Three Loads In Three Days

18 January 2016 | 2 Comments

Loads 2015-28, 29 & 30

There were three fucks in mid-November that I meant to write up, but never got around to… They were fun ’cause I was in this “gotta fuck hole” top mode.

The first day was with the hot Asian guy I had fucked a week before. The fuck went about how it had gone the week before, so no point in rehashing the detail. But I did get a few pics…

Pushing dick into smooth assFucking Asian Guy

The next day I fucked a piggy older guy around my age. Honestly I don’t remember too many details about that fuck other than that it was a decent fuck.

The third day I went over to this younger guy’s place. The guy was dark skinned, probably mixed race, had a nice body and basically just seemed like a hungry cumdump. While I was fucking him I could hear his roommate rattling around the apartment just outside his door. That part was sorta weird, but the bottom didn’t seem to care if we were heard. He told me later that he got like 6 loads in his ass that day.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more periods like that where I just wanna fuck and breed day after day. But life has been distracting lately, so we’ll see…

Fucked A VERY Hot Asian Guy This Afternoon

10 November 2015 | 1 Comment

Loads 2015-26 & 27

After yesterday’s “disappointment” I totally lucked out today and fucked this guy who was totally my type. I wasn’t getting much of any bites late this morning, then things started picking up in the afternoon. But mostly they wanted later or, when I did finally make a plan with someone, it just fell through.

This one Asian guy had hit me up saying he could do later. He was hot enough that I gave him my cell and told him to text me and keep in touch. So when my plans fell through I hit him up and luckily he was available. I told him I just wanted a quickie, and he was fine with that…

He had mentioned that he reads my blog, and when he got here it seemed his interest in me went beyond that. Apparently I’m totally his type. I’m not my type, so while the flattery is always nice to hear, I only take it so seriously. Meanwhile he was very much my type – shorter (which I like), quite thin (which is always hot), and he had these incredible tattoos on him, which made him rather distinctive.

We took off our clothes and he got busy sucking my cock. It was an interesting blowjob. Felt different than most. Hard to describe how it was different, but it was actually a pretty good blowjob – which is high praise from me since I’m not really into getting my dick sucked. But there was a point where I just wanted to fuck.

So we moved to the bed and I rimmed him briefly before lubing up my cock and sliding in. He had mentioned that he was mostly a top and had only started bottoming recently, so I wasn’t too surprised when he pulled off saying it hurt. But that was just for a second and then he was back with my dick up his hole. I took it easy initially just so he could get used to me.

The position of his hole made things a little complicated. The best way to describe it was that it was closer to his balls than it is on a lot of guys. So with him on his belly the position was a little awkward and I wasn’t in as deep as I’d usually like. BUT it didn’t hurt things at all. Probably a minute or two after I started fucking him I was blowing a pretty decent size load in him. I thought I’d just continue fucking his cummy hole but then 30 seconds or so later I blew another load that was even bigger than the first load. I was rather shocked. Yeah, he’s my type, but two loads in less than a minute when I came like 24 hours before? All when the position of my dick was a little awkward? Hey, whatever works, right?

At that point I knew I didn’t have third load in me, so I continued to slowly fuck his cummy ass for a while. Then I rolled him on his side and continued pumping in and out until I went soft and popped out.

The whole hookup took maybe 30 minutes – longer than I was planning on, but it was great sex with a hot bottom that got me to cum twice, so well worth the extra time.

Next time I fuck him I think I’ll do missionary position. That’ll let me get deeper into him. 😉

My Dick Just Wants What It Wants…

25 April 2014 | 7 Comments

Load 2014-9

There was one fuck a few weeks ago I never got around to writing up. Then I was sick for two weeks straight with a bad head/chest cold, but finally I’m back in the land of the living with just an occasional cough.

Yesterday I was pretty horny. I hadn’t cum in a few days. I felt like I wanted to fuck in the morning just so I could focus on work, but then I had a semi-unproductive day since I hadn’t cum. Oh well. I knew there was a gangbang in the evening and that was sorta my fallback plan. Thing was, the bottom was sorta borderline my type.

Then one of my favorite bottoms hit me up. He comes before just about anyone else. I mean he’s totally my type – Asian, short, compact body with a little muscle, and he’s cute, and a genuinely sweet guy. In the meantime I was chatting with one of my fuckbuds and he said he had fucked the bottom who was getting gangbanged and that the guy had a nice hole. But I really wanted to fuck the Asian guy. I’ve been in a mood lately where I prefer familiar over new.

The Asian guy and I met up, but things just didn’t go as well as usual. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe my blood sugar was low. Maybe there was too much chatting before sex (I do prefer things a bit anonymous – at least initially). The first few positions we fucked in were a little weird, which didn’t help. But the bottom line is that I just couldn’t cum with him even though he’s totally my type, something was off with him last night.

As I was leaving I was a little demoralized – I felt like I just failed with him. The gangbang was just 8 blocks away. I figured I’d give it a shot, but I wasn’t hopeful – I mean I was rather worried about my performance. I did pick up a Coke just in case blood sugar was the issue.

I got over to the gangbang and there was the host (with a big thick dick), and the bottom was on the bed getting fucked by some other top. I took off most of my clothes and the other top pulled out and offered the guy’s ass. I wasn’t hard yet, so the host ordered the bottom to suck my dick, but honestly I wanted to rim the guy. He had 5 loads in him already. I knew if anything was going to get me hard it would be a cummy hole.

I was right about one thing – physically the guy just wasn’t really my type, but once I was rimming his cummy hole none of that mattered. It tasted really good. Needless to say after a few minutes I was hard enough to fuck. He was still sucking the other top’s cock, so I fucked him doggy style.

Doggy style usually isn’t a position I cum in very easily, but his hole just felt right on my cock. After my earlier performance issues I was a little surprised when I felt my load cumming just a couple minutes after I started fucking him. Why couldn’t it have been that easy with the Asian guy? My load was pretty big – definitely gave him more than I took when I felched him.

So my dick is weird sometimes. I can’t really say exactly why things didn’t go right with the Asian guy, but at least I gave a load to someone.

Fucking The Energizer Bunny

22 January 2014 | 3 Comments

Load 2014-4

Fucked an Asian guy the other night. He arrived with a load already in him and after me he went over to Paddles to get fucked some more (though it sounds like he mostly had oral sex).

But I’m ahead of myself… The guy lives in another city and gets to NYC every now and then. I’ve been chatting with him for years. At one point during the hookup he said I fucked him years ago. Actually, he said I tagged him with a black guy. I totally don’t remember that and can’t find the blog post, but if he says it, I believe it. It must have been a really long time ago.

Anyway, he needed to use the bathroom when he got here, so I stripped down and waited for him on the bed. He came in, stripped down and started sucking me to get me hard. He was small enough that I could reach around and feel his hole while he sucked me. It felt a little puffy and loose – like it had been recently fucked. It wasn’t long before I was completely hard. When I was fully hard I started feeling his teeth as he sucked my cock. That wasn’t a pleasant sensation so I figured I’d just cut that short and fuck him.

Usually I’d rim someone like him before fucking him, but I was hard and felt like fucking. I didn’t even use lube. I had a bottle laying on the bed, but he didn’t seem to need it. I just put a bunch of spit on the head of my dick and shoved in. I asked him “do you have other loads in you?” The answer was “Yea, I’ve got a load in me.” That sorta turned me on. Asian guys are typically so clean-cut, I always love it when an Asian guy is a bit of a slut.

As I fucked him I wondered how things would be different if my boyfriend were a bottom who liked taking loads. It would be hot to have a boyfriend come home with loads from random strangers. But alas, my boyfriend is nothing like that and too much is right about our relationship to seriously wish he were different.

I thought briefly about putting a whole bunch of weight on him as I fucked him (like how Tyler Reed did when he fucked Draven Torres) but decided to keep it simple. He hole felt pretty good. I could feel a wetness from the load that was already in there which make things feel nice and silky. Needless to say with a cummy ass it wasn’t long before I was blowing my load up there. I could feel the orgasm cumming, but the actual cumshot took it’s time. He knew he was getting the load and I think he thought I had already given it, but then the cumshot came and I filled him up pretty deep.

I then collapsed on top of him. I think he liked feeling engulfed by my body since I’m so much bigger than him. Then I rolled us over on our sides and kept fucking his cummy hole a little. I pulled out a little earlier than I usually do, and it was at that point that he started doing all sorts of stuff to service me. He sucked and sucked, he sucked on my nipples, he licked my pits… It just went on and on. I felt like I was having sex with the Energizer Bunny. He wasn’t furry and pink, but he just kept going, and going, and going…

He really wanted to get me hard enough to fuck him again and get another load, but I had cum the day before at the gangbang. He did manage to get me hard enough that I started feeling his teeth again when he sucked me. I actually had to tell him to watch his teeth – which is something most experienced bottoms know to avoid. But I chalk it up to him having a small mouth and when I’m fully hard I filled his mouth pretty completely. It sounds like he did a lot of cocksucking at the JOC party after leaving me. I’m not sure how he managed to suck some of the really big black cocks you typically find at one of those parties.

I think  he could have gone on and on, but there was a point where I was sorta done and wanted it to end so I gently worked things so it was clear things needed to wrap up. We chatted a little about how he should get from my place to the JOC party, and then he was on his way.

First Load Of 2014 Deposited In Smooth Asian Hole

3 January 2014 | 1 Comment

Load 2014-1

Had a good hookup yesterday with a neg bottom who’s a bit of a slutty cumhole, but really clean-cut appearance outwardly. He’s the Asian guy I fucked last month. He wanted me to come over right as another top was leaving, so he’d get loads back-to-back.

I get to his building and had to wait a couple minutes for the top before me to leave. He was in a nice building downtown – doorman, concierge, etc. When I got up to his apartment I sorta expected him to be naked since he’d just been fucked, but he was fully clothed. His apartment was quite nice, which was a pleasant change of pace from most of the places I see when I fuck guys. Clearly his life is going pretty well.

We strip down pretty quickly and he gets on the bed and throws his legs in the air. That’s when I remembered he’s not really into blowjobs. That’s fine with me – eating out smooth Asian hole is hardly a bad way to work up a hardon. As I rimmed him I was sorta hoping I’d taste the load that got deposited by the other top, but I never did taste anything in particular.

Once I was fully hard I climbed on the bed and pushed into him. His hole felt really good. A little slick (probably from the load in him), but also sorta tight and hitting in the right spots on my dick.

After fucking him briefly on his back, I rolled him over  bit and fucked him on his side. That felt really good and I could start to feel my orgasm building. I didn’t want to rush it too much – figured I’d just take my time (not that I ever take all that long to cum). But I wasn’t quite sure I could cum in that position, so I rolled him all the way onto his belly and experimented in that position until his hole was working my dick just right. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I blew a nice big 3 day load up his ass.

It was good I came when I did. I was sorta out of breath by the time the load came. I laid down next to him and spooned him with my dick still in his ass – just slowly pumping in and out of his cummy hole. We chatted a bit as I felt up his body.

After a little downtime he tried to get my dick up hard enough to fuck, but my load was shot and it wasn’t really happening – close, but not quite. After laying around a bit and chatting I eventually got dressed and left.

He’s a good cumhole – hopefully I’ll get to breed him pretty regularly this year.

Fucked Two Guys Who’d Been Hitting Me Up For A While

10 December 2013 | 1 Comment

Loads 2013-49 & 2013-50

Well, I finally managed to get to 50 loads given this year. If I fuck someone every other day until the end of the year I could get to 60… Hmmm… Probably not realistic, but I’ll rack up a few more before the end of the year.

Anyway – the two guys I fucked they had one thing in common – they’d both been hitting me up for a while, but things had just never worked out in the past. That, and taking my load, are about the only things they had in common.

The guy from yesterday was your classic 40-something piggy bottom. I get the sense that over the years pretty much everyone has fucked him (though that’s just my gut impression – it may not be the case). The funny part was that despite his considerable experience he was sorta nervous when he showed up. He had verbal diarrhea. At one point I just wanted to shove a jockstrap in his mouth or something to shut him up. It’s a fine line between the right amount of verbal and too much. I mean there are a lot of factors – what’s being said, how it’s being said, the volume it’s being said at, and most importantly, who’s listening to it and what their preferences are.

Honestly the hookup with him didn’t go all that well. On top of being a bit too verbal he was also a bit controlling. He kept resisting the positions I’d put him in. Or he’d wiggle around when I was fucking him and then when I’d start to get in a groove he’d move. It was a little frustrating.

I had actually given up on cumming and was fucking him doggy – figuring I’d just fuck until my dick wasn’t into it anymore when all of a sudden the sensations started feeling right. I was rubbing up against something in his ass that felt good. So I just stayed in that groove for a while and let it develop. I can’t remember the last time I came in doggy position (there have been times, but the last one was probably at least a couple years ago now). Anyway, he didn’t move (too much) and the sensations started building and then I blew a rather considerable load in his ass.

We then laid there and had some quiet time. He cleaned off my cock and then buried his face in my arm pit and just laid there. Finally he was pretty much completely quiet. We did talk a little – enough to realize that his initial talkativeness was largely just him being nervous.

Today’s bottom was very different. At least on the outside he was a very clean cut and professional Asian guy – probably late 20s to “30ish”. He was the kind of guy that if you saw him on the street you’d never guess he likes taking loads. Never in a million years.

He started by giving me a blowjob, but that wasn’t really doing it for me, so I got him on all fours and started rimming his hole. It was a nice, smooth hole too – very pristine. My mind went back to one time when my bf and I went to a sex party in the old GCN space. I was rimming this really cute, clean cut Asian kid that was early 20’s at the oldest and all of a sudden cum just starts running out of his ass. My rimming turned into felching. The idea that someone so clean cut, “innocent” and cute was such a slut was a major turn on. So for the rest of the hookup today I just imagined the guy below me at a sex party taking loads from anyone and everyone.

His hole felt good, but like the guy the day before he wanted to control the position he got fucked in. I started with him on all fours and then then quickly pushed him on his belly – but he didn’t like that, so he rolled over on his back and guided my cock into his ass. We fucked that way a bit, then I slowly rolled him over and eventually got him on his belly. He wanted body contact, so he pushed his back up so it was rubbing against my chest as I fucked him.

It wasn’t long before I felt my load building and then I blew a pretty big load in him – which was a little surprising since I’d cum less than 24 hours before. (Guess the zinc I’m taking at night is helping). I then rolled us over on our side and he insisted on keeping my dick in his ass (I would have anyway), and I just kept pumping my dick in and out of his cummy hole.




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