Hot 21 y.o. Military Guy Wants To Be Pozzed

I got this e-mail the other day…

Hey dude-

Im 21, 6’0” 190 lbs athleic in the military. I’m stationed in Texas. I know you are in NYC but ive read your blogs and wanted to see if you could help me. I’ve wanted to be bred, and by that i mean actually converted for a long time. since i was 18. Its kinda hard for me to find any poz guys to help me out in the military and im not so good on sites- so i wanted to see if you might be able to help me out. I know a lot of people dont understandwhy i want to do what i’m trying to do, but ive made up my mind.

Please let me know if you know anyone willing to initiate me into the brotherhood

Thanks man!

What is it about military guys wanting to get pozzed? He’s hardly the first one I’ve seen… I mean I even blogged about a Craigslist ad I saw almost 3 years ago now where a military bottom wanted to get pozzed, and I’ve seen profiles before with the same deal.

Personally I think it has a certain logic to it. If you watch the Newshour on PBS there’s this list of young guys just like them that are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan every day. It’s sort of a chicken and egg thing – do people who don’t value their lives go into the military or does the military teach their recruits that their life is cheap? I probably just said that wrong ’cause I don’t mean to be judgmental – what I mean is that being in the military and being attracted to danger sorta go hand in hand.

The impulse that makes someone want to go into a battlefield where they can get shot is pretty much the same as a neg bottom who wants to get pozzed. I mean, the war in Iraq isn’t really necessary for national defense – people who want to fight there are simply turned on by danger (or hate Arabs, or whatever)…

That’s why I don’t think it’s fair to look at bug chasers like they’re two headed freaks. We don’t look at guys who are volunteering for the military that way and they’re pretty much doing the same thing as a bug chaser, IMHO.

So he wants me to post his pics and give out his e-mail in case any of you out there are willing to help him on his quest. The funny part is he didn’t want his real name used, but the pics he initially sent me were face pics. lol [That means I’ve seen his face pics and can say that he’s VERY hot!]

[pics removed]

For hookup stuff he goes by “[name removed]”, and his e-mail is [removed]. If you’re interested in making his wish comet true – contact him… ;)

[And for those of you have a problem with this – think about the fact that he’s been wanting it for 3 years… He’s on a quest and it will happen sooner or later…]

UPDATE: Got a message from him…

Hey man!!! Ive found someone and just started taking loads!
You can keep the post up but if u could remove my pics n email id appreciate it!
I’ll keep you posted with updates on my journey

I asked, and the guy he found is high viral load poz… Looks like he’s getting what wanted.

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  1. Sam Says:

    It also might be a way to get out of the military. I know two people who seroconverted when they wer in the Air Force and they gave them the option to separate. One was a pilot and the other was an airborne battle coordinator or something. They were immediately taken off of flying status and forced into desk jobs. The pilot chose to get out, the other chose to stay in.

  2. rawTOP Says:

    @Sam – But he’s been chasing since the age of 18…

  3. Sam Says:

    True. How long has he been in the military? He should expect his entire work life to change if he goes through with it. And it will be EVERYBODY’S business.

  4. A Says:

    I’m really trying to understand this…

    He’s 21, fit, negative, seemingly attractive and he WANTS to be HIV positive?? What the fuck?! he makes it sound like he’s joining a book club or something. Can someone explain this to me, because apparently I’m behind on fucked up ‘trends’.

  5. RegularGuy Says:

    Nothing to understand, A. It’s probably a phony email.

  6. A Says:

    Even if its fake, its still really fucked up. Now that I know what Bug Chasing is I’m wary about BB

  7. powershot Says:

    Like Sam says he could be discharged from the military for being poz, they consider it a disability even if you’re asymptomatic. The medical disability would then be on his discharge papers which he’d be asked to show to future employers, who may then ask what the reason was.

    I know he’s bug chasing because he thinks it’s hot, but I wonder if he’s thought through the other implications. If he’s dumb enough to take a job where he gets shot at for a living, I somehow doubt he’s thought it through.

  8. bradfire Says:

    Raw man-to-man sex is hot. But there’s nothing fun or cool about having HIV… um, hello, it’s the enemy here as far as I’m concerned. It’s been a scourge of the gay community for 30 years now, and we’d all be a lot better off if it didn’t exist.

  9. Z Says:

    You do realize you’re on a website that celebrate fucking raw? How could you imagine the bug chasers wouldn’t be here?

  10. ccksckrsf Says:

    I agree. We are on a BB site and to think that guys aren’t looking to be pozzed is naive. I have essentially given up anal sex as I don’t want to seroconvert. I do suck cock and will service guys anonymously, as I have accepted the risk. There are almost no known cases of converting from oral sex, even if you srervice guys anonymously and swallow. I have looked up a number of studies nationally and internationally that support this. I have serviced men for the last 8years and have no VD issues, which, I know, is miraculous in SF! I take my actions seriously and understand the implications. We should respect others that do the same, even if we don’t understand why they do it. Everyone is responsible for their own path.


  11. RegularGuy Says:

    @A – Be glad national health care failed. Otherwise, we’d be paying this guy to get HIV.

  12. darkvegas Says:

    Um, well, we already are paying for him to get HIV if he wants it, since, you know, he’s military.

    Oh, and we would still be paying for him after he became poz, unless something has changed and the VA won’t treat him.

  13. roswelltop Says:

    Oh yeah…”national health care failed”… that’s really something to celebrate, isn’t it.

    It is almost impossible to believe that the democrats have fucked this up as badly as they have. That’s right be happy that the United States remains one of the only countries in the world to tie health care to the results of it’s financial markets. What bullshit.

  14. eastbay510 Says:

    Id guess the pics/guy are probably bogus and nothing more than someones wank fantasy.I think most guys that are supposedly bug chasers are already hiv+ who are turned on by recreating their conversion. The thing I find curious about rawtop is your tacit infatuation with hiv and the gleeful arousal when you hear about someone getting it or wanting it,since it seems like you try to come off as impartial. I also think its glib to state that people in the military are there because theyre turned on by danger(as in comparison with the so called bug chasers) most of the ones Ive seen interviewed see it more as a job and dread the maybe dying part. That being said I do enjoy your site and love the fuck stories.

  15. rawTOP Says:

    @eastbay510 – I wouldn’t use the word gleeful. I’d use matter-of-fact. Bug chasers are a fact of life, and yes, I do find what’s going through their head pretty fascinating. I think they’re pretty misunderstood. I understand people who join the military in the middle of a needless war even less. If they’re really there ’cause that’s their best career option I feel sorta sorry for them.

  16. rroulette Says:

    I think it’s very hot. I always fantasize about getting pozzed. It’s twisted, and I embrace it. Just got my results back in december and I’m neg and happy about it, but the pleasure I get from having a hot raw dick up my ass on an internet hookup is the ultimate for me…hey I know it’s a little out there but…

    Great site by the way, major major turnon for me… great work!

  17. Ryan Says:

    I am also negative, but like some of the others, fantasize about being converted. Major turn on for me as well. Over the last year I have taken more and more bare cocks up my ass. The risk gets me off. I fantasize about having that connection with the guy who does it.

  18. JD Says:

    I’m about the same age as the guy, and as someone who spent a few months of 2009 in a hospital, I’d like to wish the guy good luck and I hope he bought insurance.

    I know a few poz guys during the time, and they’re all dead by the time I’m out. They’re all pretty young and healthy too, infact I’d never guess they’re poz. Since I’m not in the US, I don’t know how much it’d cost in the US, but here, a burial for a poz patient is 10 times the normal cost (which is still cheap), but when I see the look of a guy’s mum, I know I’d better slow down on my whoring, except I was horny as fuck and the ward next to mine is geriatric, and the one behind is where the POZzies are. It’s not that bad actually but for some of them, the craziest thing is the skin diseases. I never though skin could look like that, and turned out it was something normal, like scabies.

  19. LB Says:

    What’s hard to understand about chasers? There’s an allure to the idea of taking in another man’s essence, his load – that ultimate intimacy. And being pozzed simply takes the question away and becomes the norm for the individual looking to remove any barriers between fear of the unknown and sexual freedom. I’m also fascinated by poz folk who admonish ‘chasers’ given that many, perhaps most of them became poz by having unsafe sex, which since 1983 (or whenever they specifically identified the HIV virus, basically equates to being chasers themselves.

    Just sayin’…

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