Not the right sort of "hot & steamy"

6 November 2006 | No Comments

A guy had contacted me and when we were going back and forth in e-mail he said he might be available mornings. When I asked him if he could hookup this morning he said he had a regular guy who came on Monday mornings. I said – no problem – sloppy seconds are fine with me… When I didn’t hear back from him, I called him as I was leaving and he gave me the address.

I didn’t realize he was just off a highway, and took surface streets to get there, which took forever. I was thinking it would be a one time deal, but then realized he was just a couple blocks off a highway I could easily take to work.

He buzzed me in and was almost exactly like his pic – a really skinny (5’8″, 125) East Indian / Carribbean guy (so skinny I could almost put my fingers completely around his thighs) – but I like that. He said the other guy had just left – that he had waited a little hoping for a threeway. There was straight pussy porn on the TV – apparently for the guy who had just left.

We got busy pretty quickly. I wanted to rim him, but he put this gob of lube on his hole and then tried to wipe it off when he realized I wanted to eat him out, but there was still a lot of it there and it tasted AWEFUL. So that lasted about 2 seconds.

It was sort of fun fucking a guy who was so incredibly thin. He said to take it easy ’cause he had just been fucked by three guys and his hole was sore, but I just fucked him how I felt and wasn’t any more gentle than if he hadn’t told me… Assuming what he said was true I’m guessing two of the guys had fucked him the previous night.

We tried a couple of positions, but things weren’t going as smoothly as they should have. On his belly he kept shoving his ass up, either that or his bed was really bouncy – couldn’t figure out which it was but it meant the two of us were going up and down in unison and my dick wasn’t moving all that much in his hole. That and the copius lube meant there wasn’t much friction (which wasn’t good).

When we did missionary position he looked into my eyes, which I actually found distracting, so I closed mine. But his hole did feel good and I was turned on by the fact that he was a good slut who would take dick and cum so easily.

Another problem was that his apartment was really warm (a typical over-heated NY apartment), so I started sweating, which made me worry about smelling like sweat and/or sex when I got to work.

All in all I could just tell that it was going to be difficult to cum with him. I could sort of feel myself losing the edge I need to cum. True, it could come back at any minute, but the clock was ticking (needed to get to work) and I was sweating more and more… So I told him I couldn’t cum and I really needed to go, got dressed and left.

I do want to fuck him again though. Maybe next Monday we can make it work. I know how to get there more quickly next time, and now that I know the potential problems I can try to work around them…