Perfect 10

10 January 2007 | No Comments

Load 2007-3

Last night I fucked the hottest guy I've fucked since the Korean guy nearly a year ago – he was a perfect 10 – cute, short, latin, tight body, tattoos, great ass, wonderful hole, nicely dressed, and interested in both me and my bf.

Once again, I found him on Adam4Adam (I'm starting to love that site). His profile said he was neg but didn't say anything one way or the other about safe sex, and I was pleasantly surprised when we was game to do a 3-way with my bf.

When he showed up he was really hot and really well dressed, we went into the bedroom and he got right down to business by immediately getting out of all his clothes… He had on a 2ist thong and it looked better on him than it does in this picture:

Back of 2(x)ist thong

IF this guy goes to sex parties and sex clubs I think he'd be the ass that everyone would want to dump their load into (you know the type – other guys may get raw dick in their ass, but the hottest guy in the room gets the loads provided he's not a prima donna) – his ass was that good… A hard, perky, real bubble butt that didn't have an ounce of fat on it.

We made out a little, I sucked his cock briefly (nice, long and uncut), he sucked my bf's cock and then mine a little. I ate out his ass – his hole felt like he had just been fucked or had used a dildo on it – slightly puffy lips, but since he was standing up and pretty short I couldn't really get in there and eat him out the way I wanted to… I put some gun oil on my dick and while we were still standing up playing, I went up behind him and slide my dick up in him as he was bent over giving my bf a blow job. It felt nice – took my dick real easy without being too loose.

I fucked him slow for a while as we stood there. Then I pulled out so we could reposition ourselves on the bed. He cleaned my dick off with the towel and then didn't want to lay on the bed until we put the towel down. (The fact that he's a clean freak is why I don't think he goes to sex parties, 'cause if he did go to sex parties he'd be poz by now). I pushed his legs up, put a little more gun oil on my dick and went in – all the way to the hilt… He felt good. We kissed a little while I was fucking him… I wasn't really pounding his so much as going in as deep as I could…

My bf looked a little left out at this point, so I gave him a turn… It was hot watching the guy take my bf's dick… After pounding him for a while my bf asked me if I wanted him to cum. I said I did, so he asked the guy whether he wanted the cum inside him and he said yes – so he got he the first load.

Now that he was lubed with my bf's cum, I had him turn over (my favorite position with small guys), put a little more lube on my dick and shoved in. His legs were spread and his but was these two perky mounds of muscle. That, and how his hole felt was a complete turn on. I fucked him for a few minutes and felt it coming… I had a 4 day load in me and he got all of it – wave after wave of cum.

I rolled onto my side with my dick still in him and he started jacking his dick. A minute or so later he came. I swirled my finger around in it and tasted it… We layed there for a few more minutes chatting – found out where he lived, what he did for a living, stuff like that… Nice guy.

Clean freak that he was, he wanted to take a shower, so I'm not sure whether he went home with our loads in his ass or not…

All in all, the best hookup in nearly a year. I hope he's hungry for cum and becomes a regular fuck.