Went “Back To Work” Too Soon

27 August 2012 | 2 Comments

I wasn’t really planning on hooking up today. I knew I wasn’t at a 100%. When I got on BBRT & A4A I set my status to “Not Looking”. Despite that a Latino who’s been hitting me up a lot lately convinced me he should come over. I told him I might not be 100%, but he wanted to come.

He got here a bit late, ’cause he had sent a confirmation e-mail and I didn’t see it until just before he was supposed to be here and he didn’t leave until I responded. [That’s the sort of think I gave him the cell number for – but whatever…]

He gets here and he’s come from work and needed to clean out. I jacked my dick a bit and was a little concerned – “junior” wasn’t really responding.

He came out and wanted to suck my dick, and he did for a moment, but I knew the only way to get hard was to rim him. He wanted legs up, which was fine, but the problem was he didn’t seem 100% clean. I was rather “delicate” in my rimming. On any other day he would have been just fine, but today he wasn’t quite enough to get me going.

Well, he did get me just hard enough that I could fuck him, but I wasn’t completely hard. I wanted him to roll over on his belly, but when he pulled off my dick to do so I just wasn’t hard enough to go back in.

He sucked on my dick – which considering that I didn’t think his hole was perfectly clean was a bit daring – nothing like a little ATM where the dick isn’t quite clean… (yuck!)

Bottom line, we never really got back in the swing of things. At one point he was hard and I could see he was thinking of jacking off – but I think he was bugged by my not being hard. For god’s sake – I told him it was day #7 of being sick…

Another part of it was I haven’t taken Cialis in forever. When I feel better I’ll take one and fuck like a bunny for a few days 🙂

So my 9 day load is still in my balls. Tomorrow it’ll be a 10 day load. Maybe I’ll feel good enough to hookup tomorrow…