Fucked A Hot “No Limits” Bottom

3 February 2009 | 8 Comments

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I know I haven’t been very good with fucking bottoms this year. That is what it is, but I’ve been really horny lately and feeling the need to fuck. Yesterday I was on BarebackRT and I was wondering whether or not I was actually going to get to hookup. But it always seems like it goes from drought to too many offers and I had a couple offers, but this one guy was super cute, hot body, 20-something Latino. His pics were pretty kinky so I knew hooking up with him could be pretty fun…

I was sorta wondering whether he was actually going to come over, but then he confirmed he was on his way. When he showed up he really was adorable. He seemed a little hesitant at first, but then he seemed to just go for it – put down his bag and started getting undressed.

Some of his pics showed him in leather gear so I asked if he was up for it. He said “whatever” (in a good way, not in a sulky way). So I dug around and got out a hood, some restraints and a few paddles. When I was ready he had stripped down to his underwear which was a stripperish bikini with studded leatherette in the front, and fabric in the back.

I put some puppy mitts on him, since he hadn’t worn them before I made sure he knew to keep moving his fingers around. Then I hooded him, and locked his hands together with a heavy padlock. I wasn’t really sure what his him limits were and didn’t want him to have a negative experience and not come back. I played with his body a bit and then had him take a few steps forward and bend over the bed.

I pulled down his underwear and went to rim him when I noticed it – a HUGE uncut cock swinging between his legs. But he was here to bottom, so I mostly paid attention to his hole. Every now and then I’d pull back his dick and give it some attention, and I did feel it up a bit. His hole looked like it had seen some serious action/abuse. I was getting the feeling I could do pretty much anything with him, but still didn’t know where his limits were.

When I got his hole wet with spit, I stood up and shoved my mostly dry cock up his ass. I figured if it hurt he wouldn’t mind much, and given what I saw of his hole I knew he’d adjust quickly enough. It felt good being inside him – it had been way too long since I had fucked.

To make a long story short(er)… Fucked him with his legs in the air a bit then rotated him around and got him on his belly. Hoods on cute guys are a weird thing – it makes the guy into this piece of meat – a total hole, not a person. I hadn’t cum in days and knew I wasn’t going to last all that long. Since he was just a piece of meat I fucked him however I felt like fucking him – I knew he wanted something pretty intense, but right then I just needed to fuck and blow my load up a hole. Eventually I came and gave him a nice load.

I had taken part of a pill and had no problem staying hard, so I just kept pumping his ass. Then I pulled out and felched my cum from his hole – didn’t go too deep – there was plenty of cum on his ass since I kept fucking him after blowing my load. Then I fucked him a little more and then felched a little more…

My cock was sorta getting “done”, so I put this small butt plug like thing in his ass and I figured I’d switch things up a bit. I started with something light – a cock and ball whip on his ass. The way he had been put down on the bed his dick was pointing down between his legs, so I started using the cock and ball whip on the head of his dick – lightly (didn’t know his limits), but I could see him getting harder as I did it… Then I switched to normal paddles and paddled his ass.

At one point I laid next to him and mentioned that I didn’t really know his limits. He said “I don’t have limits – you can do whatever you want”. My mind immediately jumped to the whip I picked up at IML (the one I have a video of me using). So I asked if he liked pain. He said something indicating that he did in fact have limits when it came to pain, but was game to try. I went over to my “toy chest” and rumaged around and found the whip.

That whip hurts like hell – I know, I’ve tried it on myself. It’s homemade – just wires with knots in them. The wire is thin enough that it really burns when it hits, and then the knots make it even more painful. I started a little light on him, but pretty quickly moved to full pretty painful strokes. I couldn’t tell how far I could go so I asked him and he said the pain was about a 5 out of 10 which gave me license to really go full out and whip him pretty hard.

As I whipped him I could see the red marks forming. I wasn’t hitting as hard as I could but still pretty hard. When I’d feel his ass between rounds I could feel the whelts forming – they were raised and his ass was starting to look like tenderized meat. My goal wasn’t to take him too far, just give him a good ride.

Eventually I stopped. We laid next to each other and I took off the leather hood. He really was so adorable and you can’t tell that when he’s got the hood on. We kissed and talked a little. I forget what we talked about but I remember his lips were really full and it was cool kissing him. Eventually I got hard again and went back to fucking him. While we were intimate a moment before I could tell when he’s getting fucked he just likes being a hole. He never really looked back – he just took the dick.

Things gradually wound down and we started talking. He had graduated recently from a really good school and has a killer internship coming up that will really jumpstart his career. The kid is going to go places. It’s sorta funny – he’s not the first no limits bottom who’s is (or will be) really successful. There’s something about people who enjoy being abused – in the right combination with other attributes they can be incredibly successful.

I hope we can meet up again. I’m wondering if he doesn’t prefer PNPing. He was telling me about a top who “got him fucked up and then fucked him and used him in a sling”. It was rough enough that he went home with a cut on his face. I’m not going to do the PNP thing, and wonder if he enjoys it as much when he’s sober. Great guy though. I really am hoping we hookup soon.

After the hookup I was SO relaxed. Felt really wonderful. I had wanted to get a little more work done, but just relaxed and watched action movies on FX instead.