It’s been FOREVER!

30 March 2021 | 3 Comments

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It’s almost embarrassing how long it’s been since I’ve had sex. Last time I updated the blog was November 2018. I’ve literally only had sex on 5 different days since then – a few days after that post, then twice about a year later (October/November 2019), then on vacation in February of last year. Then just as I was feeling like getting back in the game, the pandemic hit and I only hooked up once during the pandemic (with a buddy who I knew for certain was playing safe and keeping risk really low – and we hooked up outdoors, at the beach to minimize risk).

As the pandemic hit and then continued I just hunkered down. Vaccines were eventually on the horizon and I didn’t want to be the person who died a week before they could have gotten the vaccine. I had a lover who died of AIDS in 1995 – a year before ARVs came out. I’d learned my lesson my lesson from that. And my caution was warranted – the roommate of a friend got hospitalized and put in the ICU and after a few weeks he died. Tragically, he died four days after he qualified for a vaccine. He was a cute little cub in his mid-30s. It can happen to anyone.

The pandemic explains why I didn’t hookup for the past year. But it doesn’t explain 2018 and 2019. There were a number of factors, but the cumulative effect is that I kinda lost the mojo to be a good top. You need a certain confidence to be a good top (or even a good bottom), and a number of things in my life were interfering with that. Among other things, there were problems with my immediate neighborhood (which at one point escalated to me being assaulted), finding success in work was difficult, and so on… Even Trump’s presidency felt like a downer. Things finally started to change late last year – Trump lost, and the people who were causing problems in the neighborhood were arrested and are now facing 20 to life for drug trafficking. There are still remaining issues in my life, but they’re manageable.

Needless to say I wanted (needed?) life to get back to normal so I was pretty assertive about getting a vaccine. I got my first shot 2 days after I qualified. But I still played it safe, so didn’t really start thinking of hooking up until I was fully vaccinated (2 weeks after my 2nd shot).

I FINALLY had my first hookup yesterday (5 days after being fully vaccinated). I’m so ready to get back into the swing of things that I’ve set a goal to only cum when I fuck, which means ideally I’d hookup every 3-5 days. But the guy yesterday got a 10 day load since I stopped jacking off a few days before I was fully vaccinated and then I’d been busy with other stuff and didn’t manage to hookup the first few days.

Anyway – the hookup… I started looking in the morning but made the mistake of being too picky about distance. I wanted a bottom who’d host, who I could walk to. There were a few guys taking loads but they were all further away. As it got to be mid-afternoon I realized I had spent far too much of the day looking for an ideal hookup and realized I just needed to breed an ass (perfection is the enemy of good). A guy hit me up and said he’d pay for an Uber if I’d come breed him. He had hit me up back in 2017 and 2018 telling me that he wasn’t taking his PrEP consistently and was thinking of converting. But that was 3 and a half years ago and his profile still said “negative, on PreP”. So I knew he had bug chasing tendencies but didn’t know what was real and what was fantasy with him. He wasn’t my “ideal type” but it’s always fun to fuck a bug chaser, and he was just visiting the City so it was now or who knows when – so I said yes. I declined the Uber and rode my bike down to his hotel.

As I walked into the hotel I panicked a little. I wasn’t sure where the elevators were, but finally I spotted them so I got spared the embarrassment of explaining to the staff that I was there for a pump-and-dump with a guy and didn’t know his name. When I got up to his room the door was ajar. I went in, it was actually a small suite. I set down some of my stuff, went to the bathroom to take a piss, and then went into the bedroom where he was on the bed ass up.

I had him get on all fours so I could rim him. His ass was REALLY hairy (he was sorta hairy all over). He had mentioned before I came that his as was cummy, but I couldn’t taste any loads. It would’ve been cool to felch some cum from his ass, but at least his ass was perfectly clean. Woulda been a bummer if I’d gotten a bottom with a dirty hole the first time out after so long.

I fucked him on all fours just briefly and then had him get on his belly. We hadn’t really said anything to each other, but at that point he got really verbal and was literally begging me to give him a toxic load and poz him. He said he wanted me to be the one to make him poz. I honestly believed that’s what he wanted, but who knows what the reality was. Was he neg and on PrEP? Has he been taking his PrEP consistently, or did he go off before traveling to NYC? Or is he poz and just wants to recreate a fantasy pozzing? Or maybe he has no clue what his status is… Still, it’s hot to hear a bottom beg me to knock him up. He’d been talking about it for enough years I knew he really wanted it – even if his PrEP usage wouldn’t let it happen, or it had happened a while ago.

I’m never one for long fucks. I learned a while ago that when I feel ready to cum, I should just do it – because if I wait I may not be able to cum later. And true to form, I didn’t last long – especially with him begging me to poz him. I felt a spurt of cum, then a few seconds later I felt a much bigger spurt. I mean it had been 10 days since I’d cum. It felt like a pretty big load – but not seeing the load, who knows?

I’d been almost completely silent the entire time. It wasn’t really “connected” sex. I needed a hole and he had one to fuck. But I think he really was hoping I’d just pozzed him and he was going to have this wonderful connected moment with his poz daddy. I hadn’t taken off my clothes (other than my jacket), so as I was zipping up he indicated he wanted me to stick around for a moment. I thought he said he wanted to “clean me up”, but then I realized he wanted to jack off with me. I played with his nipples, but they didn’t seem wired to his dick. He wanted to kiss, but between the anonymous nature of it and, ummm…, the pandemic, I dodged that one. I know he wanted more, but I wasn’t really in the headspace for the level of connection he wanted. I could have sucked his dick, but that wasn’t what I was there for, and would have changed the power dynamics between us. I felt a little bad for him in the moment. I was in disconnected mode, and he wanted connected. But it was what it was. Soon enough he came, then I zipped up, went for another piss and left.

One thing that’s a little amusing to me about this hookup, actually happens a lot when guys hit me up… I haven’t discussed my HIV status in years. I’m completely opaque about it. I like the fact that guys have no fucking clue. But they all seem to just assume that I’m poz and I’ve been toxic for years now. I don’t mind them assuming that, but I they’re making a lot of assumptions to come to that conclusion. But I actually sorta like that. Back in the day before PrEP neg bottoms had no real way to protect themselves. They were totally dependent on the top knowing his status and telling the truth. (This is before people realized undetectable = untransmittable). There was something really special about bottoms whose hunger for loads was greater than their sense of self-preservation. And even when I fucked a poz bottom back then I realized there was a point in their life when they chose to risk their health to get loads in their ass. That risk made barebacking really edgy back then. I miss the atmosphere of risk – it was hot. Those guys were true pigs, and piggy sex is just hotter. PrEP takes away that risk the way condoms took it away in the past. Now when I see a bottom is on PrEP it’s kind of a turn off. I’ll fuck them, but I just wish they’d simply put their status as “negative” and let me wonder.

So I have no clue whether the bottom was taking an actual risk or not yesterday, but I really liked that he at least made it seem in the moment like there was risk.

Didn’t Want To Waste A Cialis…

8 July 2014 | 1 Comment

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Sunday there was this mid-day gangbang I wanted to go to. The bottom seemed hot – a lean, youngish black / mixed race guy. He had asked people when they planned to arrive and I told him towards the end of the 2 hours he was going to take loads since I like fucking a cummy hole.

So Sunday morning I woke up and realized the gangbang was in a few hours and I hadn’t taken my (daily) Cialis in a few days, so I went and took one of my full strength ones – giving me about 4 hours for it to kick in. When we got up my bf asked what the plans were for the day and I told him there was a hookup I wanted to go to around 12:30 and then we could go to the gym. I didn’t want to go to the gym first since it was leg day and I knew I’d be wiped afterwards.

I drove down to Chelsea, and rang the bell and the guy on the other end trying to say something but I can’t understand him. He buzzed me up and told me the gangbang ended (prematurely) 20 or 30 min ago. Some top with a huge dick came in and gave a really rough fuck to the bottom who was “a little thing” and then the bottom couldn’t get fucked anymore.

I was bummed. I was all ready to fuck – had even taken a full Cialis and there was no gangbang. So I got online and was willing to fuck just about anything. There were a couple options. One I knew would be a decent fuck, but he didn’t get back to me in a timely manner. Then there was a guy who said he was usually a top but wanted to get fucked. He replying to me, but not with a full address. Finally this bottom hit me up – his pics looked a bit slutty. He said he had just taken two loads and wanted a third. Bingo! And he gave me his cell number, so I texted him and had an address almost immediately. I parked the car and as I walking to the bottom’s place the top finally gave me his address – too late.

I got to the bottom’s place and was a little surprised. The guy looked like an extremely clean-cut, preppy cub. And his apartment was immaculate. If he had told me he was renting the place on AirBnB I would have totally believed him. I kept thinking how the place was like hotel room that had just had maid service.

Anyway, we both took off our clothes. As I saw his body I was pleasantly surprised – the best way I could describe him is somewhere between “average” and “cub”, but with some muscles. His ass was muscular, with a deep hairy ass crack. I rimmed him hoping, with two loads in him, the rimming would turn into felching, but no such luck. In fact, if he hadn’t told me he’d just gotten fucked I would never have known – his hole was completely tight and dry.

Rimming him got me hard pretty quickly and then I lubed up and pushed in. I did my usual doggy -> then on his belly. Not sure if it was the loads in him, but his hole did feel really good and I came pretty quickly. The weird part was right before I came he told me he really liked my blog. The comment sorta came out of nowhere and given that I could feel my orgasm coming, the timing was pretty funny.

After collapsing on him for a little bit, I rolled him over and pumped in and out of his ass and then pulled out and tried to felch his ass. I didn’t try to hard, but once again his ass just wasn’t all that cummy. It’s like his hole is a sponge and hangs on dearly to every drop of cum put up it.

I had to run, so didn’t stick around. I needed to get home to go to the gym with my bf and was pushing the limit of when he expected me home.

Later he hit me up saying the previous hookups had been blindfolded, “poz cumdump” sorta hookups where he never got to see who was fucking him. While I like those types of hookups, I was glad I got to see his face. He also mentioned he does web development – so I may get together with him soon to fuck him and then discuss development stuff. It’s rare to find a proud pig who’s a competent programmer…

Fucked A Hot Young Cub

26 December 2013 | No Comments

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Just had a hookup with this young hot cub. I think it’s hot when I get to fuck guys who are less than half my age and he was that with a couple years to spare. Usually I don’t hookup with cubs. My dick is a little unpredictable with stocky guys, but this guy was really short and just “stocky”, not really “fat”, so I went for it. And I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up. I’d actually put him in the “muscle cub” category – though he wasn’t overly muscular – but he was definitely solid with muscle.

Anyway, one of the things that stood out with the hookup was that he was really detached. He really didn’t talk much at all. He almost never looked me in the eye and when he did he diverted his gaze really quickly. And when he showed up and we got naked he didn’t really go down on me or anything. In fact I started things off by giving him a blowjob. He had a nice cock and he got hard quickly, but he was a total bottom (according to his profile), so it wasn’t about his dick.

After blowing him briefly I told him I wanted to rim him. When I tell most guys that they get on all fours. Instead he got on his back and put his legs up. I didn’t really care what position he was in – I just dove in on his hole. He had a nice, slightly hairy hole. It got me hard pretty quickly, at which point I lubed up my dick and his ass.

I pushed in slowly, and he had no trouble taking me. I then fucked him with his legs up in a missionary position for a little bit. He had been jacking his dick a bit when I was rimming him. That sorta stopped as I fucked him – which was good ’cause I didn’t want him to blow his load.

I then moved him onto his side and fucked him that way. At that point his hole was making my dick feel really good. I was pretty confident I’d be able to cum with him, but I had jacked off the day before so I wasn’t 100% certain I was going to be able to cum.

Then I rolled him some more so he was now completely on his belly. Things still felt really good and it wasn’t long  before I could feel my orgasm building and then I was blowing my load up his ass. As I came thing tingling sensation shot through my body. I think it’s happened before, but it’s been a long long time. It was sorta hot to sort of have a full-body orgasm.

We laid there for a bit and he still wasn’t really talking. I tried to start a little conversation. He answered my questions, but didn’t really help keep things going. Then his phone was going off so he got up, did a little texting, and then got dressed and was on his way.

I’m still not sure what to think of his “distance”. I mean I just don’t know his story. His profile says he’s neg and it’s the say after Christmas. Maybe Christmas didn’t go so well for him and he’s consoling himself by taking loads. Who knows?

He lives in the neighborhood, so hopefully his distance didn’t mean he wasn’t really into me. ‘Cause I’d sorta like to fuck him again in the not-too-distant future.

The Cub Who Became My Boy @ MAL

16 January 2013 | 1 Comment

So after the flop with the bottom I intended to have as my fuck boy for the weekend, I wound up making a connection with the bottom who was at the Friday morning gangbang. In many ways he wasn’t at all my “ideal type”, but what I find is that on weekends like MAL I tend to go for guys who have a certain approach to sex – in particular they respond very strongly to touch. Caress them and they just snuggle up to you. That, and an intense desire to get fucked trumps having a perfect body, etc.

Here are some pics of him that I snapped one morning…

Cub ass up on the bed wanting to get fucked

You can see he’s even got a hairy back – something which is usually a turn off for me, but somehow I didn’t mind it with him…

Bottom with his ass up wanting to be bred

You can’t see it in the pics so much, but he had some muscle on him. It felt nice to feel the curves in his shoulders and arms. And he had pretty powerful legs. In many ways he was built sorta like I am now, only with a bit more of a gut.

But what attracted me to him was that he seemed emotionally needy. I know that may sound like a weird compliment, but he craved attention and I liked giving it to him.  I remember a similar (though brief) connection with a pup I met at the first MAL I went to 3 years, and then with the beefy “Canadian Sub” I hung out with at the last MAL I went to 2 years ago. While the pup was cute and young, it usually seems rare for me to have connections like that with young “hot” guys.

And it wasn’t like I was giving him all that much attention. I mean he was constantly making (positive) comments about my body, my dick, my musky body odor, etc. but I wasn’t all that verbal with him. Instead, the attention I showed him was more physical – lots of touch, and just wanting to spend time with him…

One thing about him that was a bit amusing was his love of bear/pup stuff. He loved to say “woof”. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. I mean that level of bear play isn’t something I really get into. At the same time it was sorta cute that he was doing it. I just wasn’t going to “woof” back at him. I probably should have gotten into a little puppy play with him. I tried flogging him at one point but my mojo was rattled a bit when he told me my aim was off and I was wrapping his neck/shoulder. I pride myself in not doing stuff like that. The conditions weren’t quite right – it was hard to get a good swing in with all the furniture in the way, but still I shouldn’t have made that mistake. And I definitely should have videotaped some of our fucks. He said he would be into it, but I never set up the camera for one reason or another. There were a number of things I coulda/shoulda done with him that I didn’t, but I was happy just to spend quiet time with him, fucking him…

The first day after he got the 6 loads in the morning gangbang he went with PortaUrinal and me to a diner he knew about for breakfast. He needed to get some sleep before going to work. I needed some sleep too, so we came back to my room and slept much of the afternoon. Whenever I’d have a hardon I’d just wake him up by sticking my dick in his ass and fucking him. That pretty much was typical of the entire weekend. We spent a lot of time togehter – he was with me Friday during the day. Then he went to work, then he was with me from the wee hours of the morning on Saturday until he had to work that night. Then he came back after work and stayed all of Sunday. Sunday night I slept alone ’cause I needed a good sleep for the drive back to NYC, but he came by after I got up, got a couple loads, and then we went out for brunch. So he was nearly my constant companion for MAL… It was nice… I mean we fucked A LOT, and there was a good connection…

He had a nice hole – it felt good. But there was something about his hole that never got me to cum in his ass – it just didn’t rub my dick quite right or something. That’s actually sorta typical for me with beefy guys – I’m not sure why. I mean other guys had no problem cumming in him – so it wasn’t him per se. We tried all sorts of stuff. I tried a pig hole on him – but it seemed a bit big for him. Then we tried my cock sheath on him. I was surprised at how easily he could take that. That actually felt really good – and the head of my dick was hitting something and I nearly came. Then one morning he decided he would get the pig hole in him, so he put it up there, but when I stuck my dick in him he had this intense sensation and came without even touching himself like 10 seconds later. I never really got to fuck him properly that time.

I now wonder if I didn’t cum in his ass at some point – I mean I fucked him a lot and I got close a number of times – and there have been times in the past when I cum and don’t realize it. It was a bit of a bummer that I couldn’t cum easily with him. I would have liked to have given him load after load. But he seemed happy just with all the fucking. And in a way I did give him loads – they just weren’t mine. He got 6 loads Friday morning, and then another 2 loads Monday morning. He was good about taking loads – he wasn’t really into some of the tops (especially the black guys), but he took their loads to please me…

In hindsight one thing I would have like to do would be give him a sleeping pill and invite guys over to fuck him while he was semi-knocked out. Thing was, I didn’t think I had sleeping pills, when I actually did have them. I had seen this little container on the floor after one of the gangbangs and didn’t really investigate was it was. Finally I looked at it and saw a bunch of pills, but didn’t google their markings to figure out what they were. The morning I was leaving DC I finally looked up the markings on the pills. Turns out there 3 types of sleep aids in there, including Ambien, plus some other stuff. If I had known I had Ambien I would have given him one and watched as guys fucked him when he was just semi-conscious. I gotta say I did like see him getting fucked by other guys – it always seem to get me hard…

The one confusing thing about him was that he told me he was neg, but he didn’t really want to talk about it. I brought the subject up a few times in different ways, but he never really shared how he felt. So I’m thinking either he just doesn’t want to think about the risk he’s taking, or he’s actually poz and lied just to be one of my gangbang bottoms. He did tell me that he had talked to someone who told him I only hooked up with neg guys. That’s not true – what was true was that my goal was to only have neg guys as my gangbang bottoms, but I’m fine with fucking poz guys… I’d say most of the guys I fuck are poz.

The one load he did get from me was a piss load – I filled his ass with piss at one point. It was  big load too… Like PortaUrinal, he’s a piss bottom, but after hearing PortaUrinal say my piss was too strong for him, the cub didn’t want to drink any either – which was too bad…

He was actually pretty versatile. He kept playing with my ass and suggesting he should fuck me. Now that the doctor says my fissure is healed, I guess I could have let him fuck me, but it’s rare for me to even think about bottoming let alone do it. And that weekend wasn’t one of those times…

So all in all it was a good weekend in part because of the cub… I like having these sort of “weekend boyfriends” on sex party weekends. PortaUrinal is great company (we had adjoining rooms and spent a lot of time together), but having someone to sleep with and stick your dick in every time it gets hard, is pretty nice 😉

The Twink Who Was Supposed To Be My Boy @ MAL

15 January 2013 | 2 Comments

Load 2013-1

The gangbangs at MAL were a mixed lot this year. I didn’t have time to write them up while I was there, so I’ll go through them now and give some highlights…

The first two gangbangs were centered around this twink who was supposed to be my boy for the weekend. He was a mid-20s, tall, sk8r twink. He had bottomed at one of my gangbangs 2 years ago, and at that gangbang he got freaked out and left early (after getting 7 loads in his ass). This past fall he mentioned to me that he wished he had gone through with the entire gangbang, so I figured he was now in a mindset to do it again and I offered that he could stay with me for the weekend and we’d see how many loads we could get in his ass.

Well, Thursday I left NYC 2 hours later than I had wanted to, which meant I got into DC later than I wanted to – just a couple hours before the gangbang. As I was arriving I texted the twink and asked what his ETA was. He said he got off work at 5pm. I knew it took him over an hour to get there, and then he’d need time to clean out. Problem was, the gangbang started at 5:30. And the second problem was he was the only bottom I had scheduled. Over 140 tops had signed up for the gangbang, so at 1/3rd show up rate – that meant up to 50 tops were arriving and there I was 2 hours before with basically no bottoms for them to fuck.

So I sent out the room number to the invited tops, but given that it was only 2 hours before the gangbang I knew that meant I’d have some drop off on attendance. Then I scrambled to find bottoms. One bottom said he could come, but had to leave early – that was fine with me – I just needed coverage. Then two other bottoms agreed to come.

The bottom who had to leave early showed up first, and I fucked him before the gangbang started. His hole felt really good and I blew my load in him. It helped that he was very much my type – shorter, thin, Latino…

I started the gangbang with him and then the other two bottoms showed up. They were both pretty good, but since I’d cum, I couldn’t give them the best fuck or a load. One of them drank my piss, which was cool. @PortaUrinal had the adjoining room and helped immensely with all the gangbangs over the weekend. But, despite his experience he gave up on that first night trying to drink my piss – saying it’s some of the strongest piss he’s ever had… So it’s saying something that the bottom drank it down without hesitation… 😉

The sk8r twink did finally show up, and then it took him a while to clean out. When he finally came out it was almost funny to watch – I think most of the tops knew he was the neg bottom in the room and they circled him like sharks going in for a kill. Like a good dutiful bottom he put on a blindfold and was taking anonymous cock at both ends. One top in particular was this poz muscular ex-Marine Latino – he loved fucking the twink. During the gangbang I actually got my dick up the ex-Marine briefly… I figured it was my gangbang and I could fuck who I wanted to fuck.

Then all of a sudden it was announced that the twink wasn’t quite clean he needed to clean out some more. Unfortunately he had taken a couple loads and they got washed out in the process. After re-cleaning the twink said he was actually clean – he thinks what they saw was blood, not scat. He then went back to bottoming, but the thrill of the chase was gone for the tops. I think he got one more load and that was it. But a bigger problem cropped up – he tightened up and couldn’t really take dick. I tried several times to get in him and he’d resist and not let me fuck him. I knew then that he probably wasn’t going to last the weekend.

When all was said and done only 27 tops showed up (not including me), and only 11 loads were given (including mine). That’s a pretty lame tops-to-loads ratio. The early bird got the worm – the hot Latino who I gave my load to got 5 loads. One of the other bottoms got 1, the other got 2, and the twink got 3, but at least two of those got washed out when he did his re-cleaning.

So a decent gangbang for the Latino who got 5 loads, but overall not the best gangbang.

PortaUrinal, the twink and I then went out to a bar that was doing free drinks. The ex-Marine top had told us about it. The twink dressed in his sk8r ware and was really cute. We talked a bit at the bar – bottom line he still just wasn’t ready. He had lied about how much sex he’d been having – he hadn’t gotten fucked in months when he said he was taking loads all the time. And on top of that he was scared of becoming poz. He lives in a rural area where people aren’t cool with guys being poz. A guy he has the hots for just dumped a guy for being poz… When I heard all that, all I could say was “well, you need to decide whether you want to go through with this or not…”

The twink stayed the night and there was a gangbang the next morning. There are only some of us who like morning sex, 7 guys showed up, and 6 loads were given (a much better ratio of tops to loads). There were two bottoms – the sk8r twink and a beefy muscle cub. The twink basically shut down and didn’t get fucked. Which meant the cub got all 6 loads. Before the gangbang was over the sk8r twink dressed and left. There was no point in him staying if he wasn’t going to get fucked – that was sort of the deal.

Three Strikes & Now Out…

17 December 2012 | 1 Comment

I’ve been in a really melancholy mood lately. Nothing is wrong, I just feel like I want to get work done and be quiet and by myself most of the time. I haven’t been hooking up as much lately, but I’m still hooking up every now and then… I thought I’d quickly relate the last two hookups that didn’t go so well, and then add a third in for good measure (since two strikes doesn’t make as much sense)…

So the theme here is hot guys who don’t manage to get me off…

First up is Jayson Park… Jayson is really pretty hot – he’s got pretty much an ideal body – he’s thin/lean with decent definition, and he’s an eager bottom… Should get me off right? Well, I fucked him, and fucked him, and fucked him. Overheated and had to stop several times, but even though I hadn’t cum in something like 4 or 5 days, I just couldn’t cum with him. It’s happened before with him. In fact more than half the times I’ve fucked him I haven’t been able to cum. It doesn’t make sense – he’s totally my type – but it just doesn’t work out (most of the time).

I did get a whole bunch of video out of it… Here’s a pic from the video…

fucking Jayson Park

One thing I realized (not sure why it took me so long to fully realize it) – is that Jayson is a pretty dominant bottom. He’s definitely not submissive. I mean he tries to get into a submissive mindset sometimes – but it’s work for him. Being the dominant top I am I wanted to make him submit, so I blindfolded him and put on restraints and locked his wrists together. I knew he wouldn’t go for more than that – even that was stretching it a bit for him…

Not sure if you can tell all that well by looking at that pic – but I’ve lost a fair amount of weight. I’m a little surprised it looks like I have such a belly in that pic – when I stand up straight it’s not so pronounced. But that’s still a lot thinner than I was 6 or 12 months ago. The holidays (and my melancholy mood) are kicking my butt when it comes to weight loss. Right now I’m just trying to not gain weight. I’ll try getting back to weight loss again next year.

That was actually almost two months ago now. Then there were the latest two hookups – again with hot guys, but I didn’t get off…

First was a couple of weeks ago now – a black guy who I’ve been wanting to fuck for probably a year or more now. We used to live a few blocks from each other but timing always sucked. Anyway, he came over for a quickie on his way to work. I was surprised he was so tall, but otherwise he was pretty much what I was expecting. GREAT body. Eager to get fucked. But once again he was sort of a dominant bottom. He kept trying to call the shots. At one point I was in a groove and he started bouncing up and down – for god’s sakes – why do bottoms do that? I had to tell him to stop and lay still… Anyway I was turned on but couldn’t cum. He jacked off and then ran off to work (he was late).

Then the last guy was a week ago. On paper he’s not quite my type – but I still found him incredibly hot. He was this hairy, tattooed little muscle bear. His hair was so thick you couldn’t see some of his tattoos clearly. Just that day I had gotten an Oxballs Pig Hole, and when I realized his hole wasn’t rubbing my dick quite right and his hole was semi-loose I figured I’d try it out on him. Problem was the Pig Hole felt too much like wearing a rubber. It didn’t have enough lube inside so it felt dry and uncomfortable. I gave him a good long fuck, and later took out the Pig Hole and kept trying, but never could cum with him.

The only thing I really found wrong with that guy was that he was a heavy smoker. To a point the muskiness of it was a turn on, but at other times it was a bit too much. If I were a bottom I could see getting fucked by him – he had that sort of vibe about him. And at the end he was even admiring my ass – wanting to fuck me…

So now the “out” part… For a couple days I’ve felt a “sensation” now and again but didn’t think anything of it. Then last night I noticed discharge. UGH… I didn’t get a chance today, but tomorrow morning I’ll run to the STD clinic and get treated. So I’m out of commission for the next week. In a way it’s decent timing since I’ve got a busy next week…

The weird part was that I told the furry guy about it – going as far as saying that I suspected I got it from him since the timing was right and I haven’t been fucking much. His responses seemed appropriate, etc. though I found it odd that it seemed like he was always online… He knew he had been at least exposed to an STD and yet he was still looking to hookup with guys. Then as soon as I had read his second reply he blocked me before I could reply. I really have no clue what’s up with him, but I’m not sure I’d want to hookup with him again anyway. I prefer guys who are a bit more conservative about STDs.

Speaking of STDs, there’s an eBook out now that supposedly tells you all natural things you can take/eat that makes you immune to STDs. Apparently they’ve found breast milk and some other stuff actually kill STDs and so they go into stuff (other than breast milk) that can also kill STDs. It’s put out by straight guys and the sales pitch is incredibly gimmicky, but I think I’ll give it a try. With MAL coming up I could use some STD protection. And by the end of MAL I’ll know if it works or not.




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