Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night With A Hardon…

Load 2009-6

After the gangbang on Thursday I was wiped. I just hadn’t had enough sleep. After missing the one and only contest event I planned on going to last year, I had promised myself I’d go to the three big events this year – opening ceremonies, “pecs and personality” and the main contest Sunday night. So after the gangbang I headed off to opening ceremonies. Did you know IML is Chicago’s 4th largest convention?

When I got back from opening ceremonies I decided to just go to bed. At 4am I woke and as I expected I had a hardon and wanted to fuck. I got online and sent a few messages to guys who were online and in the hotel, but nothing came of it. But right before I was about to go back to bed a versatile guy who was supposed to come to the gangbang contacted me and it turns out he was in the hotel – just had entered his zip code wrong so he wasn’t showing as 0 miles away. Long story short he was at my room in about 5 minutes.

When he arrived he was a little shorter than me, thin, and attractive. He stripped down, sucked on my dick a bit and then I had my cock up his ass pretty quickly. To me this was pretty much a pump-and-dump. I hadn’t cum in days and just needed to unload. The only real distraction with him was he had shaved all over and there was stubble – not a big deal ’cause what I really wanted was a good hole and he definitely had that…

I didn’t last all that long – maybe 5 or 10 minutes then I blasted a huge load up his butt. Since I was still hard we changed positions and he rode my dick while he jacked off. After a while it was clear he wasn’t going to be able to cum, so we stopped and chatted…

One of the things he had told me before was that he was high viral load poz… His numbers are still good enough that he doesn’t need to be on meds. Because of that he’s gotten a number of bug chasers who want to hookup with him and he’s converted three guys that he knows of, plus however many who throw their legs in the air and never ask questions when he fucks them. Weirdly, one of the guys he converted since died – he was something like 21 and committed suicide. It would seem in at least his case that his bug chasing was part of his generally destructive tendencies.

After he left I went back to bed and didn’t wake up until 11am…

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  1. Dan Says:

    How hot he knew 3 guys he’d converted! DAMN

  2. breederbear Says:

    Dan, you said it!

  3. ransacker Says:

    If his numbers are good enough not to be on meds, then he doesn’t have a high viral load.

  4. teacherabc123 Says:

    Yeah, hot! Too bad he didn’t get to see the guy kill himself…. instant boner!

  5. NigNog Says:

    @ransacker: You’re actually NOT correct when you write “If his numbers are good enough not to be on meds, then he doesn’t have a high viral load.” The primary number used by clinicians to recommend the initiation of ARV therapy is the CD4 count. If this guy has, say, a CD4 value of 600 and, say, a viral load of 95,000 copies/ml, his MD may not recommend that he start ARV. I guess it depends upon your definition of “high viral load”. Anything over, say, 100,000 copies/ml is likely to generate a recommendation for treatment from his MD.

  6. mark smith Says:

    I don’t mean 2 crash ur party (smile), I’m just a little dumbfounded and hopefully u or anybody else who reads this message can help me understand. I found out i was poz last september and i know who gave it 2 me. It wasn’t anything intentional on my part, i just fucked with the 2 indivuals on and off over 8 yr time span. my question is, why is there a lot of people fascinated with this disease? Why do poz people or people trynna catch it wear it as a badge of honor? When u have it, it’s like who can u talk 2 who understands what ur goin thru? Taking medz on a daily basis! Closing urself off from people, not doin the thingz u used 2 do, i mean when does the reality kick in?
    I have forgiven, but it’s an everyday reminder

  7. rawTOP Says:

    @mark smith – Great questions. Try posting them over at my discussion forum – BreedingZone.com – I’m sure there are people over there who will find what you ask pretty interesting. Here, it just gets lost in the comments on an old blog post.

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