Being A Piss Top Isn’t As Easy As You’d Think

14 May 2009 | 3 Comments

So a couple of days ago PissGargler on BarebackRT hit me up saying he was in town and wanted to get a load of my piss. I really love playing with piss bottoms – to me it’s hot when a bottom is willing to drink my piss or get soaked in it and wear it around as it starts to go ripe and stink…

I had a meeting at 7:30, so I told him I’d meet him downtown and he could drink my piss at a bar. I figured I could fill up a glass and have him drink it, so I told him to meet me at Rawhide.

About an hour before I left to go downtown I got an e-mail from the Korean guy I’ve fucked a couple times saying he had the day off and wanted to hookup. He’s totally my type so I figured I could swing by his place for a quickie and then go to Rawhide since he’s not far from there.

Now, you gotta realize – I work at home and take frequent bathroom breaks. I’m really not used to holding it. When I feel like I want to take a piss, I normally just do. Intentionally holding it is something new for me – and it’s more difficult than you’d think.

I left a little early, went downtown, called the Korean guy when I got out of the subway, but it went to voicemail. I left a message, but didn’t hear back from him. Then a text comes in from Johnny Miles saying the little tattooed Latin guy I’ve fucked) says ‘hi’ (he used his name. I’m wondering how in the hell he knows the guy – I find out the next day they ran into each other on the street, went back to the guy’s place and fucked… 😉 I texted him that I want to film fucking the guy and he texted back that we could set that up… By this time I had gotten to Rawhide where I ordered a Stella since PissGargler wanted to drink beer piss. I kept feeling like I needed to piss, but just waited. At least now I was next to a bathroom if I finally just couldn’t wait any longer…

Since I was early I had downed two pints and was starting my 3rd by the time he showed up. He wasn’t particularly like his pictures, but still sorta cute in an older smooth cub sorta way… We talked and then when the bartender had his back turned I went into the bathroom and he followed.

I didn’t feel all that guilty about it since it’s not like we’re having sex… He got on his knees and I put my dick in his mouth and tried to piss. The thing is, after holding it for so long it was hard to piss… It sorta just dribbled out. What was cool was he’d get a little in his mouth and then pull my dick out and get soaked in my piss. Suddenly I realized why he was wearing the shirt he was wearing – it was a really dark blue shirt that doesn’t change color when it’s wet… So he tasted/drank about 10-20% of my piss and the rest just soaked his shirt… It was really hot.

We went back out and I had another pint. Why I had a 4th pint when I needed to go to a meeting afterwards, I don’t know, but the bartender was nice and it was on the house. I had to run to the meeting, so had to drink the beer pretty fast, but then I had to piss again. I wasn’t all that comfortable with the possibility of getting in trouble for having two people in the bathroom, so offered to fill up a glass for him, but he said that was boring… So I just went to have a regular piss.

I started pissing into the toilet and had a really strong stream going when all of a sudden he came in and dropped to his knees… So of course I turned and started pissing in his mouth and on him… It was a lot more piss than the first time and pretty hot.

When I was done I really had to run to the meeting, so I just left before he was out – didn’t really have a chance to say goodbye… The funny part is the meeting I was going to was in a church and here I was arriving drunk. Luckily, I had the date wrong – the meeting is next Wednesday, so I didn’t make an ass of myself.

But since I was downtown I figured I’d have some more fun. I called my bf and asked if he wanted to come down and join me, and then I took a crosstown bus to meet up with him at The Ritz in Hell’s Kitchen.

I really had to piss while I was on the bus, so when I got off I was hurrying as much as I could. I was a block away and passing the Paramount hotel and figured I’d stop there to take a piss in the lobby bathroom. I start taking a leak, one guy comes in and goes into the stall, another guy comes in and stands at the urinal next to me. Thing is, he’s not pissing – he’s just jacking his dick. He’s getting all hard and I’m completely soft ’cause I’m drunk but he tells me he likes my foreskin. I’m actually cut, but they left some so a few guys think I’m uncut. He asks if I have a room and then suggests we go to a video booth somewhere.

We go to the corner but the video booth he wanted to go to is closed, so we go down a block to another one. But long story short they’re monitoring really closely and don’t want the two of us in the same room and he doesn’t want to suck dick through a divider, so we leave. I tell him I have to go meet friends and we part ways.

I get to The Ritz and I’m pretty bored by it. I’m not sure why it’s so popular… They had a bunch of (straight) women there, and some political types pushing their candidates. The room in the rear is just dreadfully boring. The previous (and only other) time I had gone I wound up running into a guy I know who works in porn and we sat and chatted forever and I didn’t really notice how bad the space was. I went out to their back patio briefly but it was crowded with friends talking – not a good place for a person to stand by themselves.

Eventually my boyfriend got there, we shared a drink and then went to dinner. That means I had 5 1/2 pints of beer! Needless to say I was wasted and not feeling that great today…

Hopefully things can work out with filming and Johnny and I can fuck the tattooed Latin guy together…

If any of you are piss bottoms going to IML, definitely get in touch with me. I’ve only got so many cum loads in me, but piss I’ll have plenty of. I’d be a very happy man if all my piss went to good use while I’m there…