Nice Hookup w/ The Brazilian

1 March 2010 | 8 Comments

Load 2010-6

Well, I finally got back in the saddle tonight… I was hoping to fuck this 24 y.o. but when I had to push back the time he said he couldn’t make it ’cause he was starting to crash from partying last night. (Guys – I may sound like Barbara Bush, but keep those drugs under control…)

So then I went on the hunt for another hole to fuck. I sorta wanted a hole I hadn’t fucked before, but when I e-mailed all the ones who were prospects and none of them panned out I saw the Brazilian come back online so I e-mailed him. It’s been 6 months since we last fucked (153 days to be exact). I like fucking him, but don’t always cum with him, so I was just hoping my horniness and the fact that I took a pill would be sufficient (it was).

He came over and we undressed and he started sucking my cock. Blowjobs often don’t do anything for me and this one was no exception. There was nothing wrong with it and he was enjoying it, so it wasn’t like I wanted it to stop. It was sorta cool actually how he’d keep pushing my dick as far back as possible and getting it into his throat. But let’s just say there was no risk of me cumming from his blowjob – but again, that’s just me, not him.

I know from past experience that he doesn’t like to be rimmed, so after the blowjob we went straight to fucking. I couldn’t find the Gun Oil so I grabbed my Wet Original (BTW, Wet has promised to send me some of their old-style oil based lube as well as their new silicone based Wet Platinum, but the package hasn’t arrived yet). I put a little on but after fucking him for a few minutes his hole still felt pretty dry even though he had prelubed before coming over and I had lubed my dick. I put some more lube on and that helped a bit.

We’ve fucked so many times he sorta knows what positions I like and he was on his belly. But lately I’ve been doing this thing where I turn myself at a 45 or 60 degree angle to give more friction to my dick. I think the reason I don’t always cum with him is ’cause my usual position doesn’t feel quite as good with his hole. But after turning a bit sideways and then turning back and being lined up with him I finally felt my load boiling up.

After nearly a month of not fucking anyone it felt good to give him my load. We then laid there and spooned a bit and talked with my dick up his ass. Eventually my dick got soft and came out. I knew he had moved but had a few of the detailed mixed up. Bottom line was that he’s been single for a while now. He mentioned how he had hooked up with the hardcore piss bottom I’ve fucked a few times before. And his observation was the same as mine – arriving for a hookup reeking of stale, musky piss isn’t a good thing… He also casually mentioned that he’d gotten fucked by someone in the neighborhood I know, which surprised me ’cause I didn’t think that guy was someone he’d have fucked with in the past, but he said since he’s been single he’s getting fucked by a broader range of guys.

I was starting to get my second wind and his hole was feeling mighty nice and wet. That combined with what he told me about being less selective about who fucked him gave me a hardon, so I started fucking him again. This time his hole felt SO much better. It was wet and cummy. I almost thought I could come a second time which is extremely rare for me. But alas I had jacked off the day before and there just wasn’t a second load in me. I stopped and we talked a little more while we spooned and I kept pumping his ass with my hard cock.

He left a little while later (we both had things we had to do). All in all a really nice hookup.

Relaxed Fuck With The Brazilian

29 September 2009 | No Comments

Load 2008-24

[For those of you who care. With this load I’ve given as many loads as I did in 2007 and more than I did in 2006. And with getting my dick in 32 new holes this year, I’m way over where I was in ’06/07 (26/23, respectively). Things seem slow this year ’cause I did so well seeding so much hole last year… But there’s still 3 months in the year and so I should give about 32 holes this year if things stay the same. Yeah, that’s half of what I did last year, but it’s still not that bad…]

So I was supposed to hookup with Jayson Park this afternoon, but that didn’t work out ’cause early in the afternoon turned out to be busy for me and he couldn’t do later. So later in the afternoon I was horny and when my bf went off to work I got online to see if there was any hole to fuck. There were a few prospects, but the Brazilian guy I’ve fucked a bunch of times was on and since he was pretty close it was easiest to hookup with him. It had been almost 10 months since I’d fucked him…

So he comes over, we get naked, he sucks my dick, and then lays on the bed to get fucked. When he was sucking my dick I was sorta having the opposite reaction you’d hope – my dick was sensitive and the blowjob was a bit awkward. But that wasn’t a problem when I went to fuck him. He had prelubed his hole and I put a little extra lube on my dick and slid right in. He’s such a regular guy, you’d never guess he likes going around getting guys to cum in his ass. It’s sorta hot… It all felt quite good, and it didn’t take me long to drop my load in his hole.

I hadn’t taken a pill, so when I came that was pretty much the end of it. We laid there and talked for a bit. A lot has changed for both of us in 10 months… Then he was off to meet someone (with my load dripping out of his ass). Wonder if the guy he’s meeting will fuck him and use my cum for lube?

Quickie With The Brazilian

2 December 2008 | No Comments

Load 2008-66

If you remember it wasn’t that long ago that I thought the Brazilian was upset with me. Last night I had seen him online on BarebackRT, but was sorta tired. I knew he was available today, so we said we’d look for each other and fuck during the day. Then I wound up fucking the other guy last night and hoped that didn’t make it difficult to cum with the Brazilian today.

So I see him online and we arrange a time for me to go over to his place. I have to run a few errands before I go over and when I get there and buzz his bell a few times but he doesn’t answer. I try both of his phone numbers – no answer. A while back he had fallen asleep and a similar thing had happened. Needless to say I was pissed and wondering whether he was jerking me around, but there was nothing I could do and I just went home.

When I get home I see there’s a message from him saying something came up, he had to run downtown, and could we hookup at 1pm. If I had checked my e-mails before going out I would have seen it, so I stopped being angry at him, though a text message or call would have been nice.

So he gets over here a little after 1pm and we get naked (well, I kept my shirt on), and he gave me a blowjob. I think he was enjoying the blowjob, but it wasn’t all that great from my perspective. What I really wanted was to fuck. He had lubed his ass before he came over, so when he finally stopped, got up and bent over the bed it was easy to get in him.

I fucked him bent over the bed for a while, then pushed him onto the bed and fucked him on his belly – which is my favorite position with him. For a while I was wondering whether I could cum, but then I could feel it building and blew my load in his hole.

We rolled over made small talk for a couple minutes and then he had to be on his way and I needed to get back to work. I think he had another top scheduled for today, so who knows what he was off to…

All in all I think he’s getting fucked a lot these days. He’s finally discovered BarebackRT and he posts ads on Craigslist constantly. I commented on how many ads he’s placing and how he must be getting a lot of action. He just smiled and said something like “yeah, my butt is pretty happy”. What’s curious is that even though his profile still says he’s neg, his Craigslist ads never mention the word ‘neg’. We haven’t discussed it, but I wonder what point of the process he’s at these days…

The problem with not seeing a face pic

26 September 2008 | 5 Comments

Well, I’m back to being horny and wanting to hookup. Started last night, but I had other things to do last night, so tonight I was looking, but for some reason there weren’t a lot of options (I even looked on Manhunt). Finally this Brazilian guy from Adam4Adam who lived just over the Bridge in New Jersey said he’d come over… He didn’t have a fave pic in his profile, but asked for my e-mail address and said he’d send one. Thing was, I didn’t get it even though he said he had sent it.

He called and then came over. When he arrived I knew there was going to be a problem. Let’d just say he was short and Latin, but I wasn’t into him. His profile said he ws 38. I’d add about 10 years to that and he wasn’t aging all that well… I had him come in, showed him into the bedroom. We took off our clothes then I realized he was a smoker (who wanted to kiss)…

After a while, he sucked my dick a bit, but I wasn’t responding. I hadn’t taken a pill or anything ’cause I didn’t think I needed to ’cause I was pretty horny. But this guy just wasn’t doing anything for me. I figured I’d try to eat his ass to see if that would help. I went down only to find it didn’t smell all that clean. I sorta played at rimming, not wanting to get too serious if his hole was dirty…

I put a fair amount of spit on his hole, stood up and tried to fuck him. He said to go slow, but I just wasn’t getting in… So we went back to other stuff like him sucking my dick. Then we tried again and again I just wasn’t getting in. I wasn’t totally hard, but I was hard enough. So I fingered his hole and found he was incredibly tight. I think he was clenching, but who knows… Then as I was fingering him I felt shit up there…

That was the end of it. I said I didn’t think it was going to work and went into the bathroom to clean the lube off my dick. The had no intention of getting fucked. He didn’t clean out and he was clenching. And on top of that he didn’t do anything for me…

Hopefully I’ll find some decent ass tomorrow to make up for it…  😉   At least I wasn’t the one who had to pay the bridge toll…

An Ex-Boyfriend Resurfaces (I think)…

2 September 2008 | 7 Comments

I don’t usually reminisce on the blog, but you’ll understand why by the time I’m done with the story…

I moved to New York in 1990 to go to grad school. When I came here I was pretty inexperienced sexually. I had had sex for the first time just 8 months before, and had sex with a total of 3 guys at that point. A one night stand who was “my first”. An older guy I dated for the Spring semester of my Senior year before he moved to San Francisco, and a party boy I dated over the summer before I moved to NYC.

New York was like a big playground and I was this shy, sorta geeky, guy who didn’t know how to make the most of it. In hindsight I really should have gone to the big sex (“j/o”) club everyone was going to, but it scared me. I was taking things at my own pace, which in hindsight was way too inhibited…

Long story short, I ran up credit card debt (in part by going out to see the ex-boyfriend who moved to SF) and by the end of January I needed money. I knew there was a respectable hustler bar over on the east side – Rounds @ 53rd and 2nd avenue, so I went there and started doing sex work which I did for about 9 months to supplement my income.

Despite the fact that I had dated someone who did drugs every weekend, I hadn’t done drugs until after I moved to NY – and then only X and only a handful of times. One of those times was the Saint-at-Large White Party. I went out to clubs a lot back then, but the White Party was huge. I had nothing but these skimpy white little shorts on that didn’t leave much to the imagination. I remember seeing guys walking around in K holes… And then there was him – this adorable Latino who I saw on the dance floor. He was muscular, very little body fat, short, great smile – in other words totally my type (even today). I’ll call him “Alex”, but that’s not his real name…

He liked me, I liked him and we left the dance floor together. I was on cloud nine. From my perspective he was totally out of my league and here he was just wanting me. I had never had someone that hot want me before… We made out, talked (as much as you could in a club) and then he mentioned he was working the party – that he was a bartender and had to work the second shift.

If you know anything about circuit parties the White Party is up there and being a bartender at the White Party is about as good as it gets if you’re a bartender. When he had to go check in for work I followed him back into the kitchen and saw a guy from my gym. Alex asked me how I knew Jason and I said he went to my gym. I knew Jason managed a club – what I didn’t realize was that he had been the General Manager of the Saint, he was then the manager of the Saint-at-Large, and he then became the General Manager of the Roxy until it closed a couple years ago. Funny how small the world is – even in a city like New York. Anyway, Jason was Alex’s boss.

Alex then went on duty. He’d sneak me a drink every now and then, but there was a guy watching him and he could really only give me soda… Finally, I went home. Since I couldn’t really hang out with him and didn’t have any intention of hooking up with anyone else, there wasn’t any point in staying once I had gotten the dancing out of my system.

The walk home was magical. I was in love (so to speak), it was sunrise, snow was gently falling, and I was coming down from a wonderful high on X. If you’ve been in NYC on a quiet morning when it’s snowing you’ll know it’s really special even when you’re not high and coming home from meeting a really hot guy… The City gets really quiet when it’s snowing… As I walked through Times Square the lights were brightly flashing, and the subway generators, which you can’t even hear on a normal day, seemed incredibly loud.

It was puppy love – infatuation – whatever you want to call it. It only lasted for six weeks, but it was a really memorable six weeks… On the plus side – he was bartending at Uncle Charlie’s which was one of my favorite bars (and a really popular bar back then), and then he quit there and started bartending at the Roxy. In fact some nights he was the only gay bartender at the Roxy. The owner was straight and tended to hire straight guys who’d sorta half way pretend to flirt with the gay guys to get good tips. And then right about the time we broke up he started bartending and then go-go dancing at a club named Parallel Bar where John Blair was throwing parties (but it turned out to be a bit of a flash in the pan).

Sexually things were pretty intense. He had this wonderful uncut cock that was always hard as steel. Back then I was “versatile”, but he was always a top with me. My memory is pretty fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure he’d always want to fuck me raw, but I’d always put a condom on him when he fucked me (we’re talking the height of the AIDS crisis). At some point before I met him I had gotten a tear “down there” and wasn’t the best bottom, and I always felt like he wanted more from me sexually. Maybe it was just my insecurities – I don’t know…

There were some notable firsts with Alex… He showed me how to trim my body hair with a beard trimmer. I still have a trimmer just like the one he used on me that first time. He taught me to use black hair care products to style a short “Chelsea boy” haircut. And he had me buy my first pair of combat boots…

But there were some downsides – he worked weird hours. Even though he’d been here for years his English was pretty rough and it was hard to communicate. That was particularly difficult when I went out with his friends and they were all speaking Portuguese and I didn’t have a clue what was going on around me. We were also just very different. I still remember him always watching this “feel good about yourself” sorta “spiritualist” who was on late night community access TV back then. I thought the guy was silly, but Alex was his #1 fan.

And the other big problem was that I was escorting and there were nights I needed to make money and he’d ask me what I was up to and I had to lie. I think he felt something was going on. It was, but it wasn’t what he thought it was… The escorting was also an issue ’cause I had started doing it a year after I had first had sex, which was confusing enough, and then I was trying to balance letting old men fuck me with having a hot go-go boy as a boyfriend…

Eventually he broke up with me. I was crushed – I’d see him out at the clubs and bars – he was friendly, but it was over. Curiously his next boyfriend was a blond Latino I had fucked the previous fall/winter. His English was really bad too – and they didn’t last long together since one spoke Spanish and the other Portuguese and neither spoke English all that well.

A few years later (’94/’95) I was at a gym and saw him. He had moved to Miami, but was in town for some reason. I still remember his face lit up when he saw me. There was a chemistry between us, even if we weren’t meant to be…

Fast forward 13 or 14 years to last night. I get an e-mail with pictures the new models on I go and download some of them – there’s Zeb Atlas, and a few other guys. Loving Latinos like I do, I download pics of this one guy they call “Alexandre” and as I’m looking at the pics I realize it looks a lot like the guy I dated. He had been on a club flyer back when he was go-go dancing which I had kept, and I pulled it out and I’m almost certain it’s the same guy. It’s 17 years after the picture was taken, but the mouth is the same, his facial features are really similar. His body has changed a lot over those 17 years – far bigger and more ripped now.

I don’t know if he’d even remember me, but I’m just glad to see he’s still around and looking well…

Here are the recent pics of him from

Ex-boyfriend modeling for Manifest MenEx-boyfriend modeling for Manifest Men
Ex-boyfriend modeling for Manifest MenEx-boyfriend modeling for Manifest Men

And here are the pics of him back in 1991…

Ex-boyfriend modeling for Manifest MenEx-boyfriend back in 1991 - back and ass

Since some of you will find this interesting – here’s pics of what I looked like back then. These are from a photoshoot I did for Playguy within a few months of dating Alex… I did the photoshoot ’cause I was tired of having guys fuck me for money, but the photographer (Roberto Romo) fucked me in the middle of the shoot. I went away thinking it was pointless – I didn’t avoid getting fucked and now my pictures were going to be public. The reason why my ass looks so puckered is ’cause it’s freshly fucked 😉

rawTOP in 1991 - torso and dickrawTOP in 1991 - freshly fucked ass

What’s funny is how insecure I was back then. I really didn’t think I looked all that hot. But looking at the pics, I’d totally fuck that… 😉

So how’s that for a blast from the past? Don’t see an ex for over a decade and he winds up on Manifest Men. It really is a small world…

Definitely Need Some Pills

25 August 2008 | 13 Comments

Been in a weird mood sexually the past few days. Sorta horny – and when I jack off to porn I can sometimes get rock hard and it would be so easy to cum. But then other times nothing gets me hard.

My theory is that the pills I was taking had something in them that’s lacking in my body. When I get a regular dose of whatever the magic ingredient is I have no problem getting hard, staying hard, and giving bottoms loads. I can even perform well when I’ve taken the pills days before. The fact that I stopped taking them and had no problems for a couple weeks tells me, whatever the magic ingredient is – that it stays in your system. I’m just not getting whatever that is in my regular diet.

But today, for the second time in a row, I had problems getting hard with a bottom. It was the Brazilian guy from the neighborhood who’s a regular fuck buddy. While I did get hard enough to fuck him for a bit, there’s really no point in going into the details ’cause not much of anything happened.

Before he actually even came over I had ordered more pills. The ones I was taking are no longer being sold, so I had to try the new type of pill by the same manufacturer. Hopefully it will work as well as the old one.




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