Gave A Latino Load #3 Of The 6 He Got That Night

24 August 2009 | 4 Comments

Load 2009-20

So the Latino I’ve been fucking on and off for 5 years wanted to hookup last Thursday. I’ve fucked him a fair amount over the years, but it’s always been at his place and it’s always the same routine – he’s ass up on all fours on his bed just inside the door and doesn’t look at me until I’ve blown my load in his ass. This time he was game for coming to my place which was perfect ’cause I was horny ’cause I’d been working on porn all day, but was tired and didn’t have the energy to travel.

He had problems with the subway and a trip which should have taken 45 minutes took an hour and a half, but he finally got here. It was funny seeing him in clothes. He’s always been in just a jockstrap when I’ve fucked him before. He came in, had a big grin/smile on his face, got naked and got on my bed on all fours, face down, ass up – just like always. It was funny seeing his balls – they hung down really low.

I ate out his ass, but didn’t taste the other two loads he had up there. Then I fucked him. I was horny so it didn’t last long but he got a nice big load…

We laid around and chatted for a bit. Knowing he likes anonymous sex I suggested he try going to the park next to where I live. It’s really cruisey. The surrounding neighborhoods are largely Dominican and Dominican guys don’t have a problem fucking other guys and still considering themselves straight – so the park is pretty good for bottoms who want to get fucked (or give a blowjob). I don’t go there much at all ’cause I don’t want neighbors seeing me go into the park and plus it’s not as good for tops as it is for bottoms.

I was surprised when he said he wasn’t really into parks and didn’t really know how to hookup in them. I told him to think of them as a raunchy cruise bar. Just be assertive and you’ll get what you want. He said he’d try it out. The next day he texted me saying he didn’t stay long, but he got fucked by three guys and got their loads. Not bad for not staying long. I wonder if that will turn him on to taking loads in parks. He doesn’t live that far from the Rambles… He could get a lot of loads that way if he wanted to.

Next time I think I’ll have him come up, hang out for an hour or more in the park and then bring me his cummy hole to fuck – then he can go back to the park. Or maybe I’ll find him in the park and fuck him there…




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