Hot 21 y.o. Military Guy Wants To Be Pozzed

27 January 2010 | 20 Comments

I got this e-mail the other day…

Hey dude-

Im 21, 6’0” 190 lbs athleic in the military. I’m stationed in Texas. I know you are in NYC but ive read your blogs and wanted to see if you could help me. I’ve wanted to be bred, and by that i mean actually converted for a long time. since i was 18. Its kinda hard for me to find any poz guys to help me out in the military and im not so good on sites- so i wanted to see if you might be able to help me out. I know a lot of people dont understandwhy i want to do what i’m trying to do, but ive made up my mind.

Please let me know if you know anyone willing to initiate me into the brotherhood

Thanks man!

What is it about military guys wanting to get pozzed? He’s hardly the first one I’ve seen… I mean I even blogged about a Craigslist ad I saw almost 3 years ago now where a military bottom wanted to get pozzed, and I’ve seen profiles before with the same deal.

Personally I think it has a certain logic to it. If you watch the Newshour on PBS there’s this list of young guys just like them that are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan every day. It’s sort of a chicken and egg thing – do people who don’t value their lives go into the military or does the military teach their recruits that their life is cheap? I probably just said that wrong ’cause I don’t mean to be judgmental – what I mean is that being in the military and being attracted to danger sorta go hand in hand.

The impulse that makes someone want to go into a battlefield where they can get shot is pretty much the same as a neg bottom who wants to get pozzed. I mean, the war in Iraq isn’t really necessary for national defense – people who want to fight there are simply turned on by danger (or hate Arabs, or whatever)…

That’s why I don’t think it’s fair to look at bug chasers like they’re two headed freaks. We don’t look at guys who are volunteering for the military that way and they’re pretty much doing the same thing as a bug chaser, IMHO.

So he wants me to post his pics and give out his e-mail in case any of you out there are willing to help him on his quest. The funny part is he didn’t want his real name used, but the pics he initially sent me were face pics. lol [That means I’ve seen his face pics and can say that he’s VERY hot!]

[pics removed]

For hookup stuff he goes by “[name removed]”, and his e-mail is [removed]. If you’re interested in making his wish comet true – contact him… 😉

[And for those of you have a problem with this – think about the fact that he’s been wanting it for 3 years… He’s on a quest and it will happen sooner or later…]

UPDATE: Got a message from him…

Hey man!!! Ive found someone and just started taking loads!
You can keep the post up but if u could remove my pics n email id appreciate it!
I’ll keep you posted with updates on my journey

I asked, and the guy he found is high viral load poz… Looks like he’s getting what wanted.