The IML Blackout Party

26 May 2009 | 2 Comments

I had come up with an idea of a blackout party about a month before IML and posted it on BarebackRT. Requests for invites grew and grew and it was the IML party that had the most people wanting to come. Thing was, the more I thought about it, the more ambivalent I was about hosting it. Given that the room would be mostly dark I was worried people would steal things, or the room would get trashed. Then when I got to the hotel and saw I had a pretty small room, I knew it was impossible for me to host the party – there just wasn’t enough space.

In all fairness, the worry about people stealing things was completely misplaced. And I don’t think anyone would intentionally damage a room either. I was actually amazed how respectful and polite people were at sex parties.

So, I was relieved when someone volunteered to host the party. But then they canceled on me, but then two other guys volunteered. They had a pretty big room, so we were good…

As I was going up to the room for the party I ran into PigMaster (the owner of BarebackRT) wandering the halls wondering where the party was. He gets so many e-mails every day he didn’t see the one with the correct room number. So we went up together and got there maybe 15 minutes after it was schedule to start. There were already at least a dozen guys there and people were already fucking. The crowd was a good mix with the exception of an older creepy guy – not sure how I managed to approve him, but I must have.

I just pulled out my dick and left my clothes on. Other guys were stripping down. It was like a buffet of raw dick and ass – whatever you liked there was some of it there for you. There was a twink, some jocks, some bears, some muscle bears, some hot muscley older guys, some cubs… You get the picture.

PigMaster started off by just watching and getting a sense of the place. As he was starting to join in I happened to be fucking one of the hosts and Pig Master was in front of him. I whispered to the host that that was PigMaster and he blurted out “PigMaster?!?” and had a big smile on his face. It was sorta cute.

At first I had the curved barbell in my PA. With some of the guys I fucked the PA sorta hurt, but I couldn’t get the ball to unscrew, so I left it on and kept fucking. Finally I really wanted it off, so I went into the bathroom and used a washcloth to unscrew the ball and get it out.

I tried to keep count of how many guys I fucked. I didn’t stay there all that long – maybe 30 minutes, but in that time I think I fucked 8 or 9 different guys. You literally went from guy to guy and they’d just bend over and take your dick. It was a lot of fun.

Since I don’t do well sexually when the room is hot, I finally had to leave. I relieved one of the hosts of door duty and stood outside and let people in while chatting with this incredibly hot, muscular older guy (if only all older guys were hot like him)… Then the host came out to take a break from the heat in the room. As I was leaving the place was at capacity and the temperature in the room was stifling hot, but it was definitely a great party… 😉