Fun & Crazy Afternoon @ IML

25 May 2009 | 1 Comment

Load 2009-8

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect moment in my IML experience. While I have issues with how IML is run, it’s moments like this that will get me back here next year.

For starters the guys who were taking over my blackout party wanted to come by to talk to me (NotSoInnocent and BountyHunter from BarebackRT). Then while I was waiting for them a hot black bottom from LA contacts me and wants to come over. While I was chatting with him the straight married lawyer who I played around with last year called me and was in the hotel and wanted to stop by.

First the guys who were doing the party got here. One was in leather the other in street clothes. Nice guys. We chatted a bit and then there was a knock at the door – it was the straight lawyer. He came in and was curious that I had other guys in the room who were potential bottoms… After doing his forceful dominance thing with one of the guys – basically sitting on him like he was a horse or a dog or something, he saw that my gear was out on the desk from the session the day before and he picked through it and started putting a collar on one of the guys. Then he got one of the floggers and started using it on the guy’s ass…

The other guy decided he wanted to get into his leather and come back, so he left. It wasn’t long before the remaining guy was tied up and the lawyer and I were using him. I let the lawyer lead – he has this subtle but persistent energy to him where he forces you firmly but gently to do what he wants.

After a while he had the bottom on the bed pushing the bottom down with his legs as laid back on the bed. I was flogging the backside of the guy’s legs. (BTW, the “bottom” is usually a top.) After a bit I took some rope and some restraints and basically did a loose version of a hog tie with the guy on his belly and his ankles tied to his collar.

Then there was another knock on the door. I was expecting the other guy doing the party to come back, but it was the black guy. I had told him the straight guy was coming over so he asked if he was still there, and I brought him into the room… He’s not big on S/M and just wanted to get fucked. He stripped down and presented his ass to me. I ate out his ass for a while as the straight guy continued to play with the guy who was all tied up.

I started fucked the black guy with him in a doggy position, then I pushed him into the middle of the bed where he was right next to the guy tied up and the straight guy started forcing him down on the bed with his legs. That lasted for a bit but the black guy was a bit nervous and didn’t like being forced down so he pushed himself back up a bit.

The straight guy had already started feeling the scene was changing and I could tell he wasn’t 100% into what was going on. He’s about dominance and control. He seems more interested in the fact that he could fuck you if he wanted to than actually fucking. He’s simply not motivated to fuck at all – it’s all about dominance to him. When the black guy pushed himself back up that was sorta the end of his attention span. Plus the bottom who was tied up was getting to his limit as well.

The straight guy got up, we untied the bottom to the point he could get himself out of the rest of what he had on, and I went back to fucking the black guy. The straight guy then asked if he could take the whip he had left with me the year before – he wanted to go walk around the hotel. I figured that was the last I was going to see of him and the whip, and he left. Then the bottom got himself untied and he left too – wondering why his friend hadn’t come back…

At last the black guy and I were alone, which was a good thing. I can fuck when I’m around other people, but I’m better when I’m 1-on-1… Being watched makes me a bit nervous. He had a bubbly full ass (and a lean body). His ass felt good, but it was a bit of a challenge getting just the right part of my dick rubbed the right way. I was starting to think I wasn’t going to be able to cum when I had him change a bit and I fucked him on his belly with one leg bent – so I was sorta coming at his ass from an angle. That was better, but I still wondered if I could cum. Finally he was almost falling off the bed (supporting himself with his arms touching the floor) and I found the goove and knew I’d get my nut. A couple minutes later he got my 2 day load up his butt.

Picture of rawTOP at IMLWe talked for a bit and then he was on his way. One of the things he mentioned was that I needed new pics – that my pictures didn’t do me justice. So I pulled out the camera and had him take a few. The first couple didn’t come out very well (see pic to the right – lol) – I was backlit so the initial pics were completely useless. I tried to get the flash to work, but finally gave up and took a picture in a different location in the room.

I then laid down for a bit and thought that was a cool ending to the last afternoon at IML. But then there was a knock on the door – the guy who was hosting the party had come back in leather. I told him I had just come, but if he wanted to play with flogging or something I was up for that. He had never been flogged and was a versatile top, but was willing to give it a try.

I knew I had to be pretty gentle on him since it was his first time. He pulled out a video camera and a blindfold and so we recorded his flogging. Hopefully he’ll put it up on a tube site so I can embed it here.

It was a good session. Couldn’t go all that hard on him, but he took more than he thought he could and actually got off on the pain, which wasn’t something he was expecting. Eventually my wrist was getting tired and he was starting to reach his limit, so we stopped.

All in all, pretty much the perfect IML afternoon…

Stole 2 Loads From A Guy’s Wife

27 February 2009 | 6 Comments

I’m really horrible picking up guys when I’m just out doing stuff. But sometimes it happens. That’s how I met the heavily tattooed Latino who lives near me – back in December of ’97 I was walking down 7th Avenue in full leather and he came up to me cute as a button with red Santa’s elf hat on… Anyway, Wednesday I was coming back from jury duty (thank god I didn’t get on the 2-3 week murder trial I had to do jury selection for), and this Latino guy was sitting across from me on the subway. It seemed like every time I looked his way he was looking at me.

I saw him grab his bag the stop before mine, but then he didn’t get off – he got off at my stop. We went up the elevators and when we got on the street he said ‘how’s it going?’. Then he asked my name… 5 seconds later we were at the front of my building and he asked if I lived with anyone. I said my bf, but he wasn’t home right then. He asked if he could come up – I said sure. As we were walking through the lobby he asked me if I were Jewish – he thought the buildings around where I lived were all Jewish. I said no, but there were a lot of Jews living here when we moved in – less so now…

The thing about casual hookups is you never know how they’ll turn out ’cause you really don’t know what the other person is into. He wanted me to lay back on the bed ’cause he wanted to suck my dick, but he wanted me to strip down, so I took of my clothes, then we got him out of his then we got down to business. But I wasn’t totally hard (hadn’t taken a pill), and he didn’t seem as interested in sucking my dick. His dick was rock hard and big – like 9.5+. I sucked him for a bit, then I got him on his back and moved from his dick to his ass and started rimming him. He had been out and about, so he was all musky, when I got to his ass it was almost pungent, but not quite rank – just a really strong smell.

He seemed to like me rimming him and as usual rimming got me nice and hard. I got up, he saw my hard dick and went to sucking it… Then he got me on the bed on my back and sucked me that way. He pushed my leg apart and really wanted to fuck me, but that wasn’t going to happen.

I got up and started playing more with his body and his ass. He had a great body – lean, with a small fuckable ass (small, but not flat). All of a sudden he came – nice big load too. I got down there and started licking it up and sucking on his dick a bit more, which he liked.

He really wanted me to cum, but by that point I knew he didn’t want to get fucked (or as he put it “I don’t take dick”). I knew it probably just wasn’t going to happen. He was hot and all, but I could just tell I wasn’t up for it. About this time I asked him about his wedding ring whether it meant he had a boyfriend or a wife – he said a wife…

Anyway, we kept playing – he stayed rock hard I sucked him some more, and at one point he turned around and presented his ass to me as I was down on my knees, so I rimmed him some more. Really got into it and was as close as I was going to come to actually cumming, but still knew it wasn’t going to happen.

When I stood up he turned around (he really didn’t want my dick near his ass), and after a bit we got back to things and I was sucking him some more, but he didn’t think he could cum again, so he washed up and we got our clothes on. When he was in the bathroom I was looking at him – great lean body – probably about 30ish, and like a lot of Dominicans he had this great natural color to him. Being as pale as I am I’m always a bit jealous of guys who’ve got a nice color – and I definitely loved the color of his skin – it was dark, but not black…

After we got our clothes on he was still horny and hard so we pulled out our dicks and once again I went down on him and this time I got his load – 2nd of the session. Stood up and showed him the load on my tongue…

I gave him my number as he was leaving – not sure if he’ll get in touch with me again. I would really really love to get inside that ass of his and dump a load up that straight butt of his… Wonder what it will take to get that to happen…

[BTW, he was so ‘pungent’ I couldn’t get his smell out of my beard and my bf figured out I hooked up with someone when he kissed me and smelled his ass in my beard. And that was after washing my beard about 3 times… 😉 ]

Maybe I’m Not A Total Top After All…

26 May 2008 | No Comments

Coming back from breakfast this guy comes onto me in the elevator. He’s flagging whipping top. He asks if I want to hang out and i say sure… He’s a hot, lean, older guy who looks “complicated”…

Walking down the hall he asks me what I like and I say I’m a top. He’s a top as well (obviously), so I wasn’t quite sure how it would go. The maid was cleaning my room when we got there, so after making out a little he splits and says he’ll be back in 5 or 10 when the maid is done. I lay down on the bed thinking he probably won’t be back, but then there’s a knock at the door and he’s back.

It was weird hooking up with him… He was really forceful and physical. When I put puppy mitts on him it was like I was wrestling him to put them on, but he was perfectly willing to have them on. Then I locked the puppy mitts together with a heavy lock. Shortly after I did that I realized it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to do. He put a puppy mitt on each side of my throat and it was clear he could have choked me if he wanted to, and given how forceful and strong he was it wouldn’t have gone well for me if he had had his mind set on hurting me.

But he didn’t. I could tell he liked dominating me, he liked the power and control aspect of what was going on. He was hard the entire time. It wasn’t really my style of sex at all, and I definitely wasn’t in control of the scene, but then again it’s not like he was in complete control either.

At certain points I tried to make it about his hole – fingering it, rimming it a little, but he didn’t really want that (not that his dick got soft or anything)… I knew he was into spanking (at least as a top) since he had asked me early on if I liked to get spanked. When I spanked him he had a strong reaction – he was totally turned on, but also didn’t like it. He liked to kiss, but almost never on the lips. The whole scene was a weird combination of tenderness and force. Which is what S/M is all about anyway, right?

When I had his pants down he wanted me to lick his balls. I did, but then I brought out my cock and ball whip and he was in heaven. He really got off on that. He asked what else I had, and I showed him a few paddles and used those on him briefly.

Then he wanted to use them on me. By this point I was pretty comfortable with him. I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me – he just liked things a little rough, so I took the puppy mitts off and told him he could do what he wanted if he was gentle. He was actually too gentle – I had to tell him he could go harder…

Then he wanted to ride me like a pony. He got on my back and I took him around the room, then got on all fours on the bed and he rode me there.

It then sorta wound down. I think part of it was he liked it better when I fought back and towards the end there I was more submissive than he liked.

So after yesterday’s experience, I guess I have to revise what I said. I can be a bottom. Never for anything anal, but there’s a lot of other things in the S/M experience and if I trust the top, I’m good… It’s not like I’m going to want it constantly (I never got hard in the scene with this guy), but I gotta say it’s an interesting change from the ordinary.

As he was leaving he asked where I was from and what I did. I found out he’s a married “straight” lawyer who likes hooking up with guys behind his wife’s back. He had to leave to get back to work, where his wife thought he was. As he left he rolled his pants over his big shiny boots, to blend in more on the street… Curious guy…

Oh yeah, he left me the home-made whip he had been carrying around. It’s made out of plastic coated wire and has knots in it. I tried it out on myself after he left and it’s actually a pretty good whip. Stings a little, but is still pretty “soft”...

UPDATE: Later that evening I noticed the message light was flashing on my phone in the hotel room. Turned out the guy wants to hook up again when he’s in New York. Gave me his number so I could call him. I texted him instead, and he took a while to get back to me, but he did. I think it could be interesting… If nothing else, it’s different and by playing with him, it’ll expand how I use sub bottoms…




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