The Strongest Piss He’d Ever Tasted

24 May 2009 | 4 Comments

A couple guys had given me their phone numbers and told me to call if I needed someone to drink piss. After going to bed at 9:30, I woke up at 2am and needed to piss, so I figured I’d call one of the guys. Unfortunately, I sorta forgot that the guy I called had said he liked watery beer piss. I had had 2 beers that night, but it was hours before. Actually it was 1 1/2 beers – I finished the second beer when I woke up.

Anyway, I texted the guy and he was over in about 5 minutes (you gotta love IML – urinals on call…) He arrived and asked if I wanted to use his portable urinal (a small plastic urinal with a hose that he had in his backpack), or have him drink it direct. I opted for having him drink straight from the tap.

He got on his knees, put my dick in his mouth and I started pissing. After the first mouthful he started gagging. I stopped and he told me that was possibly the worst piss he’d ever had. Mind you, he had had 12 loads of piss in the last 8 hours – he’s an expert piss drinker, so that’s quite a statement. Long story short, he did push through it and drank every drop of piss I had (and I had a lot to give), but it was really really hard for him.

In thinking about it afterwards, it was like the perfect storm of piss…

  • Since I had just woken up after sleeping a few hours, it was a bit like first piss of the morning, which is always stronger. The beers I had had were hours before.
  • I had taken “a pill” earlier that evening and that stuff tastes awful.
  • I had come across my blood pressure meds earlier that evening and taken one of those. From experience I know when the coating gets off the pill the taste is almost unbearable.
  • And ditto on finding and taking a multi-vitamin, which he said makes for bad tasting piss as well.

I feel SO sorry for the guy. He was such a good trooper to put up with my piss at that moment. He did it and he thanked me for it afterwards (with a text message). But honestly I’m once again reminded that being a piss top really isn’t as easy as you’d think