New Pills Work Too Well

31 August 2008 | 10 Comments

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I ordered some new pills on Monday and they came two days later on Wednesday, but for one reason or another I didn’t hookup until Friday. (Sorry I’m just getting the post up now – I was out of town yesterday)…

So Friday late afternoon I was looking for some ass to fuck and not having an easy time finding it. When I just couldn’t find a hole I wanted to fuck on BarebackRT or Adam4Adam (lots of potentials, but nothing definite), I finally succumbed and checked out Manhunt. It was the last day of my paid membership so there weren’t any restrictions. I noticed a guy who I’d fucked before was online which in his case meant he was looking, so I e-mailed him and the first e-mail back from him was “yes” and the second one confirmed the address and time. [Just what I like, a guy who doesn’t beat around the bush.]

I had actually taken one of the new pills before I noticed him (I was determined to fuck someone). I didn’t know how it would work, so I figured I’d give it a little time. It said to take it at least 30 minutes before but around the 30 minute mark I was about to go out the door and didn’t see any “improvement” down there, so I put on a leather cock ring just in case.

By the time I got to his place I could feel a bit of a bulge down there and knew it would be fine. With the old pills I’d take 2 of the recommended dose of 3 and would do just fine, but this was a one pill sorta thing. I was a little worried if this was and improved formula, that it would work too well…

I get up there and like last time he greeted me at the door in a towel. He’s sorta cute – short latino with a lot of tattooes and the best part is that he’s way cuter than his pics. I notice there’s a sling in the hallway – didn’t remember that from last time – made me wonder how often he’s just laying in the sling waiting to get fucked. As I’m taking off my clothes I see he has “What I Can’t See 2” from Treasure Island playing on the TV. This guy was blindfolded and getting fucked (it’s a good DVD).

The guy’s bed was covered in sorta a black heavy plastic S/M style play sheet. I know the guy can be pretty hard core, but I wasn’t really looking for that… After a quick blowjob, he laid down on the bed (on his back) and I started playing with his body. He’s got a big uncut dick which was rock, so I sucked on that for a bit. His nipples had seen some serious use, and I was playing with those as well. It felt like there was “chemistry” between us, which as much as I like fucking anonymous holes, felt nice. I was envisioning taking a boyfriend like him out to some sex club and watching him take loads from whoever wanted to fuck him…

Eventually his legs went into the air and it was clear he wanted to get fucked. I started by rimming him – his hole looked like a nice loose “slot” that had seen just the right amount of use. After rimming him a bit, I got a bunch of spit on his hole and some on the head of my dick and shoved in.

I should mention I had gotten rock hard pretty quickly and had zero trouble staying that way. So it just sorta aimed my dick at his hole and shoved in no problem. He felt good and we were kissing a lot while I fucked him. There sorta seemed like there was this chemistrty between us.

I was so close to cumming quite a few times but I held off, but eventually I unloaded in his hole. It had been a few days since I’d cum, so he got a nice big load. But since I had taken the pill and had a cockring on there was no way I was getting even a little bit soft, so I just kept fucking him.

His ass was all cummy and felt really great. That plus the chemistry made things sorta intense. A few times I pulled out and felched my cum out of his ass (tasted good and since there was no lube in there it was nice and bitter). At one point he reached down, got some on his fingers and tasted it so he could taste my cum…

This is where the “problems” started… I wasn’t going soft – not in the least. I had blown my load like 10 minutes before and was still rock hard. All I could think to do was keep fucking him (which I did). It felt really great since his hole was all cummy, but after a while I sorta got tired of fucking. He was just laying there – not really interacting with me all that much and after a while the “chemistry” sorta wore off as well. I didn’t feel the same connection with him I felt earlier.

Finally I pulled out and he sucked my dick clean (since it was all nice and cummy). Then I told him to sit on me and ride my dick. He did it for a little while, but didn’t really seem into it. His raging hard on from earlier has sorta gone limp, and then he got off and just seemed to want to watch the porn on the TV.

That was my queue to leave, so I got up and stuffed my rock hard dick into my pants and left… It’s almost like the fact that it didn’t go down much at all sorta changed the chemistry and became a problem. If he had been a little hungrier it coulda been a great thing – he could have gone to town riding my dick and sucking it, but he seemed to just want to watch porn.

Oh well, at least most of the hookup was really good…