A Bottom Got Me To Wear A Condom

15 July 2012 | 1 Comment

Load 2012-29

I had a really bizarre hookup on Friday… I hadn’t cum in 10 days and needed to cum really badly. I thought I had to go downtown for some bureaucratic stuff I had todo, but when I looked over the papers I needed to take down they were a mess, so that changed my plans and I looked for a hole uptown. This black guy contacted me who lived in the Bronx, so I figured I’d go.

I thought, since I hadn’t cum in so long, that I’d have two loads in me, so I even scheduled a second hookup – with a guy who used to be one of the guys you saw when you logged into BBRT. I know his boyfriend who I fucked and my bf and I have hung out socially with the two of them a few times…

Anyway, I get over to the Bronx and the guy lives in a pretty run down building in a completely sketchy neighborhood. I got all these weird looks when I parked my car – like I didn’t belong there. It made me worry a bit about whether my car would get broken into, but I was horny and ignored the warning signs…

I called him when I got to his building and he came down and got me. He was shirtless, his track pants were hanging down and when he turned around anyone on the street who was looking would have seen his ass crack.

The other thing that struck me about him was that he didn’t look like his pics. There was a vague resemblance, but I think the pics were pretty old – or maybe it was just that he had a completely different haircut. Anyway, he was still hot, and I was horny, so on I went…

The building was possibly the most run down building I’ve ever hooked up in. It was a smallish house (by NYC standards) where people rent rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens were shared. When I walked in the hallway was dark – I could barely see the stairs that we went up. His room was in the attic and it was filthy and smelled a bit. I mean I’ve been in bad buildings before for hookups, but usually the guys are good fags and have at least cleaned their room in the last week or two. I won’t go into too many details, but I was rather repulsed by the whole situation – the place was filthy. But I was horny so I stayed…

Thinking back I’m not sure why I stayed given how things were. I should have just texted my friend/fuckbuddy’s boyfriend and fucked him. But hindsight it 20/20.

We both strip down (for him that just means he took off his track pants). He then goes and gets a condom. I was a bit confused – I told him I was expecting to fuck him raw. He said he was just going to use it as a cock ring… That’s the one use for a condom that I’m fine with. Thing was I already had my trusty rawhide string around my cock and balls – I didn’t really need a cockring.

He tells me to sit on this plastic & metal chair – he wanted to suck my dick. I sat down and then he fussed for a while trying to get just the right position. He had me sit on a pillow. Then he put a pillow behind me, etc. You could tell he was settling down for the long haul. He also put the condom cock ring on me at this point. I didn’t really need it, but he liked it on me, so I was fine with it. It wasn’t all that tight – it actually made a decent cock ring…

He then proceeded to suck my cock, then he’d play with my cock a bit bouncing it around in his hand. Then he’d go back to sucking it, then he’d play with it some more. I had my Prince Albert in and he wasn’t being careful about it at all. Not that he can hurt me – but there were a few times when he was wagging my dick around that the PA hit him in the mouth and I could feel it hit his teeth. You can chip your tooth that way… I was a little concerned but didn’t say anything. I pretty much just sat back and let him do his thing.

If you read this blog much you’ll know blow jobs aren’t really my thing. Often they don’t get me completely hard. Usually I’m pretty self-conscious about it and I’ll move to rimming to get hard so the bottom doesn’t think I’m not into them. I didn’t do that with this guy and he didn’t seem to mind sucking on a soft dick. Gradually it did get to half mast, and then more or less hard. One thing he did that was a little distracting was he wanted me to play with his nipples while he sucked my dick. I did it, but only half heartedly.

The other thing that came out during his cock sucking was that he literally worshiped me. It was one of the reasons why I put up with the whole grimy surroundings. You could tell he was a kid in a candy store and I was his candy. As odd as it sounds, he seemed to be treasuring every moment. Given that he was clearly dirt poor, dark skinned black, and a complete worshipful sub there were overtones of slavery. I could envision some white slave owner going to the shack of one of his field slaves and having the boy worship his dick and then fuck him… I didn’t “go there” with him – not sure if he’d see the situation the same way I did, but the thought kept going through my head.

The guy was also a bit hyper – sort of too eager to please. When we finally got to rimming and fucking he kept suggesting different positions. But to his credit he did finally just quiet down and bury his head in his pillow once he knew I was in a groove.

When it came to fucking I tried to push in with my PA, but he had warned me he was tight and it was no joke. His ass was a bit like a vice, so the PA had to come out. When I did finally get into him it hurt him and he wanted me to pull out, but I just held it in and told him to get used to it. I knew 15 seconds later he’d be fine and indeed he was.

Given that I had a 10 day load in me it only took 2-3 minutes of fucking before I blew my load – and that was with me trying to stretch it out a bit. When I came my dick felt like a garden hose and I could feel this big thick stream of cum jetting out of my dick – and it just kept going for a while. He got a BIG load…  🙂  After I came he wanted me to lay on top of him.

When I pulled out I had him clean off my dick. Then he wanted to go back to sucking my dick. I had to have him go slow – after I cum my dick is really sensitive. And my dick started deflating pretty quickly, but he just kept sucking my soft cock – he really didn’t seem to mind it being soft at all. After a while he put me back on the chair and I just sat there while he worked my dick. He did keep wanting me to play with his nipples and by now that was getting a bit irritating. I sorta just wanted to go. I mean I had blown my load, and I was past the wind down period.

Finally when I thought I had been polite enough I said I needed to go. I started getting dressed and he kept trying to suck my dick while I was getting dressed. Then he offered to get me a glass of water and he ran downstairs (into the common area of the building) stark naked. I wasn’t quite sure where he was so I went downstairs – I wanted to say goodbye and leave.

Then he wanted to walk me out or something so he ran upstairs and put on a different pair of track pants – these were pink and he threw on a t-shirt shoes some sunglasses. I have to say he looked really hot dressed like that. But then he realized I wasn’t walking to the subway, so he didn’t wind up walking me.

In hindsight, I’ll never go to his place ever again. It was just a bit too weird and disturbing for me. But I’d definitely fuck him again.

Disappointing Night @ GI Joe Montreal

20 August 2011 | 11 Comments

GI Joe bathhouse Montréal

My bf and I are in MontrĂ©al this weekend. The weather is perfect, and we’re staying at a great B&B that’s in the middle of everything gay. So last night I wanted to go to a bathhouse, while my bf wanted to go dancing – so after dinner and some stripper bar bar hopping we split up.

GI Joe has been great in the past so I went there again. I had heard that there was new management, they had upped the prices, and it wasn’t as good as it was, but I didn’t want to go to the twinky one or the old troll one down the street, so I went and hoped for the best.

Even though I was there pretty much at prime time (Friday night between 11:45 and 1:30) the place was dead compared to how it used to be. There were guys there, but not as many and the guys who were there were more inhibited than I remember from before. I only saw three bottoms laying on their bellies and one of those just wanted to suck.

So starting from the beginning… I got there, took a shower, and checked the place out. They had pretty much gutted the fun playroom in the basement that had fuck-sized glory holes where guys used to back up their asses and take dick from guys they never saw. Also none of the rooms down in the basement had anyone in them. On the upper floors there was a little going on – in fact the guys there did seem to be into public sex – but it was mostly oral or after a while you realized the guys who were fucking were couples  who wanted to fuck with an audience. So there was a lot of voyeurs, but not many people engaging in anonymous fucking.

At one point a guy was sucking dick near the sling on the top floor. I was standing by jacking my dick and he finally noticed my dick (and said “nice dick”). When I felt up his ass it was well lubed. He was actually carrying a bottle of lube with him. He backed onto my dick, but it was crowded and he was standing up so it wasn’t a good position for fucking and my dick kept slipping out of his hole. Then he backed onto this other guy’s dick and they fucked a while. Then I fucked him again – this time with him bent over. It was a better fuck, but not one where I’d be able to cum, so I pulled out after a while and walked around some more.

Then I tried this beefy Asian guy who way laying on his belly (head facing the door), but he only wanted to suck dick.

Time went by and one time this BIG muscle boy came into my room, but he “had issues” and wasn’t really comfortable being there – very fidgety and finally he just left. All he was up for was a little cock sucking.

I was getting a little bored. FINALLY I saw a bottom on his belly in one of the big rooms. He wasn’t exactly “hot” but he wasn’t unattractive either. He looked like the type who spend 3 or 4 nights at the bathhouse getting fucked. I went in and positioned him so I could rim him. He was pleasantly surprised at that. Then I just pushed him forward and used him as a hole – I just needed to cum – and I did.

He cleaned off my dick when I was done and I felt the urge to piss. I asked him if he drank piss and being French I don’t think he quite understood what I meant, but he did seem to understand piss and he turned around and presented his ass to me. Wasn’t what I was expecting, but OK… So I shoved my dick in and tried to pee. It’s not easy pissing in a guy’s ass ’cause the ass can be tight and cut off the flow of piss, but I did manage to get some piss in there.

I went to the bathroom to finish pissing and there was a cup sitting in the urinal. Not sure who the piss pig was, but put a little piss in the cup and then cleaned the lube off my beard.

I laid around trying to get my second wind, but it just wasn’t happening. I walked around a bit and did see one more bottom on his belly but he was much older than me and wasn’t someone who could get me hard when my dick wasn’t totally cooperating.

So I called it a night and went back to the B&B.

MAL Sunday – A Smaller Gangbang

31 January 2011 | 6 Comments

Sorry for getting this out so late – I’ve been pretty sick the past few days. (No, not what you’re thinking… Just a wiked sinus cold.) And before that I was swamped with work.

So the  “Canadian Sub” (the “winner” of the 32 load gangbang) spent the night Saturday night after the gangbang. I had to talk him into it. He seems to have “boundary” issues and was falling for me just hours after meeting me (lol). I just wanted someone to sleep with so when I woke up in the middle of the night I’d have a good cummy hole to fuck. (And I liked him). He was pretty wired and I was pretty tired. We stayed up talking, but about 3am or so I drifted off to sleep. Not sure how much sleep he got. It was nice having him around though. He was nice to cuddle up with and fuck. I think I woke up at one point and we fucked then drifted off to sleep again. Finally we got up around 8. He said good bye and went back to his room.

I don’t do particularly well on 5 hours of sleep. PortaUrinal and I went to breakfast at Union Station, but it was clear it was going to be a slow relaxed day – I just wasn’t up for much of anything else. And taking it easy was one of my goals for the weekend anyway.

Organizing for the gangbang was a bit of an issue… I had moved one of the bottoms to the Saturday gangbang, so I asked Canadian Sub whether he would be the other bottom for the Sunday gangbang – he said ‘sure’. Then the main bottom dropped out saying he wasn’t feeling well, so I needed to come up with another bottom. I knew it wasn’t going to be as big of a gangbang, but I preferred having two bottoms.

Then this 22 year old hit me up on BBRT. I asked if he wanted to bottom for the gangbang and he said he’d be into it. He was the wild card – I was just hoping he’d show up. His status said “Don’t Care” – I was sorta wondering what his story was…

That afternoon I flogged this guy (interesting story – he used to be involved with IML before they went anti-bareback). After flogging him we were laying in bed cuddling and talking and the 22 y.o. texted me and said he wanted to come over. It was more than an hour before the gangbang, but I figured it was better to get him in the room early than not have him show up.

He arrived and the flogging bottom left. He was this sweet, slightly awkward kid. He liked to talk and told me all sorts of stuff. Turns out he was sharing a room with two guys – one poz and the other a pretty serious bug chaser. He hadn’t been tested since the previous summer and didn’t really know his status. After talking to him I wondered how much he really got fucked. He said he had gotten fucked earlier that day, but before that the last time was a month ago. He was clearly was not the typical cumdump who you find bottoming at a bareback gang bang.

I had him check that he was cleaned out properly and we talked some more… He talked about how his parents had opted him out of sex ed in school and I wondered if that was one of the reasons why he had no fear about being a gangbang bottom… He lived in a relatively small town and I think mostly he just got fucked by straight and bisexual guys who needed a hole to cream. He seemed to see sex as a purely physical act (not emotional). Still, he was more than old enough to know what he was doing…

Canadian Sub and PortaUrinal showed up just before the start time. It was a different mix of guys and the vibe was different. Being Sunday it was also just a slower, more relaxed day in general. The blindfolds had worked really well the day before and both the bottoms wanted to be blindfolded, so that was good thing… It helps them concentrate on the dick.

The first top came in and started with Canadian Sub. I figured I would give the kid some dick so he didn’t feel left out. It was good I did – he was TIGHT. I started thinking he may not have gotten fucked earlier in the day – it may have just been a story (you never really know). It took me a while to get in and he was in a bit of pain, but I just held my dick in there till he got adjusted. He needed to be able to take my dick or else he wouldn’t be able to take all the other cock he was going to get. I’d be (sorta) gentle with him. Other tops not so much…

I swapped places with the other top and kept going back and forth between the bottoms for a good 30 or 40 minutes, maybe more… It was sorta fun, but I never did cum.

Then SFVersCumBoy and his boyfriend showed up. SFVersCumBoy is usually a bottom, but as his name implies, there are times he tops. He fucked the kid and his boyfriend fucked Canadian Sub. He gave the kid the BIGGEST load – he hadn’t cum in a week! That was a very good way to get the kid started – his hole was now completely filled with poz (undetectable) cum.

In general the tops were a lot more attractive than they were for the Saturday gangbang – especially early on. Attractiveness of tops is something I struggle with when I organize gangbangs. Sometimes not-so-hot guys can be great tops, and sometimes the bottoms don’t care – they just want the load, but where do you draw the line? At Saturday’s gangbang I wasn’t really comfortable with some of the guys and I didn’t know what the point was that I should ask them to leave. That wasn’t really much of an issue until the end of the Sunday gang bang.

After the kid had 5 or 6 loads in him, my buddy Brad Ramsey showed up. He’s got a THICK cock. After fucking Canadian Sub for a bit he tried fucking the kid. But the kid just couldn’t take Brad’s dick. Brad was patient and kept trying, but the kid was just in excruciating pain, so Brad finally gave up and went back to Canadian Sub and gave him the load.

A fuck or two later I was sitting across the room in a chair watching this hot guy pound away at the kid’s ass. He had the kid flat on his belly and it was a very hot scene. But after he got done the kid sorta curled up in a ball. I’m not sure what happened, but it was over for the kid after that. He said his hole really hurt and he couldn’t take any more. He was literally trembling. I just held him and didn’t push it. I was hoping it was temporary and that he’d get over it, but I realized after a few minutes for whatever reason that was it for him. So I showed him to the bathroom and gave him his clothes.

All in all the kid got 7 loads from 6 guys plus one oral load. Of course the one from SFVersCumBoy was huge and probably counted for several loads. He was counting dicks and thought he had taken 14 or 15 loads. Thing was people like me fucked him multiple times and others were going between the bottoms and then only one would get the load.

The gangbang continued with just Canadian Sub. In the end he racked up 11 loads. So he got 29 between the two gangbangs. Plus he had 8 other loads (4 Friday, 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday), so that means he had a 37 load weekend with 20 on Saturday alone – not bad.

PortaUrinal did pretty well – 10 loads of piss… He totalled 41 loads of piss for the weekend (24 of which were at my gangbangs). He wrote up a post on Breeding Zone raving about the weekend. Glad I could help him have fun – he’s a good guy.

Afterwards the Canadian Sub and I went down to the lobby to have dinner and a beer at the bar. I introduced him to some of the guys who fucked him. “This is Brad, he’s the one with the really thick dick…” It was sorta funny – people knew who he was, but he didn’t know who they were even though their loads were in his ass.  lol

We called it an early night and went back up to my room and he slept over again. I got more sleep this time, but I was still almost dangerously tired driving back to New York the next day (just the last half hour or so of the drive). Canadian Sub is a “grower”, not a “shower” and he had been soft (and really small) the entire time he was with me. I like a bottom with a little dick, but at one point Monday morning I collared him told him I wanted to own him and have him be my boy. He instantly popped a pretty respectable boner. After two gangbangs and 37 loads – that’s what he really wanted – a master to own him… Unfortunately, I can only fulfill that role one or two weekends a year. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want more from him if the circumstances were different.

I texted with the kid a few days later – he was apologetic for not lasting longer. Said his hole was sore the next day but he wants to do another gangbang. I think he’s caught the bareback gangbang bug, so to speak.

Average Guys Can Be Excellent Bottoms

29 November 2010 | 4 Comments

Load 2010-37

While it’s hot to fuck a muscle boy with zero body fat, the fact of the matter is that average guys (even below average guys) can be incredibly hot fucks too… That was the case the day after Thanksgiving. A guy I fucked a few months ago came back over. Honestly, I was a bit wiped from drinking for 9 hours straight the day before (even though I paced myself). I was horny, but didn’t want anything too involved. I was mostly looking for something in the neighborhood, but I knew this particular guy was submissive enough that he’d travel and be happy even if it was just a quickie pump and dump, so I told him to come up.

Long story short he was an hour late getting here, but he did finally get here. As I sorta implied he’s sorta ‘average’… His profile says he’s the same age as me, but he seemed a bit older. I’m pretty sure he’s poz – he sorta looks like he might have been poz for a while (though I know that’s not something you can ever say for sure)…

Anyway, before he came he said he’d be up for drinking my piss. When he confirmed I really had to piss right then. I tried to hold off, but just couldn’t, so I took a piss and drank a bunch more iced tea. But then he was an hour late. I kept running to the bathroom to piss just a little bit and relieve the pressure, but finally I just had to take a serious piss. So then I drank a bunch more iced tea, but this time I saved a bunch and gulped it down when he rang my bell.

So first thing he did was get on his knees and take my soft cock in his mouth and drink my piss. I was wearing my PA, so it wasn’t quite as uneventful as it sounds. Since I had already been pissing it took a while to get much out. He’d pull off briefly and a little would spill on his t-shirt. But eventually he got a fair amount of piss.

He then sucked me briefly, but I wasn’t really looking for a blowjob – with the PA in they’re awkward anyway. He finished taking off his clothes (left his shirt on) and I had him get on all fours on the bed and I started eating out his ass. You could tell he’s been fucked A LOT. It was an “experienced” hole. He could push it out a bit which was sorta cool cause it gave me something to eat. It’s very different than an inexperienced bottom where everything is flush with his ass…

After rimming him for a while (and jacking my cock), I lubed up my dick with Wet Platinum and pushed in. For an experienced ass he was a lot tighter than I thought he would be. It actually took a few attempts before I could get the PA in. I could tell it was painful for him, but he pushed through it (like a good sub bottom).

Once I was in his hole felt good. I loved the fact that I just knew he’d let me do anything I wanted to him. He’s a real sub bottom who’s mission in life is to serve tops. It wasn’t a quick fuck, but it wasn’t a long fuck either. Eventually I did cum in him. It felt like a big load, but who knows… It’s not like I actually saw it…

Afterwards I rolled over and held him and caressed him. He caressed me back. That went on for a while and there was zero conversation. I was tired and I just liked how relaxing it was. I had to catch myself a couple times ’cause I nearly fell asleep on him. After probably 20 minutes he moved down and started sucking my dick and paying attention to other parts of my body. He was there to serve and was doing a great job of it. All I had to do was lay back and enjoy it. At one point I tried fucking him some more, but that didn’t really work – I was spent. So he went back to caressing me.

All in all that part probably went on for 45 minutes and there was almost no conversation the entire time… It was just nice and relaxing. I don’t think he wanted it to end. Every time I’d make a move to end it he’d want me to lay on top of him, or lay down next to him or something. He may be a cumhole who would be happy with a pump and dump, but I could tell he wanted so much more. It’s sorta interesting to me how anonymous bottoms sometimes crave more meaningful encounters.

At one point during that time I got on top of him and pissed an incredible amount of piss down his throat. It was literally gulp after gulp after gulp. He had gotten me so relaxed I was finally able to piss easily and the huge amount of tea I had had during the day finally came out. After that he had some pretty serious piss breath. That’s the one bad thing about being a piss top, but it’s not something I can fault him for. I like bottoms drinking my piss, and piss breath just comes with the territory.

After a bit more quiet time it was eventually time for it to end. I got up and he put on his clothes and left. Good fuck though – pretty much exactly what I needed.

Watersports At A Sports Bar

1 July 2010 | 7 Comments

OMG… I had a blast last night. I don’t think I’ve ever been that drunk in my life. It’s 10am and I still feel a bit drunk…

I had to go down to Callen-Lorde to get some blood drawn (a very hot, young, Middle Eastern bear did the blood draw). So since I was downtown I figured I’d go out drinking. I had brought a bunch of happy hour drink tokens with me that I had from before – 3 for Gym Bar and one for Boxers. Since Gym Bar was right around the corner from Callen Lorde, I started there.

While I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive I was checking out this hot Asian guy. He was there with his boyfriend, so presumably not available, but he was fun to look at nonetheless.

When my bf got there we were trying to figure out what we were doing for the rest of the evening. My bf and I texted friends to see if they wanted to come out but no one was available. I sorta felt like just drinking a shitload of beer and getting drunk. I texted PortaUrinal to see what he was up for since I really didn’t feel like wasting my piss. He was stuck at work so unfortunately I finally had to just give in and take a whiz in the bathroom.

3 pints of Stella later we left and headed over to Boxers. I was twittering and saw SmithSeeks tweet that he’d be up for meeting and having a beer. I had no clue who he was – his Twitter avatar is just a jockstrap – but I figured, what the hell, so I told him to come over. Then when I was starting pint number 5 PortaUrinal said he was done with work and on his way over (thank god).

PortaUrinal got there first and I took him into the bathroom immediately ’cause I had to unload. I had given him a load of piss at IML a year ago but honestly didn’t remember what he looked like since he just came into a dark hotel room, got on his knees, drank my piss and left. Last time my piss was the worst he’d ever tasted (which is saying quite a bit given that he’s a dedicated piss pig), but this time I’d had enough beer that he said it tasted great. It’s weird though, when you’ve got your dick in someone’s mouth it’s hard to tell exactly how much your pissing…

Then SmithSeeks showed up. Considering I hadn’t seen a pic I really lucked out – he was this HOT, lean, tall black guy. And the best part was he got along really well with my bf – he seemed as much into him as he was into me (we’re such different types people are usually just into one or the other of us). Right after SmithSeeks got there I had to take another leak, so I found PortaUrinal and took care of business.

PortaUrinal started by sorta hanging back and just always being available. When SmithSeeks needed to take a piss he took care of him, etc. but as the night wore on it seemed like I was using going down into the basement with him over and over again, and eventually he just joined in our conversation and then would follow people to the bathroom whenever they needed to relieve themselves. He didn’t want it to end – he was getting load after load of tasty piss, so after a while he started buying beers for us to keep us at the bar and pissing down his throat.

SmithSeeks was a lot of fun too. We made out a bit and I kept feeling up his body while we sat in the smoking area and chatted. His body felt incredible (and not just because I was drunk). He liked me enough to tweet “Not a bottom, but would def think about it for @rawTOP”. I just hope if he ever gets in the mood to take dick that he gives me a shout… 🙂  Oh yeah – he’s got a nice dick too. Sucked on it a bit in the bathroom at one point.

When it was all said and done PortaUrinal got 14 loads of piss – it was a good night for him. I completely lost count of how much beer I had – I’m guessing around 8 pints. The only thing I had to eat was this little pizza that my bf and I split at Boxers, so I wound up completely wasted. But it was a fun evening..

Reluctant Bottom Takes My Load

5 November 2009 | 7 Comments

Load 2009-26

So a while back I fucked a submissive piss bottom – even videotaped my fucking him a couple times. Anyway, he’s neg and wants to stay neg, but at the same time he’s a submissive bottom who generally lets the tops call the shots. It’s a bit of a Catch-22 – if he’s a good sub bottom he’ll let the tops use him how they want and won’t even ask if they’re poz or neg – but he wants to stay neg. It’s like the two sides of him are in conflict. Anyway, he didn’t like some of the things I said in my write ups in the past and got a bit mad at me. So for the longest time he’d be friendly online, but wouldn’t actually hookup with me.

The other day we’re chatting and he’s telling me how he promised himself not to let me fuck him again. I could tell part of him wanted it, so I tried to reason with him. It took forever to get him to see my point, but finally I said – “sub bottoms are supposed to be more trusting. there were no permanent scars – that’s about all you should be worried about.” And it’s true – nothing bad happened. Finally he let down his guard and he was at my place a half hour later.

He asked if I wanted him to wear anything in particular, I didn’t really care. When he got here he literally reeked of dried piss. I mean there are homeless people who smell better. He headed into the bedroom and started taking off his clothes and I started thinking – there’s no fucking way he’s going to make my bed smell like that. So I had him go into the bathroom. I needed to piss anyway…

So he got naked and got into the tub and I pissed on him. It wasn’t easy – had a bit of a boner and my PA means I piss out of two holes so I don’t have much force when I piss. But he still got soaked half way decently. He was rubbing my piss all over him and the piss got him rock hard.

I’ve always seen him as a bit of a piece of meat – just something to piss on and load up with cum. So I had him get out of the tub and bend over the toilet and I just started fucking his hole. I usually cum with the bottom on his belly, but with all the craziness in my life lately it had been over a month since I’d fucked anyone. The bottom line was I was horny and had no problem getting hard or cumming (zero need for pills).

When I came it went on and on and on… It was like it just wouldn’t stop. He got a HUGE load of cum. When I pulled out he turned around and cleaned off my dick. He was feeling his hole a bit and could tell he got a big load.

At that point I was sorta done with him. He smelled too much to keep him around the apartment much longer, so I had him dress and leave. Total thing was maybe a little over 10 minutes – pretty much a pump-and-dump.

I immediately went and opened all the windows trying to get the smell of stale piss out of the apartment. Even so I smelled it for a few hours afterwards – and he hadn’t even really touched anything… Amazing.

I walked the dogs about 30-40 minutes later and saw him coming from the park near me. He had gone there hoping for more loads, but said he didn’t get any…  Let’s see – taking anonymous loads in parks and wanting to stay neg – yeah, the guy is conflicted, but that angst is part of what makes him interesting…

Another neg, “safe sex only” bottom is on his way over to get fucked raw… Gotta say they’re fun to breed…




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