Gave A Load To A Latino Who Wasn’t Completely Clean

4 February 2013 | 8 Comments

Load 2013-10

So after giving two loads to the bottom yesterday, I was pretty spent. There was an 18 y.o. who had said he wanted to hookup today, but didn’t hear from him (I’d given him my cell and told him to text me, and I saw him on A4A but he didn’t reply when I messaged him). So I moved on, but I wasn’t completely sure I was up to it. After some encouragement on Twitter to go for it, I took part of an herbal pill and when it started kicking in I looked for a bottom to fuck.

This one guy said he was up in Washington Heights. When I replied that I wasn’t really looking to travel he said he’d come down. Sounded good to me and his pics looked good. Soon he was on his way over.

When he got here he looked really familiar. By the time we were in the bedroom and taking off my clothes I remembered fucking him (it was almost a year ago now, but I didn’t write it up ’cause I was pretty busy back then). He had told me his location before coming over and I was like “oh, I remember walking over to his place when I used to live in Washington Heights.”

He was really submissive and not particularly assertive. I had a hardon ’cause I had been working on porn when he arrived and I was sort of hoping he’d get down and give me a blowjob. But he didn’t figure that out. I probably should have told him to suck me, but if he wasn’t into it then I didn’t really want to go there (he was there to get fucked, not give me a blowjob).

He was responding to my feeling up his hole, so I told him to get on the bed so I could rim him. He had a really nice muscular ass with a slightly hairy hole. He seemed pretty clean, so I gave him a pretty good rimming. But it didn’t last long ’cause I was already hard and figured I’d just move it along to fucking.

I lubed up my dick and stood up. His hole was like 3 or 4 inches above my cock ’cause I have pretty short legs and he had long legs. I push him down and stood on my tippy toes and shoved in. He seemed pretty tight, but also had no problem taking my dick – I love holes like that.

Given the contortions I had to do, that position wasn’t going to last long, so I pushed him forward onto his belly. Then he started bucking up and down a bit. Not too much, but enough to be a bit irritating. I didn’t really want to verbally tell him to stop, and I wondered whether he was doing it because he wanted to be more in contact with me, so I got down lower and put more weight on him. That slowed down the bucking of his torso, but he continued to push up his ass. Ugh. At one point I actually slipped out ’cause he was moving down when I was moving up. After that he seemed to get the idea that moving around so much might be a bad idea and things got much better.

His hole felt pretty good. There was this weird sensation though – it’s hard to describe but it sort of felt like the head of my cock had slipped into a fabric pocket that moved with my dick. Like a little fabric condom was covering just the tip of my dick. I didn’t pay too much attention to it ’cause I didn’t want it to distract me. By that time I could feel the beginning of my orgasm, so I focused on that.

I finally came – I seemed to give him a decent sized load, but since I’d cum twice the day before it wasn’t the biggest load. I then rolled us over and continued to slow fuck his ass. He seemed to really like that – like he didn’t want the fucking to end. After maybe 5 minutes of that my dick finally slipped out of his ass. Actually it was so sudden that it seemed to startle him and possibly hurt him just a little.

He then got up, and I started playing with my dick a little. I looked down and couldn’t see it completely clearly (since I didn’t have glasses or contacts on) but my dick looked a bit brown. Shit… So I got up and followed him to the bathroom and washed off my dick in the sink. I hate shit on my dick, but as they say, “shit happens”…

So a decent fuck except the ending…

I think I have a new fuckbud… ;)

27 September 2012 | 2 Comments

Load 2012-49

It’s been interesting lately – seems I barely need to be online to get sex. That’s not a bad thing – not at all. I’ve given my cell number out to a few guys and they’ve been texting me when they’re looking. I’ve had guys e-mail me, and hit me up on Breeding Zone.

Today I had two tourists want to hookup with me – one from Breeding Zone, another off BBRT. I went round and round with the one off BBRT – he had a million questions about my sexual history and when my last test was, etc. He openly said he was hesitant. He told me what hotel he was in but wouldn’t tell me the room number. When he told me to come down and text him when I got there and he’d give me the room number then I just gave up. Then he got all pissy. I told him history told me it wasn’t going to go well. Quick and easy is usually what works best. He tried to justify all the questions saying he had to make sure I was neg. I told him that was absurd – he’s letting a complete stranger fuck him and cum in his ass. Risk reduction is a joke in that particular case.

The one from Breeding Zone didn’t want to hookup until 6pm. I was just about ready to confirm with him when a guy hit me up who I’ve been wanting to fuck for a while. A mid-20s blatino guy (just my type). He’s almost been too eager. The other day when I had the failure, he was texting me and calling me while I was fucking the other guy. In hindsight I should have hooked up with him then, but honestly I’ve been in a pretty mellow, somewhat non-sexual mood lately (while being simultaneously horny – it’s a weird mindset I’m in) – so god knows how it would have gone if I had hooked up with him then.

Anyway, using my “bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush” motto I said yes to the young blatino guy and “sorry” to the tourist off Breeding Zone.

The kid showed up and he wasn’t quite what I was expecting – he was a lot skinnier – as in skinny as a rail. He looked like he weighed 100 lbs, and if he had been 5’4″ he probably would have been but he was taller. Still he was really really tiny. He probably had a 26 or 27″ waist. I love little guys, and young guys, and blatino guys, so I was sorta in heaven.

I had been working on posts for my Tumblr blog (watching a movie), so I was hard when he showed up. I was able to stay fairly hard even after running down and letting him in the building. He dropped to his knees to suck me and it was OK – I mean I was pretty hard, but that’s not what I wanted right then.

I managed to change things up and get him bent over the bed so I could rim his hole. His ass was skinny and sorta boney. But he had a nice hole. I was a little worried about him being clean – he said he had cleaned out in the morning but it was now hours later, but he seemed pretty clean – so I went to town and sucked on his hole.

It didn’t take long for me to get hard, at which point I got up, put some lube on my dick and pushed in. He had a little problem taking my dick – maybe I needed more lube, maybe his hole was sore, or maybe I should just change back to Wet Platinum which always did a good job for me – who knows… One way or the other he tried to pull off me, but I insisted he keep it in and I just went really slow at first until he was OK. Even after he could take my dick he seemed like he was in a bit of pain. Good thing I didn’t have my PA in 🙂

The problem was that I had gotten so aroused before fucking him that I started cumming after a few strokes. There was no point in holding it back, so I dumped in him and tried to keep fucking. But it had been a few days since I took a Cialis, so my dick sorta decided it was done a little while after it came. I rolled him on his side and continued to pump his ass until my dick popped out.

Then I got down and rimmed him again – cleaning the cum off the outside of his ass – I love the taste of a cummy hole…

We then laid around and talked for while.  He’s a sweet kid. As he was laying there I thought he looked like he was 10 years younger and possibly jail bait, but then he started talking about his life and his job and I was reassured he was the age he said he was. Still, it’s hot that he looks so young…

He texted me afterwards and says he wants to fuck again soon. I’m hoping I’ll get to breed him on a regular basis.

Neg Dominican BB Bottom

10 November 2009 | 5 Comments

Load 2009-28

Not sure what it is with all the neg bottoms hitting me up, but another one hit me up on Adam4Adam the other day. They almost never discuss HIV status, they just come over, get fucked, and take a load. I’m guessing a lot of them are actually poz, but even one who did ask me about my status before we fucked pretty quickly went to taking all loads after that and not saying anything about HIV status in his profile. Frankly, I think pretty much all sexually active bareback bottoms (and versatile guys) will become poz after not too long – taking loads is a lot like pledging a fraternity, but what’s with so many poz bottoms saying they’re neg?

This guy lived nearby, so he came over. His pictures made him look a bit rough/unfriendly, and honestly he sorta matched his pics (unfortunate genetics), though when he got to talking he was a sweet guy.

I had him start by giving me a blowjob and he was definitely an experienced cocksucker. Great blowjob and he sorta whimpered as was sucking dick. He totally got off on it. Well, he did and he didn’t ’cause the whole time he was with me his dick never got hard – not even got a serious chubbie.

As he was sucking my dick I had to think non-erotic thoughts ’cause I didn’t want to cum that way or even get close. I let him suck for a while ’cause he was really enjoying it and then I put him on the bed to fuck him. It felt good fucking his hole and the whimpering and moaning continued. It was clear he absolutely LOVED bottoming, and he was just my type too – short, Latin, lean body…

It wasn’t long before I came in his ass, but I could tell he wanted more, so I just slowly fucked him. Provided I take a part of a pill before I can usually keep fucking. My dick was really sensitive, so I had to take it slow, but the pill had done it’s job and I slow fucked him for another 10 or 15 minutes.

By the end we were laying on our sides spooning with my dick slowly pumping his hole. He kept mentioning how I wasn’t anything like what he thought I’d be – that I was a lot more affectionate. I think he assumed I was just going to treat him like a piece of meat and throw him out the door after a quickie pump-and-dump. I’m perfectly OK doing that, but I could tell he wanted more. Funny that he would have been OK with an impersonal fuck.

Problem was my affection was just me being “in the moment”. There was a point when I was done and I then had to figure out how to get him out of my bed without completely ruining everything. I sat up in bed and gradually moved a bit further away from him until he suggested it was time to go.

Weird part was he went to wash up and asked for a washcloth. When I didn’t have one to give him he then wanted paper towels. I’m not sure how much cleaning up he was doing – never had anyone do such a thorough cleaning before.

Stole 2 Loads From A Guy’s Wife

27 February 2009 | 6 Comments

I’m really horrible picking up guys when I’m just out doing stuff. But sometimes it happens. That’s how I met the heavily tattooed Latino who lives near me – back in December of ’97 I was walking down 7th Avenue in full leather and he came up to me cute as a button with red Santa’s elf hat on… Anyway, Wednesday I was coming back from jury duty (thank god I didn’t get on the 2-3 week murder trial I had to do jury selection for), and this Latino guy was sitting across from me on the subway. It seemed like every time I looked his way he was looking at me.

I saw him grab his bag the stop before mine, but then he didn’t get off – he got off at my stop. We went up the elevators and when we got on the street he said ‘how’s it going?’. Then he asked my name… 5 seconds later we were at the front of my building and he asked if I lived with anyone. I said my bf, but he wasn’t home right then. He asked if he could come up – I said sure. As we were walking through the lobby he asked me if I were Jewish – he thought the buildings around where I lived were all Jewish. I said no, but there were a lot of Jews living here when we moved in – less so now…

The thing about casual hookups is you never know how they’ll turn out ’cause you really don’t know what the other person is into. He wanted me to lay back on the bed ’cause he wanted to suck my dick, but he wanted me to strip down, so I took of my clothes, then we got him out of his then we got down to business. But I wasn’t totally hard (hadn’t taken a pill), and he didn’t seem as interested in sucking my dick. His dick was rock hard and big – like 9.5+. I sucked him for a bit, then I got him on his back and moved from his dick to his ass and started rimming him. He had been out and about, so he was all musky, when I got to his ass it was almost pungent, but not quite rank – just a really strong smell.

He seemed to like me rimming him and as usual rimming got me nice and hard. I got up, he saw my hard dick and went to sucking it… Then he got me on the bed on my back and sucked me that way. He pushed my leg apart and really wanted to fuck me, but that wasn’t going to happen.

I got up and started playing more with his body and his ass. He had a great body – lean, with a small fuckable ass (small, but not flat). All of a sudden he came – nice big load too. I got down there and started licking it up and sucking on his dick a bit more, which he liked.

He really wanted me to cum, but by that point I knew he didn’t want to get fucked (or as he put it “I don’t take dick”). I knew it probably just wasn’t going to happen. He was hot and all, but I could just tell I wasn’t up for it. About this time I asked him about his wedding ring whether it meant he had a boyfriend or a wife – he said a wife…

Anyway, we kept playing – he stayed rock hard I sucked him some more, and at one point he turned around and presented his ass to me as I was down on my knees, so I rimmed him some more. Really got into it and was as close as I was going to come to actually cumming, but still knew it wasn’t going to happen.

When I stood up he turned around (he really didn’t want my dick near his ass), and after a bit we got back to things and I was sucking him some more, but he didn’t think he could cum again, so he washed up and we got our clothes on. When he was in the bathroom I was looking at him – great lean body – probably about 30ish, and like a lot of Dominicans he had this great natural color to him. Being as pale as I am I’m always a bit jealous of guys who’ve got a nice color – and I definitely loved the color of his skin – it was dark, but not black…

After we got our clothes on he was still horny and hard so we pulled out our dicks and once again I went down on him and this time I got his load – 2nd of the session. Stood up and showed him the load on my tongue…

I gave him my number as he was leaving – not sure if he’ll get in touch with me again. I would really really love to get inside that ass of his and dump a load up that straight butt of his… Wonder what it will take to get that to happen…

[BTW, he was so ‘pungent’ I couldn’t get his smell out of my beard and my bf figured out I hooked up with someone when he kissed me and smelled his ass in my beard. And that was after washing my beard about 3 times… 😉 ]

Disappointing Hookup

23 August 2008 | 4 Comments

Yesterday morning I was horny, my bf was out, and there was this Dominican guy, mid-20s, who wanted to come over and get fucked hard, so I had him over… I knew from his pics he was cute but a little “soft”, which was fine with me… His age, cuteness, submissiveness and the fact that he was Latino more than made up for the fact that he wasn’t skinny…

When he showed up he was pretty much just like his pics, I showed him into the bedroom, we stripped and got right down to business without anything meaningful being said. He started by giving me a blowjob, but I wasn’t really responding all that well to that – I had him turn around and started eating out his ass.

As usual that got me hard enough to fuck, so after I got his hole pretty wet with spit, I spit a little on the head of my dick, stood up and shoved in. He had told me that he hadn’t gotten fucked in like a month and he had a problem taking it with no real lube. I told him to just take it – that he had told me not to be gentle…

Eventually he got used to my dick, but by that time I was starting to lose it a little. I fucked him a little bit, but just couldn’t stay all that hard. I pulled out and he whipped around and cleaned off my dick with a blowjob. That part turned me on, but didn’t help me get hard again, so I went back to rimming. Suprisingly rimming wasn’t working for me either, so started fingering his ass…

Long story short (since there’s not much to tell). I got hard a few more times and fucked him as hard as I could. One time I got hard for a pretty long time, gave him a good fuck (finally), but just couldn’t cum. With that fuck he jacked off a little and came on the towel I had under him.

So he got what he wanted (though not quite as intense as he probably wanted), but I didn’t cum.

[BTW, he was the first guy in a long time to ask me if I was actually neg. Lots of guys say they’re neg in their profiles, and just take what I say in my profile as truth (or don’t care).]

The weird part was I was plenty hard before he came, and afterwards I nearly came watching a video of a twink get double fucked, and then just couldn’t hold back when I watched a video of this Latino twink orgy with cum literally pouring out of the bottom’s ass – so I came all over myself with that one. It was sorta disappointing – I wanted the load up his ass, not on my chest.

Now I’m just not really in the mood to fuck for some reason – and there’s another top in town visiting that I’d like to tag a bottom with – been blowing him off, ’cause I’m just not in the mood. Hopefully that will change today…

Perfect 10

10 January 2007 | No Comments

Load 2007-3

Last night I fucked the hottest guy I've fucked since the Korean guy nearly a year ago – he was a perfect 10 – cute, short, latin, tight body, tattoos, great ass, wonderful hole, nicely dressed, and interested in both me and my bf.

Once again, I found him on Adam4Adam (I'm starting to love that site). His profile said he was neg but didn't say anything one way or the other about safe sex, and I was pleasantly surprised when we was game to do a 3-way with my bf.

When he showed up he was really hot and really well dressed, we went into the bedroom and he got right down to business by immediately getting out of all his clothes… He had on a 2ist thong and it looked better on him than it does in this picture:

Back of 2(x)ist thong

IF this guy goes to sex parties and sex clubs I think he'd be the ass that everyone would want to dump their load into (you know the type – other guys may get raw dick in their ass, but the hottest guy in the room gets the loads provided he's not a prima donna) – his ass was that good… A hard, perky, real bubble butt that didn't have an ounce of fat on it.

We made out a little, I sucked his cock briefly (nice, long and uncut), he sucked my bf's cock and then mine a little. I ate out his ass – his hole felt like he had just been fucked or had used a dildo on it – slightly puffy lips, but since he was standing up and pretty short I couldn't really get in there and eat him out the way I wanted to… I put some gun oil on my dick and while we were still standing up playing, I went up behind him and slide my dick up in him as he was bent over giving my bf a blow job. It felt nice – took my dick real easy without being too loose.

I fucked him slow for a while as we stood there. Then I pulled out so we could reposition ourselves on the bed. He cleaned my dick off with the towel and then didn't want to lay on the bed until we put the towel down. (The fact that he's a clean freak is why I don't think he goes to sex parties, 'cause if he did go to sex parties he'd be poz by now). I pushed his legs up, put a little more gun oil on my dick and went in – all the way to the hilt… He felt good. We kissed a little while I was fucking him… I wasn't really pounding his so much as going in as deep as I could…

My bf looked a little left out at this point, so I gave him a turn… It was hot watching the guy take my bf's dick… After pounding him for a while my bf asked me if I wanted him to cum. I said I did, so he asked the guy whether he wanted the cum inside him and he said yes – so he got he the first load.

Now that he was lubed with my bf's cum, I had him turn over (my favorite position with small guys), put a little more lube on my dick and shoved in. His legs were spread and his but was these two perky mounds of muscle. That, and how his hole felt was a complete turn on. I fucked him for a few minutes and felt it coming… I had a 4 day load in me and he got all of it – wave after wave of cum.

I rolled onto my side with my dick still in him and he started jacking his dick. A minute or so later he came. I swirled my finger around in it and tasted it… We layed there for a few more minutes chatting – found out where he lived, what he did for a living, stuff like that… Nice guy.

Clean freak that he was, he wanted to take a shower, so I'm not sure whether he went home with our loads in his ass or not…

All in all, the best hookup in nearly a year. I hope he's hungry for cum and becomes a regular fuck.




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