Sorry, but you’re all just WRONG…

10 June 2008 | 13 Comments

Just when I was thinking I had more than enough political stuff on the blog for one day, I read another post on Joe. My. God…

Get this… The ACLU, Lambda Legal, NCLR, The Human Rights Campaign, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Glaad, and a few other groups have issued a joint statement (PDF) telling queers not to sue the federal government or other states to win rights.

I’m sorry, but there is never a right time to just shut up and be discriminated against. It’s demoralizing to think that all of those groups won’t stand up and fight for my rights as a US citizen who’s married to another man (in Canada which is sorta now recognized by New York). Believe me – I’ve thought about it… You don’t want to know the thousands of dollars we’ve had to spend in lawyers fees ’cause we’re gay and my boyfriend/husband isn’t a US citizen. I would LOVE for us to sue the government and challenge DOMA. At the same time I know a lawsuit would be a lot of work, and for us it isn’t urgent. We have the money for the lawyers and there’s no risk of deportation.

Still, if someone else like us wanted to challenge the law they should. I would love Antonin Scalia to rule on gay marriage. He’s always said he was a strict constructionist. If he really is, then he has to rule in our favor. One of the absolute foundations of our constitution is that contracts which are valid in one state are valid in all states. You can’t call yourself a constitutional conservative and not back gay marriage. It’s black letter law.

I was about to finalize my will and leave money for Lambda Legal. This changes that. It’s truly a dark day when all of those groups won’t stand up for what’s right.

Activism is a funny thing. You need the people who yell, scream and kick to soften up people so the moderates can get heard and work out a compromise. In this case no one is willing to be the activist – everyone wants to be the moderate. Nothing happens that way… It just won’t work.

Would someone please rip the rainbow flags out of these people hands and teach them about pink triangles?