Sex Weekends Are Never What You Expect

13 January 2013 | 2 Comments

So I had all sorts of grand plans for MAL – very few of them have turned out as envisioned, but it’s still been a good weekend so far.

Problem 1: The boy I had lined up to be my boy for the weekend wasn’t physically or mentally ready to get gangbanged allย  weekend. So after less than a day he headed home.

Problem 2: The only bottom I had lined up and hour and a half before the first gangbang on Thursday was the afore mentioned boy and he was running seriously late. I managed to find bottoms and everything went OK.

Problem 3: Without a cumhole for other bottoms to dump their loads in, the concept of a “cum exchange” just couldn’t work. So that went out the window.

Problem 4: The Friday gangbang was possibly the worst gangbang I have ever organized. Seemed everyone who showed up wasn’t all that interested in topping – there were tons of spectators who just stood around and jacked their dicks. Problem was it was hard to tell who was a spectator and who might actually fuck if there weren’t spectators.

Problem 5: I realized the orgies were probably just going to be full of spectators and there were tons of other things I’d rather be doing than a repeat of Friday’s gangbang, so I just canceled the orgies.

Problem 6: The sexual energy at MAL this year is somewhat off the charts. You’d think that would be a good thing, but for someone like me who wants to organize big gangbangs, it’s bad because there are 10 other gangbangs happening at the same exact time. [I hate to say it, but what it’s taught me is to get the absolute hottest guys possible in order to compete.]

Problem 7: Other than giving a load to a bottom just before the start of the Thursday gangbang, I haven’t been able to cum this weekend. Though I suspect I have given loads, but I didn’t feel them.

Problem 8: I was completely unrealistic in thinking I’d be giving out 200 wristbands.

Problem 9: I’m not completely over the nasty cold I’ve had for 2-3 weeks now. I feel OK, but still have congestion and get run down easily.

But despite all that, it’s actually been a good weekend. This furry, beefy muscle cub bottomed for my Friday morning gangbang and we sorta hit it off and I’ve spent most days in bed with him fucking his hole. He works nights, so it’s not a ’round the clock thing, but it’s good.

And other thing is that the weekend has felt pretty balanced. Sure I didn’t accomplish 1/2 of what I wanted to, but just tonight I was down in the bar drinking a beer with my bud PortaUrinal and we were talking to some folks we hung out with a couple of years ago. I remember that night really well – I got so seriously drunk it sorta ruined the next day (and there are only a few days in a weekend like this – so that was a big problem). They were drunk off their asses, and I was just thinking “thank god I won’t be hung over tomorrow”. I may be tired from not getting enough sleep ’cause I’ve been up since early in the morning fucking my muscle cub’s ass… but that’s the sorta problem I like ๐Ÿ™‚

More details in a day or two…