NY Gay Bar Scene Is Pretty Sad

5 July 2009 | 5 Comments

Last couple of nights my bf and I have spent with someone I met through the porn business – he works for the company that runs a bunch of porn sites including Broke Straight Boys, College Boy Physicals and their new site Broke College Boys. There aren’t that many of us in New York who work on porn sites so even though he’s not into barebacking (a bad shitty fuck a long time ago sorta put him off raw sex), we hang out from time to time and talk business, etc. Anyway, last night we went to see fireworks at his place. He’s in one of those new condos along the Hudson – had an incredible panoramic view of all 6 of the fireworks barges in the Hudson.

Long story short there was a tourist from London who was hanging out with his boyfriend’s set of friends, we got to talking and it was his last night in New York. I could sorta tell the large gaggle of Asian guys at the party was a little fem for his tastes (sexually), so even though I was sloshed drunk from all the beer, jello shots, and vodka melon shots, my boyfriend suggested we go out for a drink at the Eagle. Given what he said was his type that was the only bar we could think of that might have guys he was interested in. So the three of us headed over to the Eagle (the guy he came with was in bed kissing another porn guy from Toronto when we left).

We get there and he was totally not into it. He’s into skinhead punks (good thing he lives in London). There were a couple guys there who were sorta his type, but not much selection. We used to have some of that in New York, but like the leather scene you don’t see much of any of it anymore. When the East Village boys moved to Williamsburg the skinhead punk types sorta died out. There might still be a little of it in the East Village, but very little…

So there was a bunch of guys in one of the corners and it looked like something might be going on. I mentioned that’s as close as we get to a back room so he plunged in, but not much of anything was happening – there was even a monitor with a flashlight making sure nothing was happening. When we got out of that corner we did see one guy giving a blowjob (briefly).

It’s like gay life in New York has completely lost it’s edge. There’s no leather scene any more, the skinheads and punks are gone, there are no good backrooms to speak of. It’s sorta sad. What’s happened to us?

I made out a little with the guy before we left the bar. Curiously he said he wasn’t into bears – his limit was cubs. I asked him what he thought I was and he said a cub – definitely not a bear. (Guess the definitions are different in London). It was nice being a little frisky with him, but ultimately I think we were both stretching our “type”.