Need Work?

23 April 2009 | 6 Comments

I’m looking for a part-time assistant for some of the porn stuff. The work amounts to writing descriptions for images, rating them, determining how they should be cropped. If your writing skills are particularly good I’d have you write the text for the blog posts for Wily Willy and Twisted Pig.

If you’re interested you should have good language skills, have an eye for image composition, etc. If you have some video editing skills that’s a plus. The work is on-site at my place in Uptown Manhattan. I need someone two days a week – one day early in the week, one day late in the week. The first few weeks I can do 3 days per week since I need to catch up a bit… The pay is $10/hour.

And just to be clear – this is not a blowoff job, nor is it a role playing scene for sex. It’s real work and while looking at porn all day sounds fun it gets pretty boring, though you will go home pretty horny every day 😉

If you’re interested, send me an e-mail with your resume and availability