Another Reason Why I’m A Top

7 August 2009 | 4 Comments

So for some strange reason yesterday I decided I wanted to have a butt plug up my ass. When I took a shower in the morning I got the butt plug all soapy and tried to get it up my ass, but it wouldn’t go (I was too tight).  I gave up but then decided to try a few minutes later and managed to get it in there, but it was excruciatingly painful, so I took it out. The funny part was my bf said “that was a long shower” as I was getting out… 😉

Later in the day I decided to try again. Used lube this time and managed to get it in and endured the initial pain. Walked around for a bit with it in, sat at my desk. But it was pushing on my bladder making me want to pee. Finally I wanted it out so I went to pull it out and sorta squatted over the toilet as I did it. Well, I wasn’t clean and a huge amount of shit came out with it. Got all over the place and the butt plug wound up in the toilet. So I had to clean myself up, clean the toilet, and fish the butt plug out of the toilet and then clean it off. (Yuck!)

Needless to say, I should stick to being a top!