Jockstap Night

12 May 2013 | 4 Comments

So I went with my bf and a friend (@PortaUrinal) to Jockstrap Night this past week. I think you all know which bar – I’m not going to mention the name just because DOH may not be happy with what I’m about to write… I hadn’t been to a jockstrap night before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Actually the idea of a jockstrap night didn’t really appeal to me in the past because I was self-conscious about how I would look in a jockstrap. Even this time I debated and debated and took picture after picture of myself in the mirror in a few different jockstraps I own. But to me I looked fat in all of them. Finally I settled on a black one and figured I’d wear a black t-shirt to go with it to sorta make me look a bit less fat.

I wasn’t expecting my bf to go. He likes PortaUrinal on a social basis, but gets grossed out a bit by the whole piss drinking thing. But PortaUrinal talked my bf in to going. I knew when that happened I couldn’t be quite as much of a slut as I was hoping to be, but I was hoping it would still be fun.

Then after all those photos I changed my mind on what I was going to wear at the last minute. I wanted my ass covered a little bit more than the black t-shirt was going to do, so I switched to a blue t-shirt that went a little lower and covered the top of my ass. And then I changed to a white jockstrap, since it went better with the blue t-shirt. I put on my jump boots and a pair of jeans and we were off.

I was a little worried about how I’d perform. For days prior I’d been pretty asexual – I literally felt like I had no sex drive. I mean mentally I wanted a night of being slutty, but my dick was like “eh, whatever”. So to whip it back into shape I took a Cialis that morning, and when that didn’t seem to be kicking in adequately I took part of an herbal pill. The other performance issue is that I typically don’t get hard when I drink. And we drank 3 beers at home before heading out (and then I drank 3 more pints at the bar). So things were stacked against me a bit.

We got there and it was pretty quiet. As much as I’m self conscious about my body, there were guys there who were clearly not self-conscious about their bodies. Like really big, older bears/chubs who just let it all show. Some of them are sorta cute bears, others were, um…. “not so cute”. But the bar is really accepting of whatever – it’s one of the things I really like about the bar. Not that I want to look guys I don’t find attractive, but knowing they’re accepted means I will always be accepted.

Not much was going on sexually ’cause the crowd was so sparse at first. Usually the bathrooms are where the action is on other nights, but that night the bathrooms were empty and you started seeing guys pairing up and groping/whatever over by the bar. Then after a while it progressed a bit more and the guys who were paired off were one guy backed up against another guy. Then those guys were in some awkward positions and you just know the guy in front had the other guy’s dick up his ass – and they were just standing there pretending (badly) that they weren’t actually fucking.

At one point PortaUrinal and my bf went up to the roof for a smoking break and this guy started coming onto me. Of course, with all self-doubt about my body the first thing he did was ask me to take off my t-shirt. I figured what the hell and just did it. My stocky/husky build is generally appreciated at that bar.

Then another guy came up and the one guy was playing with both of us. Dicks got massaged, and we all sorta got hardons. Mine wasn’t fully erect, but close – which is good for me given that I usually can’t get it up when I drink and I was on my 6th beer of the night. The other guy who was playing with us had an really thick dick with a mushroom head that stayed hard as a rock. I liked him a lot he struck me as really submissive. Later on I told him I liked how submissive he seemed and he said he’s actually mostly a top. Well, if he’s a top then he’s probably a really gentle top – which isn’t a bad thing…

Then a crowd developed around us, and with the crowd we got a bit more privacy so dicks were pulled out of the jockstraps and we just jacked openly. I should mention that I was wearing the big 11mm ring in my PA – which guys seemed to sorta get off on. One guy got down and started giving me a blowjob – which is never easy with a ring that big.

One of the guys around us was this twink. He’s actually a bit too old to really be a twink, but in the context of that bar he was a twink. I had commented to the thick dick guy when he first came up and was just standing near us (before the crowd formed) that I found it a bit funny how twinks these days have no qualms about showing it all, but then are pretty inhibited when they go to play. And on that note I was completely wrong for the second time that night… Guess who was the first guy who took the action from jacking and a little sucking to full on barebacking – yup – the twink.

The twink was actually a top – so going against stereoptype in yet another way. His dick was nice, but not huge. It would be a great dick for fucking someone who doesn’t usually get fucked – big enough to do the job properly but not so big that you’re going to hurt the bottom. The guy he was fucking was this older guy (50ish?) who was in great shape. He had a beautiful smooth ass.

I got pretty hard watching the twink bareback the hot daddy. I figured I’d see if I could get a turn, so in preparation I took out my PA (it would have been a complication) and in the process I dropped one of the balls. I tried to look around for it but couldn’t see it. I was thinking “shit – that was like a $75 ring – I really need to find the ball”, but I just put that thought off and concentrated on keeping my dick hard so I could fuck.

When the twink was finished the hot daddy rotated around and I took my turn.  The nice part was there were mirrors in front of me so I could watch for security behind me as I fucked (since you’re not supposed to be fucking in NYC bars). The guy’s ass felt great, but given all the performance stuff going against me I couldn’t cum. I gave him a good fuck and tried to cum, but finally felt like I was hogging his ass. My dick was softening a bit anyway, so I pulled out and this hot Latino took my place.

I looked around a bit more for the ball for my PA and couldn’t find it. So I just stayed in the area until the action died down and the crowd thinned out a bit. Eventually security did come around (after the fucking had stopped), and the guy gruffly told us to put our dicks back in our jockstraps. At that point people scattered and I was finally able to find the ball for my PA. I put my ring back in (and my shirt on) and then positioned my dick so my PA was poking out the side of my jockstrap. I liked being an exhibitionist to that extent… Think I’ll do that in the future as well…

That took a while. I was a little worried about my bf… Thought he might not like seeing me in the middle of all that, but he paired off with a hot black guy and they were having some 1-on-1 fun of their own.

Afterwards I walked around and just before we left (2:30ish) I noticed the bathroom stalls had gotten really active. You could see two sets of feet in each one. So next time I gotta remember to take my action in there to have more privacy and be able to fuck more.

So all in all a fun night. I didn’t cum, but I was happy just to be able to fuck a hot ass.

Puppies, The Leather Mart & The CODE Party @ MAL

19 January 2010 | 1 Comment

Jayson Park texted me around 3:30 and asked if the gangbang was over and if I wanted to go down and see the puppy play in the lobby bar which was ending soon. The last of the tops had left just after 3pm so we officially called the gang bang over and headed downstairs to get a drink and watch the puppies.

The puppy event was pretty much over by the time we got there, but we saw the tail end of it. Speaking of tails – I love how the puppy tales wag. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, “puppies” are bottom who identify as dogs. In some cases it’s just play, but often we’re talking about guys who see themselves as dogs in male bodies. So they dress up as dogs. There’s a collar and leash (of course), “puppy mitts” (which are basically small leather bags that they put their hands in – a lot like the booties they put on the paws of real dogs in the winter), then they often wear puppy hoods that have ears and a snout (very cute), and then there’s the puppy tail – which is basically a butt plug with a rubber tail coming out of the end. The tails wag when the puppy moves and it’s all very cute…

Then we headed over to the leather mart. Unlike IML, the leather mart at MAL is shoehorned into this really small space and it’s absolutely packed with people. One of the only video companies that was there was Dick Wadd – they had actually shot an 8  person scene the first night in which my friend/fb Jayson Park got fucked by 3 guys. One of the other guys in the scene was Jake Wetmore who I have a total crush on. Luckily he was at the Dick Wadd booth when Jayson, me and my bottom went up. He’s a total sweetie – almost goofy. We talked for a little bit which was really nice. And I gotta say – he’s MUCH hotter in person than on film (and I thought he was hot before seeing him).

We continued around and did some shopping. I was trying to keep on a budget so just bought some lube, some boot socks and a couple hankies. There was a CODE party at a bar nearby that night so I bought tickets for that as well.

We then went back to the room. My boy was tired so he surfed the web a little and then wanted to sleep. There had been a really hot pretty boy vers top at the gangbang and the boy figured out who he was and started corresponding with him. That connection turned out to be significant a day later – but more about that in a later post.

I was hungry, so I met Jayson Park in his room to look at what he was wearing that night and to head off to dinner. But of course hot nearly-naked guy… We fucked first and then figured out what he was going to wear 😉  When I fucked I was too lazy to take off my chaps, so it was a bit of an awkward fuck since I didn’t have much flexibility and with all the clothes on I didn’t cum. But Jayson always gets me rock hard, so it’s never a problem to just whip it out and fuck at a moments notice…

Anyway, we finally went down to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Jayson was thinking of continuing not to eat, but decided to eat a house salad. Food goes through him in 12 hours, and he doesn’t get fucked in the morning, and salads are as safe as you get in terms of staying “clean”, so it was a safe bet and got something into his system.

I was so tired by this point. I had gotten very little sleep the night before but the day kept going… I was so tired that I knew it was pointless to try to arrange a hookup… So it was off to the CODE Party.

The CODE party was in the same place as the bear event the night before only this time the place was packed. You had to be in proper “gear” to get in – could be leather, athletic gear, motorcycle, etc. There was everything from leather daddies to twinks just in jockstraps and tennis shoes to bikers in full biker gear and helmets. It was a pretty great crowd.

I’d been trying to get a “read” on my bottom since he’d arrived and was having a really hard time of it. However, I could tell he was liking the CODE party. For one he said “I’m in heaven right now”, and when they did the bondage demonstration and hog tied a hot muscle daddy he couldn’t get his eyes off it (pic below – personally I couldn’t get my eyes off the young Asian cutie next to the demonstration)…

MAL Code Party Bondage Demonstration

HOWEVER, he was totally not interested in the dark room area which surprised me. I thought he was there to be a cum dump. Every cum dump I know would have spent pretty much the whole night in that one room hoping for loads. So I knew something was up. He was enjoying himself – but not in the way I expected or intended.

Jayson Park went with us and I haven’t mentioned yet that he was wearing these crazy outfits all weekend. Most of his shirts didn’t go much below his nipples and he’d wear these little shorts that showed off how fuckable his ass was. The last day he was there a total stranger walked up to him and commented “So, you really do have full t-shirts”…

The outfit he wore to the CODE party was the most revealing of all of them… He had white boxer shoes on, tall white socks with black bands at the top, a tiny t-shirt that just barely went below his nipples and then he had “a sock” jock on. Sock jocks have a waist band and then a cock ring thing in the pouch so they don’t have any straps going down in the back (pics below, courtesy of Shutter Pup who was so enamored with Jayson that he actually rimmed him right in the middle of the club at one point).

Jayson Park at the CODE Party at MAL
Jayson Park in a sock jock

Jayson also brought a bottle of Gun Oil which I held onto for him, but which he (unfortunately) never used. It was a total “Fuck Me” outfit, but he’s not into anonymous sex and didn’t make a connection with anyone there, so the point of it was sorta lost. But it was hot!

We had gotten there pretty early and we left pretty early, by that I mean it was probably like 12:30 or 1:00 when we left… We got back to the hotel and I was just dead tired. My primary objective was to get a decent night’s sleep so I’d be up for fucking on Sunday. The bottom was tired too and a bit worn out from the gangbang and generally tired. I would have liked it if he had walked the halls looking for loads. A real cumhole would have, but as I went to sleep he was on his computer – I thought he was looking for tops, but the next day I found out he was IM’ing until 3 in the morning with the pretty boy vers top from the gangbang…

Michael Musto @ The NYC Eagle

27 July 2009 | 2 Comments

Guys at the NY Eagle bar

Went to The Eagle last night after going to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was threatening to rain but the roof deck was packed with people. We managed to find a decent place to stand and other than dealing with people who were too drunk to observe NY norms of personal space it was pretty good. However, there was one guy behind me that kept backing into me hard enough that I’d just about spill my beer. Had he actually made me spill it I was tempted to pour the rest all over him…

Anyway, we’re standing there and who’s standing directly in front of me next to the bar? Michael Musto – the long-time, iconic Village Voice reporter for NY’s gay scene. And he looked just like he did 18 years ago when I came to NY – same signature glasses, and horror of horrors the same sweater thrown around his shoulders he used to wear back when it wasn’t out of fashion. It was like he was some sort of yuppie from the ’80s. You have to realize – it was hot and muggy yesterday and threatening to rain. Any sort of sweater was inappropriate given the weather, and doubly inappropriate given that the Eagle is supposed to be a leather bar. But that’s just Michael.

After it started sprinkling we stayed on the roof deck when most people ran downstairs, but then it turned into a solid rain and the tree we were under stopped being an effective umbrella, so I went downstairs and got another beer from my favorite bartender (the one with the fuzzy beard – who has a thing for other guys with fuzzy beards – he even remembered my drink order). Then I went over to the cruisey area by pool table and bathrooms.

Along came Michael Musto and his sidekick – this tall thin guy who was wearing a golfing hat. It was like the tall thin guy was Michael’s scout or something. Despite the golfing hat (which he didn’t wear 100% of the time) the tall thin guy was at least dressed more appropriately. At one point he was directly in front of me and in the darkness it looked like he had a poka dotted blue hanky in his left pocket. In other words he was flagging bareback top… But it was dark and I’m not sure I saw things all that clearly.

But the funny part was how they were acting. Two masculine guys were making out in the corner and both of them were totally titillated – they couldn’t stop looking and were practically giggling out loud like teenage school girls. Then the tall thin guy discovered the rather tame sex going on in the bathroom and pulled Michael in to observe. We were leaving, but I was tempted to turn around and go into the bathroom with Michael an come onto him just to see what he’d do. He’s always an observer and (as far as I know), never a participant. What would he have done if I had come onto him? Something in me would like to be able to say I felt up Michael Musto…  But I didn’t…

After I had left I realized one of the guys I follow on Twitter (ajinnyc7) had been at The Eagle that night as well. Small world, too bad I didn’t see his tweet while I was there… And then I found out a piss bottom I’ve hookup with in the past was there as well trying to get guys to fill up his cup in the bathroom (didn’t see him though)…

Looking at the crowd last night made me want to make and sell t-shirts… We could use some t-shirts that identify us as barebackers – especially ones that others won’t necessarily understand. (Like “well bred” or “breeder”). Told my bf about the idea and he wants to screen print them. So I think we could make it happen….

NY Gay Bar Scene Is Pretty Sad

5 July 2009 | 5 Comments

Last couple of nights my bf and I have spent with someone I met through the porn business – he works for the company that runs a bunch of porn sites including Broke Straight Boys, College Boy Physicals and their new site Broke College Boys. There aren’t that many of us in New York who work on porn sites so even though he’s not into barebacking (a bad shitty fuck a long time ago sorta put him off raw sex), we hang out from time to time and talk business, etc. Anyway, last night we went to see fireworks at his place. He’s in one of those new condos along the Hudson – had an incredible panoramic view of all 6 of the fireworks barges in the Hudson.

Long story short there was a tourist from London who was hanging out with his boyfriend’s set of friends, we got to talking and it was his last night in New York. I could sorta tell the large gaggle of Asian guys at the party was a little fem for his tastes (sexually), so even though I was sloshed drunk from all the beer, jello shots, and vodka melon shots, my boyfriend suggested we go out for a drink at the Eagle. Given what he said was his type that was the only bar we could think of that might have guys he was interested in. So the three of us headed over to the Eagle (the guy he came with was in bed kissing another porn guy from Toronto when we left).

We get there and he was totally not into it. He’s into skinhead punks (good thing he lives in London). There were a couple guys there who were sorta his type, but not much selection. We used to have some of that in New York, but like the leather scene you don’t see much of any of it anymore. When the East Village boys moved to Williamsburg the skinhead punk types sorta died out. There might still be a little of it in the East Village, but very little…

So there was a bunch of guys in one of the corners and it looked like something might be going on. I mentioned that’s as close as we get to a back room so he plunged in, but not much of anything was happening – there was even a monitor with a flashlight making sure nothing was happening. When we got out of that corner we did see one guy giving a blowjob (briefly).

It’s like gay life in New York has completely lost it’s edge. There’s no leather scene any more, the skinheads and punks are gone, there are no good backrooms to speak of. It’s sorta sad. What’s happened to us?

I made out a little with the guy before we left the bar. Curiously he said he wasn’t into bears – his limit was cubs. I asked him what he thought I was and he said a cub – definitely not a bear. (Guess the definitions are different in London). It was nice being a little frisky with him, but ultimately I think we were both stretching our “type”.

Yes, I’m Still Neg…

27 May 2009 | 11 Comments

I know there’s a certain percentage of you who are skeptical when I say I’m neg. But once again that is indeed the case. Verified again tonight when I went in for STD tests… While I haven’t been fucking much this year, there have been a few encounters that have been riskier than average that I haven’t fully discussed here on the blog. [I’m not talking about IML.] Not that I thought I was poz or anything, but this time I wasn’t quite as confident as usual.

Afterwards I washed down my STD meds with a pint of beer at Rawhide. There aren’t as many guys playing pool there as there were in the past and it’s not quite as easy to talk to people as it used to be. Weird how it’s changed. I was glad to see the bartender wasn’t mad at me after pissing on the guy in the bathroom last time. In fact he greeted me with a “glad to see your back”. And the best part of Rawhide this time was the “Raw Pride” sign haning near the door. 😉

Two Hours At Steamworks Toronto

27 December 2008 | 8 Comments

I’m in Toronto for Christmas. I suggested to my bf that we go to a bathhouse (or “the tubs” as Canadians call them). I’d heard of a few guys going to Steamworks, so suggested we go there. He checked it out online and was good with it.

We had plans to have drinks with a couple guys who know I do porn, so we had just under 2 hours to spend at Steamworks. I wasn’t sure how I was going to perform so I took a pill just before getting there. Don’t usually take a full pill and was a little worried about it.

We get there, decent place and a fair number of people for the middle of the afternoon (which is always good). They’ve got a couple of dark mazes, a sling room, whirlpools, and dry and wet saunas – and a gym – so pretty much everything…

The first guy I hooked up with was in the sling room. He started feeling me up and he seemed to have a nice body (it was dark), but he wasn’t getting on his knees to blow me, so I left and he wound up following me. He was Asian and we wound up back at my room. There was some sucking and whatnot, but I really wanted to fuck. He finally put his ass up and I tried to push in, but I didn’t have any lube, and was sorta parched and couldn’t come up with enough spit. He wasn’t making it easy for me and seemed a bit reluctant. Then I saw him looking on the shelf by the bed for some condoms and when he didn’t find any he finally figured out I intended to bareback him and he ended things and left.

Next up was a black guy who came into my room while I was jacking my dick. He seemed to expect me to worship his “big black dick”, but I don’t do dick worship. When he said “tell me you love my big black dick” and I said nothing it was sorta clear things weren’t going to work. When I played with his ass he was into it. He let me rim him, but didn’t seem interested in getting fucked. He was into me and didn’t seem to be getting the fact that I wasn’t into him, so I said I wanted to take a break and walk around.

Next I saw this Latin (Mexican?) guy in one of the mazes, but I wasn’t all that hard so he moved on. Then I went into the dry sauna and there was this guy in there who was hungry to get fucked. Problem was there was a bit of a crowd and he jumped on someone else’s dick before I got a chance. But he wasn’t exactly a sub bottom ’cause as soon as he came it was over. The guy who was fucking him didn’t get to cum. But it was sorta funny that as he left he said “Happy Boxing Day guys!”

That got me boned so I went back to my room and jacked my dick. The Mexican guy I saw earlier came in and we played a bit, but once again he wasn’t really a bottom and things sorta fizzled.

I was starting to get frustrated ’cause I just wanted to fuck. I headed back to the dry sauna but saw my bf going in, so I figured I’d give him some space. This other guy was about to go in and he saw me and when I didn’t go in he came out and asked if I wanted to go to his room. This guy was a real bottom (finally), though a bit on the assertive side. I’m guessing he was Italian (he had a bit of an accent). He was probably upper 30s, and had a thick, but solid build.

Needless to say, after a short blowjob I had my raw dick up his ass. He was trying to direct things a bit too much but I still got my way more often than not. The weirdest part was that he was so into me he told me he loved me a couple of times. We fucked for a while, but as I mentioned I was a bit parched and couldn’t cum. It might have also been how non-submissive he was – not sure. But at least I got a good fuck in.

I had to run ’cause it was close to 5. As I went back to my room I saw a really hot young guy laying on his belly in a black jockstrap. Damn! While I might have gotten rejected if I had tried, I really wanted to fuck him, but I didn’t have time. The place seemed to be picking up and it was too bad I had to leave.

My bf didn’t have such a great time. One guy he was really into completely ignored him and then the cute guy went after a 65 year old guy. My bf knows the age ’cause he talked to the 65 year old guy later. It’s too bad my bf didn’t have fun ’cause it means when I travel with him he’s not going to want to go to the baths. Like I’d sorta like to go back today, but don’t think it’s going to happen.

Then we went and had drinks. Got to meet the guy behind Gay Porn Pig (who also does some other sites) as well as a reader of this blog who’s a flight attendant and has a couple of non-sexual blogs. The Gay Porn Pig guy gave me some great pointers about what I should do in the next year. The other guy was sorta funny – he reads this blog way too closely. There were little references I had dropped that he remembered with a bit too much clarity.

The Gay Porn Pig guy had to go so then we hung out with the other guy. We changed bars and went to the Black Eagle and managed to get kicked out of the backroom because we were talking too much and not having sex. That was sorta funny and a bit ironic. At one point my bf and the guy wanted to go for a cigarette and I wanted to stick around in the backroom (was hoping for a blowjob), but my bf wanted me to go with them. Guess I shouldn’t have gone. Having someone suck my dick would have changed the dynamics and made things more sexual. Oh well.

So all in all a good day yesterday, though I wish I had been able to give someone my load.




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