Squirmy Bottom Repeat

22 June 2010 | 2 Comments

Load 2010-15

I’ve got another bottom coming over in a couple hours, so I figure I need to write up the last one so I don’t get behind on my writing…

The squirmy, neg, “safe sex only” Asian bottom I bred a couple weeks ago kept texting me telling me he wanted another load. While he’s sorta a difficult bottom, there’s something about him that made me want to get my load in him again – sort of an innocence / naïveté, so last Thursday he came over to get fucked again. He’s gotta come quite a ways to get here (from way out in Queens) – I’m sorta surprised he’s so into coming.

The hookup went sorta like last time, only quicker… We got naked, he sucked my dick, I ate his ass, and then we went to fuck. Same as last time he started squirming around, and like last time it was sorta distracting, but I just concentrated on the task at hand. I hadn’t cum since I fucked the muscle daddy 3 days before, so I knew I’d have a nice big thick load for him and I just visualized cumming deep in his ass.

Like last time I found the position that felt good was with him sorta on an angle with one leg up a bit and one straight. I got him in that position and I could feel my load building up in my balls. Then he started squirming and so I just pushed through it and wouldn’t let him squirm much and then he calmed down and a few seconds later I came in his ass.

I think he was surprised I came so quickly. Last time I fucked and fucked and couldn’t cum and then only came after taking a short break. This time I probably only fucked him for 5 minutes. I think he was sorta disappointed, but I had accomplished my goal of giving him another load.

Like last time we talked a little and then he wanted to jack off. I had really sorta hated it last time and just wasn’t in the mood for a repeat, but a repeat was what he wanted. Last time he had me finger him so deep that my hand actually ached afterwards from the weird angle I had to maintain. This time I just didn’t go in as deep even though he wanted me to. And I didn’t put as much effort into sucking his nipple either. But I still wanted it to be a generally good experience for him so he’d want more, so I went through the motions without really pushing it. I think he sensed I wasn’t doing 100% and he just concentrated on cumming and came a lot quicker than last time.

I still find it funny that someone who lists themselves as “neg, safe sex only” is so hungry for cum. We all know barebacking is addictive – I can just tell he’ll be taking more and more loads over the next year. He’s a cumhole in the making and still pretty early in the process, which is why I think I wanted to give him my load. They may be difficult at that stage, but there’s the reward of seeing them crave something they’re a bit conflicted about.

Squirmy “Safe Sex Only” Bottom Got My Load

3 June 2010 | 6 Comments

Load 2010-13

This guy’s been hitting me up for a few weeks now on Adam4Adam wanting me to fuck him. He’s a cute 30ish Asian guy who looks a bit boy-next-door geeky in his pics. I wasn’t sure if he was real ’cause he was pretty far away and his profile said “neg, safe sex only”. I get a lot of “neg, safe sex only” guys hitting me up on Adam about half just like my cock and think they’re so special I’ll wear a condom just for them or I’ll just do oral with them. The other half are actually willing to get barebacked and take loads, despite what their profile says. This guy was in the latter group, though I have a feeling he really is neg ’cause I forget exactly what he said, but he did sorta discuss status. I always ask safe sex guys if they’re OK with bareback and I think his response was something like “you’re neg, so it’s OK.”

That response is actually sorta laughable. I’ve jokingly heard that Adam is the cure for HIV – guys who are poz miraculously become neg when they’re on Adam4Adam… So his just reiterating my status back to me and not asking any real questions is not a very effective way of staying neg – at least not if that’s what he does on a regular basis…

Anyway, he was pretty persistent and I realized that he was serious about riding over an hour each way on the subway to get to me. Today things worked out and he came over. The elevator was temporarily out in the building so he had to walk up 5 flights of stairs to get to me. He was pretty winded by the time he got up. We went to the bedroom, he stripped down to his underwear and just fell on the bed face down. It was sorta hot having him like that. He looked sorta vulnerable. I pulled off his underwear and dove into his ass. He was apologizing ’cause he was sweaty, but really there was no musk down there… It was pretty nice actually.

He had a small build – like I tend to like. He was packing a few extra pounds, but not much. It was very boy-next-doorish. While I thought he’d be sorta geeky based on his pics, he was more ‘green’. Later he told me he’d only really started bottoming in the past couple of years – before that he was a top. I’m guessing he was just adapting to the New York sexual marketplace – since here he’s better equipped to be a bottom, if you know what I mean…

His hole was nice. The cool part is he had cleaned out well so I could really eat him out. When I’d get deep he’d like it and he’d pull his cheeks apart so I could get deeper. He also sorta liked it when I’d suck a bit on his hole – which is something I like to do when the hole is really clean (or really cummy).

After rimming him a bit he had caught his breath and we switched to him giving me a blowjob. And we kissed a bit, stuff like that… Then he got on all fours and aimed his ass at me. I misinterpreted and started getting ready to fuck him, but he wanted me to rim him some more. But after rimming him a bit I was ready to fuck.

I pushed on his hole and there was  a little resistance and then I slipped in in one quick motion. I went in so easily I was surprised when he started complaining saying it was painful. I held onto his hips and tried to get him used to it, but he kept complaining, so I pulled out. But then we went back at it and the second time he didn’t have much of any pain at all.

At this point I more or less had him on his belly but the thing was he started squirming all around. Here I was trying to get in a groove and every time I was starting to get into one he’d move. It was sorta irritating, and I was wondering whether this was how he was planning to disrupt things so I didn’t actually cum in his ass – he was a “safe sex” bottom after all. That sorta made me more determined to  not stop until I came in his ass. It seemed like he needed to learn that if you get fucked bareback, you’ll get loads in your ass, whether you want them there or not.

But all his squirming did throw me off my game. The room was starting to get hot and my dick was starting to lose it. So we took a break. He cleaned off my dick, and then gave me a bit of a blowjob, but it wasn’t really doing the trick, so we just laid down for a few minutes. It seemed like we’d sorta stopped, but I was still really determined to do everything I could to give him a load.

When we started back I ate out his ass, got really hard and started fucking him again. This time he just laid there and let me pound him. In all his wiggling around I had discovered one particular position with him that felt better than the others so I got him in that position and just fuck him and fucked him until I could feel my load cumming… I gave him a nice sized load deep in his ass.

It wasn’t long after that my dick popped out of his ass, but he wanted more. Sometimes I get a second wind so we laid there for a bit. He started jacking off and liked it when I’d finger his ass. But he wanted me to finger him deep. Oddly that’s actually a little strenuous. I never realized my finger could get tired from fingering a guy’s ass, but it did. But I put up with it to get him off. He came, I licked a bit of it up and then we talked a bit more and then it was over and he was on his way.




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