Repeat With The Italian Daddy

3 June 2010 | 3 Comments

While some repeats work out well, some don’t… I’ve been off my game lately when I fuck the Italian daddy who likes to take my load. I’ve been hit or miss with him from the beginning – not sure quite why… Sometimes it’s easy to give him a load, other times it’s impossible. Last time he looked like he had gained some weight and I wondered whether that was it, but this time he was looking much hotter. He’d been out in the sun and had a bit of a tan that worked really well on him.

He started by giving me a blowjob. His blowjobs don’t always go well. Early on his teeth would scrape my dick – that’s not such an issue any more. But this time (and others) he managed to suck my dick in a way that the head of my dick was so sensitive it was almost painful. I’m not quite sure how he did it… I think the head of my dick was rubbing on the ridges on the roof of his mouth or something. Anyway, it was distracting and uncomfortable. I tried to move him around to get in a different position, but it just wasn’t working.

Despite the pain I was fairly hard, so I just went to fucking him. I fucked him for a while and pounded him pretty well, but just wasn’t cumming. Finally I sorta lost my hardon. He sucked me some more, and I got hard again and fucked him a little more, but then lost it again. I did have the A/C on but was still feeling a bit overheated. I tried directing the A/C to blow on me, but that didn’t seem to help. At one point we took a break and just cuddled. That actually worked better than him giving me a blowjob. I fucked him a little more, but finally it was just clear I wasn’t cumming. It was first thing in the morning so maybe I was also low on blood sugar. All I knew was that my bf was waiting to go to breakfast and I didn’t want to draw it out too long so I called it quits.

I REALLY want to give him a load, so next time he comes over I’m going to be really horned and we’ll keep it to a pump and dump. That always seems to work best with him…