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2012 Year End Wrap Up (a little late)

26 January 2013 | No Comments

I’m a little late doing this, but just thought I’d do the year end wrap up for last year and look forward to 2013…

So last year I had 68 hookups and gave about 60 loads. In a couple of those cases I wasn’t absolutely sure I came, but I strongly suspect that I did. That means I had a failure rate of 12%, which is really good for me. Even if you said I only gave 58 loads, that’s still just a failure rate of 15% – which is still good.

60 loads makes 2012 the 2nd best year since I started keeping records. 2008 was slightly better with 67 loads given.

46 of the guys that I fucked I’d never fucked before, and 34 of the loads I gave were into holes I hadn’t seeded previously. If those numbers don’t quite make sense – imagine a sex party. I may fuck 5 guys I’ve never fucked before, but only give 1 load.

In the grand scheme of things 60 loads is not all that many. I mean there’s one bottom on Breeding Zone who is trying to get 2013 loads in his ass this year – he’ll need 5 or 6 loads every day to achieve that goal. That’s a lot of loads!

My goal for this year is go give 100 loads. It seems like a goal I could achieve. However, I’m behind my goal so far in large part because I started the year off sick and then couldn’t manage to cum with the muscle cub I fucked so much at MAL. If I don’t pick things up I’ll only mange to give 70 loads this year. But I think I can pick up the pace a little 😉


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