Hotel Cumdump

7 February 2008 | No Comments

Load 2008-10

Was out last night at a birthday get together at a restaurant. Midway through dinner I checked my e-mail on my phone and remembered the guy from Craigslist who said he was going to be in town at a hotel taking loads. I sent him an e-mail and it turned out he was at a hotel that my subway went right past. I asked him his room number and the address of the hotel. As I was leaving the restaurant I mentioned it to my boyfriend who was OK with it, so I got off the subway early and went to hook up with the guy.

I was a little worried about how much I had had to drink. It was only three (big) glasses of wine, but I was sorta feeling it and was worried about ‘performance’ (I’ve got some pills on order…)

After hotel security asked who I’m there to see and they called up, I get to the room. I test the door and find it’s slightly ajar. When I close the door and the light from the hall isn’t shining in any more the room is pretty much completely dark. I had seen the bottom going from standing to bent over the bed so I go over to him, get on my knees and start rimming him. He had lubed himself with a greasy lube that tasted a little weird, but it wasn’t horrible…

Before I had gotten there his message had said he had six loads in him already, but just like when I fucked Dawson I couldn’t taste any of them even though I was sucking a bit on his hole… That was really too bad, but whatever… I still managed to get hard enough to fuck despite being a bit drunk.

Long story short we tried a few positions and whenever I got a bit soft I’d just rim him a little more until I’d get hard and then I’d fuck him some more. (It all happened pretty fast.)

Finally I got him on his belly with his legs together (the position that felt the best) and went for the load. I talked dirty to him until I could feel my orgasm coming. In our dirty talk he mentioned there was another top (load 8) who was on his way over and would be there in 5 or 10 minutes. If I waited I could eat his load out as well…

Normally when I cum there’s a little bit followed by a huge load. This time, since I was a bit drunk, he just got the little bit. Oh well, guess it’s still a load…

I kept my dick in him and laid on top of him for a bit and then want into the bathroom to piss (but couldn’t). I washed off my dick, put on my clothes and left. On my way out he complimented me on my dick and made sure I knew he was there for another two nights…

Not bad for a quickie on the way home from dinner… And it was an excellent night for him as well – this morning he told me he got “at least 8 loads”… No wonder guys like to be hotel sluts when they come to NY. Here I am at just 10 loads given so far this year and he got 8 in his hole just last night…


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