My 32 Hole Weekend In Montréal

18 August 2015 | 2 Comments

Load 2015-21

There was one other load since I last wrote up a blog post. It was a Middle Eastern guy who ‘s mostly top who seems really ambivalent about getting fucked. He wants it, but then as soon as I’ve cum in him he runs to the bathroom to shit it out. Hopefully he’ll start enjoying having a load in him and just let it stay in there…

But what I really want to discuss was this past weekend in Montréal. I needed to use up some Hyatt points and one of the few weekends when I could book with points in Montréal was this past weekend. Then, after booking, my husband realized that it was Gay Pride weekend. So it looked like we were up for a lot of fun.

I had chatted with a bunch of guys in Montréal before going and realized that (for some reason) they don’t fuck in the corners of bars and clubs – they pretty much only fuck in bathhouses. And all the guys I talked to said that GI Joe was the place to bareback, though they said Oasis wasn’t as twinky as it used to be.

We got into town and had two porn biz-related meetings. First was with Buddy Profits / Next Door Studios where Jett Black (a former Cocky Boys model) showed us around. Their offices were huge – an entire floor of a fairly big building in an office park. Lots of employees and lots of workstations. You could tell they were trying to mimic Google – there were game rooms, lounges, etc. Their business isn’t just gay porn though. There’s straight porn and some mainstream stuff in the mix. Bareback-wise their offerings are pretty slim – just Scary Fuckers and Active Duty at this point, though apparently that may change in the next year.

Next meeting was with Media Mania, who run a whole bunch of bareback sites you guys know well – Bareback That Hole, Breed Me Raw, Hairy & Raw, and a bunch of others. Their operation was the complete opposite of Buddy Profits – small and tightly run. Just the owner and his assistant work at their office. All his other guys work remotely, off-site. And with them you walked right into a porn set since they own Bear Films and shoot some of the stuff in their offices.

Anyway, I’m diverging from the sex I had this past weekend… So we finally got to the hotel and checked in. We were exhausted so we took a short “disco nap” and then went out. We stopped at three bars – Aigle Noir (Black Eagle), a hustler/stripper bar, and Le Stud and had a beer in each one. The Eagle and Stud were packed. You could tell everyone was in town for Pride. What’s curious was that the Eagle had had a renovation and wasn’t really a leather bar anymore (much like The Eagle here in NYC). All the leather guys were over at Stud. (What in the hell is going on with the Leather Community? But that’s the topic for another blog post…)

My bf wanted to dance and possibly meet someone and fuck. He was going to go to the dance party at Code but ran into someone on the street and got diverted from his goal. I wasn’t up for dancing, so just went straight to GI Joe. I had to wait about 20 minutes for a room, but finally got in.

I should back up and say that I took a whole 20mg Cialis before going out. It was complete overkill, but I wanted a good weekend and I knew that would do the trick. Needless to say my dick was rock hard most of the time I was at GI Joe. And bottoms where everywhere. My goal for the evening was to fuck as many guys as I could. I basically walked the halls and fucked every bottom who was ass up in his room.

But the weird thing was that while all the rooms were taken, not that many guys were in their rooms. (Which begs the question, why get a room? Why not just get a locker?) There were a number of public play spaces at GI Joe – a couple slings on the top floor, a “resting area” and sling on the 2nd floor, and a backroom sorta thing with a sling and some booths in the basement. Needless to say I fucked every bottom I saw that got into the slings or who’d bend over for my cock. Which amounted to all types of guys – young jocks, bears, cubs, Latinos, Asians, older guys, you name it and I fucked it that night.

I only lasted about 2 hours before I sorta hit the wall energy-wise. I mean it had been a long day and it all caught up to me. Thing was the place seemed even busier than when I got there, but I just wasn’t up for more sex. I had fucked around 21 guys at that point. I fucked one other guy making it 22 holes for the night, and then put a young cub on his belly in the TV/sling room in the cellar and fucked him until I came.

Still, 22 holes in 2 to 2 1/2 hours is pretty good. So that was an excellent night.

The next day (Saturday) wasn’t quite so good. I hadn’t gotten much sleep because the bed was uncomfortable and I got in late. So I was dragging most of the day. I had wanted to go to the afternoon bear party at Oasis, but just didn’t have the energy. We finally went out at 9pm which was an hour before we’d gone out on Friday. The bars weren’t quite as crowded – but they got crowded – we were just there a little too early.

Then I headed to GI Joe again and my bf went to Oasis. My bf had a pretty miserable time at Oasis. Everyone was looking and no one was fucking. There was a long line for rooms at GI Joe so I just got a locker. It was pretty much a repeat of the night before – I even fucked some of the same guys. But I hadn’t taken a “refresher” Cialis, so my dick wasn’t hard quite as much of the time and I missed a few fucks here and there. But I still managed to fuck 10 guys before hitting a wall about an hour and a half or two hours after getting there. Since I didn’t have a room to go lay down in, I just left. I didn’t even cum that night.

We had to leave early on Monday morning, so we didn’t stay out late Sunday night. And didn’t go out to the baths/tubs at all. We had a quieter, more “normal” day that day. We went to Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) after bunch (the David Altmejd exhibit is pretty incredible), and then watched the parade. Then a little later we went out for a couple drinks and dinner and then headed back to the hotel.

So yeah, in my dreams/fantasies I would have gone to the tubs a lot more and fucked a lot more guys. But I’m 47 so don’t have unlimited energy, and there are other things in life to do than have sex. Still, 32 holes in a weekend ain’t bad. Hell the 22 holes in one night was a record for me – and that was just over about 2 hours or so, so really pretty excellent.

Cummy Asses In The Backroom @ The Tunnel In Montreal

28 January 2008 | 3 Comments

Load 2008-8

So this weekend my bf and I went for a quick trip to Montréal. We did our general bar hopping (there’s a strip of maybe 10 blocks that are chocked full of gay bars, gay restaurants, strip clubs, sex shops, etc.) It was the dead of winter and there are fewer U.S. tourists these days since the Canadian dollar is so strong, so the bars were far from full, but it was still pretty fun. The hustlers at Campus were really aggressive, but it wasn’t like I was going to pay to feel up a hustler when I could bareback someone later that night.

We finally wound up at “Tunnel” where I had heard there was a good backroom. The place was pretty incredible. It’s beneath a dance club – huge ceilings – lots of different levels (not wheelchair friendly) – interesting sorta industrial decor… In general, probably the best bar (visually) in Montréal – even without the backroom. And the crowd was good too – lots of tough guys in leather (nice to see a city that still has a leather scene), plus a bunch of regular, masculine guys. All in all an above average crowd.

To get into the backroom area you either had to buy a drink which gave you one time admission, or you had to pay $2 for unlimited “in and out”. My bf and I paid the $2. It was arranged on 3 levels (like a split level house – two levels on top of each other and one in the middle). The bottom level was tiny and had 3 open cubicles with gloryholes between them. The middle level was the largest. It had a bed, three “private” cubicles and some other relatively open areas. From the top level you could look down into the “private” cubicles and watch the guys having sex. There was also a puppy cage up on a stand, a bathtub, a sling, and a really small mostly dark area – maybe 4 or 5 feet by about 7 feet that you had to duck to get into.

Most of the guys weren’t doing all that much. There was a lot of jacking going on, a few blow jobs… So all in all relatively tame… until you got into the little dark area on the top level. At first it seemed pretty much like the other areas – mostly jacking, but the guys would go down on you faster than they would elsewhere.

The first time I went into the little dark area things had just started getting going in the backroom area. I had seen a guy – buzzed hair, fairly tall, lanky, cute who had his pants down outside the dark room part – he seemed pretty tweeked and eager. We went into the little dark room area about the same time. He went down on my dick and I played with is ass a bit. Feeling his ass in the dark it didn’t feel quite “right”. Then he backed himself up against me, but didn’t try to get my dick in his ass. Just sorta was encouraging me to do frottage or something. Meanwhile I was feeling up the asses on either side of me and moved on to another guy – but he also just seemed to be wanting a dick rubbed on his ass, and when I felt around the rest of him, I wasn’t all that much into him.

So I kept feeling up the asses on either side of me. I saw what looked like a hot guy in the dim light – really short hair – almost completely shaved on the sides – sorta a military haircut. I moved over near him, felt his ass and bingo! – it was either really well lubed or dripping with cum. It was pretty early (action-wise) so I wasn’t sure how he’d have gotten a few loads in him already, so I assumed it was lube, but at the same time it was perfectly viscous – like cum would be. Body-wise, he seemed to have a nice body – he had a darkish tank top on – maybe red, but couldn’t tell since there wasn’t enough light to distinguish color.

Knowing he was either lubed to get fucked or already had a few loads in him, I just pointed my dick at his hole and shoved it in. It felt great… Like it was perfect hole… Loose, cummy, and on a hot guy… Couldn’t ask for more. I started pounding away. Eventually he got himself bent over and started sucking another guy (remember, the area is small and can get really crowded). I had taken the 2nd pack of “supplements” from the other day, so I knew once I came I’d still stay hard and could continue to play after I came. Since I wanted to give a couple loads that night, when I felt my orgasm coming on, I just let him have it and flooded him with a 4 day load. When I was done he just moved on trying to find the next guy to breed him… There had been no interaction with him other than my pounding him and giving him a load.

I took a breather and walked around the bar. My bf and I had agreed to text each other if one of us left early. There was a text from him saying “I’m outta here”. He’s used that phrase before – and it’s never good when he does. It means he’s pissed. I thought about what I should do for a few minutes and then texted him back asking if he was upset and if I should leave. A while later I got a text that just said “no”. That was sorta killing my excitement – worrying that I was going to go back to the B&B and get an earful, but at the same time I was there to play… So I took the text literally and stayed…

It took a little while to recover from the orgasm and be able to get hard again. So I spent the time looking at the other parts of the backroom area – the gloryhole area, looking down on guys having sex in the the “private” cubicles… Stuff like that. It all seemed pretty tame – I don’t think I saw anyone who was clearly getting fucked out in open, and there were surprisingly few blowjobs. So it would seem this is an oral bottom’s paradise. For $2 you could give constant blowjobs and presumably swallow a fair amount of cum. The guys I watched in the private cubicles did seem to be fucking – but they’d fuck for 10 seconds, then change to a blow job for 15 seconds, then back to fucking, then kissing, then more sucking, etc… It wasn’t a serious fuck. There was one cute twink with long blond hair who I saw a few times – and he was getting it on with other hot guys each time. But one time a little later I felt up his ass and it was completely dry – so presumably he wasn’t getting fucked (at least not much).

I went back into the little dark area – and found this really short, lean guy just inside the door. He had his pants up and it wasn’t easy to get my hand down them to feel his ass. I didn’t want to be a jerk, so I just felt up his ass through his jeans. He got the message I wanted to fuck and eventually pulled down his pants. His hole seemed dry – so I assumed he hadn’t gotten fucked. I put some spit on his hole and some on my dick and shoved in. He was so short it was hard to actually fuck him (since we were standing up). I sorta had to squat to get low enough to get into his ass. Once I was in him he seemed not-so-dry… It was either natural moisture from his ass or more likely, he had a load deep in him already. As I felt up his body I got more and more into him. He must have had a 28″ waist and he was so little. I just wished we were fucking on a bed, ’cause it was anything but easy to be squatting to fuck. Eventually I found a weird position that was relatively comfortable. I had my shoulders against a wall, my legs at least 2 feet out from the wall and enough room so my hips could move to fuck. Once we got this position down and there was a little space in front of us, he leaned over and started sucking the guy in front of us. Since I had already cum, getting another orgasm was difficult, and in this position, just about impossible. So after a pretty long fuck (by backroom standards), I think we’d both had enough and called it quits. I pull out and went to feel my dick and I thought I felt shit on the head of my dick. I was grossed out and didn’t want to shove the dick into my boxers and get shit all over them (they were white with red stripes), so I thought quick and then rubbed the head of my dick on the wall. Yeah, someone else might get shit on their clothes that way, but what was I going to do? As soon as I had done that the guy I had fucked leaned over and started sucking me again – basically cleaning off my dick. He didn’t act like there was anything wrong, so maybe there hadn’t been shit on my dick – but either way my dick was clean, so I stuffed it back in my pants and then tried to get out so I could wash my hands… But getting out took a while since the little dark room was completely packed.

After washing my hands, I walked around the main bar for a while catching my breath (having to be in a weird position for that last fuck was tiring). Then I looked around the backroom area again – saw pretty much what I saw before… Then I ducked into the small dark room again… I see the little guy again, and when he goes to get out I follow him. He doesn’t know it’s me, but he’s cute… Looks pretty much like a regular, respectable gay guy… I love it when someone like that is taking raw anonymous dick in the dark…

I walk around a little more hear these three guys commenting on how each of them is wearing a wedding ring and having partners out in the main bar… Eventually go back to the little dark room. The little guy is in there again. This time he’s not playing so hard to get. His pants are down, he feels my cock and backs up to me and lets me fuck him some more, but I’d already given him a good fuck (if not a load) and didn’t have the energy to fuck him properly so I pull out. I did feel up his dick and was surprised to find that it was big and thick – probably at least as long as mine and thicker – all on a guy who was maybe 5’3″ – his dick must look huge on such a little guy with such a little waist.

I then feel up the ass of this other guy and find it’s dripping with cum. The funny part is none of the bottoms are all that aggressive. You’d think someone who’s taking loads would feel someone interested in their ass, feel up the guy’s dick and push themselves onto the dick. This guy took forever to get the hint. He finally turned around and I shoved my dick in. Thing was, his legs were a lot longer than mine and I had to stand on my toes to fuck him properly, and by this time I was getting tired. I really wanted to seed another hole, but knew this wouldn’t last long with me having to stand on my toes to fuck. I fucked him a bit and then pulled out. It was nice fucking a cummy hole, but I wasn’t going to be able to cum…

By this time it was after 2am and I was ready to go home and go to bed. I had been sick with food poisoning the day before as well as that morning (bad Chinese food), I had woken up early that morning, and then driven for hours. It had been fun, but I was wiped… As I exited the little dark area there was this hot 20-something positioning himself in the sling just outside the little dark area – looking to get fucked. It was tempting, but I just didn’t have it in me – so I passed it up and left…

By the way… I should mention that there were condoms readily available in the backroom area, but I didn’t see anyone take them. I was looking for opened condom wrappers, but never saw any. Towards the end I did step on what felt like a used condom on the floor of the little dark area, but all in all I’d say the majority of the guys at Tunnel don’t fuck and those who do fuck don’t bother with condoms.

Going there I had hoped to felch some loads out of cummy asses. But in the moment I just didn’t feel motivated to do it. If there hadn’t been the shit scare with the little guy and if his hole had been cummier, I would have done it with him. Guess I should have done it with the last guy or maybe the first guy, but it just felt weird to get down on my knees in a crowded dark room…

I just really wish New York had a bar with a good backroom. I’d be there once or twice a week… But with all the hysteria lately, that’s not going to happen any time soon. Still, every city needs a bar like Tunnel…

When I got back to the hotel I was expecting fireworks from the boyfriend. But he just rolled over with his back to me and fell back asleep. I had a hard time sleeping. The B&B was just a block and a half from Tunnel, but it was above a bar and I could hear music (faintly), the bed sagged into the middle, and when I tried to sleep like I usually do my arm fell asleep. All in all I got just about no sleep that night. Just before dawn I could tell my bf was awake and I cuddled up with him. After a while we started talking. He said he was mad for about 5 minutes then he got over it. He realized I had gone out for a crappy dinner that night just because he was jonesing for rotisserie chicken – in other words, I put up with stuff he liked to do that I didn’t enjoy – so he should do the same (weird comparison, but it worked for him). Laying there not able to sleep, I had prepared this whole argument about how nothing had really changed since he met me. The night we met it had been in a bathhouse and I had barebacked 2 or 3 guys who were just laying there on their stomachs – it’s just what I like sexually and it’s not going to change. But I didn’t have to say any of that… He had resolved it all in his own mind just fine…

Now I want to go back to up to Montréal. This time I just want to get a 24-hour room in a bathhouse instead of paying $150 for a B&B with an uncomfortable bed. That way when I wake up with a hardon in the morning (like I did), I can find a hole to fuck and seed. There’s one bathhouse we went to a few years ago that has a big dark playroom in the basement with lots of good sleazy guys getting fucked raw… I could spend a whole weekend between that place and Tunnel (plus going out to eat and bar hopping)…




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