Curious, twinky, waste of time

29 October 2006 | No Comments

So I put out another ad yesterday for to find a bottom for my bf and me… Had a few responses, but only one was serious and someone we were interested in. He was a 6’2″, 180, 25 y.o. blonde German guy.

His pic was attractive enough and when he showed up he was pretty much just like his pic. He seemed really hesitant, but I figured my bf and I could put him at ease. After all, we’re nice guys who have a nice apartment, and we’re far from threatening. My bf was in the living room watching the movie Charlie’s Angels. I asked him if he’d like something to drink – offered him wine and vodka, but he opted to just have some juice.

I thought we’d leave the movie on a bit to put him at ease, so we let it run when he came in the living room. But he was just really quiet and hesitant to do anything. We tried to take charge and did manage to get his pants off after a while (he was wearing those little bikini briefs Europeans are so fond of for underwear). In an attempt to get things started I gave him a bit of a blow job and my bf went to kiss him, but he said he wasn’t into kissing.

I tried playing with his hole, but as soon as I got my finger in his ass he didn’t want that either. So I asked him if he liked to get rimmed – “sure, why not” was his response. I rimmed him for a while hoping that would get him in the mood to fuck (it works on most bottoms), but he never even reacted to getting rimmed – he seemed more interested in Charlie’s Angels which was still playing on the TV.

Then he took a break and actually washed his dick and presumably his ass too… It was clear this was going nowhere. My bf asked him what he got into and he said “making out”, so my bf asked “if you don’t like to kiss, what do you mean by ‘makeout’?” He didn’t really have an answer. We tried changing over to watching porn, but that didn’t work. He just sat there watching the TV one hand on his dick (which was pretty much soft) and his free hand on my bf’s dick.

Finally, both my bf and I were getting a bit tired of nothing happening. My bf asked if he was interested in fucking or not. He asked if we ever fucked safely and my bf said that wasn’t what we were looking for. He said he might let us fuck him if we used a rubber. This went on for a little while and then my bf said, “well, if we’re not going to do anything, then we might as well just stop.”

As he was getting dressed I suggested in the future he not go and hookup with bareback tops if he wasn’t interested in getting fucked bareback.

I think in 6 months or a year he’ll be taking loads. I realize we’re just a step on his journey to being a bareback bottom. While he wouldn’t admit it, he wants to take loads, but when push comes to shove he doesn’t let himself actually follow through on it. When he does let someone fuck him raw he’ll go from lame sexual encounters to great sexual encounters and he’ll be hooked. Too bad we didn’t get him a year from now…

But there was one thing that I was happy about – my bf’s absolute refusal to fuck with a rubber. In the course of a year he’s gone from saying bad things about barebacking to refusing to use rubbers…