Two Hookups – One Weird, One Routine

21 September 2012 | 2 Comments

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So Wednesday I was looking to hookup. Guests had been in town and I hadn’t had a chance to fuck. In fact I had a 6 day load in my balls. This guy hits me up and says he wants to make a video. His profile said he was 20, and “Neg, Safe Sex Only”. I wasn’t really planning on videotaping a fuck, but figured “why not?” Thing was I wanted it to go well, so needed to take a Cialis. But Cialis takes hours to kick in, so I put him off until late afternoon / early evening.

There was just something about his responses that told me he was going to flake on me. They were positive, but sorta non-committal. Thing was he lived really close to me, and I wanted him to become a regular fuckbud, so I went along with it…

I confirmed an hour before and gave him the address. But the time came and he didn’t show up. He’s SO close there’s no reason to be late. So I texted him and he was so late in responding that I had already given up and started looking for other guys. Then he says “leaving now”, so I give him another chance. He should have been at my place a few minutes later, but he wasn’t. So I gave up again and started the process of making plans with other guys. I was in the middle of setting up hookups with another guy (and possibly one other if that one fell through) when the doorbell rang. Turns out the guy finally showed up.

When I saw him he didn’t look 20 – looked more upper 20s. He came in the bedroom, took off his pants and sat on the bed. He was a bit non-communicative. He didn’t want to suck my dick, didn’t want to do much of anything. At one point I asked him “are you OK?” He sorta nodded he was fine.

Well, if he wasn’t going to do anything, I’d take the lead. I told him I wanted to rim him. I got his legs in the air and started rimming him. Usually bottoms make some sort of indication that they like being rimmed. He just laid there.

When I got hard enough to fuck I stood up, lubed my dick and his hole and started shoving in (he was still on his back with his legs up). Just about the time I got my head in he pushes me off him and says it hurts. I ask “so you don’t want to get fucked?” He didn’t.

In hindsight I think he went from wanting me to videotape him to not wanting anything because he was PNPing and when we finally hooked up he was coming down. This just reinforces my belief that guys who PNP are lousy lays.

Needless to say I wrapped things up with him and got him out the door fairly quickly. I wasn’t rude or anything – I did ask him again if he was OK…

So after he was gone I got back to the guys I was making plans with. There had been a 10 min delay for the wasted guy, but they were still interested. There was one guy in the Bronx and one that was a 20 minute walk. I picked the guy I could walk to, which sorta pissed off the guy in the Bronx (“I’m only 3 stops away…”)

I walk over to the guy’s place – he said he had wanted a quickie. I was wondering if that meant an anonymous pump-n-dump, but he answered the door and showed me to his bedroom. When I was taking off my clothes I noticed the size of his shoes – they were huge. I wear size 12. He must have been at least a couple sizes bigger than that. (Big feet, big meat, right?)

He had gone to do something in the bathroom and when he got back I was naked. I usually don’t take clothes off for a quickie, but since he was off doing something in the bathroom, I figured I would. When he got back I offered to take out my PA when he looked at it weird. Then we got down to business…

I had him get on all fours so I could rim him. He was a big guy – pretty muscular, sorta beefy and solid. I rimmed him, got hard, and then lubed my dick and started fucking him. I got him on his belly pretty quickly. I knew he wanted a quickie, so there was no point in drawing things out and I came in him pretty fast.

Thing was I couldn’t tell when I was fucking him whether I was in his hole or my dick was just between his legs. (I had him legs together on his belly). Back in the day I used to do a lot of frottage with my boyfriends – especially the one who was poz (before ARVs). Fake fucking between a guy’s legs can actually feel really good. And if you pop out of a guy’s hole it can be hard to tell if you’re in or not. When he got up I checked for cum on the bed – there wasn’t any. With a big 6 day load there would have been if I hadn’t been inside him when I came. Phew… Would have hated to waste the load…

We got dressed and then talked very briefly about living in Harlem as he walked me out (he hasn’t had near the number of problems I’ve had – then again he looks like a big, straight, muscular Latino).

Total time from entering the front door to leaving the front door was 12 minutes… Nice and quick, just like he wanted.