blow your load and go. Quick cummers a plus.

We will be videotaping, but you don’t have to show your face.
If interested send stats and pics.

If you’re up for being videotaped fucking a hot bottom (I’ve seen his pics), send an e-mail to the person via the Craigslist ad. Trust me, if you’re at all interested, contact him – You’ll be very glad you did 😉

I’ll give details after the fuck (of course)…

Neg Bottom Starting To Get Addicted To Taking Loads

23 January 2008 | 2 Comments

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a bottom here in NY… Basically he’s in a sexless relationship and hasn’t barebacked since college – except that he took his first load a month ago (see the story below)… He’s neg and simultaneously wanting to stay that way and craving cum in his ass now that he’s had a taste, so to speak… Since I love neg bottoms who are getting loads behind their boyfriends backs I was definitely interested (and he’s skinny too!)

He then signs up for and we chat a bit on there. (He said it was OK that I mention his profile name is ‘NYCNewbie’.) He switches things up a bit – tells me he likes to go to a “video store” and suck guys off and have them fuck him. Up until now it’s always been with rubbers, but he had just let a guy fuck him raw (he asked the guy if he was neg and the guy didn’t cum). He was totally horny for more and then tells me he’s going again (same day). I tell him to get a load in his ass this time – and later that night he tells me he went back and let a guy fuck him raw and before he could say anything the guy came in his ass (that’s what happens when you get fucked raw).

We had a hookup scheduled, but he had to go out of town. When he got back he sent me the story you see below of when he took a load a month ago and asked me to put it in the stories section

Tops, if you’re in NYC and can host downtown – contact him on BarebackRT (his profile is ‘NYCNewbie’) and give him your load. If you want me to join you, let me know and I we’ll try to set up something where we both can tag his ass (my profile is ‘rawTOP’ – or you can e-mail me – This guy is really hungry for cum and needs to start taking loads on a regular basis…

So here’s the story of the load he took a month ago… I want to see this guy get bred, so since the stories section is a bit sleepy – I’m putting the story here so it gets more exposure…

As you know, I have a boyfriend at home, but we’re not monogamous – we hook up with other guys together, and once in a while on our own. We’re both neg, and even though we’ve both been tested, he’s paranoid and insists on fucking me with a rubber. Anyway, I travel occasionally for work. In December, I was in a really small town in the midwest for a few days. I’ve been thinking about raw sex for a while now, watching videos on Xtube, checking out websites, etc. but haven’t really done much about it. Since I was in this small town without my boyfriend, I figured that was the time and the place.

I contacted a few guys in the area who were on on my first night there. Basically only one of them got back to me, but not until the next morning. He seemed pretty eager and sent me his phone number in his first email. I was working most of the day, but managed to call him at lunch. He seemed pretty normal and very eager to get together, but he lived about 45 min away. He asked if I was a top or a bottom. I said bottom, and he said he was a top. I asked if he was negative or positive, and he said negative, “so we don’t have to use a condom, if you don’t want.” I knew he wanted it bareback, but I wanted to keep my options open, so I just said, “we’ll see.” If he was old or fat, I’d probably let him fuck me still, but I wasn’t that into taking a load from a troll. Anyway, I told him I’d call him when I was done with work.

I had to work late, then went out to dinner with the client there. It was pretty late when we finished and I got back to my hotel. The top had called me a couple times at dinner, but I couldn’t answer my phone. When I finally got back to him, he said he thought I was blowing him off. I told him I was really horny, but tired because I had been drinking (which was true). I was going to go to bed, but I would leave my hotel room door unlocked if he wanted to drive over. He knew where my hotel was, as it’s the only nice one in the area, so I told him the room number and got ready for bed. The door wouldn’t open without a key from the outside, so propped the door open with my shoe before I went to bed. I knew it was possible that the top would never show, but it made me hard as hell to sleep with the door propped open for anyone to let themselves in and fuck me. I lubed up my hole and put a bottle of poppers on the side table. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

At some point, I woke up, as some tripped over my shoe coming through the door. The room was a suite, so I was in the bedroom, and I heard someone walking around in the front, sitting area. I instantly got rock hard again and threw off the covers. I was laying on my stomach, ass-up. I then pretended to be completely asleep and didn’t move. I heard the guy fumbling around a bit in the other room until his eye adjusted, I guess. Then I heard him walk into the bedroom. He came over to the bed and softly rubbed my bare ass. I just adjusted my pillow and spread my legs a bit. I heard him take his jacket and pants off and throw them on the floor.

He then started rubbing my ass more. I pushed it up a little. He started fingering my wet hole and jerking off a little, to get hard. I then reached over and grabbed the poppers and took a long breath. I wanted to let him know that i was ready to get fucked, but poppers also make me way less inhibited, so I knew it would let me get fucked raw by someone I’ve never even seen before.

He got in the bed on top of me and shoved his dick in my ass. He was uncut (he was latin), and his raw cock felt so good and warm in my ass. I mostly just laid there without moving, but occasionally I pushed back against him, driving it deeper. He moaned as he was about to cum and I felt a warm load inside me, a few drops dribbled out, and I could hear the difference when he was fucking a juicy hole.

He fucked me for a minute more, then lay on top of me with his dick inside for another few minutes. I didn’t move. He then got up, got dressed and walked out the door. I rolled over, played with my cum-filled hole and jerked off. It didn’t take long before I shot a huge load on my stomach. I wiped it off with my hand and fed it into my hole with his load. I was so horny, I stayed hard most of the night, jerking off. I tried to look for more guys to seed me online, but no one was awake nearby.

That’s how I got seeded the first time, and I never even really saw the guys face. I flew back to NYC the next day, but stayed hard, with his load in me, for the next 3 days. I gotta find more guys in my area to do it again.

UPDATE: Take a look at the video he sent me a link to… How much do you wanna bet it won’t be long until he’s be backing his hole onto raw dick that’s sticking through glory holes?

Think I scared off the guy from the Eagle

23 August 2007 | No Comments

The other day I mentioned that I almost went home with a guy when I was at the Eagle on Saturday. We e-mailed back and forth since then, but I don’t think it’s going to happen…

We chatted back and forth, and then I asked…

A couple of questions…

Are you poz, neg, or not sure?
Do you fuck raw, wrapped, or whatever?

To which he replied…

i am negative..what about you?

At this point I was thinking things looked pretty good. He definitely made it clear he’d give me whatever I wanted when we were at the bar, and now he’s saying he’s neg and not answering the question about raw/wrapped. I figured he was the type who just let the tops call the shots. As long as he was into the top, they could have what they wanted…

I then asked him what he got into, since we did meet in a leather bar (of sorts – there aren’t any good leather bars in NY anymore), and he said…

I don’t know what your concept about that particular leather bar is…but there’s a lot of people normal, crazy and too crazy sometimes…I can define myself like a normal personal…I like sex but I am not into any pain…toys..etc…sorry if i disappoint you…just sex…and I always use condom…even though I don’t like it…I basicaly like normal guys and you looked like that to me…what about you, what are you into?

At this point he said he used condoms, but didn’t like them. I’m thinking that’s straddling the fence – leaving it open to go raw… So I responded…

Condoms make me go soft, so I don’t use them. Sounds like that’s a problem… Otherwise, I go from vanilla fucking to light bondage, hoods, etc. But frankly, the bondage stuff doesn’t happen very often…

And I haven’t heard from him for the past two days – so I think I’ve lost him. Not sure if it was the fact that I got into bondage, or the fact that I wanted to go raw (or a combination)…

Too bad. He was really cute and incredibly fuckable. I really wanted him to take my load…

Lots of hot bottom’s on Craigslist today…

23 August 2007 | 1 Comment

…too bad I’m busy with work…

hot asian looking for bareback action (Kew Gardens) 18yr
never done bareback before but have had an obsession with all the hot bareback raw porn out there and finally got the guts to post. looking for someone like minded and D&D free who doesn’t really bareback or hasn’t barebacked, like me, and wants to try for the first time.

That one has already been taken down – I just hope the kid didn’t get scared and got the load he was looking for…

FEM BOTTOM FOR HOT RAW ACTION – m4m (Midtown East) 24yr
hey guy
i am a fem bottom looking to get my hole full of hot cum… i want to take load after load today…i am mexican, 5’6, 130 good fit body… if you are up for some hot raw action send your pic and i will reply with mine

Mmmm… 5’6″, 130, latino? Couldn’t be more my type (OK, the fem thing isn’t quite what I look for, but I’m not looking for conversation – just a hole…)

24 hung aggr. bttm boi to get plowed by HUNG/THICK my hotel (Midtown) 24yr
5’10 160 blnd/blu 24 hung

staying at hilton 54th/6th looking for 18-35 aggr. HUNG/THICK masc total top(s) to pound me deeep and hard

take what u want guys

lookin to take loads all day

only email w/pics/stats get reply

The last guy had a great pic – the total hot jock type…

Then there’s this guy who I’ve always wanted to fuck…

Rican Bottom Needs Raw Top (Chelsea) 29yr
Vgl defined smooth rican guy here looking for a hot top to take me raw and fill me with his jizz. D&D free, u be 2.

MUST INCLUDE A PIC (prefer nudes). Hairy, Hung, Uncut +++++; Age doesn’t matter as long as you are 18+.

No lectures. This means if you are writing simply to tell me not to have bb sex, save it. I don’t read it. I don’t care. You should mind your business.

Looks like a nice guy…

1:30pm TAGTEAM (E26) 23yr
23 5’10 br br 165
smooth hole for some hot loads

starting a group this afternoon. Looking for hot tops who wanna dump in a hot hole.
Must arrive between 1:30-2pm. Trying to get at least 10 guys who wanna hang around and get into a hot hole and unload. MUST send face pic. body pic. IF not do not respond.
Lets play

That’s not the only potential group session today…


Thug Black Bottom: What it do son?! (Harlem / Morningside) 26yr
Top spit at me i like the freaky uninhibited stuff.

Please send a picture of your face. No fem dudes.

Visiting Latino Bottom for Hot Tops (Midtown West) 29yr
29, 5’7″, 195 lbs, 33w, brn/brn, muscular, inked, latino mix, bubble butt total bottom

Visiting from Los Angeles and looking to get royally fucked while I’m here. Total cum pig, so fill me up. Looking for white, latino or middle eastern guys, 21-40, nice bodies (don’t have to be as muscular as me, but have to be in good shape), hung big, TOPs only.

Can host in my hotel in Hell’s Kitchen or travel. Will be here till Sunday…getting as much NYC cock as I can.

That’s a pretty incredible selection of bottoms for a Thursday afternoon – even for NY… I wish I weren’t stuck here supervising someone…




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