Fun & Crazy Afternoon @ IML

25 May 2009 | 1 Comment

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Yesterday afternoon was the perfect moment in my IML experience. While I have issues with how IML is run, it’s moments like this that will get me back here next year.

For starters the guys who were taking over my blackout party wanted to come by to talk to me (NotSoInnocent and BountyHunter from BarebackRT). Then while I was waiting for them a hot black bottom from LA contacts me and wants to come over. While I was chatting with him the straight married lawyer who I played around with last year called me and was in the hotel and wanted to stop by.

First the guys who were doing the party got here. One was in leather the other in street clothes. Nice guys. We chatted a bit and then there was a knock at the door – it was the straight lawyer. He came in and was curious that I had other guys in the room who were potential bottoms… After doing his forceful dominance thing with one of the guys – basically sitting on him like he was a horse or a dog or something, he saw that my gear was out on the desk from the session the day before and he picked through it and started putting a collar on one of the guys. Then he got one of the floggers and started using it on the guy’s ass…

The other guy decided he wanted to get into his leather and come back, so he left. It wasn’t long before the remaining guy was tied up and the lawyer and I were using him. I let the lawyer lead – he has this subtle but persistent energy to him where he forces you firmly but gently to do what he wants.

After a while he had the bottom on the bed pushing the bottom down with his legs as laid back on the bed. I was flogging the backside of the guy’s legs. (BTW, the “bottom” is usually a top.) After a bit I took some rope and some restraints and basically did a loose version of a hog tie with the guy on his belly and his ankles tied to his collar.

Then there was another knock on the door. I was expecting the other guy doing the party to come back, but it was the black guy. I had told him the straight guy was coming over so he asked if he was still there, and I brought him into the room… He’s not big on S/M and just wanted to get fucked. He stripped down and presented his ass to me. I ate out his ass for a while as the straight guy continued to play with the guy who was all tied up.

I started fucked the black guy with him in a doggy position, then I pushed him into the middle of the bed where he was right next to the guy tied up and the straight guy started forcing him down on the bed with his legs. That lasted for a bit but the black guy was a bit nervous and didn’t like being forced down so he pushed himself back up a bit.

The straight guy had already started feeling the scene was changing and I could tell he wasn’t 100% into what was going on. He’s about dominance and control. He seems more interested in the fact that he could fuck you if he wanted to than actually fucking. He’s simply not motivated to fuck at all – it’s all about dominance to him. When the black guy pushed himself back up that was sorta the end of his attention span. Plus the bottom who was tied up was getting to his limit as well.

The straight guy got up, we untied the bottom to the point he could get himself out of the rest of what he had on, and I went back to fucking the black guy. The straight guy then asked if he could take the whip he had left with me the year before – he wanted to go walk around the hotel. I figured that was the last I was going to see of him and the whip, and he left. Then the bottom got himself untied and he left too – wondering why his friend hadn’t come back…

At last the black guy and I were alone, which was a good thing. I can fuck when I’m around other people, but I’m better when I’m 1-on-1… Being watched makes me a bit nervous. He had a bubbly full ass (and a lean body). His ass felt good, but it was a bit of a challenge getting just the right part of my dick rubbed the right way. I was starting to think I wasn’t going to be able to cum when I had him change a bit and I fucked him on his belly with one leg bent – so I was sorta coming at his ass from an angle. That was better, but I still wondered if I could cum. Finally he was almost falling off the bed (supporting himself with his arms touching the floor) and I found the goove and knew I’d get my nut. A couple minutes later he got my 2 day load up his butt.

Picture of rawTOP at IMLWe talked for a bit and then he was on his way. One of the things he mentioned was that I needed new pics – that my pictures didn’t do me justice. So I pulled out the camera and had him take a few. The first couple didn’t come out very well (see pic to the right – lol) – I was backlit so the initial pics were completely useless. I tried to get the flash to work, but finally gave up and took a picture in a different location in the room.

I then laid down for a bit and thought that was a cool ending to the last afternoon at IML. But then there was a knock on the door – the guy who was hosting the party had come back in leather. I told him I had just come, but if he wanted to play with flogging or something I was up for that. He had never been flogged and was a versatile top, but was willing to give it a try.

I knew I had to be pretty gentle on him since it was his first time. He pulled out a video camera and a blindfold and so we recorded his flogging. Hopefully he’ll put it up on a tube site so I can embed it here.

It was a good session. Couldn’t go all that hard on him, but he took more than he thought he could and actually got off on the pain, which wasn’t something he was expecting. Eventually my wrist was getting tired and he was starting to reach his limit, so we stopped.

All in all, pretty much the perfect IML afternoon…