Yes, I’m Still Neg…

27 May 2009 | 11 Comments

I know there’s a certain percentage of you who are skeptical when I say I’m neg. But once again that is indeed the case. Verified again tonight when I went in for STD tests… While I haven’t been fucking much this year, there have been a few encounters that have been riskier than average that I haven’t fully discussed here on the blog. [I’m not talking about IML.] Not that I thought I was poz or anything, but this time I wasn’t quite as confident as usual.

Afterwards I washed down my STD meds with a pint of beer at Rawhide. There aren’t as many guys playing pool there as there were in the past and it’s not quite as easy to talk to people as it used to be. Weird how it’s changed. I was glad to see the bartender wasn’t mad at me after pissing on the guy in the bathroom last time. In fact he greeted me with a “glad to see your back”. And the best part of Rawhide this time was the “Raw Pride” sign haning near the door. 😉