Fucking The Energizer Bunny

22 January 2014 | 3 Comments

Load 2014-4

Fucked an Asian guy the other night. He arrived with a load already in him and after me he went over to Paddles to get fucked some more (though it sounds like he mostly had oral sex).

But I’m ahead of myself… The guy lives in another city and gets to NYC every now and then. I’ve been chatting with him for years. At one point during the hookup he said I fucked him years ago. Actually, he said I tagged him with a black guy. I totally don’t remember that and can’t find the blog post, but if he says it, I believe it. It must have been a really long time ago.

Anyway, he needed to use the bathroom when he got here, so I stripped down and waited for him on the bed. He came in, stripped down and started sucking me to get me hard. He was small enough that I could reach around and feel his hole while he sucked me. It felt a little puffy and loose – like it had been recently fucked. It wasn’t long before I was completely hard. When I was fully hard I started feeling his teeth as he sucked my cock. That wasn’t a pleasant sensation so I figured I’d just cut that short and fuck him.

Usually I’d rim someone like him before fucking him, but I was hard and felt like fucking. I didn’t even use lube. I had a bottle laying on the bed, but he didn’t seem to need it. I just put a bunch of spit on the head of my dick and shoved in. I asked him “do you have other loads in you?” The answer was “Yea, I’ve got a load in me.” That sorta turned me on. Asian guys are typically so clean-cut, I always love it when an Asian guy is a bit of a slut.

As I fucked him I wondered how things would be different if my boyfriend were a bottom who liked taking loads. It would be hot to have a boyfriend come home with loads from random strangers. But alas, my boyfriend is nothing like that and too much is right about our relationship to seriously wish he were different.

I thought briefly about putting a whole bunch of weight on him as I fucked him (like how Tyler Reed did when he fucked Draven Torres) but decided to keep it simple. He hole felt pretty good. I could feel a wetness from the load that was already in there which make things feel nice and silky. Needless to say with a cummy ass it wasn’t long before I was blowing my load up there. I could feel the orgasm cumming, but the actual cumshot took it’s time. He knew he was getting the load and I think he thought I had already given it, but then the cumshot came and I filled him up pretty deep.

I then collapsed on top of him. I think he liked feeling engulfed by my body since I’m so much bigger than him. Then I rolled us over on our sides and kept fucking his cummy hole a little. I pulled out a little earlier than I usually do, and it was at that point that he started doing all sorts of stuff to service me. He sucked and sucked, he sucked on my nipples, he licked my pits… It just went on and on. I felt like I was having sex with the Energizer Bunny. He wasn’t furry and pink, but he just kept going, and going, and going…

He really wanted to get me hard enough to fuck him again and get another load, but I had cum the day before at the gangbang. He did manage to get me hard enough that I started feeling his teeth again when he sucked me. I actually had to tell him to watch his teeth – which is something most experienced bottoms know to avoid. But I chalk it up to him having a small mouth and when I’m fully hard I filled his mouth pretty completely. It sounds like he did a lot of cocksucking at the JOC party after leaving me. I’m not sure how he managed to suck some of the really big black cocks you typically find at one of those parties.

I think  he could have gone on and on, but there was a point where I was sorta done and wanted it to end so I gently worked things so it was clear things needed to wrap up. We chatted a little about how he should get from my place to the JOC party, and then he was on his way.

Bred A Masculine, Piggy Little Latino

5 October 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-42

After yesterday’s let down where I didn’t feel my cumshot (and may not have cum), I was determined to have some decent sex today. I got online this morning. Didn’t really want to hookup up right then, but figured I’d see what might be available later. I had a bunch of guys interested (at least casually), but the one that caught my eye was this masculine little Latino. When I say little I think his profile said 5’4″ – but he might have been stretching it a little. I’ve got a weakness for little guys so we exchanged numbers and soon we were texting.

I had a call scheduled with my accountant but then that got delayed, so hours passed, but we kept texting and he was still interested when I got done with my call. We decided I’d go to him. He was in a bit of an awkward location – sorta close and sorta far away. At first I was going to take the bus, but I decided walking would be just as fast. After all the delays he seemed eager for me to get there.

Of course, after a long walk he’s in a 5th floor walk up. I was out of breath when I got up to his place. He said something like “Well, this is my place…” like he was expecting a reply of “Great place”, but I didn’t know what to say – it was rather barren and the walls were painted funky colors. Only as I was about to leave did he tell me that he had just moved in. At that point I was able to give an honest, encouraging, “Oh, yeah, this is a lot of space for one person…”

The other thing he told me when I walked through the door was that he had just gotten hit by a car. He pointed to his knee which was totally swollen. It looked pretty painful. But clearly he was still up for hooking up. In hindsight I gotta give the guy credit – he gets hit by a car, but still drags himself and his bike up 4 flights of stairs and waits around for a hookup before going to the hospital to get checked out. Gotta love a pig who puts sex before semi-urgent medical care.

I was sweating from the walk and he had no A/C and no fan. I start stripping down and was worried about overheating. He dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock – oddly putting the bulk of his weight on his swollen knee. If you read this blog very much you know blowjobs aren’t really my thing, so I had him get up on the be. I was intending to rim his (furry) ass, but he laid sideways, so I gave him a blowjob while I fingered his hole.

Playing with his ass was enough to get me hard, so I got up and let him suck on my now hard cock. I think he was expecting me to be smaller. He didn’t seem all that happy that I was as big as I was. After less than a minute of sucking me he told me to get on my back. I thought he was going to suck me some more, but he only did that for a few seconds to get my cock wet with spit and then he put some spit on his hole and proceeded to sit down on my raw cock.

I had violated one of my rules in hooking up with him – we hadn’t actually discussed whether he was OK with bareback – and then I had just walked a really long way for the hookup. If had wanted a condom it would have been a disaster. But luckily he was a good little pig and thought nothing of sitting on a strangers bare dick.

I remember back when I used to be a young vers twink – that sitting on a cock is a great way to get accustomed to getting fucked. That’s pretty much what he did… He sat on my cock just long enough to open up for me, then he said “I want you to fuck me for real” – he got off and got on all fours. For a little guy he had really long legs and his hole was well above my cock, so I told him to get on his belly. As I shoved in he kept saying “go slow”. I did go slow, but then I hit bottom pretty quickly in his ass and he tried to pull off from the pain of it.

I gradually increased my speed, but every time I hit bottom he’s flinch in pain and complain, so I started doing shorter strokes. It wasn’t all that easy for him, but he took it like a good bottom. He was probably also in pain from his car accident injuries. Anyway, he couldn’t take that much then he asked me to stop. I think he wanted me to pull out, but that wasn’t going to happen so I slowed down and didn’t go in so deep. But he really wanted me to stop. I still didn’t pull out but I stopped pumping his ass for a bit, but then I slowly started going in and out again. I could tell he really didn’t me going deep so just fucked the head of my dick in an out of his hole.

I should stop and say I had him legs together on his belly and being so much bigger than him I sort of enveloped him. I was really sweaty too – my belly and his back were drenched with sweat. The short break helped me catch my breath and then I gradually started fucking him again – but I didn’t go deep at all. But the sensations still worked the sensitive tip of  my dick so I could tell I was going to be able to cum. And cum I did – my orgasm came, then a few seconds later I felt spurt after spurt of cum going into his ass.

For some reason after I came he wanted me to pull out. We laid there for a few minutes talking. I noticed his elbow was all skinned from the accident as well (poor guy must have been in all sorts of pain). Then he got up and went into the bathroom and as best I could tell shit out my load 🙁

Then I went to the bathroom, tried to piss, but only a little came out. I tried to find a towel to dry myself off but the only one I could find was  damp one on the floor – so I used that. I put on my clothes, we chatted a little more very briefly and then I was on my way. He apologized a bit for rushing me out the door, but he said he wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out. In hindsight I should have told him to go to an urgent care place – they’re far better than the ER when you’re not dying.

Hopefully we’ll fuck again. Just wish he were a little closer.

Wasn’t Sure I Came Until I Rimmed Him…

21 July 2013 | 5 Comments

Load 2013-31

There’s another load I need to write up – but I videotaped that one, so doing the post is a bit more involved. But last week I fucked guys 4 days in a row. And on the 3rd and 4th days I couldn’t tell that I came. This is about the 4th day…

So there’s this guy in the neighborhood I’ve seen online for a while now but things always seem to fall through with him. So a few days ago I wasn’t expecting to be able to hookup, but found myself with a little time, but I couldn’t host. He was online and had a QuickConnect ad saying he was looking to host at his place – since he was pretty close it was pretty much a perfect match.

His profile sayd “Drug Use: You Can” which made me think he didn’t “parTy”, but when we were arranging details he said there was a buddy over with him – but only he was looking to get fucked. Given that it was like 11 am, that’s usually the sign of someone who is PNPing, but I just needed a hole to dump in so I went over.

On the way over it was in the high 90s with lots of humidity and I suddenly realized I hadn’t asked if he had A/C, luckily he did have it and had it down nice and cold. The setting was a nearly dark room with a couch, a TV (with porn on) and a bunch of stuff all around. Problem was – no bed. Given that I like to fuck bottoms on their bellies – that worried me a little. He mentioned that they’d had a bit of a blow-out the night before – so I guess he did PNP.

I stripped down, took out my PA, and he got busy sucking my dick. The cock sucking went on and on and on – far longer than is usual for me. He was sitting in a chair and when I’d reach over and play with his ass he never really got the signal that I wanted to fuck. Plus, with the guy on the couch I wasn’t sure where we were going to fuck. But he finally got the message, got up and bent over the couch. You could tell by his positioning he’d done it many times before – he knew exactly where and how to position himself to give the top good access to his hole.

I spit on my dick and shoved in. He had a nice hole – felt good on my cock. Like the blowjob the fucking went on for a really long time. Standing up fucking isn’t nearly as strenuous as when the bottom is on his belly and you have to lift your whole body up and down. So I just kept fucking, and fucking, and fucking. At points I felt like the Energizer Bunny and wondered if it wasn’t a little boring for the bottom to get pounded with such regular consistency. The other thing that helped me go on and on for a long time was that the A/C was blowing directly on me. I did start to overheat just a little, but the A/C really helped in that respect. There were moments when I felt like I was about to blow my load, but I never actually felt myself cum – when the feeling was there it felt like it was the beginning of an orgasm that never came.

Finally I got a little bored and tired of fucking so I pulled out and knelt down and rimmed him. And surprise, surprise – what did I taste but cum. That might have been someone else’s cum – he did say he’d been going for hours – so I wasn’t sure whose cum it was I was tasting. But I LOVE felching and when rimming unexpectedly turns into felching it’s a total turn on. So needless to say I went back to fucking him.

While I was fucking him I leaned forward and asked whether he had taken other loads. He said ‘no’ – so that meant the cum was mine. While I would have like to have felt myself cumming in him, I was just glad I did indeed give him a load. We fucked some more and I finally got him down on his belly on the couch. But his buddy was still on the couch – so it was rather odd, and the position wasn’t ideal.

When I stood him up again the other guy snapped a pic…

fucking a skinny bottom

I wish he’d taken a few pics – that one makes me look fat. I mean I know I’ve got more weight to loose, but maybe my posture just wasn’t right at that moment or something.

A little while later I pulled out and rimmed him again and once again tasted quite a bit of cum. I sucked on his ass and couldn’t get much of any out, but still there was the taste of cum when I first started rimming him each time.

And then we did another round of fucking and I got him down on his belly again this time in a better position, but I still couldn’t feel myself cumming even though once or twice I felt like I was about to cum. Eventually I got tired of fucking and called it quits – but that was after quite a bit of fucking. I’m sorta surprised I could go on for that long and I have to give the bottom credit for being able to endure such a long fuck.

As I was dressing the buddy started getting a bit frisky with me. Not quite sure what his story was. All he had to do was bend over and I would have fucked him – maybe another time.


Quickie Pump-N-Dump @ Cheap Hotel

2 July 2013 | No Comments

Load 2013-27

I’ve fucked 18 guys in the last 4 days. I need to catch up on my blogging. So starting with the latest…

Today I needed to go down to get blood drawn in the morning. I posted a quick connect saying if anyone in Chelsea can host contact me with your location. A guy in a hotel on Lafayette hit me up. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was a tourist who didn’t know that NoHo isn’t anywhere near Chelsea.

I had to wait for another train at Columbus Circle so I checked my messages and a guy hit me up and said he was at the Chelsea Savoy. I vaguely remembered that it was on 23rd street but couldn’t remember where, so I sent a quick message back asking if he could do now and the exact address. Then I had to make a quick decision – a B train and an A train arrived at the same time. I would normally take the A, but jumped on the B train thinking it was a local and would stop at 23. WRONG. All of a sudden I was at West 4. So much for my subway knowledge. So I jumped on an E train.

At 14 I got cell service again so I checked my messages. I was going to just go to Callen-Lorde and fuck after I had blood drawn, but when I saw he had given a room number I jumped back on the train and went one more stop to 23rd. When I got out I sent a message saying I’d be there in 5 minutes.

I got to the hotel and went up to the room and knocked. He had said he’d have the door ajar waiting ass up, but I don’t think he’d gotten my last message that said when I’d get there. He was busy in the bathroom, so he told me to get comfortable – that he’d be out in a minute. It was sort of funny being told to wait since his profile name is LoadingPleaseWait.

It was a pretty miserable, weird little hotel room. Later I found out it was their $99 special. Honestly it would have made a better closet than a hotel room, but this is New York. I turned off the lights, stripped off my shorts and shirt, took out my Prince Albert (what I had would have ripped him badly if I fucked with it in), and then started jacking my dick.

He came out right about when I got hard enough to fuck. He just go on all fours and lubed his hole. He knew what I was there for. I spit and lubed the head of my dick with it and shoved in. I fucked him doggy position for a bit and then pushed him on his belly with his legs together which felt pretty good – I liked his hole. For someone who was presumably a cumdump his hole wasn’t too loose and sloppy. Not that loose and sloppy is a bad thing – but a reasonably tight hole is hot – especially when it can put pressure on  a good part of your dick all at once.

I had cum less than 24 hours before so I wasn’t 100% sure if I could cum, but it wasn’t too long before I could feel my orgasm coming. But then the time came and nothing really came out. I kept fucking hoping it would come and finally a bit did come out – at least I’m 95% sure he got a load. From my perspective it was a little disappointing that way. But that’s not his fault – if he weren’t as good of a bottom I probably wouldn’t have been able to cum at all.

When I was done he complimented me on how I fucked and I returned the favor telling him he had a nice hole. Then I wiped off my dick on a towel, put on my shorts and shirt, took off my cockring and walked out the door.

Slam, bam, thank you ma’am 😉  Just how I like it…

Trying Too Hard To Please

13 August 2012 | No Comments

Load 2012-37

There’s a bottom who I’ve been in a lot of contact with lately, but timing always sucks. Well, Saturday morning things worked and I went over to his place. He told me he’d have the door unlocked and he’d be on the bed face down, ass up. It all sounded pretty good, but honestly I was sorta in the mood for something a little more relaxed. Still, anonymous is always a good way to start…

I got to his place, the door wasn’t ajar, but since the doorman had just called his number and he had told me he’d be waiting on his bed, I tried the knob and it was unlocked. Usually in anonymous pump & dumps the lighting is pretty low, but all the blinds were open and there was tons of light (not a problem – just more of an observation). He had an alcove studio, so I went over to the alcove and there he was just as he said he would be.

I wasn’t in a rush so I took off all my clothes and got down on my knees to rim his hole. The hole was a little musky, but seemed pretty clean so I had some fun with it – sucking on it, etc. Too bad there weren’t other loads in there. I love when I suck on a guys ass and he can push out cum from other tops. That got me hard, so I stood up and went to fuck him. There were several bottles of poppers around, but I didn’t see any lube, so I got things as wet as I could with spit and pushed in.

Long story, but I had pushed stretching my Prince Albert too far to quickly (ball stretching & PA stretching at the same time is a bad idea) and then slept in the bigger ring which irritated it, so I had to take it out, give it a few days of nothing and then start all over. I had just put the curved barbell back in the day before and even it was pretty sore and irritated. But he took the extra ball on the bottom of my dick without a problem.

He had a nice tight hole – I almost wonder if he was clenching to give me a good fuck. But what was interesting was that I seemed to hit bottom in his ass really easily. That doesn’t usually happen unless the guy is around 5’4″ and this guy was maybe 6 inches taller than that. Usually I love hitting bottom but every time I did my PA would shoot out a bit of pain. It wasn’t particularly happy about fucking when it was so tender.

I lasted maybe a little bit longer than usual, but still came pretty quickly. It was at this point that the bottom said “stay inside me” – which I intended to do anyway, but the problem was one of position. I tried briefly to lay on top of him, but I’m a big guy and didn’t know whether my weight was too much for him. I went to roll us over one way but didn’t want to be looking into the mirrored all (too much looking at each other for an anonymous fuck). So I rolled the other way, but it was a little awkward – like he didn’t really want to or he wasn’t expecting it or something.

There was just something a little off with the chemistry at this point. Best I can describe it is the bottom wasn’t relaxing and just being in the moment. Still, I pumped my dick in an out of his hole. Since I had cum I wasn’t 100% hard, and with the position we were in my dick was a bit bent. But I found if I pushed with my fingers where the bend was that I could continue to fuck him pretty well.

One thing I did was pull my cock so it would almost come out. This was the thing that caused the bottom so much pain a could weeks before – when the ball on my PA repeatedly gets inside the sphincter it can be painful. Though a couple weeks ago i was really slamming into the guy’s ass – this was just a relaxed, slow fuck. I chatted briefly with him afterwards and he didn’t mention any pain – so I don’t think that was the case this time. Still, I imagine he got the sensation of feeling the ball on the PA every time I pulled out.

As I was starting to get soft I pulled out. I really wanted him to clean off my dick, but he didn’t volunteer and I didn’t force the issue. I got up and felt his cummy ass.  I couldn’t resist so I licked some of the cum up (tasted good!). All in all the bottom seemed to want a quickie pump-n-dump, so I figured I’d leave. He said I could take a shower or whatever, so I went into the bathroom and tried to clean my dick – not because he was dirty, but because I knew my PA needed the cleaning. I pissed a little in his sink and then used soap and water for the rest.

When I came out he said I could stay longer, but I wasn’t really feeling that vibe. Honestly I think he read the blog saw some of the pump-n-dump hookups I’ve been having lately and tried really hard to give me what he thought I wanted. You can’t fault a bottom for that, but I sorta wish he hadn’t tried so hard.

As I was dressing he apologized – he had looked back and seen me. Clearly he was trying to live by a rulebook he got off the blog. Guess he missed the part about how I like to start pretty anonymous, but the ending doesn’t have to be. Then I realized my keys weren’t in my pocket, so we looked around for them a little (turns out I had left them at home). Then I was off.

All in all a good fuck…. While the bottom tried to hard to please, what he proved to me is he’ll probably give me whatever I want. I could probably rough fuck him with my big PA, or even get into BDSM with him and he’d take it light a champ – ’cause he works so hard to please. So in the end it’s all good…

There was a little funny incident as I left the building. As I came in I saw what I thought was an older leather queen on his Harley outside the building. He had the leather vest on with pins all over it – very old school leather bar. Then as I was coming down the elevator these two guys were talking and by the conversation it seemed one was the coop board president. I walked behind the president as he left the building and the old leather queen was still outside and they started chatting about how he didn’t know if he was going to go for a ride upstate because it might rain. I just thought “only in New York” are regular people so accepting of difference. I mean there’s a chance the guy wasn’t gay – that he was straight and part of some aging motorcycle club, but it was the West Village and the guy looked 110% like the old guys you used to see at the LURE on a Saturday night. I mean full leather with all the pins stuff to prove their track record in the community. And here was this older (probably) Jewish guy who probably had 2 kids, 4 grandkids treating the leather queen and his issues like they were completely normal. THAT is why I live in New York.

Fucked Six Guys, Gave One Load

3 July 2011 | 4 Comments

Load 2011-11

I’ve been in Toronto the past week. The bottoms here are HUNGRY! My profile on BBRT says “Not Looking” but I’ll login and there will be 10 – 20 messages waiting for me. “Not Looking” = busy with friends and family, but I did manage to get to Steamworks yesterday for their afternoon bear event. It’s Pride Weekend here, so it was fairly busy. Steamworks Toronto isn’t all that big of a bathhouse. I was actually surprised at how few rooms there were, but it was big enough and there were a decent number of guys milling around. [BTW, if you go, you don’t absolutely need a room if you’re a bit of an exhibitionist – there are playrooms and one even has a couple bunk beds.]

The first hole was this mixed race (?) Asian guy with a little tattoo at the base of his neck. Generally seemed pretty clean cut and professional. He sucked me, got me hard, and I fucked him for a while. He felt good (very smooth), but I was determined not to cum on the first fuck, so after fucking him 10 or 15 minutes I told him I’d be back and left. He must have left after I fucked him – I didn’t see him after that.

Hole #2 was a guy I’d term a “thuggy” Asian guy – sorta muscular with a short mohawk that had grown out a bit so it was more like a faux hawk, a tattoo (of a rose?) at the bottom of his back, etc. I went in and he seemed uninterested, but still I got the sense that my dick was better than no dick. I jacked a little to get hard, sorta got a bit hard and wanted him to suck me the rest of the way. He sucked a little but then didn’t seem interested in that either. I jacked a little more, got just hard enough to get in him. His hole was a lot tighter than the first guy’s – felt pretty good. The entire time he just laid there and seemed pretty bored, but he didn’t seem hostile, so I kept fucking him. It was sort of a turn on to have so disinterested but willing. My dick decided he was the one who’d get my load, and I didn’t resist the urge and unloaded in his ass and left. I’m not sure if he knew I came in him. I saw him around later and he was much more attentive – seemed very willing to have me come back into his room – guess he figured out he got the load.

Then I needed some down time.  I left the door open and jacked my dick a little and this older guy came in. It was like a bear-worship session… He just wanted human contact with someone he thought was hot. I pretty much just sat/laid there and let him do his thing. He sucked me a little, but mostly just admired my body (to each his own). The only down side was that he liked to smother me – literally. I didn’t like that, but the rest was OK – better than just laying there by myself. Towards the end he started telling me about how he bought an apartment for $1.2M that had a lake view and then they built another condo in front of his that blocked his view and now he can’t sell the apartment. I sorta felt like he was trying to impress me with the price…

Hole #3 was this nervous, tweaking Latino… He kept changing positions and checking my balls. When he pulled up his mattress to get his poppers there must have been a dozen condoms under there. He asked if I was going to cum in his ass and seemed to relax when I told him it was hard for me to cum. Then he mostly just spread his hole and wanted me to fuck him, though he did keep checking my balls (to see if they were drawing up in preparation for blowing a load). When I wanted to leave I’d start to pull out and he’d push back wanting me to keep fucking him. All in all he just seemed messy and high. Eventually I left.

Hole #4 was this guy on a bench in one of the public play rooms. Had his cummy ass up taking cock without looking back to see who it was. I know this guy from NYC was in town and had something on Craigslist saying he’d be there that afternoon. I suspect it was him. I fucked him at MAL a year and a half ago. Problem was his hole was totally loose – didn’t grip my dick at all. So I didn’t spend too long fucking him.

As I was standing around after hole #4 this little meathead body builder came up and asked if I had a room. He became hole #5. He was short but HUGE with a nice uncut dick. The best way to describe him is that you’d take all the attributes of a pit bull and put them in a human and you’d have this guy. He had this really wide head (like a pit bull) that matched his ‘roided body. Had almost zero body fat. He was VERY hot – sorta my trophy fuck of the day – too bad I wasn’t up for another load.  Anyway, he wanted to sit on my dick – first with his back to me, then face to face. He was really affectionate. At one point he asked if I liked to smoke. A good friend of mine is a bodybuilder and says a lot of bodybuilders get into chem sex – so that sorta fit. Then he got on all fours and I pounded him and gave him a good fuck. At one point I thought he said “Dios Mio” and I thought ‘oh, he’s Latino’ – before that I would have guessed his ethnicity to be Eastern European or something. Anyway, I think I wore him out and eventually he left.

Then I walked around a bit more and came across this hot guy in a sling (hole #6) being worked over by two guys – one on each side, but neither one was paying attention to his ass. He was sucking one guy’s dick. I tentatively approached and played with his ass a bit. I lubed his hole with spit and slowly shoved in. No protests – so I kept fucking him and gradually picked up the pace. It was sorta dark and I never could see his face clearly. Seemed to have a hot body though. Didn’t fuck him for too long. When I left another guy took my place.

My boyfriend had gone along and wasn’t having much of any luck. The car needed a new muni meter ticket, I had sorta had my fill, and he was fine with leaving, so I did one more round… I saw hole #4 on the bench again. This heavily tattooed Asian guy was standing near him. The Asian guy got down on his knees and gave me a nice blowjob. I felt a little bad for the hole – I think we were slightly blocking tops from getting to him. Finally I had enough of a blow job and wanted to fuck the hole again (wasn’t 100% sure it was the same guy). I had to lose the Asian guy and swing around again. It was the same hole (loose), so I only fucked him for maybe 30 seconds.

Then I got dressed, took a piss and we left…

I just wish NYC had a good bathhouse…




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