Poz Party @ Vlada Tonight & Every Thursday

Sorry I’ve been so lame about updating the blog. There are 4 guys I’ve fucked and haven’t written up and I’m planning on fucking another guy tonight… I promise I’ll get to them soon…

Vlada bar, NYCAnyway, a guy hit me up (for the second time) asking me to tell you guys abut the poz party that’s held every Thursday from 8 to midnight at Vlada (2nd floor) in Hells Kitchen (here in NYC – 331 West 51st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues).

Vlada is actually one of my favorite bars. It’s really nicely designed, sorta cozy – a great place to go with friends and chat. My bf and I go there pretty frequently.

I should be clear – this is not a sex party… But there are bunch of presumably horny poz guys and obviously if an organizer is asking me to promote them, they’re bareback friendly (though officially they have no stance on the issue other than you should make informed choices – lol).

This is really close to the guy I was going to fuck tonight. I think I’ll drop my load and head over. And just to be clear – it’s not just poz guys, but also guys who are “poz friendly” (friends, supporters, “etc.”)

So head over there and find a hot poz guy to have sex with tonight…


So I went… Nice crowd. Some really hot guys there, and others who were quite good for their type…

Like many bar crowds it’s a little cliquey, but the host works hard to make up for that. I showed up by myself. I’m not really a people person and I’ve never done all that well in bars. I’m just not very assertive in crowds. I saw the host when I came in, he said ‘hi’ and then after I had gotten a drink he came over and talked. People tended to congregate around him and he was good about introducing me to other people. I actually met the blogger “Hot Pig”, but he had no clue who I was and clearly had zero interest in me (whatever), but other guys were nicer and more engaging.

I did feel a little awkward / self-conscious about the fact that I was a neg guy at a poz party. No one actually asked me if I was poz – guess they just assumed I was. That may have been a factor in why I didn’t converse all that easily with the guys there – they probably felt my uneasiness. My boyfriend had been busy with something else and knew where I was, but didn’t know the nature of the party. He decided to join me and I had to quickly explain where he was when he showed up. He seemed pretty fine with it. At the end of the evening I asked the host “so, were the two of us the only neg guys here?” He said “no… yes…” pointing at me and my bf respectively. There was this really awkward pause and then he followed up with something like “well, you shouldn’t be with everything you do”. It was a weird thing to say, but given his perspective on being poz he probably thinks of it as a compliment.

So all in all, if you’re socially outgoing, you’ll love it. If you’re pretty reserved, like me, then go with a friend.

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  1. David Says:

    I guess if there’s a special poz party, we can safely assume that everyone who normally goes to Vlada is neg! ;)

  2. VersBareCub Says:

    Sounds like a nice time. Wish I was in NYC.

  3. Pete Cirincione Says:

    I am a BB bottom that lives in the Castro. Would love to take some loads. Also like groups and to get tag teamed. If interested, E-mail me at: Peter1j2002@yahoo.com and we can setup a time and day. Pete

  4. Trouser Trout Says:

    So because you’re undetectable and test negative, you’re now telling people you’re negative even though you have HIV?

  5. rawTOP Says:

    Trouser Trout – Every test I’ve ever had has been negative. “Undetectable” guys do not test negative. The test is an antibody test. “Undetectable” is having almost no viral load. Two totally different things. For the umpteenth time – I’m not poz and never have been (unless something has changed since January).

  6. Dominick Says:

    I don’t think it’s right to have sex with someone who wants to bleed. That they (think that) they want it doesn’t change it for what it is.

    I also don’t think that porn without condoms should be made. Come on, the only way that HIV will end is if everyone wears condoms. The porn should show the putting on of the condom and eroticize that.

    All of that having been said, I would have to lie if I were to say that I didn’t find some vids on here hot. Oh well. It’s just that it’s going to take that kind of concerted effort to eroticize condom-fucking.

  7. Trouser Trout Says:

    I’ve read a number of your posts and they never mention your status–usually it’s some remark about “telling them what they want to hear.” Instead of getting pissy about how you have to repeat it for the umpteenth time, stop being vague about it. Then readers will know directly instead of having to make assumptions.

    However thanks for clarifying the difference between undetectable and negative/positive. I wasn’t aware they were two different tests.

  8. rawTOP Says:

    @Trouser Trout – Read the blog post above. It mentions my status. I talk about it a fair amount on here – not sure how you could miss it, but find it funny that it was mentioned in the very post you commented on saying you couldn’t find it.

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