All he had to do was ask…

4 February 2007 | 4 Comments

Load 2007-9

There’s this other top that lives not far from me who I’ve been chatting with who wanted to do do a group or tag team a bottom. There have been a couple possibilities, but they’ve all fallen through. So today he e-mails me asking if I’m around and looking to hookup. I had a hookup scheduled for later in the afternoon, but my attitude lately is to double book, ’cause something always falls through. I ask whether the bottom is neg and looking for raw and he said yeah that he had actually fucked him the night before. He sent me pics and they were good enough, so I was off…

I get there and the bottom had just arrived before me. He’s naked and the host has clothes on. The host is packing a few extra pounds, but cute. The bottom had a decent body, and looked fuckable enough. He starts sucking the other top then I strip and take out my PA and he starts sucking me. I’m more interested in his ass than a blow job, so I turn him around and start eating his ass while he sucks the other top.

After eating his ass for a little bit, I get up and while I wanted to fuck him, I didn’t want to seem greedy, so I indicated that if the other top wanted to fuck, he was welcome, but make it clear that I should go for it. The guy’s hole was pretty nice. And I fucked for a while before blowing my load. Then I sat on the couch while the other top took his turn and it didn’t take him long to blow a load. I then went down hoping to felch out some cum but it seemed musty down there. Then I realized it was ’cause the guy was a smoker. It’s weird, but smoker’s asses just taste and smell different. So anyway, I rimmed him a little, but didn’t really get into it ’cause of the smell.

Even though I usually go soft after cumming, today my dick was cooperating and was staying sorta chubby, so I put my dick in and kept fucking him. I didn’t feel like I could cum or anything, but it felt good fucking a hole that was nice and wet with cum. I went on long enough that the other top got a second wind and took a turn. He was able to cum a second time. Then I went back down to try felching again, but even though he had these ‘picturesque’ dollops of cum on his ass cheeks, it was muskier than the last time, so I really didn’t do much. Just put my dick in for a little more fucking, but by this time I was getting pretty soft and then we called it quits.

As we were winding things up the bottom kept saying how much fun he had had. Then he made a strange comment to the other top – “it’s good you identified yourself, so I knew who you were”. I looked at them quizzically and they explained that he had been blindfolded by a buddy the night before. OK… So the bottom is basically a gangbang bottom…

We then wiped ourselves up, I went to the bathroom and pissed, we dressed, the bottom wanted to exchange numbers so I gave him my e-mail address, and we left.

A few minutes after I got home the bottom writes me a thank you note. I write back saying I enjoyed myself and since there was the prospect of hooking up again, I figured I’d ask him for myself whether he was neg or poz. He writes back saying he’s poz… That was a bit of a shocker, ’cause the top had told me he was neg.

Long story short, as I found out, the bottom is completely upfront about being poz when asked. Some how the “buddy” who had blindfolded him the night before was under the impression that he was neg and had told this to the other top, who then told me. That’s if you believe that everyone is basically telling the truth. The bottom actually said that the top who told me the bottom was neg had initially responded to a Craigslist ad where the bottom said he was poz. The top denies he’s ever responded to any ad that where the guy said he was poz. I’ll just give people the benefit of the doubt and say who knows. But all either of the other tops had to do was ask the bottom – the bottom clearly would admit to being poz when asked.

Now, before I start getting a bunch of “I hope you’re OK” responses to this post. I asked and the bottom has had an undetectable viral load for 2 years now, and has a healthy T-cell count. On average I think it takes something like 1,500 exposures for a top to get pozzed, and with an undetectable viral load that number goes up. That and the fact that I pissed afterwards (every little bit helps), means I’m really not worried about this.

I followed my rules of asking, and I’ll continue to follow them by not hooking up with him again since I now know he’s poz. And lesson learned – I’ll always ask the bottom from here on out.

Frankly I’m really pissed with the top. We were comparing notes on bottoms before this happened and he told me about a bottom who lives about 1/2 between the two of us who likes anonymous pump-and-dumps. I told him I’d fucked him in the past (even videotaped it), but I also knew the guy was poz now. His comment then was the same as it was this time – “if I had known he was poz I wouldn’t have fucked him”. Frankly, I’m not waiting for strike three – I don’t trust him anymore… All he had to do was ask…