The Quest For “Meaningful Sex”

1 July 2009 | 7 Comments

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[I’m now three hookups behind in writing things up – I’m going to go in reverse order since the latest one is freshest in my mind and the first one has video that needs to be edited and will take time…]

There’s a guy I’ve seen online for a while now – wasn’t sure if he was really my type or not, but after having two guys bail on me when I tried to hookup yesterday, I figured what the hell when he send me a message on BarebackRT and was willing to travel. After the two guys yesterday I didn’t know if he’d show up or not, but he did.

When he showed up he was sorta cute in his clothes. He had a bit of a scruffy look to him and I’m guessing by his looks that he’s poz (can’t say for sure). I was very pleasantly surprised during the initial groping phase – tight, slightly muscular body – thin waist – just like I like them. He was light skinned Latino – also a plus for me – complete with a sexy accent. But with him coming in and stripping down almost immediately there was a definite sexual vibe to the encounter. I knew from his profile that he wasn’t just looking to be an anonymous cumhole – he wanted more – he wanted conversation, kissing – in other words – “meaningful sex”.

But the vibe was totally about him as a cumhole. I had my finger on his hole within like 2 minutes of him getting in the door, and a couple minutes after that (after a little cocksucking) he was bent over and I was rimming his hairy ass, and a minute or two after that my cock was up his hole. So much for his quest for meaninful sex.

Right after I started fucking him he asked if I had poppers, and then when I pulled out he asked if there was anything he could drink. So I ran and got some iced tea and the bottle of poppers. Then we were back at it… He seemed to want to be on his back (so he could look me in the eye – typical of “meaningful sex”). I wanted him face down. We tried it his way for a bit, but I knew from when I originally started fucking him that his hole felt really good when he was on his belly, so I had him change back to being on his belly.

As soon as he was on his belly I knew I was going to cum pretty quickly. I’ve been trying not to jack off, so I hadn’t cum since when I fucked a guy three days ago – as a result it’s wasn’t long before I blew my load in his hole. I know it was way earlier than he was hoping for, but it is what it is. I know from experience that if I hold back I often can’t cum at all – I’d rather cum too soon than not cum at all.

I stayed in him for a while while he tried to jack off, but he never managed to cum. The bottom line is that it was a pump-and-dump encounter that we were trying to pretend wasn’t a pump-and-dump. We talked for a little bit, then he cleaned up, dressed and left…