A top with a boyfriend wants my cum in his ass

20 August 2007 | No Comments

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might remember the top who I did a 3-way with who told me the bottom was HIV- when he was actually poz. Well, he now has a boyfriend (total bottom) and he (the top) wants to bottom for me and take my load…

Apparently his boyfriend isn’t up for a 3-way, which means the boyfriend probably thinks he’s in a monogamous relationship and has no idea his boyfriend is getting fucked raw on the side.

According to the top (who I barely believe), he’s gotten fucked a few times but hasn’t taken a load yet. And when I had the opportunity to swing by his place yesterday he didn’t get back to me and the plans fell through – so I’m guessing he’s in that phase where he wants it, but he’s scared of it…

Still, I do think it’s hot to seed tops with boyfriends… I know this top isn’t going to stop with just getting a load from me, and he’ll gradually take more and more loads. And from experience I know he isn’t all that careful about screening the guys he has sex with – he could get away with it as a top, but he won’t stay neg very long taking loads without being careful…

A few raw strokes + a potential fuck buddy

19 August 2007 | No Comments

So I went to the Eagle with my bf and the friend of a friend last night. I love leather bars. Everyone’s attractive to someone and there’s no telling who’s going to be into you.

I had heard online that there’s some sex going on there, and for a while I didn’t see much activity. Then I went to the bathroom and found it… The guys at the urinals weren’t really there to piss and this lean, light-skinned black guy had his pants down and a couple of us were feeling it up (quite nice – muscular, perky with a bit of fuzz on it).

Then the security guard came in and started telling everyone who wasn’t there to piss to leave. Since I was there to piss, I stayed and waited for a urinal.

This other guy seemed interested in playing, so I went over to one of the stalls (didn’t have a door), and was feeling up his ass and hole (pretty nice). When I started aiming my dick at his hole he didn’t really seem into it. He had a nice big dick and seemed to want someone to pay attention to it, not get fucked.

The lean light-skinned black guy came over pushed his pant down exposing his but and backed up to me. I felt his hole and it seemed like it was lubed, so I just pushed in. I had only fucked for a few strokes when the security guard came back. Not wanting to get kicked out of the bar (since my bf and friend were there), I complied and stuffed my hard dick into my pants, zipped up and left.

A while later, since I still hadn’t pissed, I went back to the bathroom and didn’t see much going on, though our friend said he saw people hooking up in the bathroom when he went.

Later we were on the roof deck and I noticed this latin guy who kept looking at me. He was definitely cute, and my bf thought so as well. He walked away and kept looking at me. When I saw him motion for me to follow him I mentioned it to my bf and he said I should go, so I did… We talked, went downstairs and made out a bit… He’s fucking adorable and totally my type. I just wanted to fuck him and seed him right there. He wanted me to leave with him (said he’d “give me everything”), and I wished I could, but it just wasn’t a good idea given my bf (who didn’t have any cash, keys or ID on him), and our friend (who was hoping for some action with me).

So I exchanged numbers with the guy… Hopefully I’ll get my cum in his hole soon. I’m wondering how raunchy he is. I was wearing something last night that was clearly visible and made me look slightly severe. So I’m guessing while he’s pretty assertive he actually likes being dominated and giving tops whatever they want.




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